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Have you seen the Hercules trailer yet? The Rock is massive.
Hercules Starring The Rock -- Exclusive Trailer

Have you seen the Hercules trailer yet? The Rock is massive.

Paramount Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures' film HERCULES, starring Dwayne Johnson, bows on July 25th. Based on Radical Comics' Hercules by Steve Mo...

Is there anything better than Christopher Walken dancing?
Christopher Walken Dance Now

Is there anything better than Christopher Walken dancing?

A dance music video, starring the one and only Christopher Walken. For more information on this video including a full list of movies used in the mashup visi...


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Please share! I would like everyone to know this 22yrs old MAN was talking to my 13 yrs old daughter about stuff he shouldn't be talking about with her. He should know better since he was a US Marines and is with someone. So share this around and make sure everyone with a teenage daughter know to watch out for him.
Hey, Daily Globe, maybe you need to get your facts straight before you start posting articles on the high school basketball games!! Check the names of the girls playing the post on the ETC team last night! You have 1 job to do, how about doing it right?!
Petition To End Elected State Official’s Health Insurance In Pennsylvania Would any one be interested in going out on election day, to your local poling places to collect just 25 signatures for this partition? I am asking for you to collect one sheet each. And to then return it to me to submit to lawmakers in Harrisburg. My goal is to get 1,000 signatures and take them to the State Capital and present them to lawmakers in person and in fount of the media. This will send a clear message to our State representatives if the federal government will not fix this problem the State MUST. If even one Pennsylvania citizen is whiteout insurance then they have not don their job and do not deserve this taxpayer funded benefit. Simply print this petition and take it to your local poling place. If you are interested in participating contact me at Kim J Altland on FaceBook
Carla Christopher-Wai to me 4 days ago My name is Carla Christopher and I live in the heart of York City, where I spend most of my days taking calls from people who need help finding healthcare they can afford. When my phone rang today though, it wasn't from a stranger or an acquaintance. It was from mother, a hardworking retired teacher now living with Stage 3 Kidney Disease. She is trying to figure out how to buy food, pay the electricity bill, and afford her medications. The co-pay for her blood tests to check the life endangering toxins in her blood has now been raised to $20. The kidney specialist visit to go over the results is now $45. Her medications are $15 a month and she takes eight prescriptions to manage her condition. Every one of these prices is higher than it was just a year or two ago. There are a lot of retirees paying insurance premiums from a fixed income, or if they are lucky enough to have some, out of their savings. And single parents paying rent and saving up for school uniforms before August. And part-time students working a minimum-wage job and taking classes at HACC, trying to work toward a better life. These "reasonable" rate increases requested by insurance companies and voted on each year by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department might feel reasonable in an air conditioned, carpeted board room. They feel very different to people like my mom, like me, Pennsylvanians living in working class neighborhoods and trying to decide on a Highmark Plan slated to go up 48 percent or a Geisinger Plan going up only 40 percent. With the Census Bureau saying that half of Americans live at or near the poverty line, it seems clear that enough is enough. We need to speak up and make our voices heard. Healthcare is a human right, and no Pennsylvanian should have to choose between medications and food. There is another round of proposed rate increases on ACA marketplace plans on the table right now. For some York residents, insurance rates could go up as much as 50 percent or more. We say no! On June 30, the Pennsylvania Insurance Department agreed to hold a public hearing in Harrisburg at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, July 27, in Public Utility Commission Hearing Room #1, Keystone Building, 400 North Street, Harrisburg. We can also submit comments at [email protected]. Please join me in speaking up at the public hearing and sending emails. People like my mom deserve this opportunity to tell their story and to let the Pennsylvania Insurance Department know that affordable rate increases need to be ones that average Pennsylvanians can afford. Their public comment window is open now. Email them. Visit them. Call or write them. We deserve a voice and demand a say. Carla Christopher is a York City resident and organizer, educator and poet-activist.
