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IDAHO PUBLIC TV: Failure to Uphold their mission.  Idaho PTV Mission Statement:We harness the power of public media to e...

IDAHO PUBLIC TV: Failure to Uphold their mission.

Idaho PTV Mission Statement:
We harness the power of public media to encourage lifelong learning, connect our communities, and enrich the lives of all Idahoans.

Alternate Statement: We will control the Public Media to censor information that is detrimental to our jobs, and support and protect the corrupted Idaho State Legislature and the Federal Senators who knowingly engage in the Poisoning of America and many other countries thereby committing Acts of War.

The following printed information greatly supports our case of Crimes Against Humanity. May we help you bring those committing, directly and indirectly-Felony Misprision to the International Court of Law.

The $50 Million Uranium Clean-Up Candidate. Collecting attorneys to bring charges against the murderous politicians. Sen...
Set your preference for US Senate

The $50 Million Uranium Clean-Up Candidate. Collecting attorneys to bring charges against the murderous politicians. Send them our way! Remember humans are simple people. They will not really blame Eastern Idaho, not even Idaho State Uranium University. They will blame All and everybody in Idaho and the USA. Join the Great Idaho Uranium Clean-up North, South, East and West Idaho. Those it may be best to start the arrests in Boise. > Bunker Hill is Uranium Too!


Pick your preferred candidates for US Senate on Tuesday, Nov 8, 2022 Chapter in the history of the "POIS...
A Simple Plot - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart | Comedy Central US

Another Chapter in the history of the "POISONING OF AMERICA” and Beyond!

NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW! No Idaho government or government agency would talk! The issue in not selenium, It is Radioactive Fertilizers!

Even though Mr. Idaho Law was on the Front Page of the Idaho State Journal the day before Comedy Central arrived, Government and their cover-up agencies IDEQ, IPTV, and Idaho State Journal. denied Mr. Law even existed, and he was supposed to be their contact that they were here to talk to!

Idaho killers millions of children and adults at the hands of eastern Idaho simply Hid!! --They are still Killing millions across the USA! And now killing people in 60 countries without informing which are indeed all Acts of War!

Idaho Law 4 US Senate
Congress for Idaho Law

The following people are just some of Worst People in the World: No One Is Above the Law!
The Following heinous people are Charged Publically with Criminal Child Abuse, Criminal Child Endangerment, Criminal Child Neglect, Felony Misprision, Crimes against Humanity, and Committing Acts of War by poisoning 60 other countries!
Senator Mike Crapo
Mike Simpson
Senator Jim Risch
Russ Fulcher for Congress
Idaho Public Television Idaho Reports Censoring Board
- Not saving lives!
(IPTV) - Felony Misprision, Criminal Child Abuse, Engancerment, Neglect. Misuse of public funds by intentionally neglecting to protect Idaho People, Citizens, Visitors, Lands, businesses, and wildlife.
- Failure to act on IPTV Mission and Purpose to inform and protect Idaho.
- Former Resident of Radioactive City, Idaho, Pocatello, ID --The Most Radioactive City in the World. City - Data Systems

Aasif Mandvi investigates the dark, two-headed secret lurking in Idaho's rivers.

when Good People Go BAD!

when Good People Go BAD!


CALL YOUR GOVERNMENT officials AND TELL THEM YOU ARE GOING TO ARREST AND PROSECUTE THEM FOR: Criminal Abuse, Endangerment, and Felony Misprision.

The $50 Million Candidat Free and Green!

Let the Dominoes Fall, or do not pass go, and go Straight to Jail!

The $50 Million Candidate: Green and Free!Let the Dominoes Fall, or do not pass go, and go Straight to Jail!

The $50 Million Candidate: Green and Free!

Let the Dominoes Fall, or do not pass go, and go Straight to Jail!

Idaho: The Producers of Radioactive Fertilizers  1941 to present all under the Manhattan Project Secrecy. Then stored Pr...
Uranium Fever

Idaho: The Producers of Radioactive Fertilizers 1941 to present all under the Manhattan Project Secrecy. Then stored Processed Uranium all across the Western USA on UPRR properties. I'm thinking about listening to Uranium Fever on my

Check out this great listen on It only took 3 years after humans invented the first nuclear reactor for the first nuke to be dropped. This episode we recount the origins of nuclear everything, from atomic discoveries and nuclear families to nuclear warfare and the symbolism of Godzill.....

And who has been paying for most of the Idaho uranium and lead reclamation project? Not the state of Idaho. The decision...

