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Phoenix Jones Publishing LLC Phoenix Jones Publishing is a brand new publishing company. We look forward to being able to produce, promote, and distribute manuscripts of both fiction and nonfiction novels, ebooks, magazines, etc.

The driving force behind Phoenix Jones Publishing LLC is author/editor/single mom Tomara J. She states on when her spark for writing truly blossomed,

“I was in seventh grade and my English teacher, Mrs. Haidary, taught a lesson about similes and metaphors. The assignment was to fill in the blanks she assigned us and from that came this amazing poem from a 12 year old girl. That was the birth of something special.”

After losing her spot in the rat race (she got fired!)… Tomara had no idea what she was going to do next. In the midst of job interview after job interview, the most important person in her support system, the father of her child, was lost in a tragic motorcycle accident. Daunted with the reality that she was jobless, her very young daughter fatherless, she decided to stop. She stopped crying, and stopped looking for a job, often relying on the kindness of family and friends to get by. All while she helped her daughter and herself cope with the loss of someone so important to their lives. From that she remembered the support she once had, that voice in the back of her head telling her to, “STOP BEING SCARED & do what you’ve been dreaming of since you were that timid 12 year old in Mrs. Haidary’s English class.”

So a few years and therapy sessions later, we arrive here…

Phoenix Jones Publishing LLC, rising from the ashes of one of her life’s largest tragedies. Phoenix Jones Publishing is located in New York City and wants to assist in the development of undiscovered authors. As a small publisher, we look forward to introducing literary works that open up the imagination, challenge happy endings, and push the boundaries of reality. In the near future, we will offer various services to authors such as book cover design, development and publishing of manuscripts, as well as promotion and distribution. At this very moment we are not accepting new manuscripts, but if you have any questions feel free to email us at [email protected]

Operating as usual


With a new decade approaching it's only fitting that Phoenix Jones Publishing revamp and prepare to release new books and offer new services. Yes, yes... sounds like a tune you've heard before, but this time is a little different. With different goals in mind the genres and content of our published books will vary and the brand itself will be invigorated. Thank you for all the support and we hope you stick around with us a little longer. And don't mind the site as it's being stripped to its bare bones ... thanks again and I wish you all a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year.

Phoenix Jones Publishing LLC's cover photo

Phoenix Jones Publishing LLC's cover photo

Phoenix Jones Publishing LLC

Phoenix Jones Publishing LLC


New authors, new books, new characters you love to love or love to hate #comingsoon

ALSO be on the lookout for a #FREE holiday short story to be posted by our veteran author T.N. Jones


Change is Coming


Change is Coming


New books in the works! Get caught up on all of our publications.


Loving Blake


Don't forget to get your copies of Loving Blake, Loving Nina, and/or Chloe's Coily Curls! Only $10 each, shipping included, inbox me for yours :D


The difference between most artists and everyone else is their imagination being seen and quite often misunderstood #bemisunderstood #haveyourthoughtsheard


Happy Holidays to Everyone :) :) :) :)


I have found that writing is much like life.... my story refuses to continue when I try to keep bringing back characters who don't deserve to move forward with me

I put a little extra something something for my readers when you click the cover of Loving Nina  and while ur there take...
Phoenix Jones Publishing

I put a little extra something something for my readers when you click the cover of Loving Nina and while ur there take a look at the trailer let me know what you think

Get a copy of Loving Blake today! Read that book everyone's been talking about. Coming Soon: LOVING NINA Catch up with all the characters you love to hate!

Loving Nina Trailer

Check out the TRAILER folks Loving Nina is coming... don't miss out Loving Nina is much more dark and erotic than the trailer leads on and def has some twists and turns but watch the trailer let me know what you think you get a surprise if you click on the cover on my company website too but shhhhhhhh don't tell too many people lol

Turn the pages as Nina turns Ana's world upside down. Get Loving Nina on August 8th!!!shop/ct1b Get Caught Up by r...


There are many things out of our control but the things you can are your desire, your will power, & your determination to achieve your dreams. Never stop reaching

Here for your reading pleasure
Another Mind Bender

Here for your reading pleasure

Allow yourself to be whisked away on yet another adventure from the creative mind of Phoenix Jones Author T.N. Jones


oh I know it has been a while but tomorrow you all will have a new short story to indulge in :) Be on the lookout Tammy, Tommy, & Greg will be up and ready for your eyes in less than 24 hours!!

Phoenix Jones Publishing LLC's cover photo

Phoenix Jones Publishing LLC's cover photo

Phoenix Jones Publishing
Phoenix Jones Publishing

Phoenix Jones Publishing

Look at Wave TonyAtlas Brinson pose on his first book cover! Get a copy of Loving Blake today! Read that book everyone's been talking about.


Will start posting tidbits of Loving Nina for you guys

Quack Nation

Photo Shoot has been postponed due to unforseen circumstances so we are reissuing Phoenix Jones Publishing LLC holding NYC CASTING CALL:


Ages: 21-35
Sizes: 2-6
Height: 5'2 - 5-8

Shoot is for adult fiction novels with explicit material. There are a few scenes that will consist of the models appearing to be intimate, no kissing, no groping, just some strategic hand and body placement.

Models will be in lingerie pieces, some chiffon type dresses, along with regular clothes.

I'm shooting two book covers, trailers, and some photos for promo stuff like bookmarks and social media posts.

I'm offering a trade for print compensation which includes the photos of your choosing with touch ups, if you like, in digital or print format. Credit placement in the book, the trailers, social media along with free copies of the books. Meals and transportation to and from set within NYC limits.

The photographer is Owen Duckett, you can take a look at his work here:

If you are okay with this and if you have any more questions please feel free to contact me [email protected]

Quack Nation


So many things happening, but after this weekend's photo shoot, updates and sneak peeks will be posted right along with Loving Nina's Release Date!!!! #staytuned


It doesn't matter if things don't work out for you today, as long as you don't can get discouraged, you can even have doubts, but never ever quit! #quittersneverwin


Life has a wonderful way of throwing hurdles in your path...but keep on leaping keep on running keep on chasing your dreams

Tattoo Tuesday - T.N. Jones
Tattoo Tuesday - T.N. Jones

Tattoo Tuesday - T.N. Jones

I hope you all are ready for this one. It's my pleasure to introduce you to Ms. Jones. Tomara Jones, your five questions start now: 1. How old were you when you got your first tattoo? I was 18 w...


The End of Conrad Chambers by T. N. Jones

Here's your chance to be on the cover of our next book if you fit the criteria send an email we can discuss the details ...
Phoenix Jones Publishing

Here's your chance to be on the cover of our next book if you fit the criteria send an email we can discuss the details further

Phoenix Jones Publishing CASTING CALL:

skin: medium beige skin color or lighter
size: 4-6
Age: 18yrs and over
Height: 5'2 -5'6
Shoot date: May 24th-25th
MUST BE LOCATED IN 5 BOROUGHS or within a 30 minute distance!
Take a look at the previous cover and photo shoot at
Submit contact info, headshot, body shot, and measurements to [email protected]
This is a portfolio building opportunity and compensation will be discussed later in the selection process. Thank you

Look at Wave TonyAtlas Brinson pose on his first book cover! Get a copy of Loving Blake today! Read that book everyone's been talking about.


Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 18:00
Thursday 08:00 - 18:00
Friday 08:00 - 18:00
Saturday 09:00 - 17:00


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