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Incredible boondocks in Virginia

Incredible boondocks in Virginia

My grandmother’s hometown in boonies of Virginia!

My grandmother’s hometown in boonies of Virginia!


Now the "Friendly" Angle One of the most affecting sights witnessed during the present reunion of Confederate and Federal veterans at Gettysburg is depicted in this photograph. Across the stone wall, which marks the boundaries of the famous "Bloody Angle" where Pickett lost over 3,000 men from a force of 6,000 these old soldiers of the North and South clasped hands in fraternal affection / / International News Service, 200 William St., New York.

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The Supreme Court Of The United. States Of America

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What is this? All I see is an old photo of what must be Atlanta. Must not be doing this right....
got some stories for you... and coffee! but a year later, it's lunch!
I like it!
"Non-Profit Organization."
You could develop this into a very lucrative enterprise and inform people about Georgia history at the same time.
I like it, I like it.
It could use a little, you know...populatin'.... but YAY FOR YOU! Catchy tagline, too. :)
DUDE! :)