And who has been paying for most of the Idaho uranium and lead reclamation project? Not the state of Idaho. The decision there is to let many thousands continue to suffer and die and let it be the burden on small towns as they just play the shell game and never have the money to clean it up! Idaho Law 4 US Senate Most Radioactive Places: To Live, Work, and Play with Uranium Materials

Years of fiscal conservatism have led Idaho to back-to-back BILLION $ budget surpluses, HISTORIC tax relief, RECORD investments and a red-hot economy.

Thank you, National Association of State Budget Officers for letting me highlight Idaho’s successes this morning!


To: Mormon Women for Ethical Government MWEG

Sorry for missing your today. ..But we must ask this question, and hopefully, your mission will address it with special attention for Eastern Idaho.

We worked many years with Preston Truman et al, with the Downwinders and RECA. But what we are concerned with is not Utah, but Eastern Idaho and the contamination of Eastern Idaho Cities (Not of INL's Doing- they are the safe protocol entity) and the exportation of Radioactive Materials around the USA via Radioactive Fertilizers and processed uranium materials all produced in Pocatello, Idaho.

At issue: the "Radioactive People" and the LDS Church's Legacy --all caused by greed by some members of the church and the political delegation controlling agencies to 'Do Not Tell" and Cover-up for 70+ years. And that all started in 1941, with the production in1942 of radioactive fertilizers. Then entered the weapons corporation, FMC, processing and extracting the Uranium materials beginning in 1949 by setting up shop next to the radioactive fertilizers food contamination company.

So we ask: What are you gonna do about it? Will you even discuss the issue? Will you share the information? Will you indulge in learning more? We have the data because we are forced to live and die with it. With Uranium ..Do you even have any idea of the numbers of cancer patients that travel down to Utah? Do you know that Eastern Idaho and Chernobyl both are centers for radioactive mutations in both humans and animals? They are called 'PhosBabies' in eastern Idaho LDS communities because they were never told what we produce.

Please let us know if you are up to saving millions of lives. We have 3 LDS Temples all in Radioactive Cities, with Pocatello and Rexburg the 2 most radioactive cities in the world and each with Universities. When will it stop? When will the killing stop?

PS: You might know that the Kuwaiti and Saudi governments pulled their students out of Idaho State University, Pocatello when some of the students turned in the University to their parents and government because of the nuclear airborne contaminations (they had Geiger counters). The Pocatello community lost many millions of dollars in this exodus. Whereas Big to***co was the first to pull out ALL of their contracts regarding the use of Radioactive Fertilizers and stopped the sale east of the Mississippi Rivers States--But time forgets and that is changing! Alas, the food contamination never stopped and just kept accumulating in the soils of America’s agricultural fields in the western USA, but it too has gone global!

Sincerely, US Media Network

Idaho Law 4 US Senate
Radioactive City, Idaho - Class Action Lawsuit Group
Living with Uranium - Saving Lives- Pocatello & Beyond
Most Radioactive Places: To Live, Work, and Play with Uranium Materials


“9 LIVES and 9 WHYS” - Tribute to Michael “Ethically we are required to inform you.

News of the poisoned uranium air and soils in the Pocatello Valley Uranium contamination crisis has reached an ever growing audience around the world, especially with the new technologies providing detailed information on contamination sites (see “Safecast Pocatello Valley”) . The basics are now known: the Republican governor, Clement Leroy "Butch" Otter and the Idaho Legislature (Including Idaho Legislators Past- Roy Lacy, Elaine Smith, Mark Nye) nearly nullified the right of free elections via Local Public Ballot Initiatives, not only Pocatello, and Bannock County, but throughout Idaho where ongoing efforts to initiated clean-ups via Local Public Ballot Initiatives-- by going around corrupt Pocatello and Bannock County Officials.. When the governor’s office discovered what is going on here in the uranium filled Pocatello Valley and just how toxic it is, they decided to keep quiet about it and covered up the extent of their involvement in and damage done thereby allowing thousands more to be contaminated and killed slowly by cancers of the damage of the Pocatello Valley residents, most notably the that affecting the children, causing irreversible and permanent brain damage from heavy metals in addition to the innumerable rare and strange cancers caused by these uranium materials. Citizen activists have been uncovering these corrupt governmental action for many years and still no restitution, and clean-up. The governor and all Pocatello Valley local politicians now face growing cries to resign or be arrested.

Here are ten things that you probably don’t know about this crisis because of control of the local private media, having come to the story only intermittently and way too late, can only process so much. But if you live in The Pocatello Valley area or Idaho as I do, you know all to well that what the greater public has been told only scratches the surface.

1. While the children in the Pocatello Valley were given poisoned water to drink and contaminated air to breathe, the FMC Corporation remained upwind or with their Philadelphia headquarters far away your children and loved ones contracted cancers year after year since the arrival of FMC, and especially after the distribution throughout much the Pocatello Valley of the toxic material by Bannock Paving Company, (AKA Parsons) the UPRR, City of Pocatello, Pocatello/Chubbuck School District #25, and Allan Elias of the “Cyanide Canary” infamy!

