Mobile Network Marketing Corporation MobiPromo Proximity marketing Solution

Mobile Network Marketing Corporation MobiPromo Proximity marketing Solution
UAV Crop Watch was founded by William Tait and is our registered Chief Pilot and CEO. William has been involved with data aggregation and analysis since 1998 and has put together a team of specialist blockchain developers, engineers, and professionals focused on positive outcomes. We are very young, but we are going to turn the agriculture marketplace upside down with a unique and efficient cropping production aid that the world has never seen before. We invite you to join our investment community and partner with a company designed to meet a growing global demand.

Mobile is becoming the biggest marketing channel in the history of man and all the statistics and trends are pointing towards an enormous marketing opportunity. Create Massive Advertising Revenues From Local Businesses… “Finally, A Proximity Marketing System That Allows An Unlimited Number Of Advertisers Who Manage Their Own Account Generating You Monthly Recurring Revenues 24/7/365…Year After Year!” At last, there’s a real solution for marketers and entrepreneurs who need a user-friendly marketing system to build their own network quickly and easily, without the limitations typically associated with other so-called proximity marketing solutions! Take A Closer Look At What The MobiPromo™ Platform Can Do For You… Other proximity marketing systems struggle to measure up when it comes to providing an all-around solution, but the MobiPromo™ system has a robust set of features that’s never been available before. Until now, proximity marketers have been: Limited to the number of campaigns they could manage due to management limitations, time constraints, device and technology limitations, and the number of advertisements a user was asked to download. Well no more, because MobiPromo™ users are only asked to download one advertisement while promoting hundreds of advertisers to consumers. Overwhelmed by managing advertising campaigns, but the MobiPromo™ system has solved this dilemma by developing a one-of-a-kind, self-managed advertiser platform which allows someone to sign up as an advertiser, purchase advertising plans and create professional looking listings, ads and promotions quickly and easily with no additional work or time commitment from you. At a loss when it came to spotting their most profitable promotions because there was no way savvy advertisers could conveniently track their performance and redemption rate. But with our exclusive promotion redemption and reporting platform, tracking your best performing promotions is automatically and conveniently done for you. Zero™ devices combined with the MobiPromo™ platform is a 100% device independent, location based, advertisement delivery system, meaning that it will display correctly on any phone, iPad, Tablet, PDA, laptop and even a PC. MobiPromo is compatible with all operating systems and phone manufacturers.

Mission: BioSense Project Overview In the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) era, the core business operation is digital data acquisition and demands of innovation at speed. The Biosense system is designed to acquire data for farmers, land and business owners, security, military, and government. Basically, there are three major participants in this environment. Farmers and Graziers Land and Natural Resource Management Organizations Security and Military These participants form an ecosystem in which consumers spend their money for information products and services; our pilots supply the services and the Biosense and Cropwatch platforms supply data information they need to make intelligent business decisions. Currently, the core of such ecosystem has gradually shifted from location-focused to platform-focused. The demand for a low cost UAV platform for rapid deployment, noninvasive and contactless measurement of physiological functions is constantly on the rise. Research has been carried out to utilize the radar technology, which is mainly used in aeronautical navigation and military applications, to acquire physiological information. Measuring physiological functions in a noncontact manner is useful for many industries including agriculture, healthcare, search & rescue, park management, security, surveillance, and military. And new radar technology can be used for this purpose. In the Biosense project, we create a new method for detecting the heartbeat using impulse radar, which has advantages of low power consumption and harmlessness to the subject. The heart rate is extracted by processing the radar signal in the time domain and then using a principal component analysis of the time series data to indicate the phase variations that are caused by heartbeats.

Mobile Network Marketing today signed a $5.2 Million contract to supply our Zero marketing devices to the United States....
Bluetooth Mobile Advertising System Specialists

Mobile Network Marketing today signed a $5.2 Million contract to supply our Zero marketing devices to the United States.

We are specialist Bluetooth mobile marketing proximity system manufacturers. Ultra long range models designed for high-density populated areas. Solar powered models available. Advertise your business for Free with Bluetooth proximity advertising.


04 April 2010 New Multi-Threaded Mobile Zero™ Raises the Bar Mobile Zero™ has been released after a long wait. Mobile Zero™, as the name implies, has been designed for in-vehicle (Land or Sea) operation. With multi-threading abilities providing up to 28 simultaneous connections, utilizing a four module high-gain antenna array, Mobile Zero™ can deliver advertising messages at an enormous rate per hour.


22 March 2010 Consumer Stream Network releases Brand Perception ServiceObtaining brand/product feedback has traditionally required a market survey through direct mail. telemarketing or a combination of both and in some cases underpinned by broadcast media campaigns. While the results are achievable, they are cost prohibitive, particularly in current economic climate.


19 March 2010 New networked Touch screen Zero™ to be available in May 2010.Improving your products by continual research and development pays dividends and our latest Zero™ Touch-Screen model (TSS Zero™) is no exception. To simply operation and campaign setup we now include a portable Touch-Screen model Zero™. The backlit LCD screen provides a graphic user interface (GUI) to guide you through setup


10 March 2010 New Campaign Management Software v2.1 Released. Compatible with Windows 7 and all Zero™ Series P devices.The new software resolves a number of issues with transferring data from USB and we've made it more user friendly. Upgrading is simple. Download V2.1 - you will need your account or receipt number. Uninstall previous versions and double click the setup file.


26 February 2010 New Proximity Aware "Tradesman" Zero™ released After a lot of requests to make a portable unit that can be carried with we have released the new compact Tradesman Zero™. The Tradesman is, as the name implies, a small portable mobile marketing appliance designed to be carried in a pocket, purse or briefcase. The unit is about the same size and weight as a standard PDA.


17 January 2010 New Multi-National SMS Push-Pull facility completed We are constantly working to expand our core platform services and mobile transaction network. Through Mobile Network Marketing Corporation you can reach any mobile phone in the world through our SMS platform services. Our SMS service offers your business a hosted messaging platform to SMS-enable any application, website or system.


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Our Bio-sense sinus rhythm tracking development is being designed to identify heart rhythms from our unmanned aerial platforms. Measuring physiological functions, in a noncontact manner from an elevated position is useful for livestock industry, healthcare, security, and surveillance. This is a breakthrough method for detecting heart rhythms using pulse radar technology, which has advantages of low power consumption and harmlessness to the subjects body. To facilitate a global service delivery, we are compiling a database of Civil Aviation registered UAV pilots worldwide. Recruiting and providing technical training to educate pilots in our ground breaking technologies. In turn, they will be working with agriculture, healthcare providers, security and military worldwide.


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