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B**g County, Central Liberia.A man known as Kokulo Kpaquoi, 58, has admitted killing his wife, Nowai Yarkpawolo, 63, aft...

B**g County, Central Liberia.

A man known as Kokulo Kpaquoi, 58, has admitted killing his wife, Nowai Yarkpawolo, 63, after she reportedly mismanaged his cane juice money in the tone of LD$ 500.

Kpaquoi, a farmer, has been charged with murder and forwarded to court by the Crime Services Division of the Liberia National Police, B**g County Detachment.

The murder of Nowai Tuesday brings to two domestic-related deaths less than a week in B**g County after another farmer killed his wife over disagreement of his dry meat, family sources said.

Source: FrontPage Africa

Monrovia-Liberia- CENTAL calls for Nathaniel McGill and his two Sanctioned colleagues to declare their assets, despite t...

Monrovia-Liberia- CENTAL calls for Nathaniel McGill and his two Sanctioned colleagues to declare their assets, despite their resignations from the CDC -led Government.

The Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia, a local anti graft group has welcomed the resignations of the three Liberian officials who were sanctioned by the U.S. Department of Treasury for corruption.

CENTAL however calls on the former officials to declare their assets, incomes, and liabilities, as they leave national government.

Speaking to team of Journalists on Tuesday in Monrovia, CENTAL Executive Director Mr. Anderson Maimen noted that the declaration of their assets is in line with part 10 of the Code of Conduct for public officials while entering government, upon promotion, and upon leaving the government.

Monrovia, Liberia- Serious tension erupts between two CDC Lawmakers.On Tuesday, September 13, 2022, serious tension erup...

Monrovia, Liberia- Serious tension erupts between two CDC Lawmakers.

On Tuesday, September 13, 2022, serious tension erupted between Representative Dixon Seboe of District #16 Montserrado County and Isaac Roland of District #3 Maryland County in the chambers of the House of Representatives resulting in a face to face bitter exchange of invectives.

It all started when Montserrado County District #16 Representative Dixon Seboe, came in defense of his colleagues from Montserrado County that were accused by Isaac Roland of being unreasonable in hindering issues relative to the pension bill currently before the House of Representatives.

During the Tuesday deliberation, Representative Isaac Roland of District #3 Maryland County, accused Members of the Montserrado County legislative caucus of not treating the instrument well.

According to him, his colleagues were in total error to have signed against the passage of said bill, boasting of having more experience than those lawmakers who voted against the bill.

Also during the heated agreement between the two lawmakers, several invectives were used between the two of them at which time Representative Seboe accused Representative Isaac Roland of stealing church money, something the Maryland County Lawmaker denied.

Liberia_Monrovia- A 32 year old man, Abraham Wenti, who r***d, killed and buried a 13 year old girl in Margibi County cr...

Liberia_Monrovia- A 32 year old man, Abraham Wenti, who r***d, killed and buried a 13 year old girl in Margibi County cry for mercy, attributes his action to 15 Thousand United States Dollars inducement.

An Uncle to the deceased only identified as Tumbay told judicial reporters that his niece used to help defendant Abraham Wenti with most of his house works, including the provision of food and water.

He alleged that the deceased was sent by her guardian to buy peanut butter on December 12, 2021 to prepared their meal, but did not return home until the guardian alongside the defendant went looking for her.

According to Tumbay the girl’s Family later reported a Missing child case at the Boy’s Town Police depot, and on December 13, the Lifeless body of the 13 year old girl was discovered in a swamp.

Meanwhile Defendant Abraham Wenti admitted to killing the girl for an amount of 15 thousand US dollars allegedly promised him by one of his Friends only identified as Killer, in the same community.


H. Conway Foundation Christmas Outreach. Over 12 Orphanages home and disability to benefit.

Liberia, Monrovia- Montserrado County District  #10 Representative Hon. Yekeh Y. Kolubah has distance himself from the C...

Liberia, Monrovia- Montserrado County District #10 Representative Hon. Yekeh Y. Kolubah has distance himself from the Collaborating Political Party CPP, stating reasons of bickering, backbiting, and others acts that term to divide the objectives of the CPP.

