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Wochit empowers any organization to create compelling on-brand video content with revolutionary ease on a massive scale. Our innovative suite of video storytelling solutions is powerful enough for pros but easy for anyone to master—helping brands, nonprofits, marketplaces, and media organizations connect with their audience in new ways every day. Start with one of our standard deployments, or work

with us to create a custom integration. Many of the world’s leading brands have already transformed their video production with our intuitive, flexible solutions and expert support. With limitless access to the latest pre-licensed assets from Getty, AP, AFP, Reuters, Bloomberg, and more, our cloud-based editing tools make creating, versioning, automating, and publishing across platforms simpler than ever before. Proudly backed by Redpoint Ventures, Marker LLC, Greycroft Partners, and Cedar Fund, we’re based in New York, with offices in London and Tel Aviv, and serve globally.

Tmura, The Israeli Public Service Venture Fund, is celebrating 20 years of activity and we are proud and honored to be a...

Tmura, The Israeli Public Service Venture Fund, is celebrating 20 years of activity and we are proud and honored to be a member of this organization. With a portfolio of more than 825 companies and over 165 exits, Tmura has generated over NIS 100,000,000 for education and youth-related initiatives!

To join Tmura’s 20th anniversary celebrations: http://tmura.org/tmura-celebrates-20-years



Big news! Wochit has launched a new, effortlessly adaptable version of our video creation product, with simplified pricing, easily white labeled by any company who wants to offer video creation to their customers right on their platform, app, or site.

Huge congrats to the team for their hard work! We just keep getting better.

Read the full press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/wochit-launches-a-plug-and-play-video-editor-that-companies-can-seamlessly-white-label-as-part-of-their-platform-301597143.html?tc=eml_cleartime

Take it for a test spin at www.wochit.com. The first 3,000 seconds of produced video are free (one hundred :30 videos, for example) and then just pay as you go!


“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

Evoke emotion. Tell your story. Say it with video.


What we focus on and how we focus when filming or editing video contributes to storytelling. Focus can reveal emotions and drive the audience into thinking or feeling a certain way. It can create suspense, relief, and surprise and bring us to a character's inner world or take us on a visual journey. Focus dictates where we look and how we respond. Create focus. Tell your story. Say it with video.


Video captures attention more than static content because our brains spot movement as a primal survival instinct. But beyond survival lies the art of storytelling. When we express our brand through movement, we have the opportunity to connect people to our mission and enhance their understanding or desire to be part of what we stand for. Create attention-grabbing subject matter that peaks curiosity, surprises, baffles, amazes, delights, and uplifts. Capture attention. Tell your story. Say it with video.


When using video to express your brand, brand and video style must align. Video style refers to recognizable cinematic and theatrical techniques (e.g., setting, framing, angles, camera movement, sound, editing, props, sets, acting choice). Brand style consistently follows your brand guide and tone of voice while extending that identity into any medium, in this case, sight, sound, motion, to evoke emotion, create an impression, and often stir the audience to action or opinion. Express your style. Tell your story. Say it with video.


Choosing how best to use color in your video can make a huge difference in getting your story across and gaining the correct response. Color builds harmony or tension, injects sadness or celebration, signifies the importance of objects or places, and affects an audience emotionally, psychologically, or physically. Choose your palette. Tell your story.


We love creativity and creators, especially when they celebrate love. Happy valentine's day! Special thanks to the great Leonard Cohen.


Check out our latest creator spotlight with Elsie De Marziani of NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises, who shares her experience driving growth and a seamless audience experience with our video strategist, Lina Rey. https://bit.ly/3IkD48e


Today we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose message of love and movement towards nonviolent social change echoes beyond one nation. It’s an opportunity for each of us to tap into our creative ability to imagine and take action. Because every seemingly small creative act contributes to our collective desired future. It is in our hands. Learn more: https://thekingcenter.org/


Two key challenges for online marketplaces:
1️⃣ Keep paying subscribers
2️⃣ Grow the marketplace

Our client addressed these by adding a custom, white-label configuration of Wochit video creation to its platform. Marketplace sellers now create brand-compliant personalized videos quickly and cost-effectively. Read more about their success: https://bit.ly/3HXRjji


Two challenges in the real estate industry:
1️⃣ Keeping the brand differentiated with thought leadership
2️⃣ Engaging people throughout the customer lifecycle

Our real estate client addressed these by bringing video production in-house with Wochit. Internal teams now create brand-compliant videos quickly and cost-effectively. Read more about their success: https://bit.ly/34sfyr7


What's to celebrate? New features to boost your creativity and help you make videos that rock your business.


