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The Shattered Mind Hi welcome to my page. I will mostly be playing Warzone rebirth and other games! 18+


Hey! It’s been a WHILE since I last did a stream but tonight we are doing a colab wit my homies on overwatch! Come by and say hello! ( I’m so sorry I haven’t been active at all but I’m still here)


170 followers! Wow I can’t believe there’s that much people that are interested in my content! We are 30 away from my goal and I’m so blessed to have all of you in my lil community! Love you all! 🙏❤️


Updating my laptop and we will be live bois!!!


AYYYY we got increased visibility but that’s not what this is about. We are going to be live tonight around 10:30 pm! We got new news and gameplay for y’all tonight so stop by and chat up!!


1 away from 150!?! You guys have been the greatest and the most patient with my unpredictable schedule and I truly appreciate it. Thank you all that shows me some love you guys are goats!! I’m gonna be on tonight for a lil celebration to 150!


Hey guys! Sorry for the absent lately just been spending time wit the fiancé more and just relaxing. tonight tho I’m going live for some Eso and maybe cod! Stay tuned for that. And I want to say this thank you all for the patience you guys are the world and I’m glad I’m even streaming to all almost 150 of y’all!! You guys are absolute GOATS ❤️🙏


Hey guys I won’t be tonight. We had to put my dog down due to old age. We should be live tomorrow though so stay tuned for that! I appreciate My lil community on here dealing with my inconsistency and staying tune to each stream you all are goats and I’ll see y’all tomorrow 🙏❤️


Ayo?! Doing a collab stream with Hammer's Heroes tonight at 8?!! I think so man stay tuned til then! You don’t wanna miss this!

P.S this is an old clip but it’s chefs kiss 🙏


Hey guys since on off vacation we are going back to our og schedule! Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! I wanna shout out Hammer's Heroes for collaborating with me a lot for the week. We will get some more rounds in sometime this week, so stay tuned for that! And I want to thank everyone for coming through the whole week I appreciate all the love you guys have been showing me. Y’all goats and stay safe and I’ll catch you guys tomorrow! ❤️🙏


Hey guys I’m going to take a break for a little bit I’ll be on soon! Thank you guys coming through and showing some love! I appreciate all of you goats🙏


Ayo my dudes got some technical difficulties atm! I am going to be live soon just gotta fix these problems!


Hey I’m sorry about this guys but I’m going to be super busy for the next few days going to the lady’s parents out for a couple days and I won’t be on. Again my guys I’m sorry I hope you guys understand and I’ll be pumping more context other than cod soon


Hey guys I won’t be live til later on tonight, Me and the fiancé have the day off, so we are gonna catch rays! And since your here I just want to thank you all for supporting me and being patient with my schedule, you all are goats and that would never change in my eyes! You all stay safe and catch my broken bits later tonight! 🙏❤️

Wow we did it y’all we made it past the big hundo I can’t believe how fast my community is growing idk what I’ll be doin...

Wow we did it y’all we made it past the big hundo I can’t believe how fast my community is growing idk what I’ll be doin without every single one of y’all mad love to killa for sending their followers to me we literally smashed my goal over night. You are all goats in my eyes and I’m so glad my broken bits are coming together. And a big shout out to kush world for stopping in and playing a few rebirth games!! I’ll be live around 5:30 tonight so I’ll see you all then. P.S much love to all of y’all again! ❤️🙏


Ay guys I’m officially feeling a little better so I will be streaming at my regular time every wendsday and Thursday evenings!! Thank you guys for being so patient with me and I’m glad to be back!! 🙏


Hey guys I’m sorry for not streaming in the day. Some stuff went down and I had to do some yard work for the madre and I’m kinda beat atm. But stay tuned for more content might stream some dead by daylight or some Elden ring either tonight or tomorrow!! All of y’all broken bits are goats and thank you all for being patient with me. Also shout out to Hammer's Heroes and Angel Rodriguez for hyping me up and I apologize the most to them for not being on today love you all! 🙏

We are 26 followers away from 100! All of you goats are amazing and I can’t wait til I grow this community more! Shoutou...

We are 26 followers away from 100! All of you goats are amazing and I can’t wait til I grow this community more! Shoutout to Hammer's Heroes Angel Rodriguez aka saucey gaming for hyping me up and sharing the love. Big respect for these guys right here!




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