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Bret and Moninya Mulder Ranch This page was created for viewing updates and videos of horses at the barn and spotlighting horses for sales!


Bret no longer trains outside horses. We have not given up the barn and still show horses but it is a hobby.

Reining at Stock horse May 2012

Bret is showing Isabela Mulder. She is learning to be a show horse while Bret is learning to show more and train in the ring less.


We changed our mind about cutting Bullet this year. We leased another 160 acreas and will breed him for the first time in 4 years


We have stalls available. This is a slow time in the business so we are offering a special. $550 a month for at least two months, this includes ground work and cow work. That is a $300 savings! You also get lessons on broke horses as well as your horse! Call now as this is a first come first serve. The special is for June only.


We signed up for Groupons. We will be offering a free evaluation of your horse and a riding lesson for $35 (on your horse or ours). It will be a $65 savings.


We will have openings in the barn in February.


Bret is thinking about doing more clinics this year. He has been approached to do a couple with Oklahoma Horse Fair. Working out the details now. Will be free to the public and he will use horses that he plans to put in the event's select sale.


Have three new horses in the barn! Just one stall left. Time to get thoses horses tuned up or started!!


We have a few stalls open! Now is the time to start the 2 year old and tune up for the 2011 show season. The Cowtrac works wonders on young horses. Give them focus even if they are not cow bred. Really great for cow horse training as it has multiple speeds and will do corners and long runs down the fence. No additional cost for cowhorse training. Call us now at 580-618-0038!


These foals are looking real good. They are like most of the Bullet babies, very calm and smart. The deadline for the OkFQHR Super Stakes Foal Give-away contest is OCT 1st. After a winner is declared and a foal selected the rest will be for sale!












We have a horse going home on Sunday. There is a stall open. We don't charge extra for working the horse on the mechanical cow. It is great for all ages. They enjoy the "game" and it teaches movement with a purpose! They really sparkle up when going to work a "cow"!


Bret is offering a Horsemanship/cow work clinic July 17th at Sulphur, OK, 9AM to 5PM. We now have a CowTrac II on site. The arena has good sand and the cowtrac is set up with corners and down the rail. Cost $65 lunch and drinks free, Auditors are welcome also. Limit 8 riders. Call 580-618-4063 to reserve slot.


I am so proud of my boys!! At the Derby in OKC yesterday, Yonathan, Bobby and Craig did very well. Also my favorite horse, Smooch, was in the top 20! A proud day indeed!!


Well, we have our 6 people signed up for clinic and several auditors. Wish I felt better. I was sicker than a dog yesterday but I am better today. The weather should be perfect. Nice breeze, low 90's and afternoon thunder showers. The next clinic will fill up faster so get your reserv in now.


Okay, here is the most current information. Horsemanship Clinic June 26, 9AM to 5PM. Cost $65 (lunch and drinks included) all day instruction with your horse and one of our broke horses, Limit 6 riders. Unlimited auditors for free, bring your own chair. Next clinic will be July 17 same time with priority given to first clinic people. Call 580-618-4063 to reserve spot.


We are setting up Horseman ship clinics for June 26th. This will be a great way to start on cow work. Actual cows will be later.


We may have an opening in the middle of the month. Call and reserve your slot for training.


Went to see the mares and babies! They are so nice. Everyone. We raise such good horses and there is no market. We are donating another foal this year to a deserving OkFQHR youth. This will be a hard choice!


Had a lady take her horse home tonight and she was so happy with the work Bret did that she brought another to take its place. Feels good to get a rider and horse to link up and know all your hard work is meaningful.


Bret went out to see the foals and mares and took his "buddies". I planned on going and taking photos. So tomorrow he will just have to make another trip.


Last night, Bret was standing in Braum's getting food to bring home (loves fruit). A tall slim young man standing behind him asked if he trained horses. Hmm, was it the outfit? The young man is from Germany and learning reining cow. He was very impressed with Bullet and his bloodline. Chance meetings may be a better way to sell horses.


We will have a stall open in June. Maybe two! If you want to schedule training call soon.


We just came home from the OkFQHR Show in Shawnee. Bret showed 3 horses while I showed only one. Bullet was a wonderful for me. I won a ribbon in every event except Ranch cutting (had a first but DQ'd, used two hands) and Ranch Pleasure (broke gait at a high traffic area). Bret is very proud!!


Mary finally had her foal. A really snazzy dun colt. This little boy has bars up his legs to the shoulder and down to his hocks, a wide dorsal stripe and two white feet. Very cute.


We have a stall available! The cowtrac (mechical cow that goes around corners) is ordered and we will do cattle training at no additional charge if the horse training is scheduled before May.


Sally and baby are doing much better. Sally is a first time mom. The poor dear has many people issues. She is so talented and goodlooking that we had to try to get a baby from her. She is learning to be a horse, the hard way in the pasture. She'll get it done.


There was a new colt on Sally. She is the Tidal Wave Jack mare. It was born yesterday. Sally is a good mother and has a cute dun or dunskin named Spider.


Bullet sure isn't happy about the year off from breeding. It looks like there will be two outside mares. We are keeping him at the barn and giving our personal mares a year off. Maybe the market will turn around and he'll have a better breeding year in 2011.


Saturday we head to Ardmore for the second show of the season for the Oklahoma Stockhorse Association Clinic. Sunday is the show. Hope everyone can make it!!


652 West Palmer Rd
Sulphur, OK


(580) 618-0038


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