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The kickstarter page for Horror on Holiday has been sent for review! Video was completed today and uploaded onto the page. We should be a-ok to launch on April 1st!

Here is a sneak peak at the last four stories in the core collection.The Fun Fair by Tim Waggoner - A couple, Kari and M...

Here is a sneak peak at the last four stories in the core collection.

The Fun Fair by Tim Waggoner - A couple, Kari and Malcolm, taking a road trip take make an unexpected stop in a backwater town to visit a carnival. The Fun Fair promises a night of kitschy fun, despite Kari’s unease as she had a bad experience at just such a place in her youth. Here the pair encounter a sinister sleight-of-hand magician who called himself Mr. Fingers. Soon the carnival’s seedy façade begins to crack, and the couple glimpse the darkness behind the surface of what humanity believes to be reality. They'll soon learn that at this carnival, the fun never ends.

The Fair Family in the Wood by Helen Yau - Lockdown had been hard for most, especially those living in the city centers. So between waves of travel restrictions the Lewis family packs up their car and head into the wilds of North Wales. From the confines of the city, to the sprawling mountains of the Clwydian Range, fresh air, ancient forests, and rolling hills are a welcome change to the family’s twin boys and younger daughter. On dark starry nights their parents share tales of the fae, passed down through generations. However, the trip turns sinister as Something dark and brooding emerges from the deep woods and takes an unhealthy interest in the children.

Summoning My Soul to Endless Sleep by Lee Clark Zumpe - When members of the British pop/psychedelic group Nepenthe of Oblivion journey to Morocco for inspiration in 1966, they accept an invitation from a wealthy landowner to spend their sabbatical at his sprawling compound south of Marrakesh. There, they learn about the recent discovery of 8,000-year-old petroglyphs in the High Atlas – and soon find themselves face-to-face with the descendants of an ancient cult.

One more sneak peak at three more stories from our upcoming Kickstarter!Castles in the Sand by Peter Rawlik & Sal Ciano ...

One more sneak peak at three more stories from our upcoming Kickstarter!

Castles in the Sand by Peter Rawlik & Sal Ciano - Vacations are meant to be a time for family fun, a chance to relax and build memories that last forever. At least that is how it is supposed to be. Rob loves the quiet isolation of the beach side cottage, while his wife Miriam spend her days’ miles away shopping at the outlet mall. The conflict leaves young twins, Alfred and Andrew, to fend for themselves, playing on the beach at Seth’s Quay. While building sand castles in the stretch between the sea and the dunes they make new friends. But as vulnerable as children they can also be resilient. Maybe the twins can see and understand things that adults cannot.

Thin Ice by Oscar Rios - When a pair of adopted siblings get the results from their genetic testing they unexpectedly learn they are 40% Native American. They soon find themselves far from home as their adopted father organizes a trip to Nanavut, an Arctic Archipelago in northern Canada. He wants them to learn more about their heritage, as records show their birth mother was from this region. Unwilling and disinterested, they decide to make the best of it. However, the trip takes a horrifying turn and soon the brother and sister find themselves fighting for their lives, when they encounter something not quite human from below the icy of a frozen bay.

A Kingdom of Magic by Brian Sammons - Billy is a young teenager full of rage, even when he's in the happiest place on Earth. After years of begging his father to take him to the world famous Magic Kingdom amusement park, Billy finds the place isn’t what he thought it would be. Following the flirtatious smile of a beautiful girl and a promise of easy cash from a mysterious stranger, Billy unexpectedly finds himself behind the curtains to the inner workings of the park. What he witnesses will change, and possibly end, his young and angry life.

Have a sneak peak at three more stories from our upcoming Kickstarter!In Light Inaccessible by John Linwood Grant - Drag...

Have a sneak peak at three more stories from our upcoming Kickstarter!

In Light Inaccessible by John Linwood Grant - Dragged on a fortnight’s holiday in strike-ridden 1970s Britain, a teenage girl finds herself stuck with her family at an isolated, run-down caravan park on the Northern moors. The other campers are dull and despondent; the few locals are unwilling to talk, and the wildlife seems ‘wrong’. As the grim days’ pass, her parents sink into apathy as the girl begins to learn exactly what is hidden beneath the thickets and ferns – and the significance of the great dark lake which fills the valley bottom.

Genealogy by William Meikle - When Ted and Rhonda Patterson visit Scotland, Rhonda thinks it’s for a holiday. However, Ted is intent on tracing his family’s roots and drags her around various civic archives, half-forgotten libraries and ancient cemeteries. Finally, she gets to enjoy some scenery in the wilds of Argyll, where Ted tracks his family line back to old battles and long dead companions of famous kings. His enthusiasm runs dangerously deep, delving into dark places best left undisturbed by the living.

