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Celebrity Lives Matter Welcome to Celebrity Lives Matter Where We Take Pride in preventing slanders,racism,violence against our Celebrities.

(SHARE THIS POST) !!!Avoid Avoid Avoid Did you Know Golden Corral on Warren Rd in Westland ,Michigan over Charging peopl...

(SHARE THIS POST) !!!Avoid Avoid Avoid Did you Know Golden Corral on Warren Rd in Westland ,Michigan over Charging people $29.00 for Carry Out Now. For $29 you can get a Steak Dinner for $29-$30 from a Upscale Restaurant like Benihanas . Allegedly I Believe The Lady at The Cash Register thats been there for years is over Charging People for Carry Outs and When i said im not paying $29 She lied and said they food price went up for a carry out & she throw my carry out plate in the Garbage, They Rather Throw your food in the Garbage then charging you less.. These People Do Not Respect Their Customers..

Doja Cat Farts on Camera

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