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Retro Pinup Magazine Retro Pinup Magazine was put together to show all things Pinup and give models a safe place to do what they love to do and share it will all of you ....

Retro Pinup Magazine was put together to showcase all things Pinup and some of the most amazing pinup models across the Globe .... We are driven to give models a safe place to do what they love to do and share it with all of you... We support body equality and are dedicated to supporting the beauty in all women. We strive to promote all those who have a passion for pinup modeling and the way of life as well as those who love all things pinup and especially those of you who are simply just fans... because where would any of us be without our fans ?? For us Pinup is a passion and the love for it is deeply rooted in our Souls. We at Retro Pinup Magazine couldn't be anymore proud of all the support we have already received and are truly excited to be Launching our First edition on June 1st 2016 ... We are even more excited to be sharing every step of this journey with each and every one of you along the way. Hope you enjoy what you see here ... Stay tuned for much more to come as we are working extremely hard not to disappoint and have many surprises to come in the near future... Thank you from the deepest depths of our Hearts for all your support and continued support ...


OK so I apologize for any Inconvenience .... I have been going through a separation and a long list of other things .... I am however going to be releasing two different editions back to back to get caught up on the magazine ... I will be going through everything the next few days and getting them all together for print if anyone is still interested in submitting please let me know thanks a million ... and if you haven't smiled today know you are all beautiful inside and out.... SMILE ... ~RETRO ROSIE~

Opened up my closet finally if anyone is interested ... will be posting several more items throughout the day and gettin...
Retro Rosie's Closet Sale

Opened up my closet finally if anyone is interested ... will be posting several more items throughout the day and getting with everyone on upcoming edition as well .... much love ... ~Retro Rosie~ link below for closet sale .....

I'm opening my closet and purging and selling so I can be out with the old and in with the new. I will have clothing items accessories shoes etc for sale..


We have been on vacation since the day after the launch parties sorry for any inconvenience this has caused anyone however I will be getting back to everyone and your messages as soon as possible.... celebrating our one year anniversary and spending every moment we have had not working..... together ..... we hope everyone understands as the magazine will be released in a few more days for the month of July .... I have not tallied the total for the last issue however I am pleased to announce that the proceeds from the first edition 100% will be donated to Camp Beauregard to help any displaced or needing military personnel and their families.... this is what it is all about for me guys and we are excited to move forward and hope that all of you will continue to share in that journey with us .... So much more to come !!! So many more lives to touch !!!

Here's the revised copy ready for purchase come get it while its hot.
edition 1

Here's the revised copy ready for purchase come get it while its hot.

edition 1


If there is an issue on magazine please let me know ... we have worked really hard to make you all proud ... however we assumed there to be at least one or two fixes amongst everything after we launched ... No worries we are hard at work on fixing them ... all will be fixed by end of day ... all editions already bought will be fixed before being sent to printer and mailed out to you ... no worries everyone ... please let me know if there is one that needs my attention please ... thanks in advanced :)


OK guys the magazine will be posted on Saturday .... Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused but we decided to change the release date to our actual Launch party date June 4th due to many many many requests from all of you .... and we have tons of exciting things in store for you on that day so why not give the people what they are asking for ???? I love love love what we have put together for you guys and want to share now ... it's killing me not to .... But by Popular demand it will be coming to you live from the launch party .... many many many more surprises to come for those of you who can't make it out so just stay tuned !!!!

Sorry I haven't been very active lately I have been working very hard on some very special exclusive projects for our La...

Sorry I haven't been very active lately I have been working very hard on some very special exclusive projects for our Launch Parties .... you will only be able to view these at the launch parties on June 4th @ club chaos flyer and info below ... so don't miss out !!!

Please share ...... Launch Parties are finally almost here ... and both magazines in one place in one night ... Pinups ....

Please share ...... Launch Parties are finally almost here ... and both magazines in one place in one night ... Pinups ... Nice Rides ... and meet and greets with the models and editors ... Can't wait going to be epic !!!


