A modern poet,a dark mind.

A modern poet,a dark mind. “I’ll say it for you .”

This page and it’s words are dedicated to Pamela Long. The best teacher I ever had and the one that inspired me to write what I want .

Everyone is free to share art of all kinds here.
-Josh Bruce

Operating as usual


-The One
-A Poem-

Hey it’s me I want to say some things.
It’s been quite some time.
It’s been a long road indeed.
Too long for just a rhyme.
Do you remember those notes.
You’d give me at the mall.
Do you remember the words between us?
I can hear you say my name, I remember them all.
Those nights in a swimming pool.
The way you looked in candlelight.
The way the light flickered in your eye.
Made you the most beautiful sight.
I can picture it now.
I can feel your arms on my chest.
I can hear your voice whisper.
I know your unlike the rest.
You lit up my life.
Night turned to day..
I can’t remember the last time.
You didn’t cross my mind every day.
I just want to pull you near.
I want it so very much so.
Want it so much baby.
I needed you to know.
I doubt you read this.
But I hope you these words find you.
I hope you know beautiful.
So much more we were meant to do.
If only I could say.
What it’s like dancing with you in a dream.
It is the very best feeling.
I think together we were the best team.
I remember our song.
Remember the scent of your skin.
I cannot escape this feeling.
Our fairy tale has yet to even begin.
A story I’ll never write.
Would be the masterpiece of my life.
I want you right now.
I want to call you my wife.
Sorry if this bothers you.
Obviously I can’t resist talking to you.
When you realize your still in love.
There’s nothing else one can do.
Your one in a million babe.
Your the very best in every way.
I would climb the highest mountain.
For even one more day.
Have a great night.
I will be with you inside my head.
Holding on to you forever.
Yet alone in my bed.
I Love you.
That seems not to go away or fade.
For a chance to hold your hand again.
There is nothing I would not trade....

-Josh Bruce ( A Modern Poet A Dark Mind )


4:11 AM
-A Poem By A modern poet,a dark mind. - Josh Bruce
-I am my own worst enemy
It’s the origin of my life’s condition

Something that won’t go away
A terrible place I do exist in

Add in the other cast
It’s plain to see

I had accomplices
With the enemy that is me

Welcome to my nightmare
It goes on without end

I am dying very slowly
This is an obvious trend

Keeps me up every night
My mind screaming in silence

A battle going on inside
In my head’s all violence

Don’t know how I ended up here
But here I cannot stay

This is not where I belong
This game I will not play

So many bad souls
Too many to count them all

I guess fake is fun
Apparently they had a ball

So many fake friends
Some that even called you family

Imposters and gaslighters
S**t is very easy to see

Don’t call me brother
And don’t tell me that you care .

All these claims were bu****it
Your actions laid it bare

If I put a g€£ in my mouth
Would you even know I died

Hear it on a post
But you wouldn’t feel it inside

I’m Keeping you safe from sadness
The kind that leaks from me

Don’t worry you won’t get wet
I’ll stay away where you can’t see

Away away I go
Away from all of you

Away from all my sins
To the atonement I must do

I miss you J&$&)
And I miss you K%^^%

B?&$% the deceiver
Dropped me through the cracks

Where are all my friends
Why am I in pain alone

Didn’t all of you say
If ever just pick up a phone

Yet here I am again and
It’d be nice to hear E&$?! voice

It’d be nice to see any familiar face
I opened up to only a few by choice

And all of them are gone
Along with anyone who knows me

I planted that part of myself
In you few can’t you see

An identity lost to time
An everlasting self made trap

Stuck in uncertainties branches
Covered in its deadly sap.

I haven’t been myself
Since 10 years ago

It wasn’t anyone of your fault
What happened I don’t know

I feel stuck and lost
I feel like the worst man

I feel like I must of fu**ed up
Gods true plan

I wish I knew but
I don’t remember who i was before

Hoping one of you knew
Hoping a piece of me you’d store

Don’t mind me
I’m just that sad silly guy

That’s nothing on my cheek
That tear didn’t come from my eye

Do you think it’s easy
To show weakness if your me

F**k no it isn’t
That’s why it’s only you that see

Or maybe it’s the rule
And everyone thinks they know Bruce

What do you know about me ?
Ever stick your head in a n&)&e?