Affordable Care Act health insurance rate increases On March 9, 2016 a group of representatives from Put People First PA (PPF) met with the head of the Pennsylvania Insurance Department and members of her staff in Harrisburg. The purpose was to ask the state to hold open, public, in-person hearings on the upcoming rate increases on Affordable Care Act health insurance plans, as is done with electricity and phone rates. The only answer was “maybe,” which we know means “No.” PPF was given a rough timeline of the process: The insurance companies have already filed their requests to increase premiums. Starting June 13, the opportunity to submit written comments on the rate proposals opens. As is planned now, there will be no opportunity for the Insurance Department to hear in-person from the people who will have to pay these increased rates before they make the final decisions on rate increases on October 27. The Pennsylvania Insurance Department views its job as helping the insurance companies make a profit so they do not go broke, but it also is supposed to represent the recipients of medical care. This represents a conflict of interest -- how can the office tasked with protecting companies’ profits also have the best interests of the people of Pennsylvania in mind, especially when they don’t hear directly from us? For this reason there should be a separate body -- such as there is for electricity and phone monopolies -- whose only job is to advocate for the interests of the people. If you agree please sign PPF’s petition for public in-person hearings on insurance rate increases at Talk to your friends and neighbors. Call or write to your legislators. We deserve transparency in this process, and we will fight to make our voices heard. “Your problems are my problems. Your solution is my solution.” -- Nelson Mandela
PLEASE PLEASE SIGN &share the petition let's get AMERICA BACK .....should ANYONE have to BEG for 7th Amendment??Do our employees have the power to DENY GOD GIVEN RIGHTS? see Utube ANOTHER THING #19 SHARE IF YOU CARE!!!!..............................................................................................17th Speech to City Council ............................................................... I should get elected to City Council so I can be one of the people that are PAID to be here.....In this age when VOTERS are DEMANDING ACCOUNTABILITY from OUR government employees,has the Council,Courts,Mayors Office,City Attorneys Office and Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority PURPOSEFULLY EXCLUDED the "voice of the PEOPLE"? 22years,NO hearing,NO Notice,NO JURYTRIAL yet MY HOME 1038 west wyoming ave,was STOLEN.To pay a developer "up to 100 million dollars" to build a mall on MY STOLEN HOME. In this City that is so STRAPPED for cash the Council is raising taxes on everything. Was Herbert Wetzel @ Redevelopment Authority while MY HOME was being UNCONSTITUTIONALLY SEQUESTERED? Reappointment SIGNALS Councils ACCEPTANCE of his job performance.This is EGREGIOUS Behavior. Defund the Redevelopment Authority and Land Bank and ORDER Attorney General to Investigate and PROSECUTE Violations,42usc1982,1983,1985,1986 among others and INVESTIGATE District Attorney office as to why No Charges have been filed.B.Franklin is quoted"political officers and BABY DIAPERS have to be changed OFTEN & FOR THE SAME REASON scotus15-8965 view youtube ANOTHER THING#19
PLEASE PLEASE SIGN &share the petition .....should ANYONE have to BEG for 7th Amendment??Do are employees have the power to DENY GOD GIVEN RIGHTS? see Utube ANOTHER THING #19 SHARE IF YOU CARE!!!! ........16th Speech to City Council .............. Now that Council has been Duly Notified @ Public Council meetings.Your refusal to stop using Redevelopment Authority is EXTRAORDINARY,and EGREGIOUS.Each Councilmember uses thisApparently Rogue & possibly UNCONSTITUTIONAL Agency.My Home 1038 west Wyoming ave ,was taken without notification,without payment,and without Due Process.Notice of this should STOP council in it's tracks.The PEOPLE DEMAND accountability.Yet Council appears NOT TO CARE.Yet Council appears to VIOLATE Laws 42 usc1982,1983,1985,1986 among others and their OATHS of Office (see cooper v Aaron.Councils behavior is Quite aparently criminal.Council should DEFUND THE RDA for missing money,unconstitutional &possibly criminal procedures,this is Councils FIDUCIARY DUTY.RDA has seized more property than King George did,and that started the Revolutionary War.In addition City Attorney's are OPPOSING my 7th Amendment Right to JURYTRIAL in the very City where it was DRAFTED.This is in Clear VIOLATION of your OATH to support the Constitution"can ANYONE be above the law"quote by constitutional delegate George Mason.Refund & investigateRDA now and Restrict usage of land bank until a public meeting & Report has reviewed their actions
I founded Surrogate Grandparents-USA on Facebook. Over 900 members nationwide. This piece about the group aired on Feb., 8, 2016, on WECT TV North Carolina. The link to the group provided in this story.
Ok, one more. Why should Channing Tatum should play Eddie Brock / Venom (comics). 1. Eddie Brock is a #BodyBuilder., Eddie Brock had this charismatic charm of being a bodybuilder. And it was very to see in a Supervillain. And I felt looking at Channing Tatum gives me exactly how I view Venom., 2. Eddie Brock has intense Misery. As Step Up Movie explains, his character has this slum area misery., And that explain Eddie Brock. He has Cancer, he lost his job from the The Daily Globe and The Daily Bugle. So there you go. And he go to Christianity to answers. 3. Venom is the #Negative to Spider-Man. I want to emphasize this. Venom/Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety creates this fear factor, this dark reflection of what Spider-Man almost became and instead created a monster. That's what fascinates me. Plus, #Venom is the only The Supervillains to be not sense by Spider (sense). How cool is that. #FunFact: Did anybody notice that Channing Tatum played Superman in The LEGO Movie:, and yes, that is Jonah Hill as Green Lantern (Movie).... Um, like I said. It's an apology Letter. Now, my only regret in one of these castings he has is Gambit. So there you go. But I'm not too worried. Because I think this would be him in a nutshell., It would be very tempting. That is all from the Neutral Critic.