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I hear there's a new sheriff in town?
Bert usually hires people with zero experience so he can run his game on them.




TRIVIA TONIGHT! Bring your smarty pants on in and try to take all the winnings! We have cold cheap beer, yummy food and friendly faces! $2 Beers and $.50 wings $10 Towers


Come out for a good time, cold beer, great food, fabulous people and B Rad is playing good tunes.....all of which are at your request! $2 Coors, Molson, Rock, Miller Lite, and $2.50 Shock Top!


Don't miss Modern Romance tonight! They are at Riley's Restaurant and Pub and wehave the pleasure of bringing them to you! No cover charge, cheap beer and one of the Valley's beat cover bands is here! Totally syked!


It's poker night! I havr my chips on the table that its going to be an awesome night! Great beer specials and awesome food and people! Come out and play your hand with me here at Riley's!


Dont let Monday get you down! We have all you need to keep a smile on those beautiful faces! $2 Molson, Coors and Rock! $.50 Wings AND $10 Towers (100 oz of liquid heaven, dom draft)

TRIVIA TONIGHT! Flex those beer muscles, I mean brain muscles! Build a team, or play by yourself... win up to $50! First question right earns you a penny beer! Get your cerebellum's here!


TONIGHT: SOMA SOLUTION! 10 pm! Prime for the show with $2 Lite pints and $2.50 Shock Top pints!

It's going to be one heck of a party!


Poker night with our Beautiful Sabrina! Game face.... check.... thirsty.... check ..... hungry. ... check! See ya soon.... come in early and prime prime prime!


Whos got the brains to take the winnings tonight? Riley's Restaurant and Pub has it's trivia night with B Rad as our host. Win up to $50 in certificates and first round beer for $.01! With the exception that you have the first answer correct! $2 beer specials and $.50 wings. A good time ahead with great people! — feeling determined with Kirsten DeLong-Schlicher and 7 others at Riley's Restaurant & Pub.


How does this sound to ya? A bushel of clams for $39 and how about this one... $.99 per dozen all weekend?

Yep you read that correctly! Get em' while they last!


We have Rick and Johnny live and loud tonight! Show starts at 10pm. In the meantime: kick back, relax, and and enjoy COLD COLD COLD beer and awesome food at our bar! No better way to beat the heat! — with Rick Zauck at Riley's Restaurant & Pub


Chillaxin up in here with air conditioning and cold beer. B Rad is going to rock the house with your favorite music! Party continues with $2 drafts and $4 Refreshing Mojitos!


Okay everybody.... if we could get up and go to work on this soft bed, warm blanket, rainy, be on the couch, watch movies, kind of day.... then you guys can come see us! It's well worth it....we have all kinds of $2 specials for beer, $5 double smirnoff cocktails, and y'all can't miss out on the $5 BIG taco! Porch is ready for some relaxin and chillaxin!


What to do on this beautiful Saturday? We will tell ya exactly what you should do!! Come sit on the patio, put your feet up and drink a $2 draft! Its going to be a fabulous weekend!


Okay folks.... it's thirsty Thursday and we have $2: Shock Top, Magic Hat, Lager, Coors, Molson, and Rolling Rock. That should suffice! To stop the rumble in your stomachs we have $.50 wings!

DJ Statix plays all your favorites tonight. Weekend starts now!


Last day of spring! Celebrate with a hot summer cool and refreshing Orange Dreamcycles! Only $4! We have $2 coors, molson, rock, lager and magic hats! $.50 wings for that appetite!


Get out your pencils and sharpen them up! Let's see whos gunna win the pot tonight! Trivia starts at 9pm, get the first answer right and your 1st beer is a penny! Win up to $50! Get your cerebral gluteus maximus' here!

From 10pm to 12am well drinks are $2.50!


Tonight is the night to bring on the game face.... with $2 Bud light, Coors, Molson, and Rolling Rock pints. Poker is going to be a lil more than serious! Starts at 9pm, so bring yourthirst and appetite for one heck of a great night. Stack your chips, have some fun, and enjoy us here at Riley's Restaurant and Pub!


Monday Monday, so good to me! Its going to be an awesome day for rain, beer, food and trivia! Stay dry and happy with us today with $10 Bud, Bud Light towers, $2 Rock, Molson, or Coors Light pints AND.... $$$.50 wings, any flavor in any amount! Who has the smarts to be here and win up to $50?


Thursday is here and the weather has chilled a bit! Come in and enjoy some fine spirits and food with Jen, Tanya and Alex! $2 can get you a whole lot here! Magic Hat, Molson, Coors Lite, Lager, Shock Top and Rolling Rock! Don't forget we have $.50 wings too! DJ tonight to play your favorites!


Poker Tuesday! Game face on..... check. Cold beer..... check. Good food.... check. Sabrina here...... check. Great prices..... check check!


Trivia trivia trivia trivia! Who's it going to be tonight? Excited to see the results. We are going to have to have a showdown soon! $10 towers of Bud and Bud Light, $2 Rock, Molson and Coors! Brad is the hostest with the mostest! Good times are upon us! Look for the first question for a penny!


Saturday wooooot!..... beat the heat here. Breakfast was awesome and so was the parade. AC is pumping out the cold air and Primevil Atom will be pumping out the jams at 10pm to close. $2 beer specials... miller lite, molson, coors lite and rock!