All those I trust ..gone
That’s my reality .

I’m left wondering what’s so bad?
What’s so fu***ng terrible about me .

Everything it seems.
Hurts to say aloud.

Hurts me everyday.
Alone or in a crowd.

I know that..
I see some of you in my dreams at night .

I know that...
they’re is a reason god leaves you in sight .

That’s about all I know
I’m guessing at the rest

I’m so fu***ng tired
It’s been 3 days since I’ve had a rest

wonder I do all into the night.
Wonder until it drives me insane .

Everyday the quiz.
On why Josh is in pain.

I was never perfect .
I never ever claimed to be that.

I never expected it of you .
And I NEVER let any of you ever
fall flat.

Some of you are with pieces of s**t
Some of you are just fake

Propping up a dead duck
Just for social media sake

I may have many flaws.
This was never one.

Say what you will ladies .
And I’m happy I have a son.

But that’s the part that chic had
That was it and that’s that.

I’ve been this waiting for a decade.
For gods real plan to come to bat.

I’ve looked at all the signs
Made the astrological chart my bitch.

I’ve mastered numerology
I have the spells memorized like a witch.

I know what they say.
I can read prophecy.

And this is where i start.
Leading me back to me.

I trusted people with my heart.
And certainly it feels now lost.

It certainly feels like I’m dead.
Certainly feels like a heavy cost.

Another day alone.
It’s 4:11 AM in the newborn day.

I’d rather tell someone I love them.
I’d rather stick by what I say.

Complicated and deep.
Knowledgeable to a fault.

My insides are a bank.
Only you people ever had the key to the vault.

Locked out of me.
Separated from who I am and why.

Don’t mind me complaining
I’m just the sad silly guy.

I take people at literal word.
I don’t subscribe to idea of misuse.

Truth is you see the results.
Its the actual worst verbal abuse.

I’m sorry I somehow earned this.
Whatever i did must be bad.

Cause I’ve been this way for awhile.
Imagine a decade or so this sad.

Each day is an obstacle.
Navigating this whole mess of I.

If I said I didn’t mean these words.
Well that would be a lie.

It’s almost 4:12
It’s gonna be another long day.

If only I could sleep again.
If only peace could stay.

The deep dark waits for me
Sleeping under the bed.

Waiting to devour me.
So I’ll stay awake instead.

Dreams are for others/
They have no business with me.

The broken mess at 4:11 Am
Laid out for you all to see.

-Joshua Bruce


The worth of the earned
-A Poem

Don’t wanna hear what I got to say.
Thinking all the sudden I’m wrong.
Suma Cum Laude at 1 point bestie.
Smartest kid,most mentally strong.
Been to hell and back.
Looked death in the eye.
I fear nothing this is known.
Never once been the stupid guy.
My hobbies include physics.
Stellar phenomena and Latin too.
History is like child’s play.
Open your eyes see the clue.
But nope let’s listen to the guy on tv and CNN.
The one you know not at all.
Trust him,for what reason again?
If your in trouble and you fall.
Is that who you call?
Cognitive Dissonance is tragic.
Effecting you and many more.
But I don’t give a s**t about them.
It’s you I cannot ignore.
That sh%+ just might kill you.
Could erase your dna.
Trusting the enemy of us all.
Damn girl I got nothing left to say.
The worth of all id earned .
Equaled zero when calculated.
The product of the effort.
Nothing had I ever created.

It Feels like Heartbreak

- By Josh Bruce
A modern poet,a dark mind.


