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Cube Ice

Thank you Cube Ice !

Due to the recent storms and power outages we are providing free freezer storage at our Batesville location for anyone who needs to store frozen goods or food until your power is restored. Please bag or box your items up and put your name on the bags. If you have any questions feel free to call Tyler @ 6628328568.

Stay safe and God bless

Cube Ice

Thank you Cube Ice !

Ice manufacturing, distribution and special events


With ice plants and distributors falling into the 'essential' category, how are your sales going? Is there a noticable difference from before Covid-19?
What can you tell us? Email me at [email protected] or please leave your comments here.

We have heard and read that some distilleries are rushing to make hand sanitizers to combat the spread of 'the virus'......
How to Make Hand Sanitizer: A Step-by-Step Guide

We have heard and read that some distilleries are rushing to make hand sanitizers to combat the spread of 'the virus'...but until that happens, and the product is available to us, here is something that may help in the meantime:

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can help keep you safe and reduce the spread of germs if soap and water aren't available. It's also effective against the novel coronavirus. To make your own, you only need a few key ingredients: rubbing alcohol, aloe vera gel, and an essential oil (or lemon juice).


with people off work, there are droves of families and individuals on trails, parks and anyplace outdoors... still keeping their distance however...and people making their way to the outdoors, will want food and drink...stay tuned for a positive turnout for spring sales...


How have your deliveries changes, if at all?

How the Coronavirus is Impacting the Trucking Industry - Supply Chain 24/7
How the Coronavirus is Impacting the Trucking Industry - Supply Chain 24/7

How the Coronavirus is Impacting the Trucking Industry - Supply Chain 24/7

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped over 1,000 points last Monday, and freight share values fell drastically, only time will tell how the coronavirus outbreak will impact the trucking industry and the worldwide population.


Practice germ management, as well as you practice your other safety protocol...make sure your soap containers in the restrooms stay full, and most importantly, use your common's a good time to stick with what you know and don't worry about the rest. Stay calm and carry on.

Panic Never Helped AnyoneOccasionally something happens in the world that has nothing to do with anything else, yet it i...

Panic Never Helped Anyone
Occasionally something happens in the world that has nothing to do with anything else, yet it impacts on
packaged ice. Bad weather is the simplest one. July 4 on Wednesday is another.
Fear has begun to creep into the everyday world about Corona virus. The disease has spread to quite a
few countries, still mostly in Asia. A friend whose sister is travelling in Europe is concerned about her
exposure. For the record, there are no cases in the country the sister is in. The friend is a young woman
with young children and is openly discussing stockpiling food. What a great reaction.
Although I hold a healthy skepticism about many governmental authorities, I do have full faith in the
Centers for Disease Control. No matter what the world health issue is, CDC seems to be fully on top of it
and has solutions.
I spent time on the CDC website today, and as you would expect there is a full section on Corona IV virus
and what you should do about it. Most of it is common sense – avoid sick people and use good basic
hygiene. They suggest you don’t need a medical mask unless you have symptoms.
More interesting to me were the numbers of persons infected in the U.S. As of this writing, the total
number of persons infected while in the U.S. (as opposed to travelling elsewhere) is … drumroll … 14.
There are an additional 39 persons who were infected in China or on the quarantined cruise ship, and
are now in the U.S. I presume they are isolated if the CDC knows about them.
For comparison, last year there were 45 million cases of common influenza. 38,000 died. Number of
people in the U.S. confirmed dead from Corona: 0.
It’s a good idea to be aware of the issue and the threat. I recommend only getting your information from
credible sources such as CDC or the World Health Organization, a United Nations agency. They each
have web pages devoted to the subject. Don’t believe anything you read on Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram or TikTok. Or anywhere else.
I really don’t like to hear people talk about stockpiling food. Panic, whether slow or fast, will not help
Nobody is helped by preparing for an imaginary crisis. I will continue to monitor reliable sources of
information to learn whether there is reason for me to be concerned. I will keep myself aware of what is
happening in my community. One thing I will not do is panic: stockpile food or bottled water; restrict
movement of my children; buy surgical masks.
Panic will really mess up your season. People won’t have picnics, cookouts, weekends on the boat, music
festivals, any of the things which make your summer great. It’s in your best interest to make sure that
your family, your plant staff, drivers and if necessary your customers, know that you are informed of and
prepared for any eventuality. It’s in your best interest to be an agent of calm, of reason, instead of
letting your or their imagination run wild.
The facts don’t support the idea that anyone in the U.S. should be afraid. With spring coming, we will
emerge from cold and flu season, hopefully to face a strong summer. I look forward to hearing about it.

