Dobro Magilicutty n I were just makin observations of how the biz we're infused with has takin all these twists n turns, and at the same time we'd "atta boy" each other for just respecting, paying homage, honoring, whatever they wana call it, but for knowing where ya came from; roots of the soul and body of the music we're structured with to begin with, and sticking to what in the end,, just- sounds- GOOD. In the rhythm of things here in the cave, Ive always run into a couple player/pickers at the music store , etc, and offer my card for some quick kift lessons on their 6 string or bass, theres one of my favorite rebellious know-it-alls to date, ya, go head and sayit! other than me,,, uhhh,uhhh,uhh, my young walkin 'house-beat" used to think that some raunchy lyrics, a few comp generated beats, and a laptop ,,,,was talent. lolol,,, you better believe i had a ball with this one... i knew that makin points like referring to the instruments hangin, lapsteel, my fender bass and strat, keys and pianos over there were all played by his boring-shmoe-Beatle-luvin flight instructor, and that they were REAL inst's that recorded REAL music, again, but one sunday, i'layed some simple tracs for "brown eyed girl", 3 chords, infectious simplicity,he listened, the beat and flair got him tappin right away,, then i told him to find us a chop guitar trac or something , on that magic laptop of his. 3 hours later , and whinin like ya never heard for the little fingers justa screamin out in pain!!!,, 2 weeks later he did a pretty nice job of his first rec'in AND realization that plain computers aint playin music! i slept good that night too!!....rocnrol!

TOP RAIL REC's cover photo

TOP RAIL REC's cover photo

TOP RAIL REC's cover photo

TOP RAIL REC's cover photo

5th take... this is gettin serious...

5th take... this is gettin serious...




