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From Poland to Czechoslovakia to Hungary, Ben and his family were able to evade N**i persecution for nearly five years. Listen as he recalls the experience of being captured and getting sent to Auschwitz, becoming a prisoner and laborer, at the age of only 15.
Full episode: https://jaml.ink/a-Lifes-Story


Strip and Coop give us one last episode of The Big Swing Podcast before they say good-bye. With over 130 episodes and over 70 guests they reminisce on their podcasting journey and Coop gives us his last Beast of the Week. Thank you SWINGERS, keep SWINGING!

Listen here: http://jaml.ink/bigswingpodcast


A Life Story Podcast is joined by a Holocaust survivor, Ben Lesser. He recalls the dark and horrifying details of how he was able to evade N**i capture for nearly five years until he and the remaining members of his family were sent to Auschwitz. Continue listening: https://jaml.ink/a-Lifes-Story


This week on Deep Cover Podcast Joe talks to Leo about his decision to go back to the bureau and the training process that he had to go through to once again become Special Agent Joe Pistone. Listen here: http://jaml.ink/DeepCoverDonnieBrasco


This week on A Life's Story Podcast Leslie Gold is joined by, Ben Lesser, a survivor of the Holocaust.
His story begins in 1939 Poland when the German authorities began forcing his family, and so many others, to leave everything they've ever known behind them.
He recalls the dark and horrifying details of how he was able to evade N**i capture for nearly five years until he and the remaining members of his family were sent to Auschwitz.

Full episode here: https://jaml.ink/a-Lifes-Story


This week’s story focuses on a true revolutionary. Meet Phyllis Sinrich, a pioneer for women’s rights during a time when they didn’t have many.
She sits down with Leslie to discuss what inspired her to push past the housewife stereotype, and create programs that help educate women so that they could be working professionals.
Listen here: https://jaml.ink/a-Lifes-Story


New Appalachian Mysteria update releasing Wednesday 06/23 where ever you get your podcast! #garrettcounty #wvumurders #lawsuit #harrassment

Listen here: http://jaml.ink/AppalachianMysteria


NEW EPISODE of Deep Cover Podcast 🎧👇
After years of unwarranted harassment from his superior, Joe finally had enough. He tells Leo about the incident that finally pushed him over the edge. In one final confrontation with his special agent in charge, Joe quit the FBI just a few years short of his 20-year mark.
Continue Listening here: http://jaml.ink/DeepCoverDonnieBrasco


This week on A Life's Story Podcast, Leslie sits down with David Leddick, an enthusiastic 91-year-old Navy Veteran who has lived enough life to fill three episodes.

From Naval officer to ballet dancer to advertising big-wig, David’s life has taken many twists and turns. He shares with us how he stumbled upon each of those twists and turns, and how his last 30 years have been his best years yet.

Listen and SUBSCRIBE: https://jaml.ink/a-Lifes-Story


Ross Stripling is with Producer Anthony this week as he gives his opinion on the MLB Sticky Substance issues and what should the MLB do?

Plus, Strip gives us his AL All-Star starting lineup through the first 60 games of the season and more! Listen and Subscribe: http://jaml.ink/bigswingpodcast


New Episode of A Life's Story Podcast!! 🎧👇

This week Leslie is joined by a couple that has a 80-year-old love story to share. They have been through war, financial hardships, and unexpected losses together. Listen now: https://jaml.ink/a-Lifes-Story


NEW EPISODE of Goats: On The Bump! 🎧👇
Ross Stripling sits with Dodgers Pitcher, Walker Buehler who has gotten a lot of love in his young career as Hall of Fame Pitcher, Pedro Martinez compares Buehler to himself.
Listen here: https://jaml.ink/GOATS

Our frost snnual Vornhole Tourni!

Our frost snnual Vornhole Tourni!


This week we meet Eleanor Pendergraft, a senior Olympian who turned the power of saying, “You’re wrong,” into the race of a lifetime.

From a young age, Eleanor’s life was full of adversity. An abusive father, a no-good husband, job loss, and finally a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis that left her practically immobile, Eleanor shares her journey with Leslie on how she overcame each one.

Listen and follow: https://jaml.ink/a-Lifes-Story


Toronto Blue Jays Third Baseman, Cavan Biggio is now a 2x Sw***er as he talks about the dominance of he and Strip’s teammate, Vladimir Guerrero Jr, as well as how he has been since being on the 10-Day injured list.

Listen here: http://jaml.ink/bigswingpodcast





This week the guys sit down with former member of the Colombo Crime Family, Michael Franzese on Deep Cover Podcast.

