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This week as we wrap up the year, we feature #WomanThoughtLeader and author of Tomboy, Lisa Selin Davis.
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To The Contrary would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday.

Donna Edwards on Paris' quota system

Could Paris' quota system on the amount of women and men appointed to high level positions work in the U.S.? Former Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD) doesn't think so. Thoughts?

Hadley Heath on gender quotas

The City of Paris was recently fined for the number of women appointed to high ranking government roles. The Independent Women's Forum's Hadley Heath speaks on gender quotas.

Rina Shah on rankedchoice voting

In light of the city of Paris' fine for "too many women appointees" , Rina Shah makes note of ranked choice voting. Are you familiar with the system? What are your thoughts?

Hadley Heath on Diversity

"We've seen more Republican women of Congress being elected this year. And they represent a lot of diversity." Hadley Heath

Find out what the panel had to say about President-Elect's Cabinet & the new members of Congress

Lara Brown on the election

Can the incoming Administration unite the country? Lara Brown speaks on the much needed governance and what the President-Elect & VP-Elect should focus on to avoid a similar party split we saw after the 2000/2004 elections. Thoughts?


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This week we discuss Biden's Cabinet and Paris getting fined for TOO many women in high level positions? - Let us know what you think.


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Joining host Bonnie Erbe this week are Rina Shah, Hadley Heath Manning, Former Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD) & Lara Brown.

Find out what the have to say about President Elect Biden's Cabinet & the fine the city of Paris is facing for appointing too many women.

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This Boston native may be another woman within four years to take steps on the moon: #StephanieWilson
Boston Astronaut Could Be Among First Women To Walk On The Moon

This Boston native may be another woman within four years to take steps on the moon:

NASA astronaut and Boston native Stephanie Wilson joined WBUR's Morning Edition to talk about the Artemis program and the chance that she could be the first woman to walk on the moon.

ICYMI: Diversity In The Biden Administration; White Women Voters
Diversity in the Biden Admin; White Women Voters

ICYMI: Diversity In The Biden Administration; White Women Voters

Diversity in the Biden Admin: How much diversity will we see in the cabinet and other posts in the Biden-Harris admin? White Women Voters: Is it time for Dem...

Patrice Lee On Tokenism

Patrice Lee Onwuka says we should focus on the policies from this newly appointed cabinet, but has race/gender played a factor in the choices?


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Linda Chavez on Biden's Picks and Race

Are the race and or gender of the people who hold several of the highest levels of office important? We discuss Presiden-Elect Biden's Cabinet nods with our panel this week. Here is what Linda Chavez had to say. Don't miss the full show, airing on your local PBS station.


Patrice Onwuka says it's no surprise so many married white women lean conservative #elections


Hey New York! Be sure to check out another episode of #ToTheContrary on channel 13 at 11:30 am. Our panel discusses President-Elect Biden's Cabinet picks and we also interview author Lyz Lenz and discuss white women and Democratic party. Full interview with Lyz coming soon. Tune in!

Female voters

"Women are probably the country's most thoughtful voters" -Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton


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Women voters

Erin Matson breaks down trends in voting among women #elections

Del. Norton on Biden's Historical Picks

This week we speak on President-Elect Biden's Cabinet picks. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton discusses his historical picks as well as the importance of black women voters.

White voters

Linda Chavez says lower middle class white voters could come back to Democrats if the party made the right appeal