Top Rail was created back in Folsom, the little town i grew up in and where i met the creator, shes the hot brunette down below in the photos. One night , wasn't long after we were married, 3 am found me sitting up in bed feeling like every worry and concern a 35 yr old man could have was right there on both my shoulders just a pounding away with licks of insecurity and uncertainty that had me welling up SO silently i eventually woke Connie. I tried to explain the cloud, telling her how things seemed like i was looking thru this fence at all the people i loved, friends, family... how i felt as if i couldn't and would never get to them, i'd never be able to get over that top rail. Softly and with all the certainty of a calendar, she reached as she said, take my hand baby, and i'll get you over that top rail. Hmmmm.... Friends, you only THINK youve heard the sadness in a grown man's silent cry.
Well, there it was, that sneaky loss of control when ya get unmercifully mauled by one of a billion emotions specially designed to reveal, brush the dust off areas of the vocal chords you never knew existed, and take down the hardest hearts a few unforeseen notches. Wasnt suppose to go down like that, and certainly not this early in our loving togetherness. Shes seen me cry, its over, my Sam Elliot groove will never hold water again,, and i may as well start looking into what plants grow at what time of the year.
With a mix of why me and the feeling of loosing the leash on life as i knew it as it ran quickly out of sight, i also realized that i knew what others like my uncle felt like and were going thru. i recognized the moods and personas that people around me would wear like a mask disguising the beatings we were all taking. why? because i had a wardrobe all my own of what to wears- and when to says, a legitimate formula ; keep them laughing and the attention off of me.
Connie has that gift of falling right back to sleep, and i mean purring within a minute of the jaw ceasing to move. After replacing what leaked out of my face, i sat at the piano and in about 20 minutes, i had on paper what was going to change, not the rules, but the way i thought about the precious time i took breaking the rules. I wrote Top Rail in the light of, or darkness i should say, of addiction and the feeble weaponry we think is suffice in our early battles with it, but more than that, i wanted to acknowledge the understanding that I knew I was going to share with others and for when I'd said i can relate and understand where one's feet are in their journey, they'd know they were talking with someone who took a few slugs himself.
Nothing worth remembering happens over night, although i always tried the key in that door first just in case. It took me a little while to get the swing of how when ya look the other way and keep a level focus on what matters, those days that seem to just despise the smoothness of you and your ladies dance, soon become noticeably further apart on the calendar with each passing season. Since she looked at me with those eyes that have spawned more titles and hook lines than i can remember, TOP RAIL, the song gave us our first title track cd for the studio bearing her name as well.
After some, ok, not really all that much planning, the timing was all too right though, and after some time alloted searching Connie found this two-bedroom-ready for me to swing a hammer on, awesome hideaway on the side of a rock 3600 ft up in none other than WAYNESVILLE------N.C. ( thats exactly why I wouldn't expect you to swallow any of our stories and ventures with one gulp, because some of them are just too cool) In order, Top Rail was recorded and produced by yours truly back in Folsom in "06" right there in our living room. Steady inspiration and convenience enabled me to lay 25-30 tracks on most of the cuts, and to this day I still get a little flack when i explain the process in general, that i played all the instruments and tied it all together with just a Mackie 24, ADAT Recorder and one Effectron Reverb Unit. I don't think any musician's girl or wife-to-be ever really see it coming, that day the cozy and clean living room literally becomes what is equivalent to the science professors lab, a more than functional makeshift recording studio, equipped with everything i made noise with, two nice mics that took precedence over rent one year, and set times needed to scream harmonies to the music only i could hear in the head phones. Conn had walked in plenty of times to catch me in the middle of some of my best Joe Cocker moves!
We packaged 2000 cd's and went to selling.
The next few years resembled a juggling act being performed by a blind man. Another whirl wind of circumstance that the little lady couldn't foresee was the beating i took in the hopeless continual attempt to stay in tune with what this awesome business expects of a performer, while trying to fill that chair that she loved to cook for every night. oh, and i had to squeeze being a person in there somewhere. Nothing short of interesting. Ask my buddy Frog Foster!
I'm sure we resembled headless chickens running here and running there, and believe me, we weren't blind. We knew that right before us were a couple of bodies being slowly run into the ground with the chance of our love for each other running out of gas as well. I don't remember ever considering the slightest reconfiguration in the insanity either, it was as if there was simply no manual or generally accepted plan for slowing down. If i stopped someone would get there before me. Thats all i saw. Thats how our brains were trained. I did come to the point of thinking that we'd come all this way, for what? to just quit? NO. Thru the years I'd met guys and gals who kicked ass on stage at one time and just stopped. It would actually catch me off guard for someone to tell me " ah, i gave all that up",,, To me that could only mean that person, who i knew to be a gifted player or singer mind you, must've had at least a stroke! I know most of us don't go out of our way to look or sound like a goof ball, lol but i just read the last sentence , to make sure that i said what i meant and so forth. And i'm reassured in my heart that like any other group of individual s whether commercial fisherman to carpenters, architects to athletes, we come from all areas of reason and influence, but i know I'm not the only music maker that feels that if what you're doing with whatever gift you opened at birth, if you found that for 40-50 years it has been your passion and not just a paycheck, you're not going to be in any rush at all to stop doing it unless you simply have to. I told one of my clients recently that we'll "take a pause for the cause", but we don't retire... We'll run out of breath before we run short of creativity. It doesn't take breaks. Thats why the "artist" will ALways get that comical rap of "being out there like Pluto Daddyo"! Because we never seen the creativity factory without its lights on. And with all honesty, that starry eyed kid who's confused about the juke box he hears in perfect pitch between his ears, with that dream he can almost touch like a carrot dangling in front of a determined horse? I remember him. And after 35 years or so of gratefully using these hands for what they were designed to do, ive only changed gears within the profession. I built Top Rail for that kid , who when he walks thru that door and with that uncontrollable urgency to create, express and show his ass off, Top Rail will be more than happy to accommodate.
And what an honor it'll be to assist. When i think about it, it's one thing to apply the craft, but God love her, Connie found us our home and place to do it here in these mountains where a grateful heart can finally slow down for once.
Like yesterday, i remember the little lady at the store telling me my south Louisiana self would acclimate to the weather on these hills in no time. Ya...
It was different, it was beautiful. It was SNOW! And it was cold. But we wasted no time and started going over the mental blue prints of the next Top Rail. I'd talked about it for a few years, passed it by friends and family. I wanted to combine the writer's night atmosphere i cut my teeth on in Nashville all those years with a place folks could come to enjoy the music while dining on the authentic to-die-for cajun dishes Connie had been cookin for me and family since we met. So, for 2 years Top Rail Writers Night Restaurant was the place to be for the local entertainment and only Cajun cuisine in the whole town. It was all worth it too just to watch the locals pick up a crawfish and second guessing the idea of actually eating some part of the thing. you wonder why just two years? I guess ya have to know Connie.
An oncology nurse when I met her, she was always learning and/or doing something. With a gift for business like I'd never seen, she would take jobs perhaps offered by a friend because they knew her no non-sense line of strategy and ethics. Two Dollar Stores were revived under her management, one during hurricane Katrina. One year, she took a Baton Rouge Domino's Pizza store in a not so great location near the campus barely pulling in five thousand a week and within the year turned it around to the tune of sixteen thousand a week. I drove, she managed. the kids loved her. Everybody loves Connie. I got asked once like it was taboo or something, " thats your wife ?" I said sure, "she's my boss at home, I might as well come work for her here!" The same was done here with the restaurant. with three degrees in nursing and business, she'll get asked now and then why?, why this job, and not....? the answer is always the same. "because I've never done it before.
Neither one of us had ever been accused of staying in one spot or frame of mind too long so it wasn' t but a few months before i swung the first nail on the first studio of its name not sharing the title of living room or garage. Todays Top Rail Recording stands adjacent to the house and over looking Mauney Cove, a huge canyon as far as this La. country boy is concerned. As always the wheels never seem to stop. Personal music projects I'll never be short of but on going for close to a year is Jerry Gaff's first full cd production. I've become attached somewhat to a couple of his melodic children myself and as guilty as sin can be caught going into the tracks to do a little tweaking that we swore we weren't going do after a point. Ya.....You'll find his cd on as well my second early next year.
Well friends, you can kinda get an idea of what she's all about from what i hope was an informative and entertaining description of how two people of incredibly opposite backgrounds (cause ya'll know if she sings in the shower the water cuts off right?) would find the few but certainly enough, common threads that they'd use to stitch up their own unique quilt of life, and for twenty years now! Dam right that gets an exclamation point!
For those just starting to realize the climb ahead and those who've found the special joy in showing others where to put their first foot, I remember that last rail on THAT particular fence like it was yesterday. I also remember the dam splinters sliding over it. I ran with the packs that seasoned parents called late bloomers and used the justificational system of "I'll cross that bridge when I get there". I wasn't necessarily late to figuring things out , just late in thinking it was necessary to crack open that good instruction manual. Im still climbing. I suppose we all are. Only these days my hands are prepped and ready and the eyes are more conscious of the areas with a little smoother path.
Mac Davis suggested we stop and smell them roses once in awhile, and while I'm takin a little time to search out those smoother planks and rails, i do just that.
I could never give back or say thank you enough for the incredible and unwavered love and patience shown to me by this package of TNT I call my wife and best friend Ive ever had and dont deserve. May all of us dreamers and holders of that strange gift of song find our reason to never give up in the form of the most wonderful and confusing gift from God by far,
The Loving Woman

