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Why it's dangerous to not have a page for your business #socialmedia

Facebook and Twitter spoke today with US Senators- sitting next to an empty chair. Google did not show.https://techcrunc...
Highlights from the Senate Intelligence hearing with Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter spoke today with US Senators- sitting next to an empty chair. Google did not show.

Another day, another political grilling for social media platform giants. The Senate Intelligence Committee’s fourth hearing took place this morning, with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey present to take questions as U.S. lawmakers continue to probe how foreign influen…


Do you have a purpose statement? Have you sat down and really thought about your why?

I want to know yours!


I love seeing people use #socialmedia not only for business but to make a difference!! I'll post the link in the comments!


I think my favorite thing is taking a client's linked in from 50 people to 500+ people in less than a week- with only quality, important connections. LinkedIN is by far the most overlooked social media/networking tool available to all of us!


How often does it happen that you plan on Friday to spend time on social media marketing and then you realize on Sunday that you completely forgot?!

I bet it happens more than we like! This is why scheduling posts is so important and one of the best uses of time. Sit down and spend an hour or two planning your content for the weekend! At that point, all you have to do is engage with your audience


Does timing matter?

Of course it does. In life, in love, and definitely in social media. I wish this the easy answer that a lot of articles are trying to summarize it to but unfortunately - it isn't.

If your customers are entrepreneurs - your posts should be as early as possible. Your customers are up and running the second their alarms go off. In order to be in front of them, you better make their timeline right after their morning meditation.

If your customers are working millennials, you have their morning coffee break and then you won't get their attention again until lunch or after 5 PM.

Your customer base dictates the schedule you should be posting on but regardless - you should aim to create meaningful content at least twice a day. If your content is not creating conversation, it will quickly be buried in the newsfeed of babies and engagements.

Learning timing is one of the most important parts of social media marketing and hitting your key target audience. It is not just about how many people see your content but making sure that it is the right people... your customers.


Sunday is the best day for Social Media improvement. Everyone is off work and scrolling through Facebook and IG. Way more likely to see your posts.

What are you doing today to increase your customer base?


Lets talk about authenticity.

I know thats a scary word. Mostly because it hasn't meant anything in recent years. IG three years ago was about buying likes (or showing ass) and Facebook was your ex boyfriend's new girlfriends feed. Well... luckily, we've changed.

Authenticity is now the name of the game.

So to be my most authentic self, I am terrified to jump in to this journey as an #entrepreneur. I have a great team behind me and all the knowledge in the world but its still scary. Many people's journeys start with hating their day job. but I LOVE my day job. I am just so sure this is the path.

And sometimes its the s**t you're most scared of that is meant for you. The day I stepped foot in to my first entrepreneurship at Kennesaw State University I knew that my life had changed. I didn't have a business yet but my mindset changed- and just like that I was an entrepreneur. I would never again be happy working for someone else.

That was two years ago and that (plus many classes and hard work and research) have led us here. So in the interest of authenticity- what scares you? Whats the thing you've been waiting to do and haven't yet? Because authenticity is the key to engagement.

Content does not only need to be eye catching, it needs to be meaningful. Facebook and other social media apps are pushi...
The New Facebook Algorithm: Secrets Behind How It Works and What You Can Do To Succeed

Content does not only need to be eye catching, it needs to be meaningful. Facebook and other social media apps are pushing pages down in favor of groups and one-on-one connections. Staying connected is getting harder and harder to do.

An inside look into the brand new Facebook Algorithm for 2018 with information directly from an exclusive News Feed webinar for publishers. Here's what brands and marketers need to know.


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