OK so yesterday after finishing all the details I get home to no Internet once again ... so tired of our service provider it's driving me insane ..... but ...... I do have good news !!!!

I am pleased to announce that it is finally here .... our gracious Venue Holder has been so accommodating and helpful throughout this entire process and I am very pleased to not only support his establishment but to announce that the ...
Launch parties will be Saturday June 4th 2016
@ Club Chaos in Alexandria Louisiana
Will have flyer done this evening and posted after final approval from club owner today .... sorry for any inconvenience or delay on posting been working hard to get all the info out to you ... stay tuned !!!


OK so I have a date and location for launch Party .... will post invites and flyer ASAP :)


Guess what it is sneak peek of cover time ..... stay tuned ... will have posted by 5 pm CST today .... Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there and hope you all have an awesome Sunday Funday....


All e-mails have been sent out and release forms and such ... If I missed anyone that was waiting on something please let me know thanks .... Michelle working on the e-mails and info you sent me I will message when done thanks again ....

Retro Pinup Magazine will be hosting a military shoot for an upcoming Military Special Edition in Louisiana .... 100% of...

Retro Pinup Magazine will be hosting a military shoot for an upcoming Military Special Edition in Louisiana .... 100% of the Proceeds from this edition will go to helping our military men and women that suffer with PTSD/TBI ... I have the location and would like to get started on planning this shoot ASAP ... if anyone is interested message me and we can start on finding a date that works for everyone that wants to do the shoot .... this will also be a free shoot ... with a small fee split between all the models for hair and makeup artist ... and you will need to provide your own wardrobe ... see sneak peek pics below of location .... super stoked and can't wait to hear from all those interested ;)


OK so wanted to put this out there again .... the Alice in Wonderland shoot is still going to happen however some spots have opened up and I wanted to see if anyone else would be interested in this shoot so i can fill the spots and set a definite date .... We already have the location and everything we need for shoot just need some models to fill those empty slots .... Retro Pinup magazine along side Robert Davis from Robert Davis Photography will be hosting the shoot and the shoot will be free however if you want Hair and Makeup done by us there will be a small fee for that divided between all the models day of shoot .... and you will need to provide your own costume/outfit ... if interested please message me we can get you on the list ....


Sending out photo release forms as we speak if you haven't received one and have been waiting on one sorry for the delay I was making some changes to the form so there could be lines for the proper credit where it is due .... Thanks again for all your support you guys Rock !!! Sneak peek of 1st edition will be posted this evening :)


Is anyone else seeing a distorted image for the logo or is it just me ?? Just wondering ... if so drop a line and let me know so I can get it fixed thanks hope everyone is enjoying their weekend ... I'm hard at work on the official www website for our magazine .. yayy


How many of my models would be willing to be featured on our Facebook and Website Monthly ?? I wouldn't compromise any of your submitted images this would be something I would randomly do to help promote our page and site and I would use images after publication ... would love to hear your thoughts ;)

Retro Pinup Magazine's cover photo

Retro Pinup Magazine's cover photo


Finally we have our logo peeps .... told you it was worth the wait .... I absolutely love it :)

Retro Pinup Magazine

Retro Pinup Magazine


Working on updating the photo release from to include hair and makeup artist lines and room for additional photographers for those of you needing to provide that information .... if you have already submitted a form no need to resend the updated one you are already good to go .... will post the updated form and link by this afternoon .... will also be posting some other useful information for everyone as well this evening ... all of these can be found in the notes section of our page .... hope everyone is having an awesome Monday :)


