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Truth is Revolutionary


If you are involved with politicians, "Make no friends with an angry man." Proverbs 22:24


Marriage is like a teaching hospital. You can both gain better physical and mental health and also be exposed to all kinds of dangerous staph,sepsis and flesh eating infections.


Watch Congress. Laws made on emotion will fail, will be costly and cause further division.


This is now happening before our eyes on TV and Media. Matthew 10:26 But never let them frighten you, for there is nothing covered up which is not going to be exposed nor anything private which will not be made public.


The difference between Free Enterprise and Capitalism: Free Enterprise says "no tariffs" at all. Capitalism is managed by big business which profits with tariffs, not just internationally but also internally.


Accommodation with the devil is equivalent to agreeing with the crocodile to eat you last.


Regret is metastasized worry.


Today I ordered new business cards removing the reference to facebook and twitter. As long as these two outlets edit out anything pro-America (anti-socialism), Republican, conservative and Christian there is no reason to be using their services. If you are interested in what we publish see the website


The Bible says, there is a way that seems right unto man, but the end thereof is death. (Proverbs 16:25) The consequences of a lie are eternally serious.


I am so glad to have visitors but FB is keeping conservative Christian and Republican commentary off the grid. I may leave FB and use only my 2 Web sites. You check your posts too.


Christians need New Year's Resolutions. We always need to reassess our place in Christ and what he wants us to do. Salvation is not a static situation.


A new book review from Online Books:

Immaculate Assumptions: All the Stuff You Heard about the Bible that Isn’t True is an enlightening and liberating book written by Cornelia Scott Cree.

In this book, the author presents thirty five common assumptions people have about faith and practice and counters them with facts and verses from the scripture. Moreover, she encourages readers to take time to read the Bible and lets them decide which to believe.

As a missionary who read the Bible in Greek, among other languages, the author clarifies some passages in the Bible which are commonly interpreted incorrectly because of the translation like the word ‘revealed’ which is mistranslated to ‘created.’ The inaccurate translation gives the verse a different meaning.

Among the common issues she raises in the book include the original sin, free will and evolution, which are discussed in other Christian books already published. Some issues, however, are more controversial like the reality of hell, the difference between spirit and soul, the virgin mother, cult and occult, Jesus’ marriage and the Abrahamic religion Islam. As if those are not enough, the author raises issues which are subject to (endless) debates including the value of the Old Testament, to judge or not to judge, Jesus being God, and the truth about salvation.

For me, the two most important issues the book raises are: first, why God lets evil things happen to people and second, how to read the Bible and understand the words of God.

This is a great book with very important messages. It is also well written in consistently casual tone making it sound more like a lighthearted fiction instead of a profound and life-changing Christian book. Though everything about the entire book is interesting and enlightening, the parts I like the most are when the author points out that the promise of salvation comes from the assurance of God, through Bible study and prayers, and that it is an individual and personal experience, also, we should read the whole Bible and not just the parts we like. I think a lot of believers can relate to that. Moreover, the author shares stories from her personal experiences which may help readers relate more.

However, other readers may find the author’s some explanations a little bit subjective. Though she backed them up with Bible verses, other readers may have different interpretations and may find her explanations unacceptable. Furthermore, though I personally consider the discussion on Islam enlightening and a courageous act in the part of the author, other readers may find it provocative. Finally, I noticed a few errors in the book including a part when an entire paragraph in page 55 was repeated in page 110.

I, therefore, rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. I find it interesting, informative, encouraging, enlightening and at some points entertaining. I recommend it to both believers and non-believers. For believers, that they may clarify some assumptions they might have heard which might strengthen their faith, and for non-believers, that they may learn some things and reconsider their lack of faith.

Immaculate Assumptions
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"Judging is about weighing what we know and estimating the consequences of our decisions. Not judging true from false keeps our brain inert and leads to big mistakes"


TO: Deep State Bureaucrats who think they run the government: "Pride goes before Destruction & a Haughty Spirit before a Fall." Be prepared to clean out your desk.


