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The deadline to advertise in the Fall Issue is almost here! Get your ad submission in before July 11! This issue is goin...
Mind Body Spirit Expo October 4-6 Greater Philadelphia Expo Center Oaks,PA

The deadline to advertise in the Fall Issue is almost here! Get your ad submission in before July 11! This issue is going to be the expo guide for the Fall Mind Body Spirit expo October 4-6 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks. All 4,000 to 6,000 attendee's will be receiving the expo guide in addition to being distributed at over 900 locations. Advertising in this expo guide is a excellent way to get your message to a receptive audience who are interested in all things Natural and Holistic. Contact us today at 215-627-0102 or go to

Want to know what a Mind Body Spirit Expo looks like? Below are some clips from our 1st show at the New Jersey Convention Center in Edison!


Are you interested in reaching the broad fan base of New Visions Magazine this spring? Our next issue will be distributed to 1,000 locations throughout Philadelphia, North Jersey, and New York City. Give us a call at 215-627-0102 or email [email protected] before our Dec. 21st deadline!


Do you wish New Visions was available closer to you? Do you have a yoga studio, doctor's office, or natural foods store (or something else entirely) and want New Visions delivered to you? Give us a call today and we'll track down the leads and make it happen! 215-627-0102 or email [email protected]


This fall, New Visions magazine is teaming up with Baker Industries to help us in mailing our magazine. For those who don't know about this wonderful organization, it acts as a leg up to disadvantaged workers wanting to enter or reenter the workforce. If you have a project or business, we encourage you to visit and consider teaming up with a great Philadelphia company!


The Fall issue of New Visions magazine, containing the Mind Body Spirit Expo Guide, just went to the printers! We are looking forward to getting our awesome new magazine out onto shelves in about 2 weeks, so mark your calendars for early September! Meanwhile, you can find information on the expo at our website,!


New Visions Magazine's summer issue is now at the printers, and we are looking forward to getting it out on shelves and into the world soon! Look for great articles by Master Seok Seo Park, Christine Pirello, and more! Visit to find out where you can pick us up and see the online version!


New Visions will be sending off its Spring Expo Guide to the printers on February 1st. Don't miss this chance to advertise at the Eastern US' largest Natural product and human potential event! Call 215-627-0102 and reserve your space in a magazine read by tens of thousands of like-minded people from NYC to PHL and beyond!

New Visions Magazine

We're working on the next issue of New Visions, which will be our BIG expo guide issue for the Mind Body Spirit Expo at the New Jersey Convention Center in Edison. Not only is this issue being distributed to our regular points in the Philadelphia Tri-State area, but will be handed out to each expo attendee--and we get thousands coming in over the three day event. SO... This issue is a GREAT PLACE to advertize! CALL 215-627-0102 for further inquiries or go to our advertizing page at:

Thank you for your interest in advertising with the New Visions Magazine. We invite you to explore all the new and important changes being instituted in the magazine, which will further its distribution and dramatically increase its impact.

The MIND BODY SPIRIT EXPO is heading to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks, PA... October 28-30. Special guest...
Mind Body Spirit Expo Oct. 28-30, 2011 Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks, Don Miguel Ruiz, Mi

The MIND BODY SPIRIT EXPO is heading to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks, PA... October 28-30. Special guest speakers Don Miguel Ruiz, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Doreen Virtue, Deborah King, R. Carlos Nakai. Tickets available now! Call 215-627-0102 or visit
And visit our sponsors:

Want to know what a Mind Body Spirit Expo looks like? Here are some clips from our most recent show, which took place at the New Jersey Convention Center in Edison.


Daily Horoscope
Monday, Oct 10th, 2011 -- Although we may be dreaming of the future or reminiscing about the past, the Moon's blast into fiery Aries at 8:57 am EDT resets our emotional cycles and brings our feelings back to the present moment. The power of now is intensified by the Moon's conjunction with instantaneous Uranus and her square with unrelenting Pluto. Meanwhile, we're challenged to stabilize our desires today as attractive Venus forms an uncomfortable quincunx with Uranus.


