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Pray for Post Malone


25 Day Streak of 2,000 Views Daily


Crazy Dream last night

Never trust a Hoover... dont ask questions

I think this is my Hollywood idea

🏀🎬 🗣Kobe

🏀🎬 🗣Kobe




Today Marks 16 Days Straight of 1,000+ Views

And Also

8 days straight of 2,000+ Views and 10 Subscribers

February treated us good so far... Thanks to all stay tuned for a chance to win $500



Vatican City

Vatican City


TODAY WILL MAKE 7 DAY's Straight of over 1k Views

Feb 2020 Starting Strong!5 Days straight with 1k+ ViewsNew Beat tonight stay tuned!

Feb 2020 Starting Strong!

5 Days straight with 1k+ Views

New Beat tonight stay tuned!


Chiefs 17 - 49ers 13

Chiefs 24 - 49ers 20

What do you think? If you get the exact final score before kickoff I will give the winner 50 USD Via Paypal

*Must be following this page*


Due to the rendering taking over 5 hours the video will be posted today at 9 am EST


5 likes for a new video tonight

(1990's feel)


Leave a thumbs up if you want more vlogs weekly of what I do while in Italy

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Learning new art 2020

Learning new art 2020

All in my head

All in my head

Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet

Dublin, Ireland 2020 || Cliffs of Moher

Starting 2020 off with a quick edit of Dublin!

Music - DayFox - Friendshippers We do Vlogs, Cinematic, Pictures, Gaming, Beats, Exploring, and Many More! ► Click on The Channel For More Video! Equipment u...

Growth... Slowly but Its somethingNew Video Coming today!2020 Is the Blowup Year were Tripling these numbers

Growth... Slowly but Its something

New Video Coming today!

2020 Is the Blowup Year were Tripling these numbers


Im on the moon


Taking the Rest of 2019 off from Uploads...

2020 were preparing our uploads now and January is going to be a record setting month.

Have fun and a safe holiday season!


Sanford, ME


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How Flash Studios HD was Born

When I was about 5 years old I actually use to take my moms camera and make parodys of “FRED” on a platform called “Kidstube.” Those were videos we will never talk about again because it was extremely cringy. As time went on I started doing skits and just videos that little kids think of and eventually I quit. It wasn't until I was about 13-14 I got a Youtube channel and started making gaming videos under the account “KatzMeowGamer” I would play MW3, Black Ops 2 and games like that and upload them. About after 7 months I stopped uploaded because nobody would watch. Youtube would be an on and off thing for me until 4 years ago when I uploaded a Black Ops 2 glitch and it got 400 views and thought this feels good! Then I started doing other things like exploring abandoned buildings and vlogs and challenges. I uploaded at least every month until the views stopped coming and it was just getting pointless for me. 2017 rolled around and January 15th, 2017 changed my life... I uploaded a Ezekiel Elliot highlight video and closed my computer down and I went to check on it a few hours later and it was like 400 views and I went to bed thinking, “wow I can't believe that hppened.” I woke up the next day and it had around 60,000 views and I was never so happy in my life. I put in an application to get partnered with Zoomin.TV and they accepted it! I regret not making more highlight videos but it was the end of the season so I continued uploading and 3 videos later my “Simpsons predict the Super Bowl” video got 20,000 views in 2 hours and I was just thinking, “Is this my takeoff moment?” I uploaded more after those videos but just 70 view videos here and there... 2018 rolled around and I went to boot camp and Youtube changed its policy to at least 1,000 Subscribers and at least 240,000 Minutes watched in the last year. I lost my partnership but I didn't give up. After boot camp I got orders to go to Naples, Italy and I met ZAYTHADON and we were roommates. I then heard there was a listening party for a new mixtape that a guy made on base. I thought I would go and give it a listen and It was actually amazing. I hit him up and we started talking and we all got a show hooked up and then thats when I introduced “Young King” to the channel. This leads up to February 23rd, 2019. I currently upload at least once and week and I don't plan on stopping and Im going to make this a full time job.

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Im Livestreaming if any one cares. okay ciao
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