TO: Deep State Bureaucrats who think they run the government: "Pride goes before Destruction & a Haughty Spirit before a Fall." Be prepared to clean out your desk.


In a dream, a spider is a symbol of a lie. At 3 a.m. today I had a vision of a 2" tan spider in my bed,waking up to brush it away. Of course there was no spider there. But today I will be looking around to locate the lie that has entered my house.


For a solid year, hundreds of individuals have cursed President Trump, wished him dead, even carried his blood-dripping head photo around as a war prize. What is happening here? This is about curses, and the Bible has a lot to say about how this works. It always backfires!


I am constantly amazed. Each month I receive over 3500 views of my opinions on Quora. The people who ask the questions are largely from foreign nations. Their questions are usually those which are not answered on the internet because they ask for analysis rather than straight facts, like why do Southerners register Democrat but vote Republican so often. This huge figure is 2--3 times more readers than my blog. I pay money for my blog but none for Quora.


Many young people identify themselves as atheists. To us elders that sounds like some who is AntiGod. Not in their case. They simply do not have enough knowledge of church, religion, or Bible to be on God's side. That is our job.


Welcome new visitors: Check for regular short essays on Biblical subjects and little known truths.


I wish people would dump this “:context” stuff when talking about the Bible. What if I asked you, “Do you love your wife?” And you said, “In what context?” Man, you’d be in big trouble. What Jesus said is what he is saying now. His words are eternal, and there is no context at all.


I thought the people who trash the monuments to get rid of the past have a great idea here. So I marked out all the calories on my 4 Snicker bars for lunch so there would be no sugar. Yep, that should do it.


The Forgotten Man of 2008-2016, having suffered under massive financial and persona losses due to bad government is now enjoying a respite of mercy, and we need to thank God for his intervention and use this time to build up our spirits.


Bitter unforgiveness that hangs around can cause disease & is a form of suicide.


We may forget that God forces no one to love him, to pray, to praise, to even recognize him. Whatever that choice, it never changes reality


Democrat Platform 2017: Power without Accountability, Sex without Responsibility, Income without Work, Praise without Merit, and for many churches, Christianity without a Bible.


Aside from the tragedy of death and vandalism in Charlottesville, we learned something even worse. People who think you can erase history are either (1) as dumb as a box of rocks or (2) so badly taught they think something that isn't true about our history, or worst of all (3) are barking mad.

In any event the school systems are putting out people who can't think or don't want to. The result is the same:Uncontrollable ignorance and arrogance.


Horrors. I just learned my Christian web site,, is being blocked. We are getting more and more of this these days. Please leave a message here if that is what happened to you. Thank you.


Today's American media, newspapers and TV, fulfills the Biblical definition of "witchcraft" meaning Mind Control primarily through lies and the encouragement to do evil deeds, such as rioting. This is not about Halloween witches with black hats stirring a pot of boiling whatever. They stir the pot of public emotions and then rejoice as a gullible public follows through with events such a Charlottesville and Ferguson. They glorify emotions with substitute information.


If you (God) spent 4,000 yrs. writing & finishing a book (Bible) you should expect people to take it seriously.


Please check the online magazine American Thinker for my newest article, Schadenfreude for Conservatives. This is the 2nd one they have published. The first one was on Porgy and Bess and the American Dream.


Most critical need in the USA is critical thinking. Confusing assumptions, illusions, opinion and bias with facts.


We must not assume that because young people have discontinued church that they are therefore disinterested in God.


God said, "I watch over my word to perform it." He never promised to perform the word of politicians, celebrities or even you. Jer 1:12


Thanks to all my visitors for dropping by.


Albert Einstein said "I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details."


Billy Graham reads one chapter of Proverbs every day. Get your kids to do that and you’ll see a change in their behavior.


.The value of the Old Testament is to show both good and bad practical decisions and how they affect people's lives, and history itself.


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