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Chase Rhythm Recording Full production recording studio / rehersal space Chase Rhythm Recording® was formed in 2004, and is a subsidiary of Chaosaudio Design N.Y.C, We are conveniently located in North Atlanta near 575 and Bellsferry Road.

Our goal is to provide world-class quality recordings and products without breaking your budget. We have the latest gear and technology to make your next project perfect. Our turnkey approach makes it easy to do all production phases in one place, or mix and match for any task. No project is too large or small. We specialize in all styles of music, from Bach to Rock. We are a one stop shop !! Digital media designs and layouts by: Custom Airbrush artwork (banners,backdrops,kick drum head artwork,guitars,drums ect) done by: Mystic Ink airbrush Recording, Pre-production & Demos Mastering & Re-Mastering CD & DVD Audio Location Recording (all venues or your place) Facilities & Design Consultation Sound Restoration Archiving & Forensics Short-run CD duplication(Less than 200) All custom projects are supplied as stereo mixes and separate tracks for later mixing. Non-exclusive files are supplied in stereo and may have individual tracks available. We strongly suggest that you publish and register your project, including the writer(s) credit(s). All items will be supplied with the writer(s) name(s) and contact information. As well, we will supply the writer(s) with the client’s contact information for publishing and tracking purposes. All fees are payable by cash or Check to Chase Rhythm Recording. If using PayPal: (Add 4% of total.) Acoustical design Our studios and remote (location) recording facilities draw from a large inventory of microphones, black boxes, plumbing and cabling. Here is the basic list (in-house). Chase Rhythm Recording has a substantial amount of large and small stands, booms, cables, and specialty items for use in remote/location recording EQ Pultec EQP-1a Pultec PRO Cambridge EQ Helios 69 EQ Precision EQ NEVE 1073 NEVE 1081 Compressors Fairchild Precision Limiter Channel Strips NEVE 88RS NEVE 33609 Reverb/EFX Boss CE-1 Chorus RealVerb PRO Plate 140 DreamVerb Waves SSL4000 Waves API Collection Waves V Series Cooper Time Cube MkII Precision Maximizer Precision Enhancer Khz Precision De-Esser Little Labs IBP Phase Alignment Tool SPL Transient Designer Waves Mercury Bundle Sonalksis Bundle Sony Oxford Bundle URS Everything EQ URS Classic Compressor URS Pro Channel Strip Abby Road EMI 12413 Audio Damage 6.1 surround mixing and Dolby ProLogic II & DTS coding is available. Full automation. ADAM A-7 Near Field and Tannoy System 1200 monitors with Hafler TransNova & Crown amps. Mac G5 & PC Windows XP Pro fast Tascam DV-RP1000 CD/DVD recorder. MCI/Sony 8-track 1-INCH analog recorder. ZOOM H4 Portable digital Stereo or 4-track recorder with 4-GIG cards. Ampex ATR-100 2-track 1/2-inch recorder. Otari MTR 10-C 1/4-inch 2-track recorder with extra 1/4-track playback head. Sony cassette recorder. Sony MiniDisc recorder. Nakamichi Dragon cassette recorder. JVC SVHS recorder/player with SMPTE code reader/generator & jam sync. Sony DVD player with DTS. WAVES MaxxBCL multi-processor 8-channel tube processor using 12AX7's. DBX tube and solid state limiters (6 channels). DBX 160X Limiter Presonus limiters & gates (4 channels). Focusrite Octo-Pre Platinum 8-channel Microphone Preamp TC Electronic System 6000 reverb with Backdrop® option. Lexicon Rreverb & FX units. The famous “stairwell” blues reverb (analog). * Rupert Neve Designs- Portico 5042 "True Tape" 2-channel emulator. * Rupert Neve Designs- Portico 5012 2-channel microphone preamp. (2) * Sound Performance Labs Transient Designer 4 (4 channels). BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer. Eventide DSP 7500 Harmonizer. TC Electronic Finalizer. TC Electronic Intonator (pitch correction & effects). Fishman Aura guitar modeler. Rane Parametric equalizers. (2) Presonus 2-channel digital 1/3-octave graphic equalizer. DBX 120A sub-harmonic synthesizer. Roland Boss click generator (or ProTools/Steinberg) BURST Eelectronics time code reader/generator/jam sync unit. HEAR Technologies 6 headphone monitor system & custom backup monitor. Beyer, Sony & Audio-Technica headphones. M-Audio A-D & D-A 24/96 stereo converters. (6) JBL 4311 Studio monitors. (Wright monitors in Studio B). JDI passive direct boxes. Line 6 Guitar & Bass pods. 12-channel D.I. system for synthesizers. 