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This semester's new schedule went into effect last week! We hope you've been loving all the new shows. Head over to ksjs.org/schedule to explore the DJs' playlists!

Pop punk kids, rejoice! Vans Warped Tour is returning to the Bay Area on 7/20-7/21 for its 25th anniversary. Lineup drop...
Vans Warped Tour on Twitter

Pop punk kids, rejoice! Vans Warped Tour is returning to the Bay Area on 7/20-7/21 for its 25th anniversary. Lineup drops next month. Who’s going? 🍕

“25 YEARS OF THE VANS WARPED TOUR 🎟 Feb 25 • Pre-Sale Tickets On Sale 🎙 March 1 • Lineups Announced 🎫 March 1 • Tickets On Sale ℹ https://t.co/rSuGQJH0ta #vanswarpedtour #warpedtour #foreverwarped”



Track of the day: “Big Lie” by Joyce Manor from ‘Million Dollars to Kill Me’ (Epitaph Records; Pirate Promotions)

Everyone has to grow up someday. That includes pop punk, indie rock and emo band Joyce Manor from Torrance, CA. After a decade of capturing hearts with short tracks surging with punk energy and quirky on-the-nose lyrics, their fifth album ‘Million Dollars to Kill Me’ is a good indicator of brutally honest emotional maturity and vulnerability. While the release is comparatively more mellow and emo-inspired than previous albums, it certainly shows that Joyce Manor simply wants to spread the love they’re given.

Tune in to our Subversive Rock shows on 90.5 FM or ksjs.org/listen to hear more from Joyce Manor!

Brave New World w/DJ Dark Chao on FM 90.5 KSJS

Brave New World w/DJ Dark Chao on FM 90.5 KSJS

Good afternoon and happy Wednesday, everyone! I'll be filling in for DJ Fisher on his show, The Nest, today from 2pm to 6pm! Tune in for all of your subversive rock music needs on FM 90.5 KSJS Ground Zero Radio! Also, I'll be interviewing Starover Blue (originally from San Jose, currently based in Portland)! They'll be at the Art Boutiki in San Jose this Friday, August 17th! See you there!





Calling all SJSU students: 90.5 FM KSJS is San Jose State University's student-run radio station -- and we want YOU to get involved!

Featured song: gera - Ooh Ahh (via The Smile High Club)



What does the KSJS Subversive Rock Department like to do in their free time? Explore more music of course! On April 21, 2018, the department attended Record Store Day at STREETLIGHT RECORDS. Record Store Day is a national celebration of vinyl, independent artists, and local independent music stores. See what some of our DJs picked up, and whether Lacuna was able to get the number one item on her list!




Why did K-3PO join KSJS? “I love finding new music, and I knew I wanted to be a DJ. When I was little, I would take two walkie-talkies, and I would give one to my brother and make him go in his room. I would go in my room, and I’d turn my little stereo on and hold the button and play the music through the walkie-talkie and pretend it was a radio show. KSJS has given me so many opportunities to learn, and the community is so welcoming."

And what does music mean to her? “Music has always been there for me. Whether I’m playing it or listening to it, I feel comfortable with it."

Get emotional. Resist the mainstream. Explore pop-punk, emo, indie pop, and more subversive rock with K-3PO on her show, ‘The Resistance,’ every Tuesday, 2-6pm — only on 90.5 FM and ksjs.org/listen!

Tune into Sting’s Rafter with Matt Black every Tuesday from 12pm to 2pm on 90.5 KSJS Ground Zero Radio! Tune into his sh...

Tune into Sting’s Rafter with Matt Black every Tuesday from 12pm to 2pm on 90.5 KSJS Ground Zero Radio! Tune into his show today as he will interview the Little Rock, Arkansas-based progressive and doom metal outfit, Pallbearer! The interview will start sometime in the second hour! Be sure to catch them with Obituary, Skeletonwitch, and DUST BOLT at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco on Friday, May 25th!