Thanks to every one of my family , each and every friend i was blessed to know and drive crazy along the way, for not giving up on me. All my lovin to you all.
God Bless you and yours,



First CD of "silly luv songs" that she brought to life with only her mere presence... and those eyes..    Conn was a nat...

First CD of "silly luv songs" that she brought to life with only her mere presence... and those eyes..
Conn was a natural with the lens, and really showing her stuff as the Arts and Entertainment page writer at the Banner back then.




There are " man caves", and then there are LAUNCH SITES Top Rail takes all who are in the mix, to places that the folks over at NASA have to strap in for ...

TOP RAIL REC's cover photo

TOP RAIL REC's cover photo

My Names Not Sorry

My Names Not Sorry

Provided to YouTube by Ingrooves My Names Not Sorry · David Wayne Top Rail ℗ 2006 David Wayne Released on: 2006-07-14 Auto-generated by YouTube.

More Than Ever

More Than Ever

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby More Than Ever · David Wayne Top Rail ℗ 2006 David Wayne Punch Released on: 2006-01-01 Auto-generated by YouTube.

David Wayne - Look Who's Back Again

David Wayne - Look Who's Back Again

Anyone watching us in those early years would've sworn we 'd break-up to make-up. I wrote "look whos back as if she wrote it about HER friends telling her wh...