A Palette of Honey and Amber by Andi Newton- Melody Evers has long dreamed of taking an artist's vacation tour in Paris, France. But when she purchases a watercolor notebook at a Parisian street market, bound with an old playbill from a production long banned play, things take a bizarre turn. No matter what she's painting or the colors she uses, a figure in a yellow robe appears in each scene. With each painting, the figure draws closer, compelling Melody to keep going in a desperate need to see the face hidden in the shadows.

To prove that this isn't an April Fool's Day prank, we'll be sharing the write ups for the stories in the collection.  W...

To prove that this isn't an April Fool's Day prank, we'll be sharing the write ups for the stories in the collection. We'll be dropping them a few at a time. Here's the first three!

A Gilded Butterfly by Glynn Owen Barrass – Eleanor Walcott, on the run from an abusive husband, finds herself in the city of Kingsport. It should be a safe place to hide while making the break from the life she's leaving behind. Taking refuge in an old boarding house on Lodovico Lane, Eleanor encounters a motley array of fellow tenants. Soon after, she begins to suspect she's being followed by something far worse than her soon to be ex-husband. Has Eleanor found safety here, or is she surrounded now by a nest of vipers? She’ll learn that nothing is what is seems in the house on Lodovico Lane, but will it be in too late?

Are We There Yet? by Edward M. Erdelac - A beleaguered father on an extended road trip with his family pulls into a lonely gas station where the elderly attendant passes a brochure for a chintzy roadside attraction to his excitable son. As the boy becomes more and more obsessed with seeing the dubious wonders promised in the brochure, the father notices the compulsion spreading to the other members of the family, and finally to himself, as a series of increasingly insistent advertisements guide them further and further off their intended route.

You Take It With You by Helen Gould - There are always things that you can't leave behind, no matter how far you run. For Eve, it's a job that’s slowly taken over her life. So she decides to treat herself, and her dog, to a well-earned holiday to sun soaked Greece. While walking her dog on the beach she meets a sad and handsome stranger. What hints at being the start of a whirlwind romance spirals into Eve getting dragged into something deeper and older than her mind can comprehend. Still, at least she's not alone in the dark.

Check out our upcoming Kickstarter  for our newest fiction collection!  Kickstarter Launches April 1st.

Check out our upcoming Kickstarter for our newest fiction collection! Kickstarter Launches April 1st.

Coming soon... Stay tuned!

Coming soon... Stay tuned!

Progress report for Britannia and Beyond.  Let's take a peak at our investigators as they're about to arrive.
Update 49: Back at it! End of January Update. · Britannia and Beyond, a regional guide for Cthulhu Invictus.

Progress report for Britannia and Beyond. Let's take a peak at our investigators as they're about to arrive.

Ave et Salve citizens, Progress is being made on the project. Lisa Padol has assigned me loads of spot tasks to help bring the book into focus, such as The Top Reasons to Adventure in Britannia (I came up with six main ones), with a paragraph worth of description. There was also a page of detailed q...

The Backerkit Surveys have been sent!
Update 32: Backerkit Surveys Have Been Sent! · Terror of Octobernomicon

The Backerkit Surveys have been sent!

Good morning everyone, I am happy to report that the Backerkit surveys have been sent out. We conducted a smoke test (5% of the surveys being sent out to test for bugs) and everything seems to be working fine. Please fill out the surveys, confirm your addresses, and visit the online Backerkit store....


