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Limerick life and me by Tracey Molloy Rutherford Been writing poetry for 30 years but recently - during lockdown I wrote the book … I write daily…

Operating as usual

I hesitated about being honest Sure - it’s what I always do,But at times I question everything And should I say to you.I...

I hesitated about being honest
Sure - it’s what I always do,
But at times I question everything
And should I say to you.
I suppose to start from the beginning
To say what needs to be said,
Never judge a book by the cover
what goes on in someone’s head?
A smile can hide a world of pain
To those who wouldn’t understand,
When everything seems so perfect
Yet they search for a helping hand.
Today has been a good day
I managed to coax myself out of bed,
As I pushed depression out the door
And decided to live instead.
Three days and nights - I hid away
Not wanting to move or speak,
I battle with Bipolar you see
And my down days can last a week.
I fought with my inner emotions
As a made myself face the day,
When all you can see is darkness
There is nothing that anyone can say.
It takes the inner strength you have
When all else seems to fail.
To drag yourself out of the depression
So you live to tell another tale.
Honest words of wisdom today
To show you that i feel it too,
I struggle with my mental heath
And it helps to share with you…

Keep smiling and the world will smile back❤️


🚨 Friday night patrol 🚨

Hello everyone 👋

Here is tonight's patrol team being led by Stephen , alongside our incredible crew.

We are out on patrol until the early hours and will be covering the banks and the bridges of the river Shannon in Limerick.

Tonight, do not hesitate to contact or approach our friendly team if you are feeling anxious or distressed.

🫶🏼 We are here to help you.

Contact us on our emergency phone ☎️ 0857845347


‘Friends’ they come and go through life
But the good ones - they tend to stay,
And no matter what you are hiding inside
They know just what to say.
No need for words or reasons
Just an understanding, caring heart,
Those friends that know you are struggling
- who haven’t been there from the start.
People pass through our everyday
In the life choices that we make,
But being open, yourself and honest
Nothing you say being a ‘ mistake’
To know that there is someone
A friend - you can always rely upon,
When life is throwing your hurdles
And you are struggling to carry on.
It’s knowing when you need a shoulder
Regardless of the things you have said,
When they know that you are lying
About what’s going on in your head.
These friends - become like our family
Who never , ever judge,
Who always have your best at heart
And would never hold a grudge.
No words to say how grateful I am
For your soul, your kindness too.
I wouldn’t know how my life wouid be
If I couldn’t rely on you.
Too many times to mention
Why we share the bond that we do,
So these words are just to tell you today
I’m so grateful in life for you


Confirmed book signing on Sunday December 11th at Jack Mondays coffee house akaThe Treaty bar in Thomongate..I look forw...

Confirmed book signing on Sunday
December 11th at Jack Mondays coffee house aka
The Treaty bar in Thomongate..
I look forward to seing you all there …

The book will make an ideal gift for Christmas..

€5 from every book sold on the day will go to Milford Hospice.


Only those from Limerick
Will understand the scene,
Like walking along the river bank
Or up along the Fairgreen.
Looking down the high road
Or sitting in the People's Park,
Walking through the city streets
And not being afraid of the dark.
Sarsfeild Bridge and the Shannon
The Dock Road, the Cresent too
These little parts of Limerick
That is home to me and you.
Places that you think of now
In the corners of your mind,
Sweet memories and moments
The best you'll ever find.
The Ennis Road and the castle
King John's island at your door,
The Dublin Road and Mulgrave Street
Henry Street, Nellies and much more.
Arthur's key out to Thomond Park
" Rugby's pride and place;
St Joseph's and the prison walls
And the greyhound track to race!
From the north side to the south side
These places we all recall,
Times that I remember now
Being my greatest of them all.
From the city or the county
Ye will know your place well,
Because you are part of LImerick life
Even as far out as Patrickswell.
The black ring and the bull ring
Up along Moyross and Balla too,
Limerick life was mighty
Respect was bred, deep into you…




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Introducing our Limerick Treaty Su***de Prevention Brand Ambassadors who are truly amazing people. These people maybe well known to many in limerick but their faces and vision in life help brighten up anyone who follow them 💛

We have Brand Ambassadors of LTSP because we believe we need people to play a vital role in helping us raise awareness around what we do and bring a real, lasting change.

Below you’ll meet two of our wonderful ambassadors we chose them to speak out for Mental Health in Limerick and across the country. We also know they will help us raise vital awareness around the work we do at LTSP👏🏼

Lee Reeves & Limerick life and me by Tracey Molloy Rutherford
Good Morning Everyone 💜

This week is Mental Health Week in Limerick and we at LTSP are blessed to have received a beautiful poem written by Limerick life and me by Tracey Molloy Rutherford.

We compiled this poem into a fitting background for you all to read, reflect and enjoy 💫
To say we are absolutely blown away is an understatement. The poem so beautifully written for our team makes us extremely proud to do what we do here at LTSP! 👏🏼

To take the time and effort to speak meaning into each word of this poem is something we will cherish within our group for many many years to come.

Thank you to the extremely talented lady Limerick life and me by Tracey Molloy Rutherford who put this piece together for us we cannot thank you enough 💛

Finally, as the poem states “No one needs to feel alone or think there is no other way” we are here to help you.
I love this page its fantastic just like you xx