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avril 50 3406 Sansom Street Philadelphia, Pa 19104 215.222.6108 [email protected]

Operating as usual


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Yes, Marvin and Sweet Paul are here with purple bust going with 10men to see open house.


My mind returns, on rainy April mornings,
To Sansom Street in Philadelphia
And that store’s double yellow doors: Avril.
Once, on this block, Madame Blavatsky held
Her spiritual salon before she moved
To London seances with W***y Yeats,
And her stirred spirits seem to peer from sills
Above the stone shopfronts that form this quaint,
Parisian-looking stretch: cafés and taverns
Where ornamental iron gates encage
The sidewalk chairs and tables, the curved awnings
Keeping the highest brownstone steps bone-dry.
Avril exhales complex aromas long
Before my drenched umbrella folds: ground beans,
The tang of pungent teas from foreign lands,
The sweetened flakes of Cherry Cavendish,
Sleek packs of French Gitanes, squat cans of chew,
The scent of magazines and newspapers
In several languages, long rows of journals
With names of authors on the front in bold,
The wafting spearmint gum and lozenges.
Exotic charms are gathered here to stew
On the worn floors of this old narrow shop.
First Belgian chocolates, French lemon drops
In their round tins embossed with still-life fruit,
Then postcard photographs: Duchamp, Man Ray,
Whitman, and Cartier-Bresson. What moods
To wander through. My daydreams don’t deserve
Such plenitude. And John, in dark-rimmed frames,
Has stooped his head to grind Arabica
Or change Baroque quartets to arias.
Years back I’d crease a journal page to find
My place again next time, refold and stack
The TLS or Book Review, then slide
My change and leave those varied mists. All day
Avril’s perfumes and spices delved my beard
And overcoat and drew me back…. One spring,
Without daydreams, I will return at dawn,
When the bright doors are swung, and lights are thrown
On that small treasure-shop where April blooms.
—David Livewell
April 20


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Dazed and confused hero came to see the bitch in the garage.


Another Charlie the dazed and confused arrived from France to live in apartamento.


Dazed and confused new African came to do anther African business with empire.


Youthies with attitude come out in purple sun to get x-tra racquet from uppercase.


Double blind sweet Paul is here with ugly things toothache and purple sand and delayed gratification.


Agni appeared to see Ms.with bust offering banana and broccoli and dwell in cabana.


Charlie is here to see hero contributor behind the blinds


Yes, she shreds the bitch xtra bad to the bone.


The greatest came for love in cabinet


Charlie the mastermind came to live in unique hotels with self service attitude under sky blue.


Citizen K with highsnobility comes with xtra-xtra dim dam dom encens cereal to please, muse and cura IRK.


Frankie the fantastic man is behind the blinds in america sidetracked by damn bad to the bone mixte lampoon holiday.

Untitled album

Untitled album


3406 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA

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Monday 7:30am - 6pm
Tuesday 7:30am - 6pm
Wednesday 7:30am - 6pm
Thursday 7:30am - 6pm
Friday 7:30am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm


(215) 222-6108


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My avril 50 French Double Roast just arrived here in Maebashi, Japan. Sent by a loving sis in Philly.
Avril 50 is one of my favorite places in Philly. I have been going to your shop since the 80's and am hoping the best for you.
Buon Compleanno, John!
Novembre or Under the Influence?

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