A freezer stands relatively uscathed in Australia. Compliments of Scott Carson l Managing DirectorRiverina Ice l 2 Morti...

A freezer stands relatively uscathed in Australia. Compliments of Scott Carson l Managing Director
Riverina Ice l 2 Mortimer Pl, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650.
He also sent this link for bushfire recovery government information if your plant or company is impacted by the Australian brush fires. Thanks to Scott, Garry Wing and Darrell Mount for keeping Refrigeration Magazine in the loop.


Happy birthday, Leer’s Charlotte McGinnis.


Happy birthday Jane McEwen!

It's a cool time of of good cheer, and don't forget the ice!

It's a cool time of of good cheer, and don't forget the ice!


Consumers Increasingly Looking to Food as Medicine
As cannabis becomes legal in more states and cannabidiol (CBD) gains mainstream acceptance, it is more important for retailers to consider the potential ramifications for the food and beverage industry, according to The NPD Group.
CBD in particular is not just consumed by a niche group; nearly 20 percent of adults have tried it in states where it is legal and nearly half of them have used it recently.
This number is expected to increase quickly as CBD is appearing in snack foods and beverages, consumers are becoming more comfortable with the idea and as many consumers plan to try CBD as currently use it, according to NPD's Health Aspirations and Behavioral Tracking Service.
Among CBD users, food and beverages are major pathways through which they seek to improve their lives, as 40 percent seek to better themselves through food and beverage choices. This statistic reflects the increasing use of food as medicine.
"There is definitely interest on the part of consumers in CBD but its future in the mass market is dependent on legalization, which is now a patchwork of state legislation," said Darren Seifer, NPD food and beverage industry analyst. "Even with the complexities of legalization, consumer acceptance and adoption of CBD as a food and medicine is an important topic for food manufacturers to keep on their radar screens."
Medical cannabis, which unlike CBD has contains THC, is on a similar path. Approximately 20 percent of adults have used it in states where it is legal, but non-users still have some hesitance about trying it. Despite negative stigma against cannabis, there remains a sizable group that has brought into the idea, NPD said. Additionally, CBD users overall are more likely to have medical conditions such as cancer, autoimmune diseases and ADD/ADHD.


A Little Trivia
The average person in the United States buys 4 bags of Bagged Ice a year most of which is bought between Memorial Day and Labor Day. In fact the numbers are over 360 billion pounds of ice per/year in North America.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone ! We know many of you give of your time and resources during the holidays...a local restaurant feeds 750 foster children each year, and there are many more examples, so share your giving events with us...send pictures and words to [email protected]


The Story
An investigation in Canada is raising flags about lead levels in drinking water there.

What's going on?
More than 100 journalists conducted the yearlong investigation into this issue. Turns out, more than a third of the water tests showed lead levels above Canada's safety guidelines. Several cities reportedly had higher lead levels than in Flint, MI. And it's apparently been found in some schools and day care centers – which has people worried it could affect children's health.

What's the gov doing about all this?
Well, that's where things get tricky. Canada has 7% of the world's renewable freshwater supply...but doesn't have a nationwide water safety standard. It's mostly up to provinces there to set their own rules. Officials reportedly say that they're working on addressing this issue by testing homes for lead and working to replace old lead pipes ASAP.

the bottom line:
Canada is one of the few developed countries that doesn't have a national water safety standard. Cracks in the country's infrastructure are starting to show – and hundreds of thousands of people could be in danger.



Congratulations to newest NIA board members.

Congratulations to newest NIA board members.

Cubes R Us along with Abbey Ice, Mr. Hendler, George and Andy, the NIA’s newest board member.

Farewell dinner at the Northeastern Ice Associations Farewell dinner on Tuesday, October 15th at Hotel Hershey.

#iceinnewyork #iceinny #NIA #northeast #arcticglacier

Let’s make these for Halloween!
Apple Peanut Butter Teeth | Fun Easy Kid's Snack

Let’s make these for Halloween!

Apple Peanut Butter Teeth are a fun and easy kid's snack idea. Apple Peanut Butter Teeth are a fun & easy snack the kids will adore, and while this treat is meant for anytime of

A lot of us do this already.
Georgia River Network

A lot of us do this already.

If you don’t have a reusable water bottle please consider getting one AND if you already have one - then use it! The majority of bottled water comes from the tap anyway (treated municipal water supply)...
Plus you’ll save $$$! Live smart!


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