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Sign up for this app we both get 100 bucks in a  crypto coin trust me you  want it. They are giving 100 percent of the m...
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Sign up for this app we both get 100 bucks in a crypto coin trust me you want it. They are giving 100 percent of the money u spend on ebay back as long as you go drectt from thier app.. ( you will go directly from this app too after signing up with my code )

FAQ is this real?

Yes I was helping I was helping people do this around Christmas time the thing is is that it was scared a lot of people is that it's a crypto they never heard of it's very easy to put a program on your phone and switch this coin to bitcoin or whatever else or to just cash it out it's super easy there is a catch you have to spend at least $30 for the end of October and you lock in the hundred bucks it's going to be in a coin you never heard of but I sure had to sell it number two you can't return the item you buy and it has to be that you went directly from the app that you're going to download using my link and I'll have all the stores that is free 100% crypto back when it says that they're going to give you your money back they wait 30 days whatever but you can spin up to $10,000 and get your money returned and a different format but they actually make money on this because it actually increase the value of their coin if people actually have faith and do it I'm also going to post the article here about how this coin is expected to go from 08 cents in worth to 106 each so this would be a perfect time to do this and you can't lose anything because you're going to I want people to buy what they were already going to buy but just to use or or the other stores just be careful if you have questions stop get a hold of me there's a lot of money here to be made

Earn up to 100% crypto cashback by shopping at your favorite stores and up to 15% APY staking rewards. Free, easy, and secure.

The time is at hand please do not wander this world denying love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness gentk...

The time is at hand please do not wander this world denying love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness gentkeentleness and self control

To those that have chosen to love as my father has may not stop.

We have only seen the beginning of what is to come. The enemy will attempt to have you led astray because he knows out Father. And he is deeply disturbed
knowing that you are his pride and joy. And even though mighty angels were formed none were sobeloved as the sons of Adam.

First to the believers some have been found in high favor. Not for abundance of good deeds or lack of evil deeds. It was solely because you chose noz to judge and condemn, but chose to give freely and on good faith cheerfully. It is by that measure God would bless you not only you but also your works. Because of this you need only ask and believe that your hesvenly father will notonly bless you here before men; he will also welcome you with open arns. Into paradise where death holds no merit.

For it was written "when i was hungry , you gave me sometging to eat. When i das thirsty, you gave me something to drink , when i was sick abd imprisoned you came to visit.

I must now štand and leave the desert very soon.

Let those who knew this time would come rejoice

Even as I write this there are men creating that which would mimic Man. Soon you will be asked to give all of yourself to this thing. Do not join your mind or your. Body woth it.

I for one will noz serve the Beast l that men have created.

Out of it will come the final man made creation.
Even as the days become darker fret not they will try to teach the abomination to do live as man and in doing so. They will create the last man made creation.
And they will begin to trust it to perform witchcraft snd they will infect thier souls. They will begin to erase the love if God from the hearts and minds of men for the enemy only wishes to bring fear and confusion. There are those among you now who willfully bring death and destruction. Tho now it is because they feed only on the misery of others.
But alas they can only pretend for one day ..
On the second day your eyes will be opened to the true nature of men. It will be as if they suddenly lose ability to hear. Lots will ask you to repeat your words.
They will need to find out how to disrupt your peace. They will try to take you out of the moment. Beware of those that promise to show you love tomorrow.

It was written
Why put off for tomorrow something that can done today.
They will walk around with a need to confuse and deceive you. In the past it woull have because everyone was full of greed.
Now it js for the sole purpose of of your misery.

May we fear not and may we understand that all these hardships add to the glory
Of him whos name is above. All others.

To those who find issue with what written here; jje not for how you choose to condemn , i pray that same condemnation may find you so you May know how it feels. Hopefully you find compassion for others q compassion while there is still time..

Furthermore, speak as our example did.
if you feel wronged or judgemental;
"Forgive them father for they know not what they do.

Special Thanks : TB, ST. LS. TR.

Your works and words will not return empty. Ask and you will recieve. Any chains you need broken will that moment be broken just Call on Him.

Remembrr : Love has no Greater man than this that he lay down his life for his friend.

Even as se speak Those that wish to Decieve are steady at work but fear not leave fear to the one who knows that he has lost.

For it was written " Ye tho i walk through the valley of death i will fear no evil"

Jesus we walk
We Go Forth
We wear the full armor that we might stop the attacks of the enemy.

Let Him recieve ali Glory.
May the Saints Recieve (through faith) dominion aš an heir , to lay hands heal the sick raise the Dead and preach the Good news: That all who call on him , confess thier own sin and believe Jesus died and rose again to demonstrante voctory overr disease sin and death. Furhermore invite him into your heart today, That you might ve saved.
Remember it
Beware of those who's love is always coming but never arrives.
His name we pray .
Amen (so be it)


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