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As Carnage 24 approaches, we want to start introducing you to some of the awesome vendors we will have. Today, we highlight vendors who can supply you with more games: Coopers Cave Games & Paintball, Black Knight: Anime, Games, & More, Black Moon Games, and Golden Goblin Press. Scroll through each photo to learn more about each vendor and to learn where you can find them at Carnage 24. #tabletopgames #boardgames #cardgames #magicthegathering #RPG #CarnageCon #miniatures #vermont #larp
Question for GGP- is there a hardcover version of the 7th Ed. Cthulhu Invictus book please?
Got the Lovecraft Country Cousins up this morning.
Reading through Christmas in Kingsport and my eyes keep leaking.
FICHE Un ouvrage pour Call of Cthulhu : The Eldritch New England Holiday Collection est maintenant fiché sur le #GRoG Une campagne éditée par Golden Goblin Press en décembre 2020, 250 pages couleurs ! Retrouvez la fiche ici : Extrait : " The Eldritch New England Holiday Collection est un développement de deux des premiers scénarios publiés par Oscar Rios, dans des ouvrages de la série MULA, se déroulant durant les fêtes d'Halloween et de Noël. Il y intègre des souvenirs de vacances de son enfance, avec ses nombreux cousins, qui lui avaient servi de base pour les deux scénarios en question. Ce recueil regroupe quatre scénarios, dont les deux premiers dans des versions réécrites et développées. Ils mettent en scène un groupe de cousins de 11 à 13 ans, qui se retrouvent régulièrement pour les vacances (non, ils ne sont pas 4 avec un chien pour les accompagner) sur une année. L'auteur préconise la période 1925-1926. Après les titre, crédits, sommaire et remerciements aux souscripteurs (4 pages), une Introduction (3 pages) revient sur l'histoire de la création de ces scénarios. The History of the Morgan Family (5 pages) retrace ensuite l'histoire de la famille Morgan, née avec un couple ... "
Has there been a family tree put together for the cousins? I'm curious as to how they are related.
Volete interpretare un investigatore dell'occulto, ma gli anni '20 vi hanno davvero stancato? CTHULHU INVICTUS (supplemento per CALL OF CTHULHU 7th Edition - Golden Goblin Press) Nato da un kickstarter riuscitissimo (ha più che raddoppiato il suo pledge iniziale), adatta al regolamento di Call of Cthulhu 7a Edizione la nota ambientazione dei miti lovecraftiani situati cronologicamente nell'impero degli Antonini. L'Impero romano, uno dei più potenti della storia, è, però, scombussolato da una guerra segreta con forze cosmiche Ma gli autori, che hanno già all'attivo altri supplementi per questa ambientazione nelle edizioni precedenti, non si sono limitati ad aggiornare le statistiche, bensì hanno inserito nuove abilità, professioni, mostri, culti e oggetti; ci sono, inoltre, regole opzionali e rivisto totalmente il combattimento. CTHULHU BY GASLIGHT (supplemento per CALL OF CTHULHU 7th Edition - Chaosium Inc.) Questa è la riedizione di un supplemento del lontano 1986 che proponeva un'ambientazione vittoriana alle avventure degli investigatori: la Londra del 1890 è, infatti, rappresentata nei capitoli riguardanti cultura e società, governo e monarchia, e i nuovi culti; vi sono anche mappe di alcune zone della metropoli. Quella in foto è l'edizione del 1990 (la terza e più recente) e include anche qualche approfondimento sulla politica mondiale, una guida ai negozi più importanti e un glossario del gergo della malavita di Cockney, oltre a mappe aggiuntive della Torre di Londra, il British Museum, L'Abbazia di Westminster e la residenza di Sherlock Holmes al 221B di Baker Street. Per meglio ambientarsi nel XIX Sec è inserita anche un'avventura, The Yorkshire Horror che vede tra i PNG un'investigatore d'eccellenza, Sherlock Holmes. Sono presenti anche delle regole per permettere ad alcuni PG già giocati negli anni '20 di essere trasporti in questa ambientazione.
I like your products very much. However I tried to order 17 items from your store only to be stymied by a buggy shopping bag which did not display properly (cutting off the 'continue' button) and even after surmounting that problem (after 3 tries) and getting all my details down I had to start AGAIN with the system wanting me to go through PayPal instead of just going ahead with my credit card order. As I said you would have got a $70+ order from me but as it is I cannot proceed. Frustrating.
We are in the final stages of editing The Mystery of April Snow, a short 1920's adventure offered to backers of the Eldritch New England Holiday Collection Kickstarter. With luck it will go into layout next week!
A blast from the past! I did these ⛴ plans back in 2017 for Golden Goblin Press, and have loved working with them ever since! 😈
FICHE Call of Cthulhu reçoit une nouvelle fiche sur le #GRoG : An Inner Darkness che Golden Goblin Press Retrouvez la fiche ici : Extrait : " An Inner Darkness est un recueil de scénarios mettant les investigateurs face à des horreurs du Mythe de Cthulhu, mais surtout à des horreurs nées de l'inhumanité de l'être humain vis-à-vis d'autres humains. Les créatures y ont donc moins d'importance que le cadre historique et sociologique. L'ouvrage s'ouvre sur trois pages pour le titre, les crédits, les informations légales et le sommaire. Puis une introduction (Read This First! That Means You! (Or, Yet More Musings On Trigger Warnings), 1 page) vient expliquer son objectif et passer le contenu en r***e. Il se termine .... "
The Horror of Humanity—A review of Golden Goblin Press’ An Inner Darkness: Fighting for Justice Against Eldritch Horrors and Our Own Inhumanity, an anthology of socially and historically aware scenarios for Call of Cthulhu, Seventh Edition from Chaosium. Inc. #reviewsfromrlyeh #rpgreview #rpgreviews #rpg #horror #Chaosium #CallOfCthulhu #CoC7e