2. Just a single letter from any Non-corrupt Pocatello mayor could have saved thousands. Even the participation at the Federal hearings testifying to that fact could have saved thousands. But alas, only a few responsible and caring individuals testified in those hearing defending the citizens. Among then was Idaho Lorax, and now part of the Idaho Lorax Group, PINCOCc Pocatello Independent Nuclear Contamination Oversight Clean-up committee. This Crisis Could’ve Been Prevented. Federal law requires that action be taken within 6 months regarding exposure to homes and human occupied properties. But to date, noting but governmental cover-up, Do Not Tell, and attempted suppression of the IdahoLeaks network. Sure there is an EPA Uranium Catchment in Sacajawea Park --a city par-- but they want you to think it’s just their graces to providing us with storm-water improvement project, that takes water and uranium sediments from the uranium contaminated College District to dump it in a Beaver pond across town and across the river.

3. There’s more than just urine in our water. There are lots of heavy metals and Uranium materials, just try ‘Panning for Uranium’ in the Porteuf. It’s fun, but keep it in the water, you don’t ever want to ever breathe it in! And indeed, it is the airborne issues that are really scary beyond imagination. And soon the snow will be gone, and the uranium source areas will be dry and ready for lift-off in the Pocatello Valley Windy City*. So soon, in addition to exposing every child in the city of the Pocatello Valley to uranium and heavy metal contamination on a daily basis, there are a multitude of other ailments brought on these contaminates by reducing the immune response. And we are not just referring to LUDS Disease, but leukemias galore. (*Our most recent tragic radioactive contaminating Dust Storm occurred, May 12th, 2017. Most everyone got dosed in cancer inhalants.)

4. People usually don’t want to be sold a home contaminated with uranium materials throughout their homes, yards, driveways, and alleyways. But in The Pocatello Valley there is a rush to sell unsuspecting young striving new families and business owner’s properties contaminated with uranium materials. And they are doing it by breaking the law. It is illegal to dump, or sell, or distribute uranium materials to anybody in Idaho! But that doesn’t stop the Bannock County Development Corporation, or the Greater Pocatello Chubbuck Association of Realtors. Or the Satersfield Development, Heck, no. The Pocatello City Council has there Realtors on the City Council selling people Uranium Contaminated Properties. And the Assessor’s office? They just look the other way. And you wonder why there are so may empty properties in the Pocatello Valley. If you knew, would you buy a house without having it checked with the proper equipment and the EPA. Beware corruption in the Western Office of the EPA. So, as for employment, and in addition to being poisoned and nuked, who is going to move jobs or start a company in the Pocatello Valley under these conditions? No one. Not unless you’ve been duped by the Pocatello City Government, right Amy. Have the Pocatello Valley Governments simply wanted us all to suffer more and more for their greed? We thought they locked up Allan Elias?

5. While we were being poisoned, we were also ‘Guinee Pigs’ for Idaho State University and the Pocatello Medical Center. Here’s a story which has received little or no coverage outside, or within except via of the Pocatello Valley Voice -US. The cancer data, just 5 years ago, was said to not exist by several agencies. In addition, of the 2 known cancer epidemiology studies of the past, one was stolen just before release, and another by removing the ISU professor involved in it. Once the information was finally provide to IdahoLeaks, there began another order of events to water down the data by excluding cancer categories in the total etc. As a big profitable experiment by PMC and ISU we surely helped the Hillside Palace thrive until people of the Pocatello Valley just start running out of money.

6. In Idaho, from the Pocatello Valley water, to Crime and Murder, to FMC Weapons Corporation contaminating much in Eastern Idaho, all just to increase background radiation levels and make Billions and Billions of dollars in profit from a single local operation, --with JR Simplot having to take most of the blame. It’s a FMC Culture of Death. Railroad ballast workers—all dead of cancers and leukemias. Uranium in the sand-boxes at schools. The City of Pocatello using crushed powered uranium materials to sand the roads through a winter. The Pocatello Wellness Center surrounded by loose Uranium materials, the Bannock County Fairground reeking still with uranium in loose powder nuclear fallout! Instead of simply fixing the problem, leaders, Idaho legislature, local politicians, supposedly protecting agencies, and mid-management staff covers it up from the public. Didn they even ever clean-up the Uranium on the public schools? No. Just examine the data uploaded on and visit Pocatello and beyond.

