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DC Mayor makes 💪🏾move to Rename DC Street Black Lives Matter Plaza. AlwaysRealTalk 👊🏾 Presents Solutions Urban Cities Can Do Now🎯 to Make Black Lives Matters Through Economics💯

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Father talks to daughter Raggedy Royal about Voting, Capitalism & Influencing.

You better listen and not just hear young folks. @raggedyroyal response to how young folks are responding to police brutality thru calling out and boycotting companies and brands that are not speaking out on the George Floyd murder or the killings of black people in America.

She also is encouraging people to vote and hold people, businesses and elected officials accountable for how they use their platform.

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This is RealTalk🎯


AlwayRealTalk sits down with DC Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon Todd to discuss his re-election to the Ward 4 seat on the city council.

#RealTalk🎯 The Only Option is VOTING💯

#RealTalk🎯 The Only Option is VOTING💯

Is Diddy right to demand more from Joe Biden

A. Scott Bolden and Kwame Brown go head to head 🔥on Sean Combs (Diddy) remarks that he is demanding more from Joe and want his interest in the Biden plan for America. 👉🏾What are your thoughts?
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👉🏾Everyone is asking about Joe Biden's possible VP pick being an African American woman and will the democrats spend the necessary resources to energize both the Hispanic and African American community or is former President Obama enough? Josh Lopez keeps it RealTalk

This hot new 2020 Show keeps it real.


RealTalk: So many of us want to see our mothers, but also understand coronavirus is real. Happy Mother's Day ❤️to all the phenomenal Mothers❤️

Chef David Clement's Word of Mouth Catering shares how to cook during COVID-19

We are all at home cooking more than before..Chef David Clements who is helping cook for some of our first responders lays out some quick things to cook whether you eat meat or are a vegan. He also shares how to make sure the food you purchase for your parents remain safe during COVID-19. Support Word of Mouth Catering today @womcatering_dc


The one and only James Brown “JB” CBS Sports/ CBS News sits down with AlwaysRealTalk to discuss Minority Coaching opportunities in the NFL, ending a scholarship mentality, fighting domestic violence, advice DC’s own Petey Greene gave him and his book “ROLE OF A LIFETIME” Share this inspired show with your friend and family, so they too can be inspired.


Salute to all of those that are keeping our families safe and the world going.
Thank you 🙏🏾❤️
Beautifully done by Alicia Keys

The Fatherless Father: Out now!

Being a fatherless father is more than not knowing your father. Jay Cameron introduces the Fatherless Father.
👉🏾This is a must read book. Let’s make it a best seller folks.


As we come to the end of Black Maternal Awareness we, which should be every week. Public health expert Erica Ahmed and Stacie Stewart discuss black maternal health and the importance of keeping it at the forefront of areas that this country must addressed.

Do you habe to oay taxes on stimulus funds?

Do you have to pay taxes on the COVID-19 stimulus GRANT, LOAN you receive? How about the UNEMPLOYMENT checks you are now receiving? Get the facts🎯
👉🏾Tax Attorney expert Beverly Winstead discusses this with Kwame Brown on AlwaysRealTalk. Feel free to share with others.

COVID-19 Stimulus Bill. If you are a tenant or landlord, what are your rights?

Always Real Talk sits down with landlord/tenant expert Karissa Spann to
🔥discuss the COVID-19 stimulus new law that allows those with mortgages and those that are renters to defer payments.
👉🏾If you are a renter, what does this mean for you? 👉🏾If you are a landlord, what are your rights? Did Washington DC get it right?

AlwaysRealTalk: 2020 Update

After running for 5 straight years. Bernie's out and Joe is left standing.
Where do we go from here?
Is Florida, Michigan and North Carolina really in play?

Support our Nurses on the front line making sure we safe

A 🔥must WATCH and SHARE for those that care about those on the front line of the COVID19 virus. 👉🏾Should we be running outside 👉🏾What is the difference betwen airborne vs droplets 👉🏾what mask to wear and the do and don't of wearing gloves.
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Some things are just too important!

Hello DC. As of today, the National 2020 Census Self Response rate is 46.2%. The DC response rate is 44.3%. By comparison, MD is at 49.4% and VA is at 52.1%. I know that we can do better. Please respond today via phone, mail or online. It will only take a few minutes.
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Kwame Brown Salutes Earl Graves Sr.

We salute an 💪🏾American Legend
Earl Graves Sr. He created a voice and platform for so many black entrepreneurs. Thank you my friend. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Job well done❤️

The SBA Covid-19 loan, grant and paycheck protection fund

Do you really understand how the SBA Covid-19 loan, grant and paycheck protection really works? Did you know that you can be a dog walker can qualify?
Always Real Talk: Kwame Brown discusses with Carl Brown the Executive Director of the Howard University Small Business Development Center how the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan Assistance for businesses, private non-profits and SBA Paycheck Protection Program's work and the requirements.

Part 2: African American woman maternal mortality Stacey Stewart

Part II: Did you know that African American woman are 4 to 5 time’s likely to die due to maternal issues then all other woman and that in most cases can be avoided?

👉🏾March of Dimes, Stacey Stewart’s
Part 2 conversation on how to bring awareness and tackle the devastating issue effecting African American woman.

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👉🏾Just like VOTING is important,
so is filling out the 2020 Census Survey!
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RealTalk🎯 👇🏾👇🏾Sometimes you have to 👊🏾call it what it is🤷🏾‍♂️. Feel free to share.


As a way to support local musicians AlwaysRealTalk talent showcase presents 🔥🔥🔥@christinajonesmusic.
If you know any local talent you would like to nominate, please email inbox me or
👉🏾[email protected]

How do we help small businesses during the CORONAVIRUS attach?

🔥🔥🔥RealTalk discusses the CORONAVIRUS effect on small businesses.
👉🏾Should we FREEZE ALL REPORTING until COVID19 is under control to ensure everyone can survive and not be effected during the economic meltdown?
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A national crisis response.

Kris Randolph sits down to discuss what everyone is talking about. A national crisis response by Obama vs Trump.


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