2 Channels DOLBY A encode/decode. 4 Tube microphone preamps. TC Electronic M300 reverb & effects unit (2 engines). DBX dual graphic EQ. Presonus 1/3-octave graphic EQ. Sony 2000ES DAT recorder. Nakamichi CR-3A cassette deck. Denon CD players (2). Toshiba DVD/SACD player. Instruments & toys here (included with studio booking) PDP maple kit Zilidjian A custom cymbals & hat. (Midi-triggered snare & kick available) Precision drum tuning gauge. Drummer’s percussion toy kit with shakers, rattlers, whistles, tambourines, and more. Roland digital tuners. Pearl Band-Style Bell/Xylophone (Bright Sound!) Marshall, Vox & Ibanez amps. (Other amps & heads available for rental.) Marshall 1960-A Cabinet Morley WAH pedal POG and HOG boxes Micro Synthesizer (new version - 2008) Jackson Bass. (Plunker) Fender Strat guitar. (Plunker) Roland JV-1080 box, fully loaded. Triton Extreme synthesizer (88 keys). MOOG Professional Etherwave Theremin. Yamaha MOTIF XP8 Keyboard 4-channel RANE headphone monitor system. STUDIO B , Studio B is fast becoming Atlanta’s best drum room, with many clients just cutting drums here. Load-in is extremely easy, and the studio is video-linked to Studio A. B is also great for larger vocal groups, brass & strings, And full band rehersal space rented hourly , weekly or monthly. The room is often used in conjunction with Studio A. For conveinient rehersal space we offer two live rooms(providing no sessions are booked) Equipped with A P.A system , Drums , recording options from a stereo “board mix” done by the artist, or multitracked thru studio A . excellent reference tool for writing new material. Chase Rhythm Recording is a in home recording facility, meaning ALL THE EMINITIES OF HOME Two decks , A Cazebo , a grill , a smoker , Gym equipment , Fish Bowl Room ( sunroom off rear deck ) With couch, large t.v , dvd/vhs player , a stereo and everything needed to relax . Wifi thru out studio and house, Video serveilience , keypad entry to all studio doors. What to expect... What to expect while in session at C.R.R ARRIVE ON TIME: setting up instruments/mics, etc can take some time upon arrival we will set up instruments, cabs, and set line levels and compressors. Full day session runs from 10:00am to 12:00 pm. Cost per day is a flat rate of $250 if you are late or unprepared it can become frustrating and leed to distractions. So please rehearse your parts outside of the studio and have a general idea of what you will be playing. AGAIN we will work with you as much as possible. Also friends and family should not accompany you to the studio during your recording session. Past experience is that productivity, creativity and over all performances suffer if You must have an entourage. Please wait until all recording is complete and we move on to the mixing process. Services & Fees Our services include CD recording, tracking, editing, overdubs, talk overs, mixing, remixing, karaoke demos and mastering/remastering. We also offer a variety of in-house equipment available for use as well as access to any other gear you may need. In house musicians are available for all your creative needs. We run a number of different packages to fit in your budget, most popular is the all day session running from 10am-12pm cost per day is 250.00. A lot is accomplished providing artist is well rested and has little distractions. Other packages include 20 hour block…………………………………………………...500.00 40 hour block …………………………………………………...800.00 Full production with producer 8-10 songs ….…..1250.00 MASTERING 40.00 per song LIVE RECORDING 400.00 set up and tracking fee. 15.00 per hour mixing at studio. *Prices are subject to vary based on specific needs.

