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Monetize like a Boy Band, Secret Summit, Mastermind & Collaborations!

WOW - So many exciting things happening that I had to share.

1. Monetize like a Boy Band. - Blueprint for Marketing Success based on the BTS Concert in Las Vegas
2. Live training May 14th 9-10am PST
3. Looking for a few key people for an August event
4. Come hang with me at Breakthrough Mastermind
5. Want to collaborate? Let's do it - share audiences and more!

The Problem with "Coaching" & "Personal Development

As a pramagtic, cynical and analytical I always had a hard time with events that skewed a bit "woo". No disrespect, but I found them to be so rooted in beliefs and thoughts that I couldn't pay attention enough to get the message.

But then, I started doing the research, and I learned some interesting facts. Would it surprise you to know:

-Women utilize the personal development industry much more than men do.
-93% of employees said that well-planned employee training programs positively affect their level of engagement.
-Gen Z is more inclined to watch training material, consuming 50% more learning material in comparison to other generations in 2020.
-70% of employees would be somewhat likely to leave their current job to work for an organization known for investing in employee development and learning.
-According to the Association for Talent Development (ATD), companies that offer comprehensive training programs have 218% higher income per employee than companies without formalized training

What changes are you making right now in your life to use your mind to create the results that you want? Complimentary 90 Minute workshop on April 22 is absolutely MINDBLOWING.

Learn more about it here:

Cool Program Alert + 1 New Skill You Must Master!

If you have been thinking about starting your business? Have you already started and need a little more help along the way? CONNECT ALL @ the Jacobs Center offers a 4-month program designed for working professionals with evening workshops, flexible accountability groups, and use of a state-of-the-art co-working space.

Apply here:

And the #1 New Skill I Mastered and you can tooo

Visibility, Brand Recognition and Increasing Revenue with Pinterest Expert Tereza Toledo

Meet Tereza Toledo, Pinterest Expert. She's been called 'The Pinterest Queen' and 'The Pinterest Pioneer', but is a passionate marketing strategist who loves helping businesses gain visibility, brand recognition, and increase their revenue through the most avant-garde Pinterest and social media strategies.

I enjoyed our time together and know that you will too - especially if you think that Pinterest isn't for you - YOU'RE WRONG!

Thought Leadership 101-> Why Bother? 5 Things to consider before implementing a strategy

When the word thought leadership comes to mind, insert eye-roll here.

But here's the truth: Having a core thought leadership can create a connection with your audience that is authentic, organic and accomplish your goal of getting to the right people. e

Here are 5 things to consider before implementing

1. Do you know or have a brand voice?
2. Is it easy for people to connect with you?
3. Are you solving a problem or selling a product?
4. Is your content accessible?
5. Are you faking it? (People are smart)

Thought Leadership 101: Building Engagement without EGO

How many crappy LinkedIn posts does it take to get your "ick" going.

Good content and engagement comes from experience and breaking things down simply.

Humblebrag can be part of your strategy-but not the ONLY one.

Fulfillment vs. Achievement

Resharing my post from yesterday, the free event is happening today!

There are a lot of people who struggle with feeling fulfilled in life.

So… they keep achieving in the elusive effort to feel fulfilled.
They work harder and harder thinking that eventually, all that they achieve (the more money, bigger home, better job) will give them fulfillment.

And… all that grind leads to burnout.

My guest, Tony Child is going to be chatting about just that today for an incredible event they are doing online tomorrow!

So, If you want fulfillment in life and are done living on the hamster wheel, this is for you.

You can learn more about the event here:

You can stalk Tony online here:

The Big Question: Fulfillment vs. Achievement

There are a lot of people who struggle with feeling fulfilled in life.

So… they keep achieving in the elusive effort to feel fulfilled.
They work harder and harder thinking that eventually, all that they achieve (the more money, bigger home, better job) will give them fulfillment.

And… all that grind leads to burnout.

My guest, Tony Child is going to be chatting about just that today for an incredible event they are doing online tomorrow!

So, If you want fulfillment in life and are done living on the hamster wheel, this is for you.

You can learn more about the event here:

You can stalk Tony online here:

The Foundation of Success is....

Not what you would expect.
Did you know that:

You rarely hear the words “gratitude” and “business” in the same sentence, which is sad, because gratitude can sometimes play a crucial role in creating a healthy company culture and a productive working environment.

Yet, its role in business is often neglected. Recent research conducted by the John Templeton Foundation revealed that for Americans, the workplace is the least likely place to express gratitude.