In a letter dated November 17, 2021 to Mr. Alexander Cummings, Political Leader of ANC, Hon. Kolubah also distance himself from his Political Party, ANC, until the party can put it house inorder to seek for a better ways to move the collaboration forward.

Lastest DevelopmentLiberia-Monrovia- The Central Bank of Liberia CBL, will begin introducing the new Liberian dollar cur...

Lastest Development

Liberia-Monrovia- The Central Bank of Liberia CBL, will begin introducing the new Liberian dollar currency starting with the 100 Liberian dollar banknote in the tune of four billion Liberian dollars this December 2021. This amount is intended to increase Liberian dollar liquidity in the economy during the festive season.
A second consignment of four billion Liberian dollars of the new family of L$100 banknote will be brought into the country during the 1st quarter of 2022 to commence the gradual replacement of mutilated banknotes.

The new L$100 banknote is part of the L$48.734 billion of the new family of Liberian dollar currency authorized by the 54th National Legislature in May 2021 to be printed and minted in three years, specifically 2021, 2022 and 2024.

The introduction of the new currency will be done in line with the Implementation Plan of the Currency Changeover, developed in consultation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), to ensure a gradual, smooth and transparent process.

The introduction of the remaining L$100 banknote and other denominations including the L$20, L$50, L$500 and L$1000 banknotes, and the L$5 and L$10 coins is due to take place in the latter half of 2022. The destruction of the old banknotes will be done through an enhanced internal control and transparent process, to ensure full accountability to all stakeholders.

As the Bank rolls out the Implementation Plan, it recognizes the importance of all stakeholders in ensuring that the Currency Changeover process remains on course to support financial stability, and by extension, macroeconomic stability.

The Bank wants to reassure the public that it will continue to provide updates on the delivery and infusion of the new family of Liberian dollar banknotes and coins, as well as the withdrawal and destruction of the old banknotes. The Bank informs the public that there is no need for panic or rush as it rolls out the plan.

During the process, the Bank further informs the public that the existing and new banknotes will be allowed to co-circulate for a period of time and will ensure that every existing Liberian dollar in circulation is exchanged between 2022 and 2024. The exchange exercise will be done through the banking system in collaboration with other regulated financial service providers under stringent supervision and monitoring of the CBL in keeping with the Joint Resolution of the National Legislature.

Accordingly, the CBL profoundly appreciates the Executive, National Legislature, and the public for the support as well as the IMF and Kroll & Associates for their technical assistance and advisory roles, which have significantly contributed to the integrity of the process.

The CBL will continue its public education program on the introduction of the new L$100 banknote. More information on the specimen of the new L$100 banknote is available on the CBL website at . The other denominations to be introduced later will be published on the CBL website.

Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe Jr of Bomi County response to Dillon and Nyonblee's Campaign remark made at the by-election c...

Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe Jr of Bomi County response to Dillon and Nyonblee's Campaign remark made at the by-election campaign rally in Bomi County.



During one of their usual Safari in Bomi County on yesterday, November 6, 2021, Senators Abe Darius Dillon and Nyonblee K. Lawrence, in Married Camp, District #1, Bomi County tried hard to redirect the citizens' attention from their actual purpose of the visit and pretended as if they were campaigning. In his remarks, Dillon stated the following against my person:

a. That voting for my Candidate in the Bomi County District #1, By-election would mean putting money in my pocket;
b. That voting my Candidate would mean that she and I will lobby for the President of the Republic of Liberia against the Citizens;

c. That he was uncomfortable meeting with citizens in Married Camp because he was out of Internet connectivity in a concession area; stating that he's not use to it;

d. That if the citizens of the Plantation vote for my candidate, she will listen to me and will always join me to sit with the President at Jamaica Resort.

The truth is, I will not be moved and I urge you not to misdirect your safari to questioning my relationship with President Weah or the Government of Liberia. I was not elected to be an enemy to the President or the Government that I am part of to the disadvantage of my people, or stand in the way of the progress of the State. The success of our Country depends on everyone of us working collectively, especially when a democratic process has elected the country’s leadership.

