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Sorry for any inconvenience but we will not be posting or updating any events until further notice.

We Will also not be responding to any messages until further notice.

We hope to return by the end of the year

See you Later

-East Coast Carnivals Staff



OUR PAGE CANADIAN CARNIVALS IS getting shut down due to lack of likes.

The Following Towns In Canada Will Be Added To East Coast Carnivals:

-Niagara Falls
-Niagara On the Lake
-Prince Edward
-Quebec City
-Saint John

The Following Places Are Fully Added:

The Following Places are Half Added:

Please Think of this as an improvement to the future!

Thanks For Being East Coast Carnivals Fans!

Suffolk Peanut Fest

Suffolk Peanut Fest

Dear Suffolk Peanut Fest Friends,

We completely understand your disappointment hearing the 2020 Festival has been cancelled. We understand because we feel that way, too. This was not a decision that was made lightly as we have a wonderful group of volunteers that work all year long to plan this event, as well as maintain the festival site itself. We have worked through economic recessions and relentless downpours and struggled through hurricanes. We are not easily deterred.

However, a four day festival welcoming 50,000 people is not an easy or inexpensive undertaking. And it's planned by a part-time paid staff of two individuals (who are currently furloughed) a volunteer Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Throughout the event we have 200-300 volunteers managing the production (as a side note, many of these folks fit into a COVID-19 susceptible category due to age and other health conditions).

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Suffolk Peanut Fest but not just in the way that holding large public events increases the spread of this virus. In fact COVID-19 has impacted our local community through creating financial difficulties for small businesses, eliminating employment, temporarily closing attractions and accommodations.

Suffolk Peanut Fest depends greatly on generous community sponsors, in-kind services, vendor fees and of course, admission fees. We can not in good faith ask our local businesses to sponsor Suffolk Peanut Fest at previous levels during a time when they are doing their best to keep their businesses and payroll going. And the same goes for our patrons - without admission fees, the festival cannot continue.

Many of you are asking why not wait until October to cancel? While we wish this was a possibility, it really isn't. Contracts must be signed; food vendors, merchants, exhibitors, artists, strolling entertainment, the amusement rides/carnival need to be locked into place well in advance. Entertainers must be booked; tents and stages rented; portable restrooms and hand-washing stations, and fireworks, light towers, fencing, and police, rescue squads, insurance, and so, so much more. If we make all of these plans, commit to these expenditures and cancel the event in October - there will be no way to recover. That would be the end.

Some of you say, tell the immuno-compromised and elderly folks to stay home. We always encourage people to do as much or as little as they are comfortable with doing - we're guessing that you don't realize that Suffolk Peanut Fest hosts events specifically for senior citizens from all over the area. We offer special events for pre-school aged children and we also work with our special needs community. We have raised money for various charities including breast cancer research and wounded warriors. Suffolk Peanut Fest is a community event for everyone.

Ultimately, we do not know what to expect with policies and regulations regarding public gatherings come October. COVID-19 may be gone or it also may be rearing it's ugly head for a second wave of infections by then. So, it's a gamble. Will the economy be back on track by then? We won't know until we see it.

We do know that we are unable to move forward planning a large scale festival not knowing if we can host 1,000 people or 10,000 people. We cannot subject our community to an event where social distancing is next to impossible. We cannot plan a festival while our small staff is furloughed. We do not want to cancel, but we have no choice. We are cancelling to preserve Suffolk Peanut Fest - so that this beloved event will live to see another year (preferably one without plagues and murder hornets and dust storms).

Your frustration and disappointment are palpable. And we get it. We are right there with you. Please keep this in mind as you insult our staff and volunteers, complain about the event when we do have it and complain when we don't have it. We're all just volunteers trying to make the best festival we can so you and your family and families from all over the region can have the best Suffolk experience possible. We want your kids to have memories of their first carousel ride, we want to hear you cheer for your favorite car at the demo derby, we want to make sure you get all of the boiled peanuts you could ever hope to eat. We want all of this and more. But we cannot deliver it to you in 2020 and for that we are very sorry.

We only hope that the disappointment you feel right now will translate into excitement and appreciation and love for the 2021 Suffolk Peanut Fest. We hope that you decide to become a volunteer - to jump in and "learn the ropes," so that the people who have been volunteering for 35 years can take a few extra breaks to actually enjoy the event instead of working so hard. If you have ideas to improve the event - we're all ears - if you want to help make the event better - we can use some hardworking folks to join us.

Never have you met a more giving group of volunteers who love what they do. Suffolk Peanut Fest is a lot of work and our volunteers are invaluable and we know they are sad right now, too. So, while you express your outrage about this news, please remember the people who made this decision struggled with it and it pains them and a lot of time, so do your comments. 🥜


From Dreamland Amusements:

Dreamland Amusements is a great American traveling Carnival company, with a great midway of classic rides, fast thrill rides, fun kid rides, Carnival eats to drool for and games to win.

At this moment of time in 2020 we are not going to operate any carnival dates. We hope the country gets to a good place sooner than later, so families can have fun again together with other families.
All of our rides are available to rent. For more information on ride rentals, contact us.

Stay safe and check in occasionally for any updates.


Rides That Will Be At The Delaware State Fair

Alien Abduction
Alpine Bobs
Balloon Fiesta Wheel
Berry Go Round
Bumper Cars
Circus Train
Cliff Hanger
Crazy Chopper
Dragon Wagon
Flying Dumbos
Fun Slide
Giant Mulligan Wheel
Granny Bugs
Happy Swing
Jumping Star
Lolly Swings
Magic Maze
Mega Drop
Mini Paratrooper
Monster Trucks
Rio Grande Train
Sea Ray
Ship's Ahoy
Street Fighter 360
Super Slide
Tea Cups
Umbrella 4x4 Quads
Umbrella Farm Tractors
Undersea Adventure
Wacky Worm Coaster
Zero Gravity
Zombie Hotel

Lorain County Fair

Lorain County Fair

We realize there are a lot or rumors out there about the fair. Please, if it is not posted on this page and our website, it is most likely NOT true. We do our best to keep our followers informed and post updates on a timely basis and ask you look to our pages for accurate information.


Lately, we have been tired and stressed due to COVID cancelling many fairs and carnivals.

We are not going to be responding to any messages because there are too many to answer!

Due to the stress, we are only going to be posting a few times a month. That could mean posting new events or cancelling current ones.

Saying that, Events May temporarily become outdated.

Sorry for any inconvenience!
See you soon

-East Coast Carnivals

Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair, Inc.

Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair, Inc.

The Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair, Inc. Board of Directors has voted unanimously to postpone our annual Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair until October 8 - 11, 2020.

More information will be available soon.

Thank you


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About Us

We had trouble finding local carnivals and fairs. So we thought that there had to be an easier way and other people probably had the same problem as us, On May 11, 2019 East Coast Carnivals (Formerly: Mid-Atlantic Carnivals) was started. Quickly, We had significant growth and expanded outside of the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Now, We cover Carnivals and Fairs in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, The District of Columbia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut New Hampshire, Massachusetts , And Most of Michigan.

Then we continued getting demand. We created a page for Holiday Events in the Mid-Atlantic Region (Mid-Atlantic Holidays). But demand continued growing for Carnivals and Fairs so on September 22, 2019 The Great Pacific Carnivals was launched. One Month Later, Mid-America Carnivals was started on October 27, 2019.

We have had more demand in Guam and Puerto Rico. Guam got added to Great Pacific Carnivals and Puerto Rico got added to Mid-Atlantic Carnivals.

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