What makes DJ Chuckie's show unique? "I talk about film in between all the stop sets. I talk about upcoming movies, films I saw, film reviews and trivia, and just anything that’s happening in the media department."

What’s his favorite thing about KSJS? “The community. There’s a sense of wanting and being one of, and I really like that. We all have this common love of music and this common goal of keeping the radio station afloat. It’s beautiful.”

Get caught up on the latest movie news with DJ Chuckie on his show, 'Film School Dropout!' You'll also immerse yourself into pop-punk, math rock, shoegaze, indie, singer-songwriter, folk music, and MORE, every Thursday, 10am-2pm -- only on 90.5 FM and ksjs.org/listen!



Track of the day: “Lemon Glow” by Beach House (Sub Pop Records)

The Maryland-based indie and dream pop duo Beach House return more ethereal than ever in their latest release ‘7’. Featuring lush harmonies between Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally as well as playful synth lines, tracks on ‘7’ range from sounding like spacey out-of-this-world adventures to dreary-yet-hazy indie rock tinged with some neo-psychedelia. While the theme of ‘7’ revolves around the concept of finality—whether it be from the end of a relationship or the end of a life—Beach House embraces these depressive moments in life, beautifully emphasizing finality as an essential part to the human experience.

Catch “Lemon Glow” and other songs from Beach House’s latest release ‘7’ on heavy rotation. Check the schedule to tune in to our Subversive Rock shows: ksjs.org/schedule/

It’s finally Spring Break at SJSU, and what better way to celebrate the tranquil freedom from classes than moshing at a ...

It’s finally Spring Break at SJSU, and what better way to celebrate the tranquil freedom from classes than moshing at a hardcore emo & pop punk concert? Senses Fail along with Reggie and the Full Effect, Have Mercy, Household will be cranking up both the volume and the nostalgic emotions at Slim's on Thursday, March 29th at 7pm!

If this sounds like a recipe for an incredible night, then KSJS has you covered. Tune in to The Resistance with K-3PO on 90.5 KSJS on March 27th from 2-6pm to win tickets for this show. She’ll be giving not only one, but TWO pairs for lucky listeners. Tune in on 90.5 FM, catch us online at ksjs.org/listen, or search for “KSJS” on the TuneIn Radio App!



Track of the day: “Ever Again” by Andrew W.K. (Sony Music Entertainment)

Kick off Spring Break with the self-proclaimed King of Partying, Andrew W.K. With his eccentric mix of hard rock, catchy pop punk, and arena-style glamor, Andrew returns to the spotlight in order to motivate listeners to embrace positivity, hope, and most importantly: partying. However, according to Andrew, partying extends past birthdays and holidays--it’s a way of life founded on self-celebration.

Craving some more Subversive Rock? Check our schedule: ksjs.org/schedule/



“If you want to expand your palette a little bit and listen to some rock music that’s going into other genres as well, such as jazz, even hip-hop sometimes, then my show is the way to go. Music colors in the blank spots in life. It means connecting with myself, and connecting with other people as well.” -DJ Fisher

Rejuvenate through music. Tune in to the Nest with DJ Fisher for some math rock, indie folk, hard rock, and more. Listen in every Wednesday, 10am-2pm -- only on 90.5 FM and ksjs.org/listen!



Track of the Day: “Glass House” by Screaming Females (Don Giovanni Records)

New Jersey-based alternative punk band Screaming Females gloriously returns to the scene more vulnerable, angry, and triumphant than ever in their 7th studio album ‘All at Once.’ If you’ve ever felt too pressured to continuously self-regulate yourself to look the ‘best’ on social media, consider the first track from ‘All at Once’ your theme song. Highlighting Marissa Paternoster’s distinctive powerhouse voice and guitar-shredding abilities, the track’s foreboding beginning explodes into an exciting punk payoff one can’t help but mosh to.

Hear more from Screaming Females on our Subversive Rock shows! Check the schedule here: https://ksjs.org/schedule/



#TBT to when we were spinning Fun. and they sent us this Polaroid.