Let me respond to your assertions in three categories:

I) Putting money in my pocket and my candidate and I lobbying for the President against my people.
I have always advocated for my citizens in the Plantation and the entire Bomi County. You may need but a few facts to help you in your fake “advocacy” against me. In 2017 as Representative and Resource Person of the Special Investigative Committee on Concessions, I led a team to the then Sime Darby Plantation and provided evidence based pieces of information that led to the following:

i. The employment of 70 persons who served as contractors for more than 3yrs;

ii. A Liberian being employed as head of human resource and many other Liberians in managerial positions;

iii. Construction of latrine facilities across the plantation;

iv. Construction of a cafeteria on the company's central school campus, etc.
How does any of the above constitute pocketing money or advocating against my people?

Also as Senator, I advocated and stopped the Management of the Company's decision to prevent children from surrounding communities from enrolling in their School System.

I advocated recently that the Mano Concession should be brought to the Liberian Senate for scrutiny and approval, and in addition, complained about an illegal mining operation in Mambo Camp #2 that is undermining our citizens' livelihood, among others.

In Bomi County, I am on record for advocating and lobbying for the extension of GSM connectivity and internet facilities in rural communities.
Mr. and Mrs. Senators, how can all of this amount to pocketing money and lobbying against my people?

Oh! My Brother Dillon, when I put money in your pocket to run your campaign and pay your poll watchers, in no uncertain term meant that said money was put in my pocket to give out to you.

II) Fake advocacy
I will also urge you not to assume the position of an occasion advocate as you have always presented yourself. How can you pretend to advocate for my citizens to get internet facilities in Bomi when our people in Rural Montserrado County, such as Todee and the different settlements are without internet and other basic social services? You exposed your fakery by this singular act of pretending to advocate for another man’s family when your own family is in serious need. This is no surprise though, because this has always been your true nature; telling lies about everything, living in falsehood, operating in treachery, etc.

III) Sitting with the Country’s President
Did I heard you (Senator Dillon and Lawrence) said that when my candidate wins she will join me to sit with the President at Jamaica Resort, but failed to admit that in the President's good health, he will patiently listen to us as we discuss the development of Bomi or our country and will not be sleeping and "Squandering Opportunities" at the same time?
You both should be ashamed of yourselves that the people of Montserrado and Grand Bassa counties will elect you and you both will rather put your personal self and hate for a person over the development of your people who elected you. I advise no matter how small or big a project that benefit your people seen to be, you both should always access the executive branch of government in the developmental interest of your people. Are you saying that you (Sen. Dillon and Sen. Lawrence) have purpose as senators for your counties during the remaining three years of President Weah government, you do not care about the developmental agenda of your people and will therefore not sit with the President? What if he wins another term, will you both waste the nine years given you by the respective counties? Especially for you Sen. Dillon who got elected on the popular mandate of the people of Montserrado, it is sad how you have transformed into your real self so quickly and is exposing your true nature by the day.

Additionally, thanks for visiting Gbah Jarkeh, specifically to continue your Safari. This is the town that I just introduced a Bill to have it transformed into Township. Kindly join me to approve this Bill since you both enjoyed your day there.

Finally, your attributes about me and the President have led the citizens of Gbah and the Plantation to embark on more endorsements for my Candidate. That will be on separate dates and locations beginning tomorrow. They are aware that His Excellency and Madam First Lady just made a huge donation to Bomi's health sector. They're aware of the container of books and Secretariat equipment that I brought in from the US for distribution. All 10 high schools in Bomi recently received from me as Senator 10 computers, 10 printers, 10 generators and assorted school supplies. They see the newly constructed multipurpose building that I constructed from my pocket, maybe your candidate should have taken you and yours truly for a tour. It’s sad that your candidate didn't tell you that they know me as "Talk and Do" and not an empty, fake talker. Next time you're in Bomi, please visit Tubmanburg like you briefly did yesterday and see the massive clean-up campaign we've joined the acting City leadership to embark on, or please stop by the Liberian Government Hospital and talk to the wonderful staff there about our work.

Before I forget, I am aware that after expressing what you said in pretense and lies to a gathering of citizens and residents, you took your Safari mate as is always the case, moved to a local entertainment center called "MEET ME THERE", in Gbah Jarkeh Town, to continue the actual intent of their visit (Safari).

Have a good day and you are always welcome to continue your usual Safari in Bomi.

Woman burns 5 years old child ten fingers for sealing food.Monrovia, Liberia- A 36 year old woman identify as Siah Tamba...

