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Originally based on the work of Judy Marshall, Ph.D., Psychmaster DVDs, CDs, books and other media seek to address fundamental questions about spirituality and psychology, the reality of mental health and illness, and achieving actualization and fulfillment through a commitment to “higher” values. Psychmaster media address: 1. HOW SPIRITUALITY CAN TRANSFORM PSYCHOLOGY In the current milieu of narcissism and fear, there is much confusion regarding what spirituality actually involves. Dr. Marshall takes a traditional but nondenominational view - that spirituality is a “living” commitment to core “spiritual” principles that have existed in belief systems throughout the world and recorded time. The basis of these principles is a belief in, and service to, a Higher Power and greater unity beyond ourselves. Spirituality is primarily experiential. To the degree that an individual engages in meaningful spiritual practice and incorporates the core principles into attitude and behavior, the more he or she will have the awareness of an expanded reality, the resource and foundation of emotional peace, a sense of purpose and direction, as well as new avenues for meaningful connection with others. People who are truly spiritually committed have an entirely different way of understanding the world and their own experience. Spiritual belief and practice can transform personal psychology. Psychmaster media present how we can conceptualize “psychological” issues such as identity, self-esteem and relationship in “spiritual” terms. Also presented is a spiritual approach to typical psychological problems, such as depression. 2. THE REALITY OF MENTAL ILLNESS As a society, we are well informed regarding physical health and disease, but ill-informed regarding mental health and disorder. The reality of mental illness remains stigmatized and “in the closet.” Yet, like physical illness, mental illness is a natural, but challenging part of human life. Psychmaster media provide essential information about mental disorder, such as depression, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress. There is also an attempt to explore what it is like for a person struggling with mental suffering or dysfunction. The hope is that education leads to understanding and compassion, which must occur in order to deal effectively with real mental health issues - on both the personal and societal levels. 3. INSPIRATIONAL MEDIA We know it when we feel it. These are the personal stories, films, pieces of artwork, and music that affect, haunt, and transform us - often at a level beyond words.


SPIRITUALITY: Living Philosophy by Judy Marshall, Ph.D.


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