Alternative Press


Full Vans Warped Tour 2018 lineup right here 👇

Get emotional. Resist the mainstream. Explore pop-punk, emo, and indie pop from across the galaxy with K-3PO on her show...

Get emotional. Resist the mainstream. Explore pop-punk, emo, and indie pop from across the galaxy with K-3PO on her show, The Resistance, every Tuesday 2-6pm. Listen live on 90.5 FM, or stream online at ksjs.org/listen or via the Tune-In Radio App!

Tune in to KSJS on our stream at by using the player below. Recent spins on KSJS //spinitron.com/js/npwidget.js


Hope. Fear. Loss. Triumph. Unflinching courage.

These are a few words to describe bell's roar's debut release "We Carry Us." Featured on Bandcamp's Essential Releases, Spotify's "Transcend" Playlist, & our very own heavy rotation, the queer non-gender conforming indie artist successfully crafts a mellow, yet powerful album. "We Carry Us" is a resounding love letter to the QTPOC community with the sonic landscapes of dreamy electronic beats and gospel influences.

Catch a special on-air phone interview with bell's roar on The Resistance with K-3PO on 90.5 KSJS around 4pm PST!

Thank you for the shout out!

Thank you for the shout out!

Big Congratulations to our friends at KSJS in San Jose CA on 55 years of excellent programming! #CollegeRadio

Heavy rotation dream queens Jay Som and Japanese Breakfast are our Valentines at KSJS. Who’s yours?We’re looking forward...
Japanese Breakfast

Heavy rotation dream queens Jay Som and Japanese Breakfast are our Valentines at KSJS. Who’s yours?

We’re looking forward to their sold-out show at The Ritz with Hand Habits on February 21st!

Thank you NPR Music for asking me to create a playlist of Love Songs with Jay Som for Valentine's Day. Listen here:

Brave New World w/DJ Dark Chao on FM 90.5 KSJS

It's an end of an era. Thank you DJ Dark Chao to five years of on-air dedication to KSJS!

I've been hosting and operating Brave New World w/DJ Dark Chao on FM 90.5 KSJS for the last five years. Well, this Friday will mark my final show. It was a tough decision, but I feel that now is the right time to end it. I'm just too busy with my full time job and I feel that the show had run its course. Plus, KSJS has a high turnover rate so there are always new talent applying for shows and wanting to dip their toes in the radio industry. I'll still do fill-ins whenever I can along with reviewing new albums for airplay, but as far as this show is concerned, that's it.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the entire KSJS staff, the KSJS Subversive Rock staff, and all of the listeners for tuning in and supporting the show.

Tune into the final show on Friday, February 9th from 6pm to 10pm PST on FM 90.5 KSJS Ground Zero Radio. Expect a lot of songs that I consider to be extremely special to me.

-DJ Dark Chao


Underground, Independent, Local.We choose the music, we promote our favorite and upcoming artists, we broadcast college ...

Underground, Independent, Local.

We choose the music, we promote our favorite and upcoming artists, we broadcast college sports, and offer other opportunities to strengthen your resume.

Join KSJS: a unique college experience in a fun, pizza-filled, diverse, and inclusive environment. Meetings are Mondays at 6pm at HGH 103, The Hal Todd Theater.

I really can't emphasize just how much I love being a part of KSJS... SJSU students: come join the fun! If you have ANY questions at all, please let me know! We meet Mondays at 6pm in the Hal Todd Theater in Hugh Gillis Hall!


2017 may have been about a month ago, but we're still not quite over all the #fire releases from last year. 2017 marked the year of glorious returns, commitment, and some surprising debuts. Former Subversive Rock Director Franco Miranda of Brave New World w/DJ Dark Chao on FM 90.5 KSJS (slow)dives and discusses his favorite releases of 2017.

1. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Murder of the Universe

The band's second album of 2017 is akin to 2016's Nonagon Infinity with its proto-metal sound and three conceptual stories to boot. The performances are some of the band's heaviest and most intense to date.

