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Let's unit and bring Nigeria back to her former political economy resources.
Great. Information is power! If you are not informed,you are deformed. Cheers.
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I watched with rage on the 26th of June 2018 how His Excellency, Sen. (Prof) Ben Ayade, the Executive Governor of Cross River State was all grinning from ear to ear & busy adjusting his Coat & possibly dancing each time the camera was focus on him on the official commissioning of the Rice Seedlings Factory constructed under his administration & how his praise singers & sycophants were all dancing & singing to high heaven & also calling him all manners of names. Can someone remind His Excellency that that was the constitutional mandate given to him by the good people of Cross River, or expect our dear Governor want to tell us that the funding was from his private pocket?
Though, my problem isn't because of his smiles & dances, but the timing & desperation all in a bid to achieve a cheap political goal ahead of 2019, Owing to the fact that several communities are in turmoil as I'm writing now. This is time in BOKI Local Government, people no longer sleep with their eyes closed again for over a month now. That's, if there's anything call sleep again in their eyes as so many houses have been set ablaze, properties worth millions of Naira destroyed & several lives lost as a result of the communal clashes going on there.
What about YALA Local Government of Cross River State VS IZZI Local Government of Ebonyi State Saga/upheaval that just resurfaced again? This is far from calling an interstates clashes. It has been a theatre of war for over weeks now as over 5000 people are been displaced & 1500 house set ablaze & countless people reportely killed among these Waring communities.
This crisis has been in existence for over 20yrs now with each successive administration both Federal & States level watching the helpless citizens being killed, farmlands & crops destroyed, houses set ablaze & thousands of people displaced with Various Leaders paying lips service year in year out. I keep wondering & asking myself the following questions :
(1) What has the Federal boundary commission doing about this situation?
(2) Do we still have any body like that again?
(3) If yes, what's their responsibility?
(4) When are they supposed to act?
(5) What about the State boundary commission?
(6) Do we have one?
(7) Do our leaders derive any joy watching our Innocent citizens being killed like that?
(8) What's the role of the Security agencies in all this?
(9)Are they really for the poor masses?
(10) Without the citizens, can we really have a leader?.
In a similar vain, I was abashed watching His Excellency, Muhamadu Buhari, (GCFR), President Federal Republic of Nigeria, The "self acclaimed Mr Integrity" of Nigeria. In his usual characteristics of sarcastic & deceitful manner, profusely smiling, excited & even more smarter than I thought that day because according to him, the Factory is part of his Agricultural policy leaving me wondering if he has ever successfully conceptualized any project & executed it since he assumed the reign of leadership for the past three years.
Accordingly, I have no issue with him being so excited or even shining his teeth for the whole world to see in other to express his happiness. Of cause he (Buhari) should be happy because maybe he's thinking inviting him to come commission projects will automatically translate to votes for him to wine an election come 2019 for a second term.
My anger & embarrassment here is still the timing & the faces I saw with him on that day the of ceremony . Do you want to also know these faces I'm talking about? Of course yes. The entire Security/Service Chiefs were all in attendance starting from the Chief Of Army Staff, Chief Of Air staff, Chief of Naval Staff, The Defense Minister, the Interior Minister, Director of DSS, Police IG Mr Idris who's best Mr President handbag anywhere he goes instead of doing his constitutional duties & also the entire Security Personnel numbered up to 10 thousand in attendance.
Of course, I should be angry whole faces just mentioned here all in attendance "just" commissioning ceremony of a Rice Seedlings Factory & Naval Referral Hospital all State Capital, Calabar. Why?.
Even time of gruesome massacred of over 300 innocent citizens , Barkin Ladin & other communities in Plateau State by some group suspected to be Fulani Herdsmen within a twinkle of an eye? Yet our dear President chooses to go gallivanting together with the entire Security Chiefs leaving the Vice President Prof. Osibanjo to Plateau State just to go shed crocodile's tears with the good people of State in the name of condolence.