Woman burns 5 years old child ten fingers for sealing food.

Monrovia, Liberia- A 36 year old woman identify as Siah Tamba in Bomi County has burned the ten fingers of her five years old son for allegedly stealing his grandmother's food.

She admitted to burning the hands of her son; because he is in the constant habit of picking-over food in the house.

According to Siah she used plastic bag to burn the ten fingers of her son, after the child was accused of stealing his grandmother’s food.

Ms. Tamba has expressed regret for committing such act, and at the same time pleading with authorities for mercy.

Pres. Weah Sets Up National Bicentennial Sub-CommitteesMonrovia, Liberia - The President of the Republic, H.E. Dr. Georg...

Pres. Weah Sets Up National Bicentennial Sub-Committees

Monrovia, Liberia - The President of the Republic, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah has set up Sub-Committees to aid the work of the National Bicentennial Steering Committee.

Dr. Weah appointed chairs, co-chairs, and members of several subcommittees based on recommendations from the Steering Committee's National Coordinator, Minister Nathaniel F. McGill, and National Chairman, Minister Ledgerhood Julius Rennie.

The subcommittees were appointed by the President on Saturday, October 30, 2021, and are tasked with planning activities for the successful hosting of the Bicentennial Celebration for the Republic of Liberia.

Primarily, the subcommittees are to design and execute strategies, programs, and activities for the successful hosting of national events planned to commemorate the Bicentennial of the Republic.

The subcommittees are expected to:

• Convene meetings of its members weekly, confirming responsibilities and liaising closely with the technical secretariat in the development of its work program;

• Prepare a plan of action for each month and develop programs, including an estimate of any expenses expected, for approval by the National Steering Committee;

• Present reports either weekly or bi-weekly and recommend actions necessary for the steering committee’s endorsement or approval.

The Liberian Chief Executive congratulated members of the committes for their preferment for this significant national endeavor as their expertise and support in implementing a successful Bicentennial celebration are cardinal.

Sub-Committees of the National Bicentennial Steering Committee dubbed: "The Land of Return" are to begin work immediately.

They include:

1. History
University of Liberia Chairman/ Co-Chair

2. Investment
National Investment Commission Chairman/ Co-Chair Ministry of Finance and Development Planning

3. Tourism
Ministry of information - Chairman

LINTA - Co-Chair

Heritage Liberia, FDA, Ministry of Commerce and industry, US Embassy, World Chimpanzee Foundation, Liberia Revenue Authority, Liberia Maritime Authority, LACE, the Collective Society - Members

4. Culture and Tradition
Ministry of Internal Affairs - Chairman

Ministry of information - Co-Chair

National Traditional Council, Crusader for Peace - Members

5. Hospitality ( Lodging and Transportation) General Service Agency-Chairman

Ministry of Foreign Affairs -Co-Chair

Former US Congressman, Edward Royce ( Ex Officio) responsible for US Assistance, LTA

Deputy Minister Andy Quamie - MYS, Monrovia City Corporation; National Social Security and Welfare Corporation, Ministry of Gender, National Transit Authority - Members

6. Diaspora
Ministry of State - Chairman
Amb. George S. Patten - Co-Chair

7. Protocol and Invitation
Chief of Protocol RL - Chairman
Ministry of State - Co-Chair
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Member

8. Souvenir/Memorabilia
Ministry of State - Chairman

9. City Beautification
Monrovia City Corporation - Chairman

Ministry of Public Works - Co-Chair


10. Security
Ministry of Justice - Chairman
Ministry of Defense - Co-Chair
National Security Advisor; Joint Security of Liberia, Executive Protection Service Members

11. Religious
Liberia Council of Churches - Chairman

National Muslim Council - Co-Chair
Providence Baptist Church, Grassroots Churches of Liberia - Members

12. Mobilization
Ministry of Gender & Social Protection - Chairman

Monrovia City Corporation, LTA, Crusader for Peace, Ministry of Youth and Sports. Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Education, Federation of Liberia Youth - Members

13. Health
Ministry of Health - Chairman

John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital - Co-Chair

National Public Health Institute of Liberia, Dental and Medical Association - Members

14. Media, Marketing and Branding
Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs & Tourism - Chairman

Hester Baker - Co-Chair

Press Union of Liberia, Liberia Broadcasting System - Members

15 . Sports
Ministry of Youth and Sports - Chairman

Monrovia, Liberia- PLP National Youth Assembly threatened to Stage a Mass Protest across Monrovia within 48hrs.The Natio...