-My only Rae of Sunlight-

Like a bright flash of light.
I look over and across.
Like Christmas morning.
For any words i am at a loss.
None seem appropriate.
I can’t speak ,not even a bit .
Your the world’s best present.
I’m hoping I can open it.
Explore all the sights.
Hear every breath you exhale.
An adventure of the senses.
On an ocean of ecstasy we sail.
Everything you want
Is yours every single day.
Worship you as a goddess.
Yes is all I can ever say.
A servant of your fire.
All effort always spent.
I’ll always be loyal and true.
Whatever you want you get.
Ill take it however far you want.
Nothing is off limits even a bit.
The thoughts I have about you.
Keep on dancing in my head.
What a undeserving man.
That sees you in his bed.
I hate to see you leave.
But I love watching as you go.
Drifting into my nightly thoughts
Your desires I already know.
These words say it all.
You are stuck in my brain.
To have a girl like you
To drive my senses insane.
What mountain do i climb?
What quest must I do?
Whatever that mission is .
I’ll will ace that s**t to have you.
Bring on any test you’ll give.
All night I’ll make you sweat.
Our bodies intertwined.
All but each other we forget.
Never so hot a fire.
No equal to this lust.
I should say this to you .
Feels like having you is a must.
A quiet inner thought .
A secret that I can’t hide.
Unable to say this to her.
I just keep it all inside.
But if I could ever tell you.
Looking eye to eye.
Your perfect in every way baby.
Your heaven that’s no lie.
My nightly wish to the stars.
My last waking thought.
The center of my universe.
Its you I have forever sought.
I’ve known it for years.
It’s obvious to one and all.
I cannot hide it anymore.
Without you I’ll never not fall.
A ray of sunshine in the dark.
That’s what you are to me.
Guiding me to the light.
A light without you I can’t see.
You know who you are.
You’ve known since back then.
You’ve always known the truth.
I’m waiting on you for my life ...........To actually begin......
Don’t leave me waiting longer.
I know you feel it inside.
If we don’t do this.
For both this is a pointless ride.
Fate beckons you and me.
It will not leave me be.
You can try to fake it.
But your place is with me .

A Poem by Joshua Bruce


-Confident Complexities of The Cognitive-

Confidence comes with clarity
I see things most of you can’t see
I have a lot of time alone lately
Well a decade in fact with just me
I say it out loud only but to show
these things I say I may just know
let me explain a decade to you
To enlighten you so you can to
Mass amounts of facts and history
A full understanding our own galaxy
The endless webs of spacetime
Educational info I’m hiding in a rhyme
A mission of my choosing long ago
A search for a reason in the big show
Past and present , from here to there
Everyone of the answers I will lay bare
From the flicker of bang and first light
Understanding for all in sight
Creation is the answer I must see
The reason for all is a need for me
Long ago before 9th grade there was I
Suma K*m Laude the fu***ng
smartest guy
My dad gave me bigger books to read
In me as a kid he planted the seed
Immersion it’s called in psychology
A higher function than most you see
Ability to absorb data and more.
Capabilities to mass process and store
Endless webs of neurons that link
Faster and faster I do think
Connect more and more nonstop
The glass is never fulll it won’t overtop
Fill it up and fill it again
So much knowledge it should be a sin
There is much more to this equation
But here I arrive at this occasion
That is why I continue to learn
me , myself , you and us I must discern
Answer questions forever sought
The answers seem so easily got
The catalyst is a foundation of data
And not college Bitch I ain’t no BETA
The human mind is wired to find all
It never depended upon any hall
I’m the battleship and your the tugboat
Hawkings,” , Einstein , Plato and what Aristotle wrote.
Critical Thinking all for you.
What is real and what is fake or true
Its science and psychology
Mixed with faith and sun zu
Ego prevents the answers useen
Human fallacy it’s nothing mean
You can escape if you want to
Teach your brain to process true
Find the patterns, use common sense
Absent bias as you consider
And your mind will deliver.
Maddow and Lemmon telling lies
CNN is fibbing right to your eyes
You’ll never ever be free
Doesn’t matter if you agree
Your a slave in modern time.
So much so I made you a rhyme
I’m on a mission to end to your plight.
Vision blurry,ill help you to the light.
Neo by day ,Brusky by night
I am here to fix your sight-
-To be continued -

By Joshua Bruce

Thank you to Aspiring Poets !!

Thank you to Aspiring Poets !!

Sounds like a winner tonight

Sounds like a winner tonight



I’m the best poet alive

I’m the best poet alive

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Photos from A modern poet,a dark mind.'s post

Photos from A modern poet,a dark mind.'s post

Photos from A modern poet,a dark mind.'s post

Photos from A modern poet,a dark mind.'s post

Photos from A modern poet,a dark mind.'s post

Photos from A modern poet,a dark mind.'s post

New old (35 Poems ) and quotes

New old (35 Poems ) and quotes

Reoccurring Dreams (Partially Edited for privacy) by Joshua Bruce

Reoccurring Dreams (Partially Edited for privacy) by Joshua Bruce

Photos from A modern poet,a dark mind.'s post

Photos from A modern poet,a dark mind.'s post

Echo-- A PoemAn echo sounds through the dark cave A voice in the distance that reaches out to saveThe one who tells you ...

