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Welcome to Different Drummer Studios - a full-service recording studio, music production and audio post production facility located in San Diego - featuring voice over recording with ISDN via Source Connect. We specialize in voice over recording, sound design and mixing for TV, Raido and the Web.

San Sebastián: Director Ira Opper Discusses Savage Cinema Title ‘Secrets of Desert Point’

Here's a Variety interview with our friend Ira Opper about a film we mixed and provided sound design for recently.


SAN SEBASTIAN — You would be hard pressed to find a more respectful regard towards action-sports films than the San Sebastian’s Savage Cinema program. Each year, the industry’s bi…

Ford F150 San Diego TV

It's a good day when we can mix a truck commercial with rockin' music and sounds that go BOOM!

50% off X2Pro Audio Convert

Do you edit video in Final Cut X? Then you need another program to export your audio to AAF format for sweetening and mixing. Marquis Broadcast X2 Pro looks like a great solution, and it's 50% off for the next two weeks.


50% off X2Pro & X2ProLE upgrade 1/3 of normal price! Offer ends 25/10/2015


This week we recorded Mike Rowe for the Discovery Channel show, "How the Universe Works." As we learned when we first recorded him 14 years ago, before he became famous as the host of "Dirty Jobs," etc., he is an amazing talent and a really down to earth guy. Hope we get to work with him again soon!

Who pays the real price for your morning cup of coffee?

This video for Growers First highlights a great program for growing sustainable coffee while lifting families and communities out of poverty. We added almost all of the sound effects and provided the sound mix in both stereo and 7.1 surround.


We are Growers First, a nonprofit organization that connects our farmers to the consumer while working to improve the quality of life for poor farming famili...

Audio for Video - Ford Sugar Bowl Commercial

To produce the audio for this commercial for Northern California Ford dealers, we recorded the voice over using Source Connect, edited the music in Pro Tools to highlight the message, then added sound design and an energetic mix to give the audio maximum punch.


To produce the audio for this commercial for Northern California Ford dealers, we recorded the voice over using Source Connect, edited the music in Pro Tools...

XS Morning Energy

Here is a cool commercial we mixed for XS morning energy. The only original sound is the music. We added all the sound effects and mixed it for maximum impact.


Introducing our newest flavor, Mango, Pineapple, Guava. Use it. Share it.

He Put His iPhone 4 Inside The Guitar. Why? I Didn't See This Coming!

This is so cool! I've played guitar thousands of times and have never seen the strings vibrate like this. You can even tell which notes are higher and lower by how many peaks and valleys there are in each string.


This is such clever and awesome idea!

Ford California Labor Day Commercial

We recently produced the audio for Ford's Labor Day campaign in several markets. For this Northern California version, we recorded the voice over with ISDN via Source Connect, edited the music to match the timing of the script, added sound effects, then mixed it to match exacting broadcast TV standards. More to follow:

Guest Post: Allow Artists to Slip Through the Digital Cracks At Your Peril, Streamers

What do you think about streaming music services like Pandora and Spotify and what they mean for the future of musicians looking to be compensated for their hard work?


Last week, Billboard published

How You Promote A Show In LA (And Not Be A Dick About It) - Digital Music News

” Once an artist is on stage, we politely ask guests to show respect as the talent pours their heart & soul into their performance just for you.” Well said!


The first thing you hear as a musician when you move out to LA is “prepare to pay to play.” Virtually every Sunset Strip club...

Transparentsea Voyage - The Movie

The second movie we mixed this month is called Transparentsea Voyage. It's the sequel to 2011's Minds In The Water - The Movie, with the same goal of raising environmental awareness and protecting marine mammals. The North American premier is in Palm Springs this weekend.


Experience a modern voyage with ancient creatures and the discovery of just a little bit of self-awareness along the way...

Morning Energy Commercial

Here is one of our favorite recent sound design projects. When we started on this commercial for Morning Energy, there was no location audio or sound effects. We added every sound you hear other than voice over and music.


Last week was the 20th anniversary of the beginning of my audio career. After hundreds of TV shows and movies, and thousands of TV and Radio commercials, I'm still hoping for many more!

IZotope RX3 First Look

We recently upgraded our favorite audio repair program from RX 2 to RX 3 Advanced. In addition to great noise reduction and distortion removal modules, it now has a "De-Reverb" module. If you've recorded an interview in a room with too much reverb, send it to us and we'll make it better!


We take a look at iZotope Audio restoration suite RX3. With many new features and a redesigned UI its a major update.

Guitarist Randy Bachman Demystifies the Opening Chord of ‘A Hard Day’s Night’

No wonder we couldn't figure it out. It's really two different chords and a bass note!


You could call it the magical mystery chord. The opening clang of the Beatles' 1964 hit, 'A Hard Day's Night,' is one of the most famous and distinctive sounds in rock and roll history, and yet for a long time no one could quite figure out what it was.

VO Studio

An inside look into the home studios of voice artists.

Voice Over is one of the highest paying gigs in the Entertainment industry! Get an intimate look inside some of the best Voice Artists' home studios... from the equipment they use, to tips and tricks. Also, hear from top VO Super-Agent Rita Vennari and her team at SBV here and at: http://on.fb.me/10...

Ford Match Up Month

We produced many variations of the audio for this Ford Match Up Month campaign for markets spanning the western U.S. Since it was inspired by March Madness, we designed the sound and edited the music to make it sound like a halftime update on a sports network.

Apple Launching New Final Cut Pro X Marketing Push to Win Back Professionals

Apple is releasing a new version of Final Cut Pro X and is also launching a new marketing campaign to win back pro video editors. Do you think it will work, or is it too late for an industry that has already moved on?


Back in June 2011, Apple launched Final Cut Pro X, a complete reworking of the company's video editing software aimed at professional users, but...


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