Mr President, the Plateau massacred happened on the same date you were dancing square Abuja throwing your Agbada for the whole world to see all in the name of your Party Convention with over 30,000 Security personnel, 20 Armoured Vehicles & more than 5 surveillance Helicopters just to secured less than 7000 thousand delegates who went for that convention. I believe when that ugly incidents happened you were notified immediately because Mr Simon Lalong, the Executive Governor of Plateau State, hurriedly left the venue of your Convention for his State to see to the unfortunate incident yet, you were unperturbed.
Mr President & my fellow compatriots, permit me to ask you the following pertinent questions:
1) What's the primary responsibility of any responsible & reasonable government?
2) What's the worth of human life in Nigeria?
3) What do you think would have happened if the crop of people that were in Calabar on 26th June stopped over between YALA & IZZI logical Government of Cross River & Ebonyi States?
4) would it have been a crime if the numbers of Security personnels, Armoured vehicles & Surveillance Helicopters that were of APC National Convention be accordingly redeployed to Plateau State where they are needed most ?
5) Where is that Python that was dancing in Aba, Abia State even when there was no music being played for it to dace?
6) Can't this python dance in the North East & Central where some Governors are resigning as the Chief Security of their States & where there are drummers & masquerade everywhere?
7) Where's the integrity of our Mr President?
8) What's Integrity without Decency?
9) Where's the intelligence gathering of our Security agencies?.
10) Mr. President, if a Python can dance for those who merely talked, what supposed to be dancing for those who kill & maim?
11) Can this be the Miracle working President Nigerians desired & overwhelmingly voted for in 2015, or should we wait for another?
These & many more questions begging for answers.
Also, Talking about our "SERVICE/SECURITY CHIEFS. Their actions can be likened to what Chimamanda Adichie write in one of her books titled "Half of a Yellow Sun". In that book, a boy named UGWU was brought from the village to stay with Mr ODENIGBO in the city & in a bid to impress his Master in other to have his place in the man's heart & not to be sent back to the village, small Ugwu decided to iron his Master's socks & in the process got it burned.
What am I really trying to say here? These Men (Service/Security Chiefs) instead of them demonstrating their professionalism, they are busy trying to impress the Mr President rather than performing their core duties. Some of them instead of wearing their normal uniforms with Nigerian emblem, will rather prefer wearing Agbada & T Shirts with Buhari's name inscribed on it. They are busy climbing down on whoever that try to be vocal against their Boss (Buhari) or those they perceived to be Baba Political Opponents. They can gather intelligence on whoever, wherever & whatever people say against Baba but can't/don't know what's intelligence gathering when it comes to Security breach/threat & even if you Alert them, they don't act or respond. Some will prefer carrying Baba's handbag to anywhere he goes rather than performing their duty as Security Chief just to be loved. On their own they can't visit any trouble spots except Mr President direct them to. Some, even directed to a particular place, will gladly flout the presidential directive yet they go unpunished, others who pretend to obey the directive will end up in one of the best Hotel capital with their concubines leaving some of us wondering & asking the following questions :
1) Outside a mere cosmetic design in pleasing Mr President, are these Men using their offices Professionally?
2) Are they really the best Men for this Job?
3) Are these the Men whose so many senior officers were forced to retire to pave way for them to be the head of our Security Agencies?
4) Mr President, are these Men worth remaining in their various offices as Security Chiefs considering the rate of killing all over country unpacified?
5) Even though we didn't complain when these Men were appointed from a particular region of the country against others?
What a Political Leadership!
What a Political Jabberwocky!
What a Political Somnambulism!
What a Political Fuddy-duddy!
What a Political Garrulousity
What a Taciturn on the part of our past leaders & elder statesmen!
What a display of Tantrum towards human lives by our supposed leaders!
May God save Bless & save Nigeria.
Well, if you are curious about the writer & why I'm writing this, I'm just one of the concerned Nigerians & currently writing from one of the FORESTS where I'm seeking Asylum as a result of government insensitivity to our plight & inability to guarantee my safety .
Please fellow compatriots, go beyond the usual like & comment. SHARE IT.

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