Daily Horoscope
Friday, Oct 7th, 2011 -- The intelligent Aquarius Moon forms easy trines with realistic Saturn, clever Mercury and peaceful Venus, enabling us to think through problems in a practical manner. But the Moon's late afternoon conjunction with nebulous Neptune and shift into psychic Pisces at 9:13 pm EDT soften the edges of our imaginations and allow our dreams to overflow into awareness. Additionally, our penchant for fantasy is encouraged by a sweet Venus-Neptune trine


Daily Horoscope
Thursday, Oct 6th, 2011 -- We may be quite serious today with cerebral Mercury joining somber Saturn, reminding us to think twice about sharing what's on our minds. It may even seem as if our thoughts are flowing along in slow motion. Nevertheless, we may find time to daydream anyhow as the Sun stressfully aligns with imaginative Neptune. Meanwhile, the futuristic Aquarius Moon encourages us to look ahead while the Mercury-Saturn conjunction reins our ideas back in.


Daily Horoscope
Wednesday, Oct 5th, 2011 -- We are motivated to hold on to everything that's safe and secure in our personal worlds as the conservative Capricorn Moon reminds us of the benefits of stability. However, the Moon's shift into intellectual Aquarius at 11:17 am EDT encourages us to set aside our fears of the unknown and to embrace the future. Additionally, the Moon's supportive sextile to progressive Uranus helps us feel more comfortable with the ever-increasing speed of change.




Daily Horoscope
Tuesday, Oct 4th, 2011 -- The recent intensity continues to ease, giving us time to integrate the unexpected experiences, along with the extreme emotions. We are still seeking balance with several planets in harmonizing Libra. Today's ambitious Capricorn Moon squares rational Mercury and stable Saturn, aiding us in our process of regrouping and making plans for the future. Thankfully, the Moon's creative quintile to brilliant Uranus offers a radical solution to a problem


Daily Horoscope
Friday, Sep 30th, 2011 -- The passionate Scorpio Moon enables us to be relentless as we dig deep to get to the bottom of a complex set of emotions. Even if we've been feeling lonely, we still want to reconnect with others today in a more playful manner when the Sun supportively sextiles energetic Mars in creative Leo. But an uneasy Mercury-Jupiter quincunx makes it hard to know how much to share. When in doubt, use fewer words and your ideas will flow with greater ease.


New Visions Magazine is looking for Natural Products that our readers use everyday for a future Product Review issue of New Visions Magazine. So if you know of any natural products that you enjoy using are are effective, let us know! ... email Jason Nicolais at New Visions Magazine [email protected]


Thursday, Sep 29th, 2011 -- Emotions intensify when the Moon enters secretive Scorpio at 12:04 am EDT. Although we are able to express ourselves with the conviction of our beliefs as talkative Mercury sextiles warrior Mars, we won't use many words because of a restraining Venus-Saturn conjunction. Additionally, creative Mars forms a magical quintile with Venus and Saturn. The pleasurable attributes of Venus are suppressed by authoritative Saturn, preventing satisfaction.


Wednesday, Sep 28th, 2011 -- The even-keeled Libra Moon joins sweet Venus and strict Saturn, tempting us with delectable pleasures while insisting that we postpone satisfaction. Meanwhile, the Sun's conflicting square with shadowy Pluto reveals unexpressed motives that may trigger a power struggle in a relationship. Fear of losing control creates additional worry when cerebral Mercury squares Pluto then joins the Sun to focus our intentions and align them with what we say.


Tuesday, Sep 27th, 2011 -- The Moon's shift into socially astute Libra at 12:50 am EDT places relationships under the spotlight. The New Moon at 7:08 am marks a turning point as we consider what's negotiable and how to get along better with others. However, the pile-up of five planets in easygoing Libra now might take us by surprise as harsh lunar aspects reinforce mental Mercury's tense opposition to rebellious Uranus and Mars' uneasy quincunx to ominous Pluto


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