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Depending on the purpose of your printed materials, you may be able to deduct them as a business expense. This includes such things as business cards and other items used to run your business. Consult with your accountant for specific details.


When it comes to printing billboards, large format printing enables the reproduction of full color images in the resolution that’s best suited for your particular application. In addition, the colors in your image can be precisely controlled for maximum effect.


Despite the proliferation of electronic communication, paperwork is still a vital component of most businesses. Without a paper trail, it is difficult to track the history of a project and identify its key elements. We can print your contracts, invoices, letterheads, and related materials.


Ever wonder why it's called offset printing? Well, this because the ink is not applied directly to the paper. Instead, an engraved plate is coated with ink and pressed against a rubber sheet. The rubber sheet in turn, is pressed onto the material that needs to be printed.


What is DPI? DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, and the higher this value is, the sharper the image to be printed will be. For instance, inkjet printers print at 700 DPI for draft prints and more than triple this value for production versions.


Whether it’s for a yard sale, a realtor’s logo, or just an ad, a roadside sign needs to be big to catch a driver’s eye. Fortunately, a print shop makes this easy by being able to print large signs that have a quality you can be proud of.


When food meets ink: In 2005, Chef Hamoro Cantu combined commercial printing and culinary arts by creating a sushi dish prepared on a printer! Cantu used the Canon i560 printer, edible ink, and edible paper to make his iconic sushi.


If you manage property, you need to have an ample supply of contracts on-hand that are designed specifically for your needs. Generic contracts from a business supply store have loopholes that can cost you. The best solution? Have your attorneys draft an airtight template, then bring it to us for printing.


Don't worry about size. Large format items can be printed on the same quality paper as smaller ones, while still delivering the eye-catching look and style you want. Flat (matte), semi-gloss, and gloss finishes are all available.


Even if the bulk of your communications are conducted electronically, a paper trail of printed materials are still important. We can print and supply you with contracts, invoices, and related goods.


Do you use direct mail marketing? If so, what you mail is every bit as important as the customers you're targeting. Make sure your marketing piece effectively represents who you are, the product(s) you are offering, and meets customer needs.


Without the right marketing tools, it’s tough to get out there in the world and launch your brand. You can trust commercial printing services to provide you with printed materials that look just the way you imagined!


A sure way to succeed in this highly competitive business world is to introduce your brand using high-quality marketing tools. With the help of a commercial printing service, you can get your name out there for the world to know.


The classic Times New Roman font was first widely used in newspapers, but it eventually established its dominance even in general printing. A well-known example of this was when the Encyclopedia Britannica used it.


If you will be attending a trade show and competing for the attention of attendees, banners can make you easy to find. Have them printed on a single color background with the font in a sharply contrasting color for easy identification.


We will create a series of proofs for your approval before we go to print to show you how the finished product will look in case you want to make any changes beforehand.


Are you having a company brochure printed? Did you know that there are several ways that it can be folded? Here are the most common ways: trifold, half-fold, z-fold, gatefold, french fold, accordion fold, and double parallel fold.


In large format printing, UV ink or pigment is most often used. This type of ink is water-based and perfect for outdoor use, as it is UV- resistant and thus protects colors on large format prints from fading over time.


To help better manage costs, the first time you order printed items, start small and monitor how quickly they are used. Once you have a usage pattern established, adjust future orders accordingly.


With a billboard advertisement, you can really create awareness of your product or message through a constant presence, while reaching thousands of drivers each day. Large format printing ensures that your graphics and images are of the highest quality, so you can make the impression you want.


Unlike a photocopier that has to digitally store an image and recreate it, a digital duplicator like a Risograph machine actually makes a master image. By squeezing ink through the master image, a duplicator can produce as much as 130 copies of the source material per minute.


Commercial printing is big in the United States. In fact, America holds the title for being the biggest print market in the world. Coming in second place is Japan, followed by China, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, Canada, and India.


Who needs large format printing? You do if you’re implementing Lean principles. Lean experts often recommend bright, crisp posters displayed in high-traffic areas as an effective way to reinforce the core concepts essential to a Lean culture.


When having bags printed for your retail business, take full advantage of their surface area as it can display a wealth of vital information. In addition to the name of your business, make sure your street address, phone number, and web address are on there.


FYI - almost half of all retail marketing for local businesses is done through direct mail. When designing your direct mailing materials, we can help with color suggestions, layout, and graphic placement.


When competing for the attention of people in large or crowded areas, banners make you easy to find. Print them on a single color background with the font in a sharply contrasting color for easiest identification.


Print still appeals to millennials. Some studies show that more than half of the younger generation pays close attention to print campaigns and ads. Commercial printing services know how to tailor ads for age-specific groups like millennials.


One of the reasons why offset printing is not recommended for short-run printing is that setup costs are quite high. This is largely because several aluminum plates have to be laser-engraved with the image to be printed so a substantial amount of the contract's total price goes into getting this done.


The smallest printer in the world is the PrintStik, a Bluetooth printer weighing only 1.5 pounds and is 2 x 2 x 11 inches in size! This small wonder can hold as many as 20 sheets of paper at once.


Did you know that large format printing is also known as wide format printing or grand printing? Print media like POPs, billboards, banners, and indoor and outdoor signs are still some of the best ways to reach consumers.


When placing a order for printed materials, try to allow as much lead time as possible so that proofreading and order changes can take place before deadlines. That being said, we know that sometimes last-minute orders are needed and we'll work to accommodate these.


The resolution on printed materials is measured as DPI (dots per inch) and refers to the amount of ink used for printing. Larger dpi numbers mean more ink was used, which improves the quality of the text or pictures.


If you are having a grand opening, using banners to announce the event is a great way to draw crowds and to direct them to the location. We can print on the material of your choice and in a wide-range of attractive colors.


Did you know? There are typically four different types of printing processes in conventional printing: planographics, relief, intaglio, and porous. Each process works best for different projects.


There’s nothing too big that commercial printers can’t print! The largest printer in the world is 40 x 164 feet. It’s called Infinitus, and it can print images up to 2,000 square feet in size!


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