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Hypothetical Happy Half Hour Podcast 4 people talking about the what-if questions in the world as if they're in a garden with a drink!



This time the gang are back and they're talking about Greek mythology. What Greek God would we be and what is the fable that gets written about us and why?

*note: No one in the gang gets kicked down a well during this podcast epiodes. Sadly.


It's a new episode people!!!!

This time Steve decided the gang need to learn about their hypothetical stats. Now I know what you're thinking - the combination of Steve and stats sounds hella boring and usually, you'd be right. But this episode is full of hilarity and even a gigantic p**p. You read that right.

Enjoy - and as always - hit us up with any episodes you want us to do.


Good God Allllmiteh King. It's Steve Austin!

That's right - this episode the gang tackle the very important question of if you were a wrestler what would your gimmick be, entrance music, finishing move etc etc! It's a wild one.

So listen in for the 3 count on this Summerslam of an episide.


MER MER MER! We are back with a new episode and ohhhhhhboyohboy is a biggg'un. The gang discusses a very important topic - If you had your own festival, what would it be like?

Lord oh lord you don't want to miss this one!

(But you can... we don't control what you do)

Also apologies for the abundant technical issues in this episode. We don’t do computers good. Please forgive.


OOOOWWWWWWWWWW HECK! We're back and we have 3 pods ready to post so keep those eyes peeeeeeeeled!

This episode the gang take on the great mystery of.... If you were a chat show host, what would your show be about and who would you have on your show.
. It's ... show... time....


No, Hyppothetical Happy Half Hour Podcast... I expect you to die!

We're back and this time it's a another mostly pointless discussion around if you were a Bond villian who would you be and what your plan be for world domination!?!?



IT'S THE QUICK FIRE ROUND! PEW PEW PEW! This is going to be a regular feature on the pod moving forward to tune in and have a proper giggle you nooorty people.


The gang is back with what might just be our dumbest episode yet! Which really says a lot!

If you had a robot for a day what would you make it do? It gets real weird, real fast.


SEASON 2 EP 2 - The gang strikes back!

This time the gangdem dive into the topic of 'If you life was a movie what kind of movie would it be?'. Many lols are guarenteed in our latest episode! As if that's not enough excitement it's also recording week! So you can look forward to 2 more episodes coming real soooooon!



The gang are back for season 2 and they're kicking it off with 'If you had your own public holiday what would it be and whhhyyyyyyy'.

Much excitement, very fun. wow.

As always - leave a comment if there is something you want us to ponder for an episode.




This time the gang tackle the challenge of being able to relive three things for the first time again. There is sincerity, there is stupidity, there is the usual dose sexy aaaannnddd there is even a surprise (accidental) guest appearance from Jack's wife Chloë Boad



OOOOWWWWWHHHHHHBOY! It's the newest episode of HHHH podcast! The gang go on an epic journey to discover what they would bring with them to a desert island. They're only allowed to name 3. That's 12 total. All of them rubbish.

The gang has been on a small hiatus due to life being all lifey but we're back now and we have another episode already recorded ready to drop soon!

Oh and as always - drop a comment if there is a hypothetical you want us to tackle.



OH. BOY. It's a new episode. Well.. it's not that new but Jack is in charge of the FB page and he's been gallivanting off on his honeymoon so couldn't upload it to FB till now. So, sorry if you've already listened on Spotify but we will have a new new episode for you when we can.

As for this episode.... If you could live in ANY fictional universe what would it be and why. The gang explores.


THE NEW EPISODE - DINNER PARTY GUESTS! Who would you have at your perfect dinner party and why? The gang investigates... fun ensues.


HOLYMOTHEROFPEARL! It's episode 6. Last meals on death row. Morbid? You bet! Hilarious? Possibly! A waste of everyone's time? Most definitely!!!

Join the gang as they discuss what they'd eat as their last meals if they were on death row. Also, why not leave your last meals in the comments below.



MER MER MER MER!!! It's episode 5. If you happened to bump into a genie and you gave their lamp a little tickle, what 3 wishes would you ask for? The gang explores.... the gang argues... the gang wastes their wishes (and time). Enjoy. Let us know your wishes in the comments.


IT'S EPISODE 4 - it's all about animals - so... enjoy you filthy animals.

by the by... this episode came out weeks ago but it would appear that Jack Boad can't do computers good and didn't upload it properly. So here it is.


It's here! Episode 3 - What would you do in a zombie apocalypse? Spoiler - we all die. Especially Steve.


EPISODE 2 - If you could erase anything from existence what would it be and why. Watch the gang discuss their pet hates in the brand new episode. Out on Spotify also!


IT'S HERE! Episode 1. Featuring Jack Boad Paige Hart Steve Mitchell and Waleed Arshad - check it out!




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