- A Poem

An echo sounds through the dark cave
A voice in the distance that reaches out to save
The one who tells you that you matter here
Reinforcing your pride and keeping positive thoughts near
Everyone has that fan and that friend that is a stone
Always on your side , never making you feel all alone
A thanks wouldn’t do to display what that means to you
Sometimes and some days that’s the one who kills off the blue
So a thank you is in order and a simple sentence won’t do it
Just know I have your back forever and you I won’t ever forget

-Josh Bruce

Photos from A modern poet,a dark mind.'s post

Photos from A modern poet,a dark mind.'s post

Censored for privacy only By Joshua Bruce

Censored for privacy only
By Joshua Bruce

Photos from A modern poet,a dark mind.'s post

Photos from A modern poet,a dark mind.'s post


An epiphany is found
This night has just begun
Trapped inside your mind
A battle continues far from won
The minutes stretch to hours
And the hours to a week
Time becomes a punishment
From its grasp a world now bleak
As the days pass you by
And the world goes on
The chances grow nonexistent
You’ll have anything, before gone
Inevitably a conclusion is lit
A precipice you never want to be
Your worthless and your drained
No one really cares about me
Talk talk talking ,talk a little more
Tell me how you know my fate
Self hate from oneself is deadly
Wouldn’t care if this bullet I ate.
Why care if tomorrow i wake
Be days or weeks for you’d see
Cause everyone is fake as f**k
And none of you care about me.
That 1230am feeling
-Joshua Bruce

The latest from Joshua Bruce 😉 19 new ones next week 😉

The latest from Joshua Bruce 😉 19 new ones next week 😉

Photos from A modern poet,a dark mind.'s post

Photos from A modern poet,a dark mind.'s post

A Sight To See-A Poem-Look at that gal there Burning hotter than propaneHead to toe deliciousA body that will drive you ...

A Sight To See
-A Poem
Look at that gal there
Burning hotter than propane
Head to toe delicious
A body that will drive you insane
The kind you can’t really look at
For fear you’d never look away
The kind you want to embrace
With passion make love all day
The smile is the giveaway
Can’t wipe clean that look of lust
Maybe I’m imagining it all
Or maybe my feeling I should trust
Thoughts of sensuality
And images of darker thought
Desire , craving and attraction
Mixed with beauty always sought
You only felt this if it’s near
A feeling in your core
This wanting is very real
This girl you can’t ignore.

By— Joshua Bruce

The Cold-A Poem————It’s coldI’m tiredSleeplessAnd miredTalking to myselfOr talking to youAt this point in timeI have not...

The Cold
-A Poem
It’s cold
I’m tired
And mired
Talking to myself
Or talking to you
At this point in time
I have not a clue
But it’s cold
And I’m not tired
Because sleep is seems
May have retired
A mind full of questions
An impossible quest
Solutions for everyone else
But failed my own test
How does one justify things
That don’t make sense at all
With lies deceit and narcissism
And the enjoyment of the fall
Now I’m tired
But I’m not
I’m cold
Here I rot

-Joshua Bruce

Precious Gems By Joshua Bruce

Precious Gems
By Joshua Bruce

Love-A Poem————Eyes of an angel smile so bright It would make it day from darkest nightA work of art indeed A goddess in...

A Poem
Eyes of an angel
smile so bright
It would make it day from darkest night
A work of art indeed
A goddess in your eye
A sense of comfort and trust
A warmth you can’t deny.
A conviction and belief
That this if for you
To keep her happy
You must do all you can do
A pedestal that you must build
To elevate her above the rest
In order to keep it
You must pass this test
For the safety in her arms
And lying next to her in bed
When you finally fall in love
Thats what’s in your head.

-Joshua Bruce


It's been an interesting year to say the least but despite everything, there were still many smiles.


This is personal
Please don’t tag Babby Mamma lmao she has already read this .