7. Don’t Call It “Background Radiation or even gamma radiation! This is Radioactivity. Otherwise know as radioactive ionizing alpha/beta particle cancer inhalants materials. Where Zillions and Zillions of these particles are in each singe dust particle. More than 1 of 2 atomic workers are suffering or died in the USA from just 10 states that were examined! The McClatchy DC “Irradiated” report released case histories of 107,000 nuclear OSHA Workers claims. Nearly $200,000,000 were collected by eastern Idaho claimants alone. That’s 200 million!

8. Most of our children have been needlessly exposed to known proven carcinogens, as have All the adults, including this writer. That’s just a fact. If you have lived in Pocatello, your life expectancy depends on where you were when the wind blows, whether or not you were breathing the dust, or are living on property with loose available airborne uranium materials that contributed to your diet, your activity posture, your dry time local outdoor exposure, and if you live or have lived in either Ground Zero uranium source areas of Zones 1, 2, or 3.

9. This was done, like so many things these days, so the Greedy Could Rip-off Your Soul, as well as your lives, your children’s lives, and your loved ones. When FMC entered your lives in 1949, Uranium Fever was high, and the money was there for the taking. The military and ISU tried to stop them in the 1950’s. Others tried again in the wake of cancers in the late 1970’s and through the 1980’s and into the 1990’s. Then FMC went to Boise to bribe them, then back to ISU to bribe them. Then a lone Greenpeace organizer, brought in the Downwinders, and helped others to reorganized with M.A.D. Mother Against Death and it all culminated in exposing the dangers, telling the of truth, and finally having the uranium materials made unlawful to dispose of, sell, or obtain. Now with Billions of dollars available for clean-up and billions more for wrongful death and cancer medical support, are we to just to roll over and die, or throw out all the crooks out. Corruption has already shown it’s ugly self by suppression of our human rights, our freedom of the press, freedom of speech, as well as tampering with the election process. And as cover-up and Do Not Tell remain the modus operandi of our small minority of elected officials. Will life go on…? So far we are moving to suspend democracy, make easy money for the Bannock County Development corporation, feed our children uranium for lunch (Tendoy School or at many others), and just let the crooks rule your lives. That is LUDS Disease’s largest and most destructive result and outward expression in the Pocatello Valley. ..Thou I walk in the…

So how many lives do we have left? How many of the 2 million deaths by cancer in USA 2020 did you know personally?


Living with Uranium - Saving Lives- Pocatello & Beyond


There's a reason I regularly mock Christianity. And I'm tired of people bitching about it.

Idaho Libertarian Candidate Round Table Ep 2
Idaho Libertarian Candidate Round Table Ep 2

Idaho Libertarian Candidate Round Table Ep 2

, supply management, and sovereignty as issues rather than federalized issues.Let's talk about building local economies of scal...

GURL, YOU'RE A KAREN - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

There is often a thin line between parody and Public Charges related to crimes against humanity performed by certain political figures.

Most Radioactive Places: To Live, Work, and Play with Uranium MaterialsThe WORST People in the WORLD
Randy RainbowRandy Rainbow
Congress for Idaho LawCongress for Idaho Law
Behind the Uranium Curtain

Above The Law via  NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW    Arrest the Idaho Politicians - for Crimes Aga...
Above The Law

Above The Law via

Arrest the Idaho Politicians - for Crimes Against Humanity

Congress for Idaho Law
Idaho Law 4 US Senate

Living with Uranium - Saving Lives- Pocatello & Beyond
Most Radioactive Places: To Live, Work, and Play with Uranium Materials

Obedience the album by Yptha Rebel

A teenage boy uncovers the disturbing truth behind his soldier father's ... via   Dedicated...
A teenage boy uncovers the disturbing truth behind his soldier father's death. | Devil's Work

A teenage boy uncovers the disturbing truth behind his soldier father's ... via

Dedicated to all those cancer victims at the Nuclear Metals, Concord, MA.. Now A superfund site. The Devils Work, sure does not stop in Radioactive City, Pocatello,ID

» Subscribe for the world's best short films:» Get some merch: http://shop.omele.toDevil's Work is used with permission from Miguel Silv...

“Nuclear War with Food”Coming to you from all the agricultural lands from all over the World!Brought to you from Pocatel...
Rio 2022 | International Uranium Film Festival

“Nuclear War with Food”

Coming to you from all the agricultural lands from all over the World!

Brought to you from Pocatello, ID USA, Jordan, Morocco, and maybe Russia and lots of stupidity.

Nucler war... The legacy of uranium mining... Is nuclear power a solution against climate change? 11th International Uranium Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro. May 19 - 29, 2022, live at the Modern Art Museum (MAM Rio) Cinematheque and global online! Selected Films ATOMIC COVER-UP USA, 2021, Director:...

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