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Vanessa Gibson's rise in local politics — a journey that started as a state assemblywoman in 2009 followed by a run as a...
Vanessa Gibson eager to fight for the Bronx as next borough president – Bronx Times

Vanessa Gibson's rise in local politics — a journey that started as a state assemblywoman in 2009 followed by a run as a city councilwoman in 2013 — continued Tuesday as she scored a historic win to become the first female and first Black Bronx beep.

Vanessa Gibson's rise in local politics — a journey that started when she succeeded her late mentor Aurelia Greene as a state assemblywoman in 2009 followed

CDC Recommends Kids Ages 5-11 to Receive the COVID-19 Vaccine: Here is What Parents Need to Know
The COVID-19 Vaccine for Ages 5-11 has Been Approved

CDC Recommends Kids Ages 5-11 to Receive the COVID-19 Vaccine: Here is What Parents Need to Know

The COVID-19 Vaccine for Ages 5-11 has Been Approved and can now be administered: Here is What New York City Parents Need to Know

Both first-time and loyal registered party voters flocked to the polls in the Bronx on Tuesday, hoping to influence key ...
What were Bronxites voting for on Tuesday? – Bronx Times

Both first-time and loyal registered party voters flocked to the polls in the Bronx on Tuesday, hoping to influence key races to decide New York City's next mayor as well as the Bronx's next borough president.

Both first-time and loyal registered party voters flocked to the polls in the Bronx on Tuesday, hoping to influence key races to decide New York City's next

Council members urge mayor to postpone tax lien sale
Council members urge mayor to postpone tax lien sale

Council members urge mayor to postpone tax lien sale

The tax lien sale is coming up on Dec. 17, where overdue property taxes are sold to a third party trust. It often spells foreclosure for those with difficulty