-A Poem

That day in September
When you altered my life
Away from the path
Of calling you wife.
They was the only single thing
I held certainly to be true
My only path forward
Was standing next to you
When I lost that truth
My compass was suddenly lost
I tried to explain this to you love
I told you honestly the cost
You think I was aware
If this division that you claim
After what we did to get there
We saw things not the same
Never claimed to be perfect
Never claimed this to you
And even with my issues
You knew I only loved you
But that got lost on you
I couldn’t see your distress
I just thought we’d have ups and downs just like all the rest.
As bad as u say I treated you
I remember the times I did fight
From your bestie to the party
Almost r***d that very night
And what did I do to honor you
How many battles did I serve
Did I not walk into 50 men
All because thats what you deserve
I never hesitated to defend you
No matter the price I had to pay
I never walked away from you
All of that happened before
our son was born and I changed
I did not cheat or lie any more
Maybe working 70 hours
Is stressful and a drain
Maybe all that my issue was
The pressure hurting my brain
Three lives to take care of
Three lives I can’t ignore
I never hurt you once baby
Til my heart and soul you tore
And even after that
As mad as I was as could be
I told you I was the guilty one
That slapping you was on me
But that was a reaction
You saw it in my face
You saw what your news did to me
You saw the look of the disgrace
Before I knew it the moment was gone and I was unable to erase
I didn’t do it again did I?
And before never was the case .
When I struggled with no seeing
What you kept all inside
It was up to you as a partner
To tell me not go hide
And all I said has come true
As if I was saying it wrong
I told you I would crumble
That it wouldn’t rake long
I cannot change my belief in you
You were my only star in my sky
All the things you said about me
I still don’t see as s lie
Trust was yours way before
Why would I assume it’s not true
I believed everything that was said
From Becky or the girl that’s you
And my clock is winding down
A decade now away
Sitting with our memories
Right now this very day
I’m so very tired
This burden I carry will not go
I don’t want you to think
There was any other way to go
There are no stars here
There is no guiding light
That’s all I ever asked for
My job was for you to fight .
And I’m still here fighting
For a clearness that is true
I didn’t deserve this fate
When I die don’t hate me boo
I cannot pull myself up
How many years will you all see
Of the crumbling of a man
The man who loved you called me
Never let OUR son
Walk away from a fight
Make sure he is honorable
And he has morals in sight
He may need that from mom
Daddy failed and that’s not new
I’m failing as we speak
What I say is very true
The weight is on me now
damage killed the man you knew
I don’t feel good traveling
This dark and anxiety filled way
I feel my end is coming
The sins against you to pay
I barely move at all
I speak not much any more
I do not hate but love you boo
My my being is truly tore
I can’t trust myself
I can’t trust anyone see
I’m one mistake and night away
That is the price for me
I’m not one day over you
You just slammed that door
Your words are in my head baby
No longer able to ignore
I’m not scared at least
Nothing to fight and no boo
I cannot go further
Then the part of me and you
I am not wanting help
Please save the lies
I’m not an idiot nor are you
Life without Becky I despise.
I don’t like it here
In heaven I won’t see you
I don’t want to hear anything else
Even in death I can’t have my boo
If you were me you’d see that is my life’s purpose
And life ended meaning on that day
I’m not hanging out much longer
Now back to your words you had to say
Maybe it’s a month
Maybe it’s a year
But this is coming for me
And I can’t even shed a tear

-Joshua Bruce


Reality of today in America


-Precious Gem-

A Poem

Unexpected indeed these days
Might have gotten a neck sprain
A major shock to the system
More harsh than ice cold rain
Where did this come from
And what trick is this
I can’t help but feel
Reality is suddenly amiss
I don’t get nice things said to me
Can’t remember the last time I did
Then all the sudden this diamond
Comes to the place where I’ve hid
Diamonds are rare
Precious gems they surely are
But I cannot afford them
Still trying for the car
But laughter was had
And knowledge was shared
Words to the soul
Somebody actually cared?
When did I go to sleep
This must be a dream
Not worthy of that brilliance
Listening to you it may seem
But I am very grateful
Confused and startled too
But how can u blame me
Look in that mirror at you
Look inside as well
You’ll see the same I say
Genuinely amazing
In every possible way
Add to that the voice
And a mind that’s not shallow
Add to that the bars
And there is something that I know
A good person you are
With love in your heart
So I’m relieved
I put those gifts in the cart.
Sleep is not coming today
This is the opposite I my life
For the first time in a long time
A night not filled with strife
Deserving of much more
Words will not suffice
They don’t do you justice
Nor is meant to entice
An honorable compliment
Respect is yours from me
Thank you for the company
And to be happy for awhile as me.

