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To celebrate Gail's well earned retirement, we will close for lunch today from 12:00-1:00. As always, you can reach our 24/7 help desk at 877-820-7976.

Thank you to Gail for her 25 years of service to Springcom & Springport Telephone Co!


Given the opportunity, would you prefer to subscribe to just Internet without a cable TV or telephone required?


Please scan your TV's for the following channels: 47.15 (Court TV) and 20.3 (Hallmark Movies and Mysteries)


Looking for a movie suggestion for Springport's Summer Festival/8-80 Days. Vote for your favorite. The poll option only lets me list two. If you have another family friendly favorite, please add it to comments.

Telecommunications Association of Michigan
Telecommunications Association of Michigan

Telecommunications Association of Michigan

The phone was an amazing advancement that took the world from sending data back and forth to being able to hear voices. Fast forward 143 years and now we're using phones to send data back and forth.

There is a small part of our service area that doesn’t have power but anticipate that there may be more before the wind ...
Consumers Energy Outage Map

There is a small part of our service area that doesn’t have power but anticipate that there may be more before the wind dies down. It does impact our cable TV and Internet if there isn’t an automatic stand by generator at the equipment site. Some equipment is located where it’s not possible to connect a generator (on a pole in the middle of a field for example) There will be instances where your power is on but the TV or Internet isn’t working. That may be a case where the equipment location doesn’t have power. Keep an eye on consumer’s outage map for more details about power outages. https://www.consumersenergy.com/outagemap. As always, our help desk is available at 877-820-7976.

Consumers Energy Outage Map

T & N Dairy Kreme

Spring has surely sprung?!

Good Sunday Morning All, Sorry for the pause in announcing our opening day this season. We are targeting Monday, March 4th for our season opener!! We've missed you all over the Winter and ready for Spring to arrive!! See you soon!


NOTICE - for the safety of our staff and customers, we will close our office tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan. 30th. We will re-open at 8:00 a.m. Thursday. Our help desk is available 24/7 at 877-820-7976 for any outages. Stay warm and safe everyone!


NOTICE - we have scheduled Internet equipment upgrade to be installed beginning Monday night/Tuesday early morning. The Internet will be unavailable beginning 12:01 a.m. on December 18. The upgrade should not take long but at this point, there is no time estimate.


Happy Thanksgiving week! Our office will be open Monday-Wednesday and closed on Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday. If you need assistance during the time that our office is closed, please call our 24/7 help desk at 877-820-7976. Please safely enjoy your holiday!


We upgraded some of our equipment last night and it caused a longer than expected outage. Hopefully most of you were sleeping and didn't notice. What you may notice is that you'll need to reboot your modem/router/computer if it doesn't come up right away this morning. As always, give our help desk a call at 877-820-7976 if you need assistance.

Good to be reminded.
Senator Mike Shirkey

Good to be reminded.

Take note and be alert to those who seek to harm you.


The shirts are now gone - we're happy so many of you stopped by to get one. Happy Homecoming and go Spartans!


There is a power outage in the Devereaux/M-99 that is effecting (affecting? I never get that right) our cable TV and Internet service. Our service will be restored when the power is restored. No estimated time of restoration yet.


Sharing a post from another social media outlet as a reminder to always be on guard. If you have Springcom service, you will NEVER need to buy an IP address from another source:

"Almost got taken for $1,100
All for a single IP address change
My dad was smart enough to call.
“JD, what’s an IP address & do I need one?”
“Dad, why are you asking me this?”
“These guys called me and told me my computer had been compromised and that I needed to buy a new IP address right away so that hackers couldn’t get into my computer. They told me I needed to pay $1,100 for an IP address to the government, but I would get refunded the money instantly.”
“Whaaaaaaaaaat! You didn’t do it did you?”
“No, I figured I’d check with you first. They wanted me to go to Walmart right then and wire them the money.”
SMH, I’m at a loss of understanding here.
I have told my dad on numerous occasions to never talk to “computer experts” that call him on the phone.
I’m a failure... they keep getting him.
He already paid these guys $600 and gave them access to his computer and because they share a secret password together when they call him he feels safe. “Ahhhhhhhh!”
“No, when they call I know it’s them because they give me the password.” Hunh??
It’s always impatience that get’s him.
“My computer is too slow and they told me they would clean it up.”
I gently berated him because he is smart (especially at 82) and told him to always call me."


After looking at the radar & consulting weather predictions, we have made the decision to cancel the movie for tonight. This is the first time we’ve ever had to do that! So disappointing! I’m hoping the weather cooperates for the remainder of the weekend.


Is the weather going to cooperate for the movie tomorrow night? We hope so! However, in the event of rain, the movie will not be shown. Hoping for clear skies!

Phone spoofing incident uses 911 as callback number - ABC 10/CW 5
Phone spoofing incident uses 911 as callback number - ABC 10/CW 5

Phone spoofing incident uses 911 as callback number - ABC 10/CW 5

If you receive a voice call from 911, it will not be on a 911 line. If the 911 center calls you, it will always be on a 10-digit line. The only time that the digits 911 will show up as incoming communication will be via text.


WKAR is working on their antenna until May 9, 2018 their signals may be unavailable. We will update here if we receive additional information.

As a small rural telecommunications provider, over the past few years, we have received complaints from our customers wh...

As a small rural telecommunications provider, over the past few years, we have received complaints from our customers when someone has tried to call them and the call doesn't complete. It has been a frustrating experience for our customers and for us when the problem has been outside of our area. Good to see the FCC taking a strong stand.

One FCC commissioner thought the fine should be higher, and should have gone to affected consumers. "How many times was a loved one calling to check on the well-being of an elderly relative, only to have the phone ring and ring with no answer?"


Still experiencing power outages in some areas of our service territory. Generators are running where we can place them. Some power supplies are inaccessible for generators so we are dependent on power restoration.

A big THANK YOU to our customers for their patience and to our employees for their extra work!


Power outages across our service territory are causing service outages. Thank you for your patience as service gets restored!


Interested in making our telephone directory more valuable to people - is there interest in publishing cell phone numbers in the directory? Would you be willing to pay a small fee to have your number published? We don't sell our directory information to third parties so it wouldn't result in an increase in sales calls. Looking for thoughts...


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