David Wayne- True Love

David Wayne- True Love

"Unconditional", comes to mind....also, when ya think ya may have found it, hold on to it, no matter what, its rare. This song lets all the "Neil Diamond" co...


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Waynesville, NC


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Yo my Bro's and Sis's and Cuz's! , we're sorta celebrating 'round here at Top Rail, First ive gotta thank Jerry Gaff, my good friend and CD client who Ive mentioned during previous rec'ing sessions; forlooking into this new musician's networking site called Drooble. It allows us to network our songs, receive reviews from pickers and writers to engineers and producers world wide. After a recent mix and master of one of Jerry's originals, "Ramblin Man" , He found himself at the number three spot of the country charts last week and peaked at number 1, 3 days later! The site, and its concept allows the musician/writer to sink their teeth into the music industry like never before. Im excited to say that 2 of my songs are floating around the country charts as we speak, " My Names Not Sorry " is at number 6 and "No Problems Yet" is holding at number 11. WE can't thank yall enough for the feed back and plays that you've hit, having the primary effect on how the songs rise or fall on the charts. So, ck out Drooble and go to generas, hit the country chart and you'll see us both floating around the uppers! WE dont get to say that every day! Again , thanks for the support folks, God Bless!
to deprive a child, you awaken a false sense of unworthiness, deprived of an ice cream cone? especially upon common achievements? they wonder what of their appearance or performance wasn't approved of -- when an earnest effort was of structured intent and obvious self satisfaction, with the motions of their day or the singular deed that made their day. to purposely leave that type of question mark above a child's head would be seen as simply vile minded, a warped misconnection with humanity or brotherhood. it's NO different from the breed of greed an individual or major company displays when the God given knowledge and direction to medically save that child's life is suppressed in the name of "the dollar bill". many of us know this is not the first example of shadowing a cure in order to keep the sick and helpless paying for painful, hopeless treatments, and drugs. if these cures are offered to the masses, such acts in HIS image, of blessed humanity , would place an unruly cramp in the "styles" of the soul-less ones who heartlessly make decisions like this on a daily basis. these pathetic kinds of humans don't think like you and I, they cowl and grimace with confusion at the proverb natured thought that instead of feeding the pompous arrogance they feel when handing out a deficient offering of fish to the hungered boy, why not teach him to fish! truly a diseased mind that so many three piece suits and corporate decision makers walk this earth with, not ever exhibiting the first sign of troubled conscience as long as their air conditioners are blowing and their bellies are full. whats incredibly sad is these folks have their elders, their friends, and believe it, their own families, going thru the needless pain and sorrow of cancer, but their abilities to singularly say or do anything about it are so entwined with the nature of greed and selfish loopholes, the greed empowered wave is inhumanly perpetual. isn't it just insane that some of the finest business minds ever, colorfully intelligent and powerfully motivating, are in back of such decisions as...; Vit C, we know what it's good for, of it's requirements by our bodies. we know garlic is one of your hearts best friends. but, on the back of that label, you won't see any FDA approval. "INTELLIGENT PEOPLE, MAKING IN-HUMANE DECISIONS PERTAINING TO OUR LIVES WITH NO RESPECT --TO-- OR FOR THOSE LIVES". the pinch in my facial expression is common with most we talk with on matters as such, a disdainful reaction by any caring soul. one minute I'm floating on that pride we feel at the "NO-thought-needed reactions, verbal and physical, we as humans were designed to evoke and display in the name of mankind; right? but, turning the page in any given magazine or daily paper can have me, NOT so tickled to be of a race that without a trace of conscience, or heartburn id imagine, will go on making the continual greed based decisions to put the needless pain and sorrow of disease to the very back of the line of human concern and comfortably lives on paychecks given to them for HARBORING KNOWLEDGE ! OF CURES AND LIFE SAVING ABILITIES WE AS HUMANS OUGHT TO BE SHARING WITH ONE ANOTHER, INSTEAD OF LITERALLY PLAYING AN EVIL SENSE OF AUTHORITY BY PUTTING PRICE TAGS ON OUR FAMILIES, FRIENDS, THE ONES WE LOVE. shame , ... an ugly colored aura about many a form, that obviously many don't mind the stench of............... for children everywhere, who because of man,s greed won't get THEIR chance to make some wonderful decisions of their own