Monrovia, Liberia- PLP National Youth Assembly threatened to Stage a Mass Protest across Monrovia within 48hrs.

The National Youth Assembly of the People’s Liberation Party, PLP has threatened a nationwide protest if the government refuses to grant their party landing space for its helicopter within 48hrs.

According to the Party National Youth Assembly, the LCAA has not stated any violation of the National Air Space due to the flying and Landing of the AirCraft Bell 430 legally purchased from a South African AirCraft Corporation of the National Airways of South Africa the PTY with the Serial numbers 49075 and the Registration ZT-RJA.

It can be recalled on October 20, 2021, the Supreme Court Associate Justice in chamber his Honor Yusuf Kaba fined the management of the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority, LCAA US$500 as the result of its alleged unprofessional and deliberate refusal to grant a landing permit to a helicopter belonging to Dr. Daniel Cassell, the Political leader of the People’s Liberation Party, PLP.

The Liberian government, through the Ministry of Information, Culture Affairs and Tourism, MICAT has earlier denied reports of revoking landing permit issued for a South African aircraft owned by Kwenyan & Associates Group of Companies which is headed by opposition figure Daniel E. Cassell.

The National Youth Assembly noted that they are ready, prepared and willing to give their lives, backs to be beaten, and their blood to be shared if the government fails to permit them leading space.

The youth assembly also believed that it is disheartened, unprofessional and evil that the Government of Liberia after revision of all of the said legal documents will still decide to grossly deny its helicopter landing in the country with a quest to blackmail and commit broad daylight thievery.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on Saturday in Monrovia, the Secretary General of the National Youth Assembly, Kelvin Volar said they will not relent but will remain unbending that any attempt to thwart the proceeding of the landing of the AirCraft, they will stage a massive Protest which is intended to claimed the attention of the International Communities and Liberians in the diaspora.

Volar alleged that the LCAA boss Chief Moses Y. Kollie continues to enjoy the humanity of Dr. Cassell, and has also reduced himself to a beggar after receiving the alleged amount of over ten thousand United States dollars and continue to use Dr. Cassel to extort money thus accusing him as a corrupt individual who should not be given reference at the expense of a serious Political Institution as the PLP.

In a communication dated October 15, 2021 addressed to LCAA, Director General Chief Moses Y. Kollie, the Clerk of the Supreme Court stated by his Honor Yusuf D. Kaba, cited Kollie to a conference with His Honor on Wednesday, October 20, 2021 in connection with the landing rights to the Kwenyan Group of Company owned by Politician Daniel Cassell of the PLP.

The conference emerged from a writ of prohibition filed by Kwenyan Group of Company through its Board Member Tapple Doe, who is also the Acting Chairman of the People’s Liberation Party, PLP founded by Dr. Cassell as Political Leader.

In a release MICAT noted that the government, through the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority, LCAA did not receive any request nor issue any such landing permit in keeping with its procedures.

This clarity comes after a conference with justice in chambers, His Honor Yusuf D. Kaba, as a result of the writ of prohibition filed by the Kwenyan & Associates Group of Company claiming that they were issued a landing permit which was later revoked by the LCAA.

According to the release, the Group’s application for an Air Service License is still being reviewed by the LCAA in keeping with the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority, LCAA and relevant international Regulations.

Criminal  Court "D"Judge alleged that the Judiciary owed him his benefits worth US$4,000. Monrovia, Liberia- Criminal Co...

Criminal Court "D"Judge alleged that the Judiciary owed him his benefits worth US$4,000.

Monrovia, Liberia- Criminal Court "D" Resident Circuit Judge, Sikajipo Wollor has alleged that the Judiciary headed by Chief Justice Francis KorKpor has failed to pay him his Resettlement and Restitution benefits for two court terms, an act he sees as a violation of his human and constitutional rights.

Judge Wollor told judicial reporters via telephone on Thursday, October 21, 2021 that it was sad and unacceptable for a legal practitioner to serve two terms of Court without receiving his/her entitled resettlement and restitution benefits.