Happy new year everyone!
What's new? 2022.
Let's co-create and share our unique points of view.
Say it with video.


"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." --Maya Angelou
Happy Holidays everyone. Stay true to your creative spark.
From all of us at Wochit.

The future of video for news publishers is already here and built on successful partnerships and the internal champions ...

The future of video for news publishers is already here and built on successful partnerships and the internal champions that drive adoption, training, and business impact. Thank you for the exciting partnership, Dan Russell, Ed Walker, Michael Pearson, Ben Hurst, and the incredible Reach plc team.
Read more here: bit.ly/3s3VCoz

Future of video for publishers: How video creation platform Wochit helped Reach quadruple its social media video views in a year


Happy Holiday season to our clients, colleagues, and friends across the globe! Wishing that you thrive in creativity, good health, meaningful learnings, and bright horizons. From all of us at Wochit.


“The more grateful I am, the more beauty I see.” – Mary Davis
Today we are grateful for you, courageous creators everywhere.


Getting started with video production? We're here to help!

Check out Jason Harris's article covering the basics of video production, including video types, equipment, and tips to get started. https://bit.ly/3Fy4c2e


Want your videos to stand out from the crowd? Try adding voice-over!

Voice-over is a great way to tell better video stories, and nowadays it's not limited to VO artists.

Learn more about our voice-over upgrades, tips, and examples from Wochit's CPO Daphna Tsachor: https://bit.ly/3H2f0r3


Two very common video challenges in the pharma industry:
1️⃣ Long production timelines
2️⃣ Expensive outside agencies

Our pharma client overcame these by bringing video production in-house with Wochit. Internal teams now create brand-compliant videos quickly and cost-effectively. Read more about their success: https://bit.ly/3bGvnuJ


We wish you a safe and happy Halloween 👻


The biggest challenge we hear from publishers is how to scale up their video production in a cost-effective way.

Voici overcame this hurdle by modernizing its video operations with Wochit, resulting in:
👉 +60% in revenue
👉 €811K licensed content savings
👉 Videos produced at a record scale

Read the full story here: https://bit.ly/3aAcqcC


How do you make the most of your video content? 🤔

In Max Bergstrom's creator spotlight, Andrea Girolami shares how Italy's largest commercial broadcaster Mediaset Infinity maximizes video content on social platforms: bit.ly/3lPNSlf


Adding voice-over to your videos just got easier with Wochit! 🗣🎙

Introducing our enhanced Voice-over feature. Now you can record, modify, and automatically transcribe voice-over audio seamlessly in our timeline editor.

Get in touch to learn more: https://bit.ly/3ya7GUx


Need help selecting music for your video?

Wochit's Max Bergstrom delivers sound advice (pun intended) for music selection, plus our new Shutterstock music library is now available to all Wochit creators: https://bit.ly/3jW5nPT

Special thanks to our partners for the great examples European Investment Bank, The Uplift, World Food Forum, Hearst, Cosmopolitan Italia


We're ! Our London office is growing, and we're looking for an exceptional Video Strategist to join our team.

Passionate about video and developing meaningful relations with customers? Come join Peter Eisenberg and the Wochit community to help organizations tell stories like never before.

Apply today:


From the Euros and Wimbledon to the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, 2021 is shaping up to be an action-packed year of sports.

Check out Peter Eisenberg's latest post where he shares 8 creative ways to tell sports stories with video. https://bit.ly/3hvgBe6

Special thanks to our partners for the fantastic examples and inspiration: Eurosport, HRT Sport, RP Digital, Sports Illustrated, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, France Bleu, واضح WADA7, El Paso Times


Happy Pride Month!

No matter how you identify or whom you love, you are worthy of respect and visibility. And you are loved ❤️


🗣 Say it with video 🎥

You don't have to be a pro video editor to tell your story and amplify your brand. Power your organization with video creation.


Interesting fact: while nearly 3 in 4 homeowners express they’re more inclined to work with a realtor who offers to do video, only 10% of agents create video listings.

See how video helps realtors stand out in a competitive market and 5 templates that drive results. https://bit.ly/3pAHRds

Shout out to Frank Besteiro for the inspiration!


We are thrilled to share our strategic partnership with Shutterstock!

Together, we will power enterprise video creation and unlock new opportunities to help organizations produce authentic, compelling video content.

Read more > https://prn.to/34Os3tW


Save the date! 🗓

Art Patnaude of JLL joins Wochit's Garrett Goodman and Brianna Engelke at , sharing how to "Say it with video - Amplify your content marketing with in-house video creation to drive business results."