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Original Joe's Pizzeria at 2136 Williamsbridge Road now has daily LUNCH specials like chicken marsala, chicken picata, chicken francese , and chicken scarpariello .Specials are changed daily for a greater selection. They also offer 2 daily pasta dishes on the menu too. VERY reasonably priced too. Try them they are delicious !!
Tomorrow is the funeral Schyular hill FH from 2pm till 6pm
I don't know what to do, my husband is broken. I still can't process his death. I know that eventually, this will hit me HARD. but I want to think he will walk out of his room and drink my coffee. I want my baby so bad, he was the love of my life. I love Vincent and Noelle so so much but Jared needed my help. I know Jared loved me so much he always said I will live till 100. All my memories, all my kisses, and all my love. I can't take that he is gone. We will never goof around, make jokes, and have fun. My son was like me live life have fun and always be polite and respect other people's feelings. He was such a good-looking guy, he was my Guido. I want to scream out his name JARED, JARED, JARED. Please, he was run down by a car and from then on everything went wrong, never got the guy but the 45th knows who he is and the girlfriend. What about my son, who tried to hang himself last year on Good Friday, he was so depressed. Not able to work, it took away his pride but not this time because my son is dead as they lay their head down to sleep. I will never forget. Then you have the drug dealers out there they prey on people like that. We need to stop the drugs in our area it's horrible. Well, my son won't feel the pain anymore.
War or Peace: The Mini-Convention By John Burl Smith (Author “The 400th From Slavery to Hip Hop”) The following is a response to Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s post on in a fundraising request. My response is an effort to get Democrats to use the real strength they have and avoid the mistakes of the past. A recent article by Felicia Sonmez quoted “Rep. Madison Cawthorn in a Franklin, N.C. speech, “There will be ‘bloodshed,’ if U.S. elections ‘continue to be rigged. Because, you know, if our election systems continue to be rigged and continue to be stolen, then it’s going to lead to one place—it’s bloodshed.” Cawthorn and other Trumpers, like freshman GOP candidate Steve Lynch of Pennsylvania, who demanded during an event at the Macon, County Republican Party headquarters, “I’m going in (a school board meeting) with 20 strong men, and I’m gonna give (school boards members that impose mask mandates on students,) an option - they can leave, or they can be removed.” Trump supporters, like Steve Bannon, are using “war-like” rhetoric to lure Democrats into approaching the 2022 election, as though it is a brawl between Republicans and Democrats. Democrats must not allow Republicans to take control of the 2022 election discussion and make it about them and what they are saying. The 2022 election is about the future of democracy in America and young people represent that future for America. Republicans are trying to take America back to a time when “lynching made a white man’s word law.” Trump and Republicans are trying to drag America back to the time when black, brown, red, yellow people and women did not have voice. I offered in my last post the best course for winning the election in 2022, which will set the table for the re-election of Pres. Biden in 2024, which is what everything today is about. My solution is based in the history of the Democratic Party, which used a first Mini-Convention in 1974, as the Democratic Party floundered, following its crushing defeat by Richard Nixon in 1972. The Democrats, this time around, have a victorious Pres. Joe Biden in the white House and majorities in both the House and the Senate, but the party must be willing to use the options it has to stay in power by addressing its major weakness—lack of inclusion of young people throughout the party. Back in 1972, its candidates were predominantly “old white and male.” Holding a Mini-Convention, the party reallocated power and broadened representation, through inclusion of Blacks, Hispanics, Native People and women, giving them greater access to party structures and committees, most importantly the Rules Committee. Emerging from the Mini-Convention, the Democratic Party was able to attract new voters, thereby becoming more competitive in states Republicans controlled. Today, in what are called “red states” Republicans control because Democrats do not fund campaigns supporting races they do not think they can win. Georgia was one of these so-called “Red States.” More so than any “red state,” Georgia exemplifies the fallacy in the Democratic Party’s analysis and approach to elections. However, young progressives refused to accept this Democrat “rule-of-thumbs,” they defied conventional wisdom and joined newcomers Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff to turn “red” Georgia blue. Now, the best they can do is a washed up football player that never ran for anything without blockers. I have presented “The Strategy to Turn Red States Blue in 22,” which is based on Pres. Joe Biden, through the party, calling a Mini-Convention in late January or early February of 2022. A Mini-Convention will allow Democrats to come together and develop a platform and rebuild the party from legislative districts up to statewide positions. The idea is that because all states and territories send delegations to national conventions that process can get all Democrats on the same page for 2022, as a dress rehearsal for 2024. Again, referring to my last post, I outlined, based on census data, how such a new realignment in the party, during the Mini-Convention, will create interest in red states and help build candidacies. Such a plan will force Republicans to defend, even in safe red states. Implementing such a plan will allow young progressives to become delegates to the convention from red states, and build candidacies to challenge incumbent Republicans, forcing them to defend what they claim, and not be free to target Democrats with impunity. Unlike conservative democrats, young progressives can begin to build candidacies competing for delegate positions. Young progressives have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, representing democrats in their states, where Democrats are without representation presently. This strategy will bring progressive from blue states together with those from red states to develop a party platform that will appeal to an American electorate dedicated to saving our democracy. Americans in red states, as well as blue states were abhorred by the attack on democracy inspired by Donald Trump and carried out by his insurrectionist mob on 1/6. Young progressives in red states are looking for ways to get into this fight to show they support democracy and not autocracy. Many young progressives would jump at the opportunity to build candidacies for state legislative seats to help repeal and reverse voter suppression efforts by Republicans. The Democratic Party must be willing to provide basic support for candidates that will develop from the Mini-Convention. State Representative seats are the base of the American democratic electoral system. Moreover, that is where Republicans began their voter suppression effort. Get young progressives to fight for votes at this level can become the basis of a straight Democratic vote all the way up to state and national candidates. Presently Republicans claim so-called red states without actually having to compete against democrats for them. Democrats are giving Republicans a buy, and throwing money at the media, which could be spent on young progressive campaigns in red states. Young progressives are fighting for a future and see how they can make political gains as Democrats, giving Democratic voters in red states representation, which they deserve. Concluding, I believe Democrats like Sen. Warren recognize and can support a Mini-Convention, which will improve Democrats effectiveness in two major ways. First it will allow those that attend Mini-Convention caucuses at the State Representative level to begin developing the party’s platform, which will also be voted in State Senatorial, Congressional and statewide caucuses, with final approval at the National Mini-Convention. This procedure will give the party a platform all candidates endorsed by the Democratic Party must pledge to support, as a statement reflecting the will of the majority of Democrats. Pledging support for the party’s platform will eliminate renegade groups of Senators from, going rouge, cutting side deals, and bucking the President’s agenda, which will be the party’s program. This is the way a democracy is supposed to work. The Mini-Convention can bring a new level of inclusion and representation to American politics that will restore integrity and trust, as well as, repair American democracy, while sending a message to insurrectionists and would-be dictators that “democracy” rules in America, not autocracy nor dictators!!!
Community Information: Take note of new meeting location !!! Please join us for a very special guest for our first meeting of the year.Our featured speaker will be Nivardo Lopez ,Commissioner of The Bronx Dept of Transportation. See Less
New @ The Gift Shoppe @ Morris Park Flooring. Just arrived : Absolutely beautiful ceramic Mugs w/ spoons AND Bowls w/spoons .Come check them out. Makes a great gift or for home use !!
ABOUT THE BRUCKNER UPZONING: Throggs Neck Associates LLC- signed for by Joseph Bivona the owner of Super Foodtown- has submitted an application to amend the zoning laws in order that they may build 4 mixed residential and commercial Quality Housing buildings on Bruckner Blvd from Crosby to Gifford ranging in size from 3 stories to 8 stories and offering 384 residential units. This development would inject over 1,100 new residents into an area of roughly a ¼ mile. If this application is approved our Fire Department, Sanitation, hospitals and schools will be overwhelmed and the negative impact on our quality of life will be substantial and will undoubtedly be followed by more such developments. An online petition has been established opposing the upzoning In addition St. Benedicts Church, OLA and many area businesses who are supportive of this community are providing hard copy petitions for us to sign ( partial list attached)