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The Coronavirus has been here for many months now. WHY is the audio for the show so poor? WHY haven't audio people gone into each house and solved the room reverb problem? I do not understand why professionals aren't doing their jobs. Maybe you need me. I'm willing to assist for SERIOUS PAY. Whatever the situation is, it's time to get right. It's galling to have the host of the show have the worst room reverb. Audio makes the show. If the audio is bad, so is the show. From here, it looks like a bunch of people aren't doing their jobs. I hope they will go on to other jobs so that people who know and care can fix the sad situation. Get Professional. Do the work needed! Thanks.
To The Contary's show about "White Privledge" is a bunch of bunk. White people, for the most part, have lives as difficult as every other race in America. Why didn't she discuss, black on black crime, single mothers having children, why black mothers rely on the government for food, healthcare, and housing. I think you're being treated better than the rest of us. There is no such thing as white privilege. A million or two live better than most because they work harder. Why is it that most "black" broadcasters seen to be more than half black? Are they experiencing "white privilege" too?
Just listened to your guest discuss how she is involved with helping Women in Oregon get child care. It sounds like this woman has no idea of reality. Getting advice from Mrs.Trump. Really! How unrealistic is that. lmao
. Just watched The Hello Girls - thank you so much for sharing their history - and other stories of the women who paved the way- My aunt was in the Coast Guard during WWII - and I had the privilege of meeting many WWII women who served our country - . It is important that we do not lose our history to time - Plan to watch many more of your videos - Keep up the great work! MAK Major USMC (Ret) - - -
WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? HOW DO THE PROTESTS TURN INTO NEEDED CHANGE? ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ people need to be given a chance to be heard. all groups and schools and organizations on every level, workplaces, churches, neighborhoods need to get together and talk about what is wrong. the start is sitting down and listening to black, indigenous and people of color. We need to listen to women and children and LGBTQ+ people, and immigrants who are all subjected to the oppression and violence of our current systems so we can hear about what people have to go through and live with and begin to understand. testify about your experience and be there and hold the space to hear other's truth. then we can all come up with answers together. it's complex and individual and some cities have certain problems and other places see a need to focus on kids and there is no one answer. it's a messy process, but it's clear that the status quo is full of sick and racist systems that oppress many groups of people in this country and the reality is that it starts to become genocide when a government knowingly looks the other way at daily assasinations of people on the street for no reason at all beyond the color of their skin. we all need to take responsibility locally to tell our stories and listen to each other with open hearts. if we spend enough time talking then patterns will be seen and answers can come from pinpointing what we need to change. this is a long time conversation and it will sometimes be an uncomfortable process, but it's necessary. our basic civil rights and liberty depend on it. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." -MLK
Public funding of this FASCIST Democrat propaganda must be [email protected]@!
I just watched your program with Ingrid Newkirk, founder & president of PETA. Did I miss the part where you asked her about PETA’s kill rate? This is easily verifiable.
This show is bias. Everything i just heard. All democrats bashing trump with no facts. Get a conservative woman in there on this table. What a waste of public broadcasting air time.
Well, well... interesting...well, I just heard the moderator say, " we'd expect sexual misconduct from this white house and Trump, but certainly not from a Democrat !!! Haha. Just go ahead and say, hi my show is a joke. And it goes on and on...what a panel, lame.
Can a man be to drunk to give consent?
Abductive reasoning says that the numerous (thousands to millions to billions to trillions) arguments against the existence of any "god" or "gods" add up to the conclusion of nonexistence. Legal rights and freedoms only apply to real things! This means that no one has religious rights or religious freedoms, by legal doctrine. Ironically, the doctrine relates to the "fruit of the poisonous tree" one. We have education and laws dealing with sanity because sane, rational, constructive, critical thinking is vital. No room for "faithful"/delusional mistaken thinking when real problems are growing out of control. Myriad studies link religiosity to various forms of social malaise. Try to get some 1st Amendment quoting judge to argue that rights/freedoms can be based, without regard to real things, on nonexistent parties, such as a "god" or "gods". Prayer is mathematically impossible. Communication of any sort, from all of history, is known to be only possible at finite/limited distances. All of calculus-related mathematics (and how the modern world has been engineered), requires that finite numbers (such as for distances) and linear infinity (directly implied by any Abrahamic "omnipresent god" that "exists" without a limiting wall/cage of some sort) cannot be equated, only related by transcendental numbers (or linear infinity can be used to find finite limits). Simply: limited and unlimited are not the same concepts. Getting rid of the negations: limited equals limited. "Man created in God's image": by the same thinking, man has a shape, an image, and is finite. The claimed "god" or "gods" from the major (Abrahamic) religions all require that it be omnipresent, without a limiting wall or cage, thus infinite in size/scope. This even more obviously shows an attempt to equate, not relate, finite things to claimed infinite things. Mathematically impossible. Creationism is barred by the solution to the Basel problem and the Riemann Zeta Function provable Law of Conservation of Mass - all closely related to Big Bounce theory. Richard Dawkins and "The God Delusion" book. Bill Maher and the "Religulous" documentary. There are books dedicated to exposing the absolutist claims of the Abrahamic religions: claimed omnipotence, omniscience, omnibenevolence, and omnipresence. The internet is rife with valid arguments against any "god" or "gods" including many one-line or one-paragraph plaintive arguments. The Founding Fathers, especially Thomas Jefferson, rightly, roundly ridiculed the many inanities of religions, forging the U.S.A. to get away from the religious wars and their crippling expenses, in Europe. America fearfully reacted to the Nuclear Age with a Red Scare and Christian revivalist crap that has eroded our infrastructure, jailed many innocent people, spread fear and hate to every corner of society, turned the media into wanton liars, drugged the inner cities, contributed to planned obsolescence and unhappiness, created dangerous economic bubbles, turned our budgets into a Ponzi scheme for the military-industrial complex, wasted many resources, directly and indirectly fostered diseases, wars, and starvation throughout the developing world, and persecuted our best and brightest in sadistic and spooky ways. America has illegally silenced about a quarter of itself - the righteously outspoken ones. America has messed around with other countries far more than it's policed anything. America and the world are on a path to horrible ruin for as long as humanity is denied a fundamental understanding of reality. Enslaving lies will be ended, or they'll end humanity as we know it. There must be a carefully thought out, peaceful plan to transition to the truth, considerable costs of closely embracing reality be damned.