-Joshua Bruce


Saint Ann, MO


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Joshua Bruce
February 20 at 3:40 PM ·
Shared with Public
Look there through the trees.
At the light that slips between.
Breaking through the canopy.
Previously unseen.
Reminding you of the light.
That fights against the dark.
The warming of the cold.
Adding color to the stark.
For a moment time stops.
Absorbing all that light.
You could live in it forever.
But often you lose sight.
What you’d do to always feel it.
What an amazing thought.
Having everything been worth it.
Every hard battle you have fought.
That is the feeling of salvation.
Someone connected to your soul.
An end to uncertainty.
A feeling of being in control.
Destiny manifested.
Unexpectedly it finds you.
But just as quickly is gone.
And there is nothing you can do.
Run through the forest.
Check behind every tree.
Search the deepest river.
Search everywhere you see.
Don’t give up your chase.
No matter how long it takes you.
At the end of the journey hopefully.
Is your dream come true.
Joshua Bruce
To Her
A Poem
Another February 14th.
The absolute lowest of my days.
So many reminders that.
I am alone in so many ways.

The only time that has changed.
The only time in ten years.
Was the last year and a half.
Your light eclipsed the fears.

Back to the before.
Brings me back to today.
I can’t help but feel empty.
Can’t stop what I want to say.

It is my favorite thought.
It’s better than any gift.
That anyone has ever bought.

I don’t know what happened.
I have no clue where you went.
I have to believe tho.
It’s not where your supposed to be sent.

If this feeling is wrong.
Then nothing is right .
If I am mistaken.
I have truly lost my sight.

The colors in the air.
Are less bright and very sad.
Everyday without your voice. Seems a little more bad.

Maybe I’m terrible at saying.
What I want to say to you.
Maybe it never was clear.
What I struggle to do.

So here’s an attempt.
Maybe the attempt of my life.
If it wasn’t clear baby.
I was wanting you as a wife.

Or maybe I’m confused.
It’s so hard to interpret this.
It is evident tho to me.
When your close to me it’s bliss.

A foundation is laid.
To hold a structure in place.
Trying to lay a strong one.
I was struggling not to kiss your face.

Interpreted as something else I think, as if I wasn’t about it.
Nothing could be farther from the truth.
We are two puzzle pieces that fit.

I miss you right now girl.
I miss hearing what you have to say.
I miss calling you after work.
Miss your presence everyday.

The words I can write here.
Are endless and infinite.
Just like the warmth I feel.
Thinking your the angel god sent.

I hope you read this .
And know that I speak true.
Girl I need to say this.
I believe I am deeply in love with you.

Your on my mind when I wake.
Your the last vision before I sleep.
If your gone from my life.
The very air will weep.

Your the one thing in my life.
The one I thing that inspires me.
The one I always should of been next to maybe.
The one that is a dream to see.

Whatever it is, wherever you have went.
Find your way back.
I don’t want to lose the angel that God has sent.

I would never do you wrong.
I would never raise my voice.
I could never make you cry.
It is not even a choice.

Your the best thing in my life:
Your the reason for the day.
You are in my thoughts.
Your much more than I can say.

But i know what good is.
And I know what is great.
I know what signs are.
The Signs say we share a fate.

I don’t even know if you’ll read this.Don’t know if it is a waste of time.
But if that’s true,everything’s a waste so what’s the harm in a rhyme.

I’m not here to criticize you .
I’m here to only help out.
This is a choice I made freely.
This is something not in doubt.

So whatever it is .
Whatever may be wrong boo.
Why keep me on the sidelines.
Instead of helping or listening to you?

Pride is the downfall.
Of those that refuse to seek aid.
Are you fighting a losing battle?
Jumping on your own gr***de?

Your not stronger by going it alone the fight always beats you.
This is universally accurate.
It is always true.

Because two is stronger than one .
Humans are made to be a pair.
You going it alone.
Will end in despair.

