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Sturmgeschütz Brigade 280 - updateLittle by little I have been making slow progress on the book over the last 6 months. ...

Sturmgeschütz Brigade 280 - update

Little by little I have been making slow progress on the book over the last 6 months. I have been able to complete about 90% of the chapter about Holland (excluding Arnhem - that is a chapter on its own) as well as completing a chapter of late 1943/early 1944 on the Eastern Front.

I am currently working on Sturmgeschütz Brigade 280 at the end of March and early April 1944 when the Russians encircled the 1. Panzer Armee. Sturmgeschütz Brigade 280 was very involved in this and was not too healthy in late March 1944. Have a look at its combat strength below dated 25.03.44 - only 1 operational assault gun with 3 in repair. As you can see from the official record below, other Sturmgeschütz Brigades and Panzer units were also very weak. It was amazing what the Germans were able to accomplish around this time against a numerically superior enemy.

Well back to more writing and hope to have another update soon.

Sturmgeschütz Brigade 280 - updateA small amount of progress has been made since my last post as the majority of my time...

Sturmgeschütz Brigade 280 - update

A small amount of progress has been made since my last post as the majority of my time has been taken up by a high-tempo role I currently hold and have not had the time to dedicate to writing. However, there have been some highlights over that period I wish to share. One highlight has been making contact with a Stug Bde 280 veteran who is still alive. He has shared his photo album and some documentation that will really enhance a future publication about Sturmgeschütz Brigade 280. A recent discovery in his pile of paperwork was some typed notes that provide some real details (names and places) of battles this unit was involved in. This includes details about the last 5 weeks of the war which is really interesting - a real gem as you cannot find this information in official records.

The other highlight is the number of photos that will be in the book. I estimate over 100 unpublished photos and documents will be included in the book on top of those quality photos that exist already of Sturmgeschütz Brigade 280. I am so glad to have identified many officers and men in these photos including a couple of the unit commanders, battery commanders, and key personnel from the Brigade. I have included just one of those pics below which shows a photo with key Sturmgeschütz Brigade 280 personnel engaging with other Sturmgeschütz personalities (eg Ritterkreuzträger Major Joachim Lützow of Sturmgeschütz-Batterie 667 fame) during a part of their initial training.

I am aiming to dedicate some more time to writing in the near future after I finish reviewing another publication being written by a friend and colleague on the German Involvement at Arnhem.



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