Although as many as 93% of the respondents agreed that a grateful boss is more likely to succeed, and almost all of them agreed that a simple “thank you” at work made them feel valued and respected, only 10% were actually prone to express gratefulness.

Research conducted by Plasticity Labs focused solely on the benefits of gratitude at work. Here are their key findings:

A culture of gratitude plays a crucial role in the workplace: it predicts higher job satisfaction;
Practicing gratitude at work makes the employees feel more grateful about their job in general;
Practicing gratitude at work isn’t only related to current job satisfaction, but grateful employees also anticipate to be more satisfied with their jobs in six months’ time;
Employees who practice gratitude at work have a stronger sense of community;
Grateful employees tend to focus more on the things they appreciate at work, rather than those that annoy them.

Put an end to being your own worst client.

Assume you have a client who consistently fails to complete her weekly tasks.

They couldn't find the time to finish her email opt-in page.

They are always complaining about how much work they had to do and how long it was taking them.

They are too preoccupied to write the next chapter of her novel.

They are working so hard that they completely forgot to prepare their webinar presentation.

They haven't finished the business plan.

In your meetings with them, they always commit to action- and then don't do anything.

It wouldn't be long before you sat the client down for a serious discussion about the future of your coaching or business relationship—and their company. Such a coaching client is a frustrating waste of time.

So, why do you keep making these and other excuses for yourself? Why are you allowing your lack of business development to continue, even though you know how critical those tasks are to your future growth?

It's halfway through January- WHAT'S YOUR PLAN?

I've heard you- it's halfway through January and you haven't finished planning.
In fact, you're even more confused than you were in December.

Do you market more?
Should you be dancing on Tik Tok?
Someone mentioned Reels - what is it?
Should you do more press - what about TV?

Wait- some internet guru said I should focus on my sales and call people every day.

Breathe. This livestream is for you- the brilliant entrepreneur or founder who has found themselves in a pickle. Take a moment and reset.

I've got you.


Today's livestream covers 5 ways to authentically engage without being a terrible human.

Personally, I think these are skills for life.

Join me as we cover how to get clients, build out your LinkedIn - and connect with people and turn conversations into revenue without being... an AS**AT!

Let's Be Social: A chat with Instafame Academy Educator & Founder of One Degree - Ella Mae

What would you do if the channel you built was held hostage by hackers?
How would you restart and rebuild?

Today, we chat with Ella Mae, Educator from Instafame Academy and Founder of One Degree to find out the simples ways you can drive engagement and awareness on Social without being an AS**AT.

Learn more about Instafame:

Learn more about One Degree:

4 Ways to Determine if a Mastermind is Right for You and Your Business

They come in all shapes and forms from paid to free, organized to peer, industry specific to income specific, collaboration to hot seats, hundreds of members to small groups, etc. With so many different options out there, how do you even determine if you should join a mastermind group and which one to join?

The Power of Action: Do It Now - Accountability Club - Tools to GSD

The biggest missing element entrepreneurs and business owners have when pursuing their goals is holding themselves accountable. Without a structure in place, there is nothing holding our feet to the fire.

Let's talk about the things that get us from doing to done!

-> People are 65 percent likely to meet a goal after committing to another person

->Having an accountability partner increases your chances of success by over 85 percent.

->Having an accountability partner raises your chances of succeeding with your goals by over 85 percent.

The currency of investment is TRUST.

What makes the Women's Venture Summit different?

If you have been trying to understand or learn about the venture space, as it relates to Women & BIPOC Founders -Dr. Silvia Mah breaks down the subtle nuances of how this event was specifically curated.

9 years of curating relationships, early stage founders, VC's, angel's and the Intraprenuers that support them!

Sponsor an entrepreneur to attend or come see for yourself!

This Weeks Office Hours:

This weeks tools come after the questions submitted in our Strategy Solved FB Group. (Join us free here: )

1. I'm trying compare how my brand is doing on Amazon - but I don't know if I can trust reviews. HELP!

2. I am not the best writer - what's a better way for me to churn out copy

3. I need more resources for Entreprenuership as a woman just starting out- where can I get help?

Event Spotlight: Women's Venture Summit w/Dr. Silvia Mah

We love being champions for female leaders in the Impact Investing space as well as highlighting events that we believe make a difference.

I spent some time with Dr. Siliva Mah learning about the origins of the Women's Venture Summit ( and what makes them different.

If you are an active investor - this is for you!
If you are an aspiring investor - this is for you!
If you are an entrepreneur diving into the world of raising capital - this is for you!!

Million Dollar Mistakes: Do people not want want to work... or just not for you?