2. Slowdive(band) - Slowdive

The dream-pop and shoegaze legends are back with their first album in over 20 years. Slowdive further proves their legacy as one of the most lauded and celebrated bands in the aforementioned genres with beautiful and ethereal songwriting.

3. Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.

The Compton-based rapper releases a banger of an album with some of the songs being his heaviest and most bombastic.

4. Fleet Foxes - Crack-Up

The Seattle-based indie folk outfit release their first album in six years and it's one of the most lavish, prettiest, and enchanting folk albums I've heard in a while.

5. Boris - Dear

The Japanese trio return with one of the sludgiest, ugliest, and heaviest albums in their discography.

6. The National - Sleep Well Beast

These indie rock darlings release one of their most solid efforts with electronic experimentation and slightly upbeat tunes.

7. Father John Misty - Pure Comedy

Josh Tillman, under the moniker Father John Misty, releases one of his strongest, funniest, and most political albums.

8. King Woman - Created in the Image of Suffering

The San Francisco-based doom metal outfit release their debut album and boy, they really put the doom in doom metal. The album is depressive and sad, but it makes for great art and one of the best debut albums in a while.

9. Converge - The Dusk in Us

These guys have been in the business for well over 20 years now and they still know how to make heavy music. The Dusk in Us will go down as one of their heaviest albums, which is a huge statement considering their output.

10. Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked at Me

Do you want something gut-wrenchingly sad, raw, and depressing? This album about the death of Phil Elverum's wife will do just that.

11. Dying Fetus - Wrong One to F**k With

As for something angry and hate-filled? This Dying Fetus album will do just that with its harsh vocals and intense music.

12. Power Trip - Nightmare Logic

Thrash metal comes back with a raw and dark vengeance on this excellent album by Power Trip.

13. Pallbearer - Heartless

Progressive doom metal is given a new makeover and polish thanks to Pallbearer and their masterful new album.

14. With The Dead - Love from With the Dead

This UK-based doom metal outfit manage to top off their debut album, an already heavy one, with an even heavier second album. It's a pure assault on the senses and one should proceed with caution.

15. Jay Som - Everybody Works

The Oakland-based musical project of Melinda Duterte comes back with a pretty, bedroom pop album that is sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

16. tricot - 3

The Japanese math rock outfit mark their return with an album that dives into progressive pop and mixes it with their math rock stylings.

17. The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die - Always Foreign

The emo and post-rock band from Connecticut release yet another solid album in their ever-growing discography. It's more straightforward and poppier than their previous album.

18. Tyler the Creator - Flower Boy

The controversial rapper releases his best album yet with great flows, slick production, and memorable songs.

19. PRIMITIVE MAN - Caustic

This is easily one of the most nihilistic albums I've heard in a while. If you want something that's the equivalent of staring down a black hole, this is it.

20. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Polygondwanaland

The band's fourth album of 2017 is the band's first proper prog album. As a result, they perform some of their most cerebral and head-inducing songs.


Best of 2017 Show — we’re live!

In preparation for our special Best of 2017 show this upcoming Sunday, January 14th, staff from the KSJS Subversive Rock...

In preparation for our special Best of 2017 show this upcoming Sunday, January 14th, staff from the KSJS Subversive Rock Department will be counting down our favorite releases.

Up first: K-3PO of The Resistance with K-3PO on 90.5 KSJS. Explore the subrock galaxy with her on Tuesdays from 2pm-6pm!

K-3PO’s Favorite Releases of 2017

While there were many songs and albums that made up my personal soundtrack to 2017, these are the releases that I listened to over and over again throughout the year, trying to dissect every single note and word.

