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Operating as usual


Strange week in rock so far , the Eagles call it quits following the death of Glen Frey. Rush say's there done do to Neal's health Keith Emerson commits suicide because he don't think he could play well enough in front of his fans .Brian Johnson quits AC/DC Randy Misner founder the the Eagles His wife was killed in there home in a bazaar accident and this is only Wednesday


5 yrs ago today we said RIP to Gary Moore!!!


getting everything together and heading to Knoxville Tn. to play and some recording this weekend. Might be back in time to watch some lame ass football game I mean ,most of only watch for the commercials and half time entertainment


Hard to believe today is Ronnie Van Zants birthday today he would of turned 68 Happy Birthday Ronnie your music still lives in us all......R I P Freebird


RIP David Jones ( aka David Bowie ) your music style will be missed


rock and roll legend Lemmy Kilmister lead singer and bassist for Moterhead died today I was a stage rigger in the late 70's and on tour with the band Our big joke was no one could out drink Lemmy , So in that big gig in the sky they just added a Marshall stack with a bottle of Jack on it and one kickin M F .RIP lemmy you earned it


It's less then a week away , yes that's right it's turkey day. I would like to take the time to say gobble , gobble and also would like to remind everyone that there's a lot of family's that travel and are not from your area PLEASE don't text and drive or drink and drive. Lets get through the holidays safe life, is to short. So be safe and god bless Randy


Hello friends , it has been a long time since I've posted
anything,sorry about that !! Well most of you people don't know
whats going on with me ( LOTS has changed ) on June 23
I went though a very dangerous surgery on my back before that
it was so by I could not walk anymore or even think about the studio. They did an operation called a fusing ,there were no disks
left in my back ,and the spinal fluid was not going into my lower
back They fused L2,L3,L4 ,L5,T1 (WOW) . Now I get better
everyday I also have replaced the system in the studio Got rid of
windows now going with a mac and will be opening the studio soon
To all those who came and helped me i\I have to say I love you guys thank you from my heart . So friends lets get the emails
work and start talking again Thanxs R


I had the opportunity to play 2 shows with BB King It's something
that means a lot to me now . R I P Raleigh King Your music will
play forever 1926-2015


Just to let everybody know where still alive here and have been fairly busy Luke and his ffamily are doing an LP taht he wanted on his bucket list Misty Edwards wondered in one dayand sang a couple songs blew me out of the water how good she is,now she's coming back to do some session work .wait untill you here her sing Resisting Roses cutting an LP ,this kids have a future with what their doing, very cool sound. Also we have t-shirts for sale if you want one they are 20.00 taht includes S/H and finally my friend Taylor had posted something that made me think Have you ever went to tell your parents a funny store that happened to you and then you remember it was illegal see ya R


happy holidays to all friends and family


I want to say R.I.P. Jack Bruce of Cream


Well sorry that I haven't posted in a while, I've been working on the new web sit which will be a pro active music sit where you have an account that you can log into and post on about our idea, listen to new songs , get a lesson on an instrument. It's new and I'm working real hard at getting this music community up running at its peck your help is needed . Go to ( ) log in with your web sit and password and enjoy what I'm trying to do ( your account has to be confirmed and that may take up to 24 hours but I'm working on that ) lets all keep music alive this website will help. So today is SRV's birthday he would have turned 60, I was working the stage in Alpine Valley WS with him the night he died . One great musician that will always be missed R I P brother and happy birthday . The rest is history Until next time peace R


I have a new website check it out!! ( one step ahead recording .com) to log in enter your email and password for your account make sure to klick the like button More changes are coming as I learn what I'm doing R


well today is my birthday ( yea ) I met Michel Ballard form the tv show full throttle salon had a drink with him very cool and tonight after a wonderful meal I'm going to relax in my Jacuzzi and drink some moonshine Our bodies are like a fine wine we just get better with age .... until next time .... R


everyone have a great labor day and stay safe.


my thoughts are with K D this week with the passing of his
father. Stay strong Until next time R


things in the studio have been slow this week , so it gave me time
to work on some side projects . I'm going to be releasing two
songs to radio. If you like country music I think there both going to be a hit (time will tell) So tell your friends about this page and tell them to give it a like Keep music alive today write a song play a chord , or sing with the radiomusic holds the key to our sanity.
Now I'll sign off and leave you with this....Suicide is never the answer. If your brain is bent , take the time to get it fixed , everyone else is counting on you


So I hav'nt been on line lately and thats becouse windows opperations suck ,so I went on vacation for a month and now I'm back studio softwere is better then ever currently working on 3 albums and where doing movie scores ( very cool ) Matt when are you coming back to the studio your gutair call me said he misses you . Kevin you and larry need to get your asses over her I got work that needs to be done Manic call me I have your song and the rest of you rock out tell yor friends about this page and as always remember to hit the like button. So friends as I sign off for today I'll leave you with my quote for the week .. and it goes as followed Remember it always better to

Photos from One Step Ahead Recording's post

Photos from One Step Ahead Recording's post


Happy 4th of July to all . Please don't drink and drive
don't hold fireworks in your hand
and please don't text and drive
Enjoy all celebrations this weekend and then
lets get serious about recording. Thanks to all


It's here and installed , what is it you my ask? well I'll
tell ya The studio has a new keyboard I bought a Korg
Krome Workstation you would not believe all that it does
looks like I'll be busy playing with a new toy!!


If your visiting our page ,please be sure to hit the like button
we want to know all who visit Thanks Randy


Quote for this week:
A tongue contains no bones
But yet,
Words can hit harder than a fist



have a good day


Quote of the week:
It doesn't matter how much money you have
I doesn't matter how big your house is
or how new your car can be ..
just remember when we die and they dig your graves

Untitled Album

Untitled Album

Untitled Album

Untitled Album


On behalf of the owner, Randy Taylor, and myself, Karra McGraw, we'd like to welcome all of you to the new page for One Step Ahead Recording. We have big plans in the future as well as links coming to new sound bites that are currently being recorded in the studio. We will also provide links to linkedin and ASMRs plus much more! The page will have a new look to it and we hope you stay tuned. Contact us for all your recording needs, NOONE can beat our prices! :)

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Mobile Uploads

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The new studio

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From the old Studio

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