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Need some fun end of summer reading? Lucky Bat releases N. M. Cedeño’s newest paranormal mystery
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Lucky Bat Books is thrilled to announce that the second installment in N. M. Cedeño’s Bad Vibes Removal Services series, Degrees of Deceit, is now available in print and ebook!


From the meadow by the sea... it is quiet here. I am striving to sit in that quiet and enjoy it. Without the distraction of home time opens up. Today I will finish re-reading The Sanford Meisner Approach. Plus... beautiful meadows by the sea have mosquitos.

The Writing Art

I love this page!

Writing as Annie Blachley and Annie Wilkinson, I'm an award-winning editor, journalist, and author. I practice sensitive editing guidance, encouraging writers to leap first and look back later.


Submitted two plays for production at Good Luck Macbeth...fingers crossed people. Get your work out there!


Your only job is to write. To put it - whatever is your own particular specific and unique experience and imagination to pen and paper. Let others judge and quibble and say words from the sides of their mouths. You sit and you write and you get the work done.

Untitled album

Untitled album

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

I'm going to start using these at work.


This has been an important year for my writing career! Three of my plays are currently in production, I had a reading of Killarney Sabbatical in New York and in January a collection of my one acts will be published by Lucky Bat Books. Thankful and grateful .


2nd Act Scriptorium New Play Development Series
CASTING CALL for a Table Read of Life List by Scott Cohen.
Looking to cast 2 women, 4 men: Monday, August 8th
3 hours: 6pm-9pm. Dinner Provided.
Reno Little Theater.

I have been working with New York playwright Scott Cohen on his play Life List to ready it for next steps in production. After completing a major rewrite he needs to hear it read aloud. Actors will do a table read then provide feedback to the author about the strengths and weaknesses in the script. This is a great opportunity to work with a playwright directly and be part of this important play development process.
Steven – CEO of Black Rock Media, Age: 50s/early 60s
Jim – Attorney and Steven’s right hand man at Black Rock Media, Age: Early 60’s
Gabrielle – Tech reporter for Forbes, Female. Age: Late 50’s
Frank – Vice President of Sales at Black Rock Media, Age: mid 40’s
Rosa – Executive Assistant and Office Manager at Black Rock Media, Black. Age: Late 40’s
Boatman – Venture Capitalist/Investor in Black Rock Media, Age: Early 40’s

If interested contact Stacey Spain at [email protected] or 775 219-2095


Beyond Average Writer's Group is writing from prompts this week - 4 minutes -from the following quote: Remember the sky that you were born under, Know each of the star's stories. Remember the moon, know who she is. - Joy Harjo.


Beyond Average Writer's Group is doing some timed writing this week - here is the prompt and my writing from last night. 4 minutes allowed. - post your own if you'd like. Then I'll post the next prompt.

Remember the sky that you were born under, know each of the star's stories. Remember the moon, know who she is. - Joy Harjo

And I wrote fiction:
Born under a mint green lead painted industrial hospital sky with mother girl alone. My brother, her son, at the not in-laws and my father her not husband drinking his bone hurt, out of town, away. She says that later, she was happy with those three days just us, before she had to pick up mother and not wife, and three jobs again. But she was seventeen and wore lipstick with her curlers in the Polaroid holding me tight at the hospital.


2nd Act Scriptorium: I help Nevada nonprofits fund their good work so that they can free up money, time, and resources to invest in our community. I do this by providing comprehensive and fully integrated grantwriting and proposal development services.

I asked:
Who am I?
Who do I want to serve?
How can I best do that?
2nd Act Scriptorium is the answer.


I am adulting well today...finished a book project which is off to get it's wings (ISBN's) before going to print and completed final review of a play on which I have been honored to do some developmental editing. Wow. Create the environment for the work you want to engage in and it will come to you!


Finishing the 2nd round of edits on an excellent new play I am helping a new writer get ready for publication. what a joy!


Just completed the first round of edits for a playwright. I am thrilled to be doing developmental editing with him and I know when the work is complete he will appreciate that old idea that 80% of effort occurs in the last 20% of a project. Writing is re-writing and caring enough to care about details ensures a script is as beautiful on the page as on the stage.


What a great group of people at the Salon last night! Thanks Cindie Geddes, Pauline Russert, Joseph Galata and Mr. Grimes!


Love to see you Wednesday night from 6-8pm for our Biggest Little Writing Salon (whose name will probably be changed!) Call me for directions!


Writers need to write and sometimes they also need to drink tea and coffee and adult beverages and read their work aloud in a supportive environment. The Biggest Little Writing Salon meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays monthly from 6 - 8 pm at the offices of 2nd Act Scriptorium. Message me for details!

Happy to be assisting Sierra Kids Foundation with their great work.  I was privileged to write this article about the Pe...
The Golden Ticket

Happy to be assisting Sierra Kids Foundation with their great work. I was privileged to write this article about the Pensotti family!

One year ago the tipping point came for the Pensotti family when their youngest child, Bo, spent the night at his grandmother’s house. Pretty normal kind of a thing to do, except this was the first...

Writing is important: the hand-brain connection gives us an instant or two to leap toward creation OR to stutter stop ou...
Best of Blogs: Writing Strategies | Scholastic.com

Writing is important: the hand-brain connection gives us an instant or two to leap toward creation OR to stutter stop ourselves with interior criticism. I am always on the lookout for great ideas to energize and focus my creative mind. I will take ideas from anywhere, if they apply and if they work. So here, for you this morning....tips on writing from teachers, elementary school teachers...the people who taught us all to write. http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/top-teaching/2015/06/best-blogs-writing-strategies

A collection of our best blog posts on writing strategies, from using interactive whiteboards, to blogging, and more.

Stacey playing an English professor lo these many years ago...

Stacey playing an English professor lo these many years ago...

Untitled album

Untitled album


Reno, NV


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