7. Lovely Little Lonely by The Maine
This emo-pop record will make you feel like you’re falling in love. The guys in this
Tempe-based group are always pushing themselves to experiment with new sounds, and they really struck gold here – there’s a certain tenderness and wholesomeness that can be felt throughout, and that genuineness is so refreshing. This is the perfect soundtrack for hot summer night drives with all the windows down as epitomized in teen coming-of-age movies. The track “Black Butterflies and Déjà Vu” really stole my heart. You can read my full breakdown of the song here: https://repeatlistener.wordpress.com/2017/03/10/black-butterflies-and-deja-vu/#more-142

6. Something to Tell You by HAIM
If you want to see me dance around the studio and sing at the top of my lungs like an
idiot, simply slide this alt-pop album into a CD player. The sophomore release from the L.A. trio of sisters, Haim, deals with heartache and breakups through super slick bass lines, dangerously catchy choruses, and ridiculously syncopated vocal harmonies. Their sound recalls the 70s and 80s, while also feeling modern and new.

5. Vacation by Seaway
A lot of new pop-punk these days is aggressive, angry, and denigrative, and while that can be cathartic, Seaway's new album served as a reminder of how fun the genre can (and arguably should) be. If “Lula On the Beach” and “Something Wonderful” can’t put a smile on your face, I honestly don’t know what will; these songs are pure and sweet, and the instrumentation is very thoughtfully produced while also containing a certain amount of rawness. These guys consistently create such a full sound with only two guitars, a bass, a drum set, and two singers (one clean and one a bit rawer) – they do not need any sort of frilly instrumentation. 2017 seemed to be riddled with disaster and tragedy on so many different levels, and this album provided a much-needed escape.

4. Everything I Could Never Say... by lovelytheband
This EP was the debut release from the folksy-indie-alternative L.A. band, lovelytheband, and it hit me quite hard. The songs are plenty of fun to sing along to, but they seek to explain our frontman’s desperate desire to connect with other human beings and feel something, while struggling with being stuck in life as a twenty-something-year-old. Filled with romance, idealism, alienation, and angst, I can’t stop replaying this record.

3. Sunday Brunch by Chapel
This Athens, Georgia-based indie duo flirts with electropop, pop-rock, and emo, and the
result is this wonderful debut that is both danceable and heartbreaking. Our frontman sings about his suffering in watching the people he grew up with move on with their lives and find success while he feels trapped, living a life of empty routine. If you’re going through a quarter-life-crisis, then this record is for you. My favorite lyric has to be, “I wanna find love, whatever that means” – there’s uncertainty here, but our singer knows that he wants to be happy, and his optimism in this relatable search is so powerful and moving.

2. The Peace and the Panic by Neck Deep
Based on both political and personal predicaments, this album broke my heart and put it back together again. Neck Deep pushed themselves in new directions on their third full-length release, and really challenged how pop-punk should be defined. Between losing family members and suffering with mental illness, this band has experienced their own personal worlds falling apart, but through this record they beg the listener to be positive and to hold on to hope, cherishing and celebrating what you have while you still have it. At the same time, this is Neck Deep’s darkest and most uplifting material, and I’m so in love with it. If for some reason you only get the chance to listen to one track, make it “19 Seventy Sumthin’” – it’s a beautiful song with some of the best storytelling I’ve heard all year.

1. After Laughter by Paramore
Inspired by Hayley Williams’ depression in the wake of unforgiving tour life and broken friendships, this album encapsulates idolization, isolation, and self-loathing through catchy but devastating pop songs. It’s called After Laughter because as a whole, it is supposed to represent the moment when somebody stops laughing; this album is supposed to be whatever it is that brings that laughter to an end, when the joy has left the person and they are dragged back to the drudgery of reality. When the album was released, Williams tweeted, “Cry hard, dance harder,” and that became a sort of rallying cry behind this music. I love this album so much, because even though it will break you down into tears, it will also encourage you to dance, reminding you to clench on to whatever hope you have and never give up on seeking out your own happiness, whatever that means for you.


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hey -- many thanks for playing our new album. cheers from your fellow Spartans!
El tubo elástico new album. Hope you like it
“Purgatorio Rock” cd comp various artist Italian and Serbian for benefic punk, blues, garage, beat, hardrock
“Purgatorio Rock” cd comp various artist Italian and Serbian for benefic punk, blues, garage, beat, hardrock