Michael, Joe and Leo discuss the ugly truth about what being a made guy can do to your life, and how for some getting out is a hard thing to do.

Continue Listening: http://jaml.ink/DeepCoverDonnieBrasco


New week, new episode! Like most child entertainers, life was anything but normal for Bernie Berns. He shares stories about his family, what life was like working in the Catskills as a kid, & more!

Full episode: https://jaml.ink/a-Lifes-Story

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This week, Tyler Duffey of the Minnesota Twins sits down with Strip to discuss the career of one of the greatest righties of all time Greg Maddux. Go like and follow Goats: On The Bump Podcast. 👍


A Life’s Story Podcast shines a light on the lives of special octogenarians, nonagenarians, and centenarians who have done, and are still doing astonishing things. Every episode is an intimate and remarkable profile, concluding with the insight that can only come from those who have seen it all.

Produced and narrated by veteran NYC radio host and master storyteller Leslie Gold “The Radiochick”, in partnership with Jam Street Media/Matty Staudt.

Full episodes here: https://jaml.ink/a-Lifes-Story


This week Joe and Leo discuss The Maxi Trial in Palermo, Sicily. The case was against the Sicilian Mafia, and, boy, were those some mean, cold-hearted gangsters. The Sicilians had their own murderous ways of doing things, and unlike their American counterparts, nobody’s life was off-limits.

Listen here: http://jaml.ink/DeepCoverDonnieBrasco


Sw***ers! NEW Episode Alert.👇

With over 1 million YouTube subscribers, baseball social media personality, Jomboy joins The Big Swing to talk baseball and much more!

Follow The Big Swing Podcast: http://jaml.ink/bigswingpodcast


Joe Pistone discusses why you should never want to cross a mob boss. He goes on to say that co-host Leo Rossi would be dead and would not make the cut as an FBI undercover agent.

Full episode here: http://jaml.ink/DeepCoverDonnieBrasco



This week Ross is joined by San Francisco Giants Pitcher Alex Wood to discuss one of the greatest lefties to ever step on the mound, Warren Spahn.

Listen here: http://jaml.ink/bigswingpodcast


Joe’s testimony was crucial in The Pizza Connection Trial and The Commission Trial, which was the most expensive trial in New York City history.

Continue listening as he talks about facing the #mafia in court.

Listen & follow: http://jaml.ink/DeepCoverDonnieBrasco


New Pod Alert! Ross is back to highlight another legendary pitcher. This time he is joined by New York Yankees Pitcher, Jameson Taillon.

Listen here: https://jaml.ink/a-Lifes-Story


Did you listen to Jeff Passan break down Bob Feller's fast balls? How fast do you think the GREAT Feller was pitching his fast balls? Comment below.

Full episode: https://jaml.ink/GOATS


Join Ross Stripling & Jeff Passan throw it back to the baseball players from 100 years ago! Players like the GREAT Bob Feller.

Listen to the full episode here: https://jaml.ink/GOATS


The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres squared off and the games lived up to the hype. What do Strip and Coop think of the rivalry, and the battle between Trevor Bauer and Fernando Tatís Jr?

Find out here: http://jaml.ink/bigswingpodcast


Huge Announcement: DONNIE BRASCO IS BACK!👇

In Season 2 of Deep Cover Leo Rossi and Joe Pistone are back and diving even further into the Donnie Brasco story.

This week is all about mafia business and the cash-raking hustle of hijacking. From Sonny Black to John Gotti, these wise guys worked some of the most successful (and dangerous) car-jacking rings in the country.

Listen here: http://jaml.ink/DeepCoverDonnieBrasco


Join Ross Stripling discuss with Author and ESPN Writer, Jeff Passan about the GREAT Bob Gibson.👇

Listen and follow here: https://jaml.ink/GOATS


Check out Deep Cover : The Real Donnie Brasco Season 2 Trailer

WE ARE LAUNCHING our NEW SEASON Wednesday, April 28th.

Catch up on what you missed here: http://jaml.ink/DeepCoverDonnieBrasco


Ross Stripling is joined with long time friend, former Texas A&M teammate, and now Tampa Bay Rays Pitcher, Michael Wacha.

They talk about the most intimidating pitcher of all time, St Louis Cardinals, Bob Gibson.

Being a former Cardinal himself, Wacha talked about the interactions he had with Gibson during his clubhouse visits, and the unforgettable advice that he left him with.

Listen here: https://jaml.ink/GOATS



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