Wednesday, June 9th at 1:35-1:55pm EDT | at ContentTECH Virtual Summit

Register here > https://bit.ly/3vPmXcS


Today we celebrate Emily Harris, Wochit Communications Strategist, for completing her Graduate Certificate in Media Management from The New School in New York City.

Congrats Emily! 🎉

What's ahead for Content Technology? Join us for the ContentTECH summit virtual event preview at noon EDT Thursday, May ...

What's ahead for Content Technology?

Join us for the ContentTECH summit virtual event preview at noon EDT Thursday, May 27. Our client Art Patnaude, Global Content Director for JLL (a Fortune 500 with 93k employees and offices in 80+ countries), and Wochit's Garrett Goodman will share tips on amplifying content marketing through in-house video creation.

We hope to see you there! Register today: https://bit.ly/34kyeGc


Calling all creators 🗣

We are honored to be joined by Elsie De Marziani of NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises and
Andrea Girolami of Gruppo Mediaset at our fireside chat this Thursday, May 20th at 10am EDT / 14:00 UTC.

Our guests will join Wochit's Jason Harris and Max Bergstrom to discuss their experience with video creation, delivery, experimentation, and optimization.

Register today: https://bit.ly/3eSNNen


Looking for ways to improve your people strategy?

Check out Sarah Vogel's article covering 5 key topics we learned from the and how video can help HR leaders achieve better outcomes: https://bit.ly/32ZdqmS


Day 2 of the is underway!

Join us today at 2:15 pm EDT to hear from Max Paluszynski of MilliporeSigma and Wochit's Garrett Goodman and Brianna Engelke.

We'll see you soon: https://bit.ly/328CZBB


We are so thankful to have our client Max Paluszynski of MilliporeSigma (A business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany) join Wochit's Garrett Goodman and Brianna Engelke as presenters during the next week.

They will share how video can amplify your consumer and — all while remaining brand compliant in the highly regulated .

Would you like to join? Register today for the virtual event on 4/20-4/22: https://bit.ly/2Rv7hfz.



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Just found your channel and its awesome....no annoying reporters ...only wish there were no advertisements/commercials but maybe someone will create a channel like yours without them. Till then I will watch your channel. There's nothing more I hate then a reporter/newscaster with a vocal fry or one that talks up or is nasally when they talk or interrupts the person being interviewed. Thank you to whoever invented the concept for your channel....its about time.
Positive Words become a joyful reality!
Wishing to everyone WELL, wherever you are!
Keeping safe in Shelter in Place!
Cheering each other for success! ❤️
Safeguarding the environment awareness and wellness awareness collaboration solutions worldwide.
Video - storytelling
From securing large deals with big brands to expanding their offering to deliver quality videos, RADP - Ringier Africa Digital Publishing increased its revenue with branded video content. This is how they did it >>> http://bit.ly/2lKmvO8
Head to MarTech Series to get more insights about
Hello. I just came across a rather strange video from Wochit:


The description for the video says "Deborah Watling, the British actress who played the first companion on Doctor Who, has died after a short battle with cancer." And the video itself makes the same claim. However, that's untrue. Watling played the Doctor's 12th companion--there were 11 other actors who preceded her. I figured you'd want to know, as that's a rather glaring error.
Saw this on MSN today and your misinforming people of a few important facts I'll list the correct statements here 1. all ways check the owners manual and follow the Manufacturer's recommendations for oil changes and servicing in order to not void your warranty, average on synthetics is 4500 to 7500 miles unless your using extended life oils and filters, 2. Yes Cars made after the 1990s do in fact need tune-ups just not as often as the old ones, plugs are generally designed to last 100,000 miles if the engine is running correctly and using no oil and often even longer, however, you still need to change air filters and fuel filters hoses belts etc as recommended and even sometimes sooner. service manuals even tell you the proper timing and mileage to clean plenums and intakes to remove build up all part of a modern tune-up. So to say newer cars do not need tune-ups is, in fact, a lie. can you get 200 300 thousand miles by skipping some of this? Yes, you can but you can get a million miles easily if you service the vehicle properly and don't abuse it.

I am writing on behalf of the Royalist Town Crier Tony Appleton regarding derogatory and defamatory remarks made by another person called Vic Watson below this video on your YouTube account. We wrote a reasoned reply to his claims and which has since been removed, taking away our right of reply. Please contact me.
November 2017 -
Create your own or watch it. WOCHIT!
can you share with me the song title and performer who sings the line 'after you ...' in the premier for Princess Diana: Tragedy or Treason? It sounds very lovely.