Thirsty Thursday! One day til a BIG weekend! Get your drink on with Jen and Tanya today and tonight! $2 Lager, Coors, Rock or Molson to go with your $.50 wings!



Saturday: we are open at 9am for breakfast! And we have Primevil Atom at10pm! Ohhhh this is going to an epic weekend!

Today we have you clams for a ridiculous price of $.99 per dozen so get your $2 Heinies here!


Poker night tonight! Sabrina and I will be here to serve up smiles, food, beer, and spirits! Lots of beer specials! Come on out, we wanna see your chips stacked!


Happy Memorial Day! For all you who have served, thank you! For those of you who have family serving, may they come home safe and many thanks to them for their service. For all those who have passed during or after serving this country, you are not forgotten. Thank you all for keeping our country free!


Trivia night.... I personally have brought some goodies for our teams! You still get that first beer for $.99 if you get the first question right! Win up to $50 and its nothing but a great time with fabulous people and good competition! I have bets on who's winning... don't let me down.

$.50 wings
$2 wells from 10 to 12am
$2 Rolling Rock
$2 Molson
$2 Coors
$4 pint of Adult Raspberry Lemonade

No reason for y'all not to be here!


Nick Cerniglia is here tonight at Riley's! $2 lite pints, Molson, Coors, Rollin Rock and $2.50 for Shock Top! Memorial Day weekend is kicking in high gear here and we got all you need to celebrate!


Tonight.... from 10 to 12 $2 well drinks!! Jennifer is always taking care and looking out for you!


Alrighty y'all. ... Thirsty Thursday, and we have all the great specials. So pay attention, listen close:$2 Shock Top, Magic Hat, Lager, Molson, Coors and RockAnd to top it off... we have $.50 wings! — withJennifer Hudak and D.j. Alex P at Riley's Restaurant & Pub.


Ohhhhh you know what day it is!! Poker Poker Poker Night! ZZ Top's Cheap Sunglasses comes to mind! Starts at 9:30 pm tonight. Get your game face on and join Sabrina for a good time! $2 for Dos Equis, Bud Light, Coors or Molson!


Trivia night! Got our game on and I bet y'all do too!
$2 Rock, Coors, and Molson!
$5 dbl Smirnoff pints!

Let the battle continue! Good Luck to you all! We have our wager in! Keep looking for that first question! $.01 for your first beer if you get it right!


LSaturday Saturday Saturday. .... what to do? We have so many specials going now,let us start out with $5 long islands.... yeah you read it right! $2- gets you a Molson, Coors, or Rock pint! Not only that but we have B Rad tonight at 10 with all your requests! House is rockin!


IT'S FRIDAY FINALLY! We made it! Time to celebrate! Eat good.... check.. we have $.99 clams! Drinks..... check.... we have $2 lite pints!... entertainment you ask? Check ckeck.... we have B Rad and all your requests played. It's a party for sure! See ya soon!


Today once again we have $.99 per dozen clams! $2 Shock Top, Lager, and Magic Hat bottles! So we can quensh your thirst on this Thirsty Thursday! DJ tonight and nothing but a great time in store for you here!


Its Wednesday and we have your clams piping hot and inexpensive! $.99 per dozen! $2 Heinekens and our Ms. Debbie and later with Elaine! Join the fun and get your clam on!


Who has on their poker face? Tonight get your game and drink on with Sabrina! We have $2 Dos Equis, Bud Light, Coors and Molson!

Don't forget the BIG Taco for $5! So no excuses! Get your rumps here for some cheers and beers!


Regardless of Monday's reputation, Mondays here at Riley's is a fantastic time withe awesome people! TRIVIA night! Come in and win up to $50 in gift certificates! Make a team or keep it all to yourself! $2 Miller Lite $2 Molson $2 Rock and $.50 wings! Do your homework and your first beer is free! Look for the question! Find the answer! B Rad is our host and he will be sure to try and stump ya!


Happy Mother's Day! We suggest bringing your mom in for a nice meal and cold beverage. We will give you 20% of of your meal (food) if you introduce your mom to our staff! Ms. Debbie and Jen will be serving it all up with beautiful smiles and a sure to be good time!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Riley's last night and Friday night! It was great to see so many new faces along with all of our regulars. Each and everyone of you made this weekend awesome! Thank you! Now get your butts up and come in for a cure. ... mmmmmm bloody marys!


DJ B Rad tonight! Last night was a bangin fun good time. Party continues with $2 Miller Lite pints and $2.50 Shock Top pints! A big thanks to all that came out and partied with us last night... what a blast!


Are you ready for a clam jammin kind of night?

It's Friday and we have your jams, clams and cheap beer! $2 Miller $.99 a doz of clams! DJ B Rad, January, and Tanya Are here to serve Iit all up to ya!

Ms. Debbie has you covered today and she's got the smile and music going on the juke box!


Thirsty Thursday everyone! And we have beer specials to quench your thirst.... $2 Shock Top, Magic Hat and Yuengling.... just for allof you beautiful people!Later tonight DJ Alex to entertain you with some loud and proud jams


We have a dozen of clams for $.99 today! Come in and get em while they last! Debbie and Elaine will be serving up your food with smiles and a good time! Tom will be playing your favorite oldies! Don't forget we have great beer specials too! $2 Heinies!


4505 Main St
Whitehall, PA



(610) 262-9911


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