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Fun fun video I did for client from a January Shoot #BSB2018.

Found a pix of me with my glidecam from one the last events. Thought it looks particularly good. Really enjoy creating h...

Found a pix of me with my glidecam from one the last events. Thought it looks particularly good. Really enjoy creating highlight reels!


Fun I have 900 connections on Linked In, if we aren't already LINKED, come! Let's be together. Happy warm winter day today in the DMV.

F/22 Video Solutions

F/22 Video Solutions

Do you want to add something exciting to your signature line on emails?  Check this out. Schedule yours today!

Do you want to add something exciting to your signature line on emails? Check this out. Schedule yours today!

F/22 Video Solutions

F/22 Video Solutions


Great networking night with the Reston Chamber of Commerce at the Mayflower (a unique flower shop owned by May) in Reston Town Center. After 6 years owning my own business, I can finally network without breaking out in mental hives. It's not easy for an introvert to talk to a room full of strangers but tonight I knew 10 people already and I met 5 new people that were great connections! Hooray.


Still working my skills as a glidecam specialist. Thoughts on my recent addition to Highlight Reels using only glidecam footage... An all day FIELD DAY


OMG so excited about this Thursday's Golf Tournament Charity Shoot. Got the Go Pro charging, getting the jib ready and flew the drone with my assistant today. Got all the good stuff out. Plus I get to do more glidecamera work too! So many amazing "toys", I mean camera equipment, to showcase F22 style.


Great photo shoot on the weekend plus a fun video shoot with a ParaOlympian on the USA Bobsled team that was after 2 days of shooting downtown learning more about field shooting. We have been busy here. Plus 2 big shoots this week! Woohoo!!!!


Been really busy, Math Association of Am, Soccer high light videos for potential female PRO soccer player, PAVE: non profit video series, camera work for comedy Drug Rep's Webseries for my friend's production company. Been a really productive and successful 2017 already. Can't wait for all that's in store for my company!!!


OK I am looking for a gym. Went to a website. They had tour our gym video... They had a great video of the place, a welcome at the front with one of the owners (with a lavaliere mic so I know it was a professional videographer) and it helped me decide whether to join there or not. See. Videos help your business. I can do that for YOU.


Putting together packages for Public Speakers, Anyone have suggestions. Make sure you include this, that or the other? Add photos? What to put in the PREMIUM, golden, Hollywood Star package? Love to get your thoughts before I put this package together on the weekend with my assistant.


Getting ready to shoot a WEBseries this weekend. Also gearing up to record some speaker's videos and work on speaker sizzle reels. Also have a pre production call with the hospital I am working with in February! Keep pressing PLAY (or in my case REC).


Thank you for all the new LOVES. Plus super excited about the videos I just shot for Star Bobatoon, Kathy Dempsey and next hopefully Tamara on Monday Nov 21st.


Always amusing when you are double booked. Today I had 2 shoots going on for F22 at the same time and both used all my camera equipment. So I had a 2 camera shoot and a 1 camera shoot in 2 different places today. I am so grateful for the abundance that is happening now in my business. I am booked the entire week this week and have people scheduling time with me now. I


Worked at my office in Alexandria today. The best part was in the next room was my freelance editor working on one of my 3 current projects. This event is huge as a small business owner.


Giving BACK: A big motto for me. Helped out at the Father Daughter Dance last night where I used to work and today helping out a Non Profit Concert with my favorite music: BIG BAND. Both were a family affair... today my son will help me and last night we were all there! I love working together as a family when I do my GIVING BACK events.


I HAVE OFFICE SPACE NOW! So excited to try this new path. Any recommendations on wall art Quotes/Sayings?


Try things, Tweak things, Learn Things. Keep IMPROVING. Big time motto today. Thought I was learning about the quoting process but I still have much to learn. :-)


So happy to have spent time with another video Jumpstarter. I got to know him more and work on my resume reel with his Drum Corp and Bugle Team. Here's the highlight reel I started from that day. Thanks to Ronnie Gordon for letting me tag along on your shortest parade route in the Baltimore area.


MAA/Math Association of America (2x) completed, DVD for school Graduation and 3 different end of year Language Arts plays almost all done and delivered. Sizzle Reel approved and delivered. Glidecam tour done and ready for my new and improved website. Just some more gratis projects to edit for my new glide cam services left on my plate.


MAA shoot today PLUS helping PAVE Awards ceremony. Details later and hopefully a photo later too! Tomorrow Testimony corner at Ewomen and shooting Edlin's 3rd and 4th graders. Busy week! Plus I might have gotten another assignment when F22 goes to ATL later this month.


Soundbite from Business Miracles Workshop I attended yesterday with Heather Dominick hosted by Stephanie Bonte-Lebair, " You want the business to take care of you, not the other way around." 2nd Sound Bite. Be ALL IN, fully present... for your WHAT & WHY.


So excited to showcase the Glidecam House Tour. Featuring my friend Mickella's house in Fairfax, VA. Like, share, let me know what you think... what do you like about this vs. Virtual Reality tour... Too fast, too slow, are you confused what room I am in? Love to get your input as this is a new part of my business. THANKS.


TOMORROW: Recording a client's luncheon speech AND filming a glidecam tour of a friend's house for sale

Touching Heart 5th Anniversary

Created this video with archive photos plus some current videos shot by F/22 Video Solutions. A big thanks to C. Doty who was one of the talented Voice Over kids.


Great quote I heard..."Even when life isn't picture perfect, we can always choose where to focus."


Reston, VA


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