Your not “getting online” girl.
Your communicating with a trusted friend.
Your not avoiding the internet.
Excuses to pretend.

It has cost you nothing.
To be important to me.
There isn’t a price you paid.
My caring has been free.

To give up that .
In a world of lies and deceit.
Is counter intuitive.
It’s a disaster of conceit.

Don’t waste your life away.
Hiding where no one can see.
The world needs more of you’s
Be who your meant to be.

Don’t lump me in with all those who let you down or hurt you.
I have earned a better spot.
You absolutely know that’s true.

Your on my mind.
Your inside my nightly dream.
Your so precious to me.
Your the best part of my team.

Whatever this is .
I need you to snap out of it.
I’m supposed to be your friend.
A responsibility I can never forget.

I hope your good.
Hope your smiling today.
Hope your finding what you seek.
Hope all this was ok to say.

Missing my valentine ...
Missing my best friend.
Missing out on everything.
My love do I you send.

By - Joshua R. Bruce
A Modern Poet A Dark Mind
Copyright 2022
Brusky Productions TM
All Rights Restricted
The Search

Look there through the trees.
At the light that slips between.
Breaking through the canopy.
Previously unseen.
Reminding you of the light.
That fights against the dark.
The warming of the cold.
Adding color to the stark.
For a moment time stops.
Absorbing all that light.
You could live in it forever.
But often you lose sight.
What you’d do to always feel it.
What an amazing thought.
Having everything been worth it.
Every hard battle you have fought.
That is the feeling of salvation.
Someone connected to your soul.
An end to uncertainty.
A feeling of being in control.
Destiny manifested.
Unexpectedly it finds you.
But just as quickly is gone.
And there is nothing you can do.
Run through the forest.
Check behind every tree.
Search the deepest river.
Search everywhere you see.
Don’t give up your chase.
No matter how long it takes you.
At the end of the journey hopefully.
Is your dream come true.

Joshua R. Bruce
“One of Two , Certainly Blue.”
A Poem -

I am not really ok.
Can anyone see?
Isn’t it obvious ?
This is no longer me?
The look on my face.
The lack of sleep and peace .
The struggle to get through each day.
The mental trauma continues to increase.
I remember being alive. Remember what it felt like to have a friend or trusted ear.
Those memories are fading fast.
The feeling less clear.
The days pile on , with only myself to keep company.
Silently I pray to God.
But to me he has nothing to say .
A solitary prison .
Built just for me .
A place I dwell in.
Not a person in sight do I see.
Is this the end of it all?
Is this my fate?
Waiting on life to start.
Unable to continue to wait.
Arrived for certain.
At the crossroads of my life.
I can’t find meaning.
If I can’t find my wife .
The purpose of it all.
Is to be part of a duo.
We aren’t made for solitary.
A partner is needed for this show.
So I will wish and wish away.
Whisper my prayers to the moon.
Hoping that God here’s me .
Hoping he hears me soon.

-Joshua R. Bruce
-A Modern Poet A Dark Mind-
Copyright 2022 Brusky Productions LLC
I will say what needs to be said . No matter what. Truth matters
not for the easily offendable, As an artist and a human i have a right to expression. This right is given to me by God. It is not effected by you or your feelings. Work in progress. read it backwards in order.
Jen Davis can you promote this account to editor? thanks if so
this is my only account now , please follow me here. thanks - josh bruce Joshua Bruce

new for Natalie Geno a follower here

Happy Birthday to Mrs.Geno.
She goes by Natalie.
A very trusted friend.
A great person to me.
I hope today is great.
I hope its super rad.
Hope you get some cake.
Hope it doesn't taste bad.
Writing this on the fly,
Prolly not my best work.
But much much better.
Than a video were i twerk.
Enjoy your day.
Smile all day long.
Relax and strum your guitar.
And sing your favorite song.
Anything you need or want.
You know my number.
The last thing I want.
Is for your day to be a bummer.
Thanks for being stellar.
and for things I wont say.
You deserve today girl,
Have the very best Birthday .

-Joshua Bruce
A Modern Poet A Dark Mind
hello beautiful soul not sure if I know you or not but I just wanted to thank you for sharing my paintings all the time it is very much appreciated

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