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Radio Jornalera Washington D.C. Radio Jornalera es la voz del pueblo en la area metropolitana de Washington DC, Maryland, y Virginia.

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Vamos a compartir donde se puede acceder al documento de la auto extension del TPS.

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Sintonice a la audiencia virtual para la ultima noticia sobre el TPS con los abogados del caso Ramos v. Mayorkas

Los Jornaleros del Norte - El Cochinito

El cochinito es un contraste entre el valor del trabajo del politiquero y el valor del trabajo del jornalero. La pandemia he hecho visible quién es esencial y quién no. Los politiqueros son un obstáculo para el bien común. Han politizado el virus y la vacuna, poniendo en riesgo la salud de todos y todas y han sometido a los trabajadores de primera línea a condiciones de trabajo que propician su muerte prematura.
e invitamos a ver y compartir el nuevo video de los Jornaleros del Norte – El Cochinito - un verdadero homenaje a la comunidad jornalera y una denuncia a los políticos que explotan y usan al pueblo migrante como chivo expiatorio y una pelota de fútbol politiquero.

Photos from TPS Alliance / Alianza TPS's post

Photos from TPS Alliance / Alianza TPS's post


Carne asada recaudación de fondos organizado por el comité TPS de Woodbridge


Voz de la Justicia TPSIANA

Festival Hispano 2021

Ma mañana sábado vamos a estar transmitiendo desde Harrisonburg, Virginia en el festival hispano 2021


1419 V St NW, Washington, DC 20009
Washington D.C., DC


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Greetings! My name is Cliff White, owner & operator of Cee's Industries,LLC. I'm being victimized by Mirror Law turf and he contracting division(CITI) and Walmart continues to standby and allow this shady company to be there sub-contractor. This is the same contractor that has nothing but negative reviews on google. Two weeks ago, Jose Lopez stated the following; "I started working with Mirror Lawn just prior to the pandemic hitting us and although I was hesitant to work with them...Warning for anyone thinking of Doing Business with them. Do not as they will pay once or twice and then send you packing." Another negative review, "(Cheney Lawn Care) Do not work for this company. Trying to get paid for services provided is impossible. They give you every excuse on the planet as to why we have to call you back. They do not call you back. I am still trying to get paid for services..." Here's another terrible review nine months ago;"Terrible they need to have there license pulled they don't like to pay. They lie and very rude. They want jobs done but don't like to pay at all...This so called business is a joke." Another negative review nine months ago by 4 Seasonal Services, " Absolutely no a good company at all. hey do NOT pay. ...DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM." Here is another negative review complaining about pay three years ago from Justin Greer, ;Scam artist. They owe me $3000. I have all the tried suing. Well you can't find the registered agent Hamada Shehata. So don't work for them. A bunch of low life's that don't pay their bills." My company is based out of Columbia, Maryland. You can easily look up my company at or my fb business pages; Cee's Cleaning Company or Cee's Industries. We have been building our company by the support of the Howard County area. As well as the DMV area. So, when we inked a contract to maintain 7 Walmarts during the entire winter season, we rejoiced to the heavens. This contract just helped out 50 families from different Counties in Maryland! We hired Mike Smith from Frederick, Maryland, i hired as my Sub-Contractor to maintain the only two Walmarts in Fredrick, Md. This was a big deal for Mike and his crew to be able to maintain both Walmarts! The funny but true story about Micheal Smith is he was trying to get the contract from Walmart to remove the snow that was blanketed over the parking lot. He stayed in front of Walmart until he seen my post hiring sub-contractors for the Walmart parking lot. He called me immediately. We inked our contract, Mike then went and hired about 20 to 25 guys( they are White) and they maintained those two parking lots for the entire 2020/2021 snow season. They have yet to be paid. Kody Gouge is a similar story to Mike's, because he, too, waited at the store until he read my Craig's List ad looking for Snow Sub-Contractors in Hampstead, Maryland. This young White Man quickly hired over 15 workers to maintain the massive Parking Lot that was already heavy with three inches of snow. He has not been paid as of today either. Chim Brown is a Black Contractor that was ecstatic to get the opportunity to make good of his 15k investment the summer of 2020, which was a Snow Plow Truck with a 2 ton salter. He was equipped to get money. He helped maintain three of the seven Walmarts. He spent countless hours making sure the assigned properties were taken care of. Keyonna was my administrative assistant at the time. She had family and friends within the Elkton, Maryland that could cover the two Walmarts for that area. And she maintained those properties to perfection. The perfection was a result of the fifteen plus workers she hired. Then you got me, I maintained two Walmarts in Ellicott City, Md and Laurel, Md, with the main help coming from Spanish Jarvis. He worked his plow and Salter tirelessly to maintain these huge properties. The total submitted invoice was a little over $90k. This is legendary for a guy to overcome what I had to. But, I knew I was in trouble. I knew Mirror Lawn Turf were a bunch of crooks. And how did I know this? Coming into the third snow storm of the season, I called off my 50 workers because of non- payment. I explained to Mirror Lawn that myself and others have already spent thousands on the Ice Salt in order to maintain the properties. They was acting funny with the money so the finances forced us to stop working until they compensated my company in order for me to compensate my contractors. It took them three days to get their mind right. They sent a little over thirty thousand. Here we are several months later and they refuse to pay the the remaining balance that is approximately sixty thousand dollars. Recently, Mirror Lawn Turf contacted me and attempted to persuade me to accept 39 thousand dollars because Walmart fined them a million dollars. I refused on principle alone. Believe me, it was hard for a cash strapped company to refuse 39 thousand dollars. But, it was also hard for me to pull over 50 bodies off of 7 Walmarts, but I did it. And it worked, and we got paid. So, I figure, eventually Citi or Walmart will not be able to dismiss the voices of over 25 Black and 25 White workers and contractors that maintained these parking lots and side walk ways underneath my Companies banner, during this past active snow season. Walmart and Citi chose to hire Mirror Lawn Turf, though they have never had a stellar reputation. Citi allegedly fined Mirror Lawn Turf a Million Dollars for mis conduct yet nobody is worried about the small companies that are being used then ignored by these conglomerates. We made it possible in these locations for them to be operable. We got many of these properties after they were covered in snow. Many customers across the Maryland State will attest they seen us out there doing a good job. PLEASE ENCOURAGE WALMART TO ENSURE THAT THE COMPANIES, SUB-CONTRACTOR'S AND WORKERS RECEIVE THEIR OWED COMPENSATION FOR THE DILIGENT WORK THAT WAS DONE ON THEIR PARKING LOTS FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS SFAETY AND CONTINUED SHOPPING.