In our “Million Dollar Mistakes” series, we dive into conversations that are happening in real time:

By the end of April 2021, job openings rose to an unprecedented 9.3 million, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In May, 3.6 million additional American workers quit their jobs.

A survey of over 30,000 workers conducted by Microsoft revealed that 41% of workers were considering quitting or changing professions this year.
While some bemoan a labor shortage, other companies are struggling with fielding too many applicants.

And how can you tell if your company is one people would rather leave? This informal panel discussion will provide actionable tips and tools on navigating employee shortages, recruitment issues, or motivational concerns with empathy and respect.

We'll address the elephant in the room -> Do people really not want to work… or just not for you?

Gregg Ward, Executive Director, The Center for Respectful Leadership
Dominique McGill, EIR & Board Member, Startup San Diego Founder HR Bar
Maresa Friedman, EIR Connect All at The Jacobs Center, Marketing Strategist & Advisor
Sarah Bacerra, Founder Trailblazing in Color, Leadership & Blended Learning Expert
Merrin Muxlow, Fractional Non Profit Leader, Community Development, The Center for Respectful Leadership

Register here:

$18M Raised For Women- Be Part of the Magic!

WVS is an unmatched event that builds bridges between founders and investors. The goals of the conference are to boost female founders’ access to capital and to grow the number of investors who invest in female-led startups.

Founders and funders from across the globe will connect in a vibrant and intimate virtual setting, where they will learn about and explore opportunities for increased funding and collaboration.

To date, WVS has helped women raise more than $18 million in capital. Yup, you saw it, $18

This week's office hours-

This weeks tools come after the questions submitted in our Strategy Solved FB Group. (Join us free here: )

1. I'm doing well on Etsy, but I find myself getting stressed out when I get a bad review. In fact, I find myself giving more free stuff or coupons so that won't happen. Am I just wasting my time?

2. I have all this video- but it doesn't resize - how can I edit it quickly if I'm not a pro editor?

3. I have to churn out a ton of copy for work, but I'm not a fantastic writer- how can I up my game?

Non Profit Free Tools

For purpose driven businesses in the non profit space, these 5 Resources are a game changer!

Marketing 101: Organic vs. Paid

I answer this question on average 75-100x a month. So I thought I would take a moment to share the easiest way to understand how it works.

3 Free things you can do right now to give your brand a boost!

Local Reputation Management 101:

97% of consumers find local business info on the web, you need a way to see what your customers are saying and a platform to join the conversation.

Here are 3 free things you can do to boost your business online!

Take 2! The best $97 I have ever spent on marketing and networking!

A year ago, I joined an incredible Facebook Group, and had the chance to connect with Christina Rowe- more than 473,000 -YUP - 473,000 women who are all:

-Launching or Scaling Businesses
-Connecting resources

Through this group I have hired:
-Virtual Assistants
-Talented Ad Resources (Angela Russo!)
-Other incredible freelancers

I've also connected with:
-Incredible Business Coaches
-New emerging brands and products
-Learned a ton about social selling on platforms like Pinterest and TikTok

I'll be explaining how you can join the group and learn more!
Learn more here:








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Hi Friends. I need your kind, yet critical support.

I'm using a lean launch method to help launch Brandsynq..with my awesome colleague Sara Pugh-Talent Mavericks...not abandoning The Executive Cat Herder but trying to create affordable programs for small business owners.
Brandsynq was born out of working with 1000s of business owners who had marketing budgets that were under $500. This tool helps you identify your online footprint and manage your reputation.

Would you be so kind as so visit our website and give me some feedback about what you understand based on only the copy you see? Comment below I


Sometimes you are so close to an industry that you have to take a step back to get outside eyeballs.
People think I'm crazy when I talk about GMB, but as far as platforms and posting, it's a great organic play in 2020. There aren't a lot of "good" organic traffic platforms that give you killer placement when you are looking for it.

In fact, you've probably seen Google My Business a ton and never even thought about it. In fact, chances are you have used it when researching other businesses.

In 7 minutes, claim yours and get going!

Brandsynq Sara Pugh-Talent Mavericks The Executive Cat Herder
Images are an easy way to generate engagement. (yes I know- for advanced marketers this kills you) - but it's true!

Brandsynq The Executive Cat Herder Sara Pugh-Talent Mavericks
Please support this killer project I have been busting my my b***y with Sara Pugh-Talent Mavericks on!

Brandsynq was created for small businesses with big ideas!

I know many of you are having tough times- but all of the ways you can support us don't cost you anything!

-Giving us a like - $0
-Sharing this with your network -$0
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So...there's that!

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