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Here is something you need to take a few seconds to watch. It truly tells the nation what Memorial Day should be.
Dear Liberty Eagle....Please quit repeating stories and uplift our republican party? We the people are tired of the Joy Behar, Whoppi stories with the same message.
Please help promote this video, it keeps getting censored
Positive impersonations You’re invited to the MJ Trump w/Bernie Make America Laugh Zoom Show this Friday 7:30 ET. Plus we got Stormy Daniels. Request to be a guest to the show - [email protected] they will send a link to your email 5-15 min before the Show. Join us for a Gazillion Laughs, It going to be YUGE! Or your money back. It’s a Free Show.
Do you guy still stream that Florida radio show? I don't get the notifications anymore.
I have been sitting watching the Senate trial for the last 2 days. As the only coverage is on CNN that means I have been also watching them, something I usually avoid. But while watching I have figured it out. I have missed the real truth of what is happening. I must congratulate the Democratic party. We all know that politics has become a rather nasty profession when it comes to elections. It has become the norm to spend large amounts of money for 30 and 60 second "attack ads". All parties engage in this. But I have to hand it to the Democrats, and I would bet most people missed what I did. The Democrats have managed to produce the most foolproof, longest lasting and most widely reaching attack ad in the history of politics. Add to that the astonishing fact that they did not even have to pay for it. For over 3 years they have been attacking Trump and that is almost normal in today's political world although the Democrats have been more involved in it this time. But here comes the smart part. Since Sept. of 2019 the investigation into the impeachment of Trump began. Since then we have had constant testimony, supposed evidence and the wonderful unknown whistle blower almost daily. There has also been constant pro Democrat news coverage daily. This entire affair is based on Trump holding back aid to the Ukraine until Ukraine agrees to investigate Hunter Biden. I will not go into the causes or whether he should have been investigated. However, we get a totally partisan vote to impeach out of the Democrat heavy Congress. That brings us to the best part of the Democratic plan. We now have a trial in the Republican heavy Senate. We have the Democrats going over every single thing, in great detail, again on national TV. During the breaks we have panels of CNN talking heads stating how well the Democrats are presenting their case and how wonderful Schiff is. Part of this case is not just about Trump but about a very large number of his staff and advisers. So we have a no lose situation for the Democrats. They lose the trial and the impeachment is defeated it will be because the Republicans control the Senate, as CNN will constantly point out. If they can manage to convince some Republicans to impeach, then they remove Trump, but more importantly, it prevents Trump even being on the ballot for 2020. This is perfect. An all day, all inclusive attack ad, broadcast by CNN, with attack ad comments from the CNN talking heads, that includes not only Trump but a whole lot of other people as well. And the best part for the Democrats? The US taxpayer is paying for the whole thing. So kudos's to the Democrats. A taxpayer funded all day long attack ad broadcast with pro Democrat commentary covering the President and a lot of other Republicans. I would say well played, but unfortunately it just might work and that would be the biggest cheat in any election in history.
Why am I not seeing this on Facebook anymore????? I really miss my mornings with Brian
Why is this not on Facebook anymore??
Facebook removed my follow. Just a heads up.
The DEMOCRATS STILL WANT SLAVERY. They still get get over not being able to impose their will on their neighbors with the threat of violence. It seems they want to start another Civil war to try bring back slavery in Virginia and New York. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (D) released an opinion warning Second Amendment Sanctuary counties and municipalities that new gun controls “will be enforced.” His opinion comes as at least 86 of Virginia’s 95 counties, and numerous cities too, have declared themselves to be Second Amendment Sanctuaries. In all, over 100 local governments in Virginia have declared Second Amendment Sanctuary status. Here is the official theme song I was asked to produce as the official response to the Lunatic Left's demands Here are Original songs I wrote and recorded to try to prevent this getting this far.
Patricia Lorentzen Painter Found in Christianity Today, a magazine founded by Billy Graham and read largely by America’s white evangelicals: [T]he facts… are unambiguous. The president of the United States attempted to use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president’s political opponents. That is not only a violation of the Constitution; more importantly, it is profoundly immoral.... President Trump has abused his authority for personal gain and betrayed his constitutional oath…. This damages the institution of the presidency, damages the reputation of our country, and damages both the spirit and future of our people. None of the president’s positives can balance the moral and political danger we face under a leader of such grossly immoral character.” Not often my thoughts about faith and politics align with white evangelical Christians. Today they do. Wonder how Franklin Graham will react to this? I preach the following to Thurman about Donald Trump also made me the same traits of a morality of the evil of this man and his presidency.