Just wanted to reach out to everyone as i take a break frim editing to spill some beans on a few things .... First and foremost .... I know it has been an unbearable wait for our logo .... the suspense is killing me so I know it is killing you all as well .... Just got the logo today for my other magazine and I am told that I will know for sure about Retro Pinup Magazine's logo tomorrow and when we will finally be receiving it so I can post and share with everyone ... sorry for the delay ... however it is totally worth the wait and I cannot wait to share it with all of you .... we are also well on our way to being federally trademarked which is some pretty exciting news I have been dying to share with everyone .... this is the first of many many more steps to come on this amazing Journey of ours .... also a sneak peek for first edition is coming soon so buckle those seat belts for the ride it's going to be an awesome one .... I cannot express how emotional it has been for me to see the overwhelming responses and support we have had from everyone .... thank you to each and everyone of you for your continued support as I have said many times before we would not be possible with each and every one of you "Our Fans" .... Much Love


How many of you would come out to the launch party if we hosted one ??? Would love to set one up .... Let me know what you guys thoughts are ???


Links For Photo Release Form And Other Useful Info:


Submission Themes and Info:


Aweeeee logo should be finalized tomorrow I'm hoping .... Took a while but from what I have already seen totally worth the wait .... Can't wait to share it with everyone .... He did an amazing Job !!!!


Working on adding files with photo release form here and tons of other useful information on this page for your convenience ... also I apologize for the delay all emails will be sent out as well within the hour .... if you have been waiting on files or an email from me thank you so much for your patience ... I had a family emergency with my daughter that has kept me pretty busy the past few days ... thanks again you guys rock and check your inboxes shortly :)


Also still no logo so again I appologize for the delay ... Should be soon fingers crossed !!!


Finishing up e-mails and sending out forms to everyone still needing them as well as dropbox copies .... Sorry for the delay ... Got backed up with the charity event this weekend and getting ready for it ... Just bare with me I'll have them all sent by end of day .... Hope everyone is having an Awesome Sunday Funday !!! xoxox Christi Cole


Omg that is awesome over 600 likes already .... You guys Rock !!!!


Sneak Peek First Edition coming soon ... Stay tuned ...


Sorry about the Logo guys mine is well underway .... and well worth the wait .... stay tuned should be later today ... super stoked about it too :)


So I want to thank everyone for all the support ... I have barely begun really and through all the support and love I already have we have reached over 100 likes in just a few days time ... Special thanks to Charity and to Tanya both extremely lovely and supportive Pinup Dolls and friends .... You ladies rock !!! And thanks everyone else for your support ... We wouldn't be here without you and definitely not the support from each of you .... I can't wait to Launch June 1st and show each and everyone of you what we are all about .... For me Pinup isn't just a hobby for me ... it's something I hold very dear and something I believe is for everyone .... it's a way of life and something I couldn't be anymore proud of to share with each and every one of you .... Hope you enjoy what we have in store for you ... and again thank you thank you from deepest parts of my


I will get to everyone's messages and e-mails as soon as I get home in a few ... :)


The first edition is looking amazing .... Retro Pinup Magazine is still taking submissions .... We are looking for images that are at least in a 300 DPI format ... original ..... and anything pinup for the first edition and deadline is the last weekend in May so we can send to print for June 1st .... also I am going to list a few deadlines here for those wanting to put themes together ....
**July** pinup swimwear/summer theme - Deadline last weekend in June....
**August** Summer Dress anything goes however please remember to keep things classy ... Deadline last weekend of July
**September** Fall themed .... Deadline last weekend in August....
**October** Halloween Themed ... Deadline last weekend of September ...
**November** Thanksgiving/Fall themed .... Deadline last weekend of October ...
**December** Christmas themed/Winter themed ... Deadline last weekend of November ...
**January 2017** New Years Themed... Deadline last weekend of December ....
**February 2017** Valentines/Love Themed ... Deadline last weekend of January ...
**March 2017 ** Spring themed .... Deadline last weekend of February ....
**April 2017 ** Easter/Spring themed ... Deadline last weekend of March ....

Note ... You may submit for any of the above just note in the subject line what edition ... send all submissions to [email protected]
Thanks :)


Pineville, LA




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