Operating as usual


Killer little 3 song session last night with Tommy wales!!
waiting to choose someone for vox
Awesome working with you kats ! Always a breeze when the players are good !!

Chase Rhythm Recording's cover photo

Chase Rhythm Recording's cover photo

Chase Rhythm Recording

Chase Rhythm Recording

Always a little messy but atleast it shows im keepin busy

Always a little messy but atleast it shows im keepin busy

Always a little messy but atleast it shows im keepin busy


Anyone needing studio time ? Want half off and free mastering? Book before the first of the year and get exactly that !!
Yup , im letting 10hr block sessions go for 150.00 , only a couple weeks left so book now!!


Soooo.... its about that time of year when its too darn cold to be outdoors . So come stay warm ,comfy and creative recording some new tunes at chase rhythm recording!! Mega deals for full production, mixing, tracking , editing and mastering.
We have just ugraded to a midas digital console !!! That classic midas sound at a price thats unbeatable!!
Call anytime to book and see what deals i may have running !!!
Happy holidays


Major upgrades comming...


Lookin for a few fun bands for the city of Woodstock trail of terror haunted house


Who's got some tips for tracking drums in small rooms? Id love to hear any tips and tricks?


How many musicians use a click and/or loops live?


We are now offering full event production !!!!!
And full mobile 24 input recording studio !!!!
Best rates in town ALWAYS !!!!!


I have some spots open I gotta fill this month. So I'm letting 8 hr blocks go for 150.
I know you have some editing,mixing,mastering,or new ideas you need to track. Hit me up anytime 6788919369


Massive upgrades comming.
Protools hd 11
Mac pro 6 core
Izotope nectar
Izotope advanced mastering suite !!!
Call or message for killer rates.


Tracking downside. And mixing. Then vcity later tonite ...dave davey this afternoon and squeezed in a drum lesson I'm tired


Had a good session with raquel ray yesterday . good job mrs ray !!


Ms. Mary Mary Raindrop in the studio today !!!

Now offering 16 track HD mobile recording !!!! record with studio quality anywhere your playingIn the Studio this weekBL...

Now offering 16 track HD mobile recording !!!!
record with studio quality anywhere your playing

In the Studio this week




bookings for december are filling up !! special x-mas rates!!
thanks to all the bands,artists that help spread the word!!!


In the Studio this week
bookings for december are filling up !! special x-mas rates!!
thanks to all the bands,artists that help spread the word!!!

Recording specials

Recording specials

Chase Rhythm Recording's cover photo

Chase Rhythm Recording's cover photo

Inviolate - Condemned

Inviolate - Condemned

Official video of "Condemned" from Feast of Ashes album. Performed by Inviolate. Directed by Gustavo Montaña. © 2012 Strange One Records. All rights reserved.


booking late August and Sept !!
call for super good block rates !!
678 891 9369


Special thanks to
for making this a very interesting month of R&B and rap !!!

Halcyon Way

Halcyon Way

HW is looking for a new rhythm guitar player - if you're interested shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will let you know what's up! \m/


Thanks to Jerry Brooks, Bianca , & Tommy Wails !!!
check out select techno and listen to Biancas single release number one on the charts recorded at chase rhythm recording


3 kits
22 cymbals
14 snare drums
3 of Atlantas best drummers !!!




JIM BOONE recorded a 11 song smooth jazz r&b release
SID (singer songwriter) Recorded 12 original folk songs
JRELLO cut his first studio single
DOWNSIDE new single
Thanks to everyone !! and thanks to Russel Eldrige for the guitar and bass work !!!


908 Little River Ln
Woodstock, GA

Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 - 00:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 00:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 00:00
Thursday 10:00 - 00:00
Friday 10:00 - 00:00
Saturday 10:00 - 00:00
Sunday 10:00 - 00:00


(678) 891-9369


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