According to the Judge, efforts made by him to engage Chief Justice Korkpor and Associate Justices of the Supreme court have fallen on deaf ears.

Judge Wollor also alleged that his driver assigned to him has been paid from his pocket since 2019, instead of the Judiciary.

"I have been in the employ of the Judiciary since 2005, and whenever an individual Judge is taken from his official court of assignment, he/she needs to be given an amount of US$2000 for a Court term, and I have served two terms of Court in Grand Bassa and River Cess Counties without any benefits", he noted."

Chief Justice Korkpor is yet to comment on the allegation.

Monrovia, Liberia- In recognition of his high degree of honesty demonstrated in returning US$50,000 and $100,000LD he fo...

Monrovia, Liberia- In recognition of his high degree of honesty demonstrated in returning US$50,000 and $100,000LD he found to the owner, 18 year old Emmanuel Tuloe has been awarded scholarship by the President of the Republic of Liberia, HE Dr. George Menneh Weah from 7th grade to Master degree level, US$10,000, two brand new TVS Star motorcycles, and a monthly token of US$500 till he gets his master's degree.

It can be recalled that Emmanuel Tuloe found Fifty Thousand (US$50,000) United States Dollars and One Hundred Thousand (LD100,000) Liberian Dollars which had been lost by a Liberian businesswoman who was passing through Nimba on her way to Guinea to purchase goods for her business, and that when she announced her loss on the local radio station and made an appeal to the public for the money to be returned, he willingly located her and gladly returned her money to her intact.

"You are a Champion, Emmanuel, and we are all very proud of you. Although It is often said that virtue is its own reward, I believe that you should be additionally rewarded for this virtuous act, which brought miraculous rescue and relief to a hardworking businesswoman", the President said.

In presenting a letter of commitment to his promised made to Emmanuel Tuloe, President Weah said "this letter is a commitment from me for your education up to Master’s level, even if I am out of office, use this letter against me if I fail to pay your school fees.”

The Eighteen-year-Old Emmanuel lost his father at the age of four. He’s being raised by his late Father’s niece Jestina who is a farmer.

Emmanuel Tuloe who dropout of school at seven grade level will now have the opportunity to go to any school of his choice up to undergraduate and graduate levels.
According to his parents, Emmanuel dropped out of school because they could not afford his school fees and their own kids.

According to Emmanuel, he has received lots of criticisms from people, including his peers for returning the money. But he said he feels happy over his action because the money was not his.

Many including Liberia Anti Corruption Commission, LACC, Idol of Accountability Liberia have hailed Emmanuel Tuloe for his selfness role played.

Monrovia, Liberia–The National Elections Commission (NEC) has officially declared opened the 2021 Political Campaign Per...

Monrovia, Liberia–The National Elections Commission (NEC) has officially declared opened the 2021 Political Campaign Period for the Representative By-Elections in Electoral District #2, B**g County, Electoral District #1, Bomi County, Electoral District #1, Grand Gedeh County, and Electoral District #1 Nimba County, slated for 16 November 2021.

It can be recalled, the Candidate Nomination Exercise for the 2021 Representative By-Elections for B**g, Bomi, Grand Gedeh, and Nimba, commenced on 13th September 2021 and has since ended on 24 September 2021.

A total of 33 aspirants’ names were published in the local dailies and on NEC’s official Website on 27 September 2021for the purpose of vetting the provisional list of aspirants from 13 September to 29 September 2021.

Accordingly, a total of 33 Candidates have been qualified by NEC to contest in the by-elections in B**g, Bomi, Grand Gedeh, and Nimba Counties.

NEC’s Chairperson Davidetta Browne Lansanah addressing a news conference in Monrovia, Friday, October 15, 2021, said the opening of the by-elections campaign also marks the publication of the Final List of Candidates to contest in Representative By-elections in the four counties named.

She said the launch of the Political Campaign Period and the publication of the Final List of Candidates are all in line with their key dates released for the conduct of the 16 November 2021 Representative By-elections.

“Now therefore, for and on behalf of the National Elections Commission and in my own name as Chairperson of this Commission I do hereby declare that the political campaign period is officially open for the Tuesday, 16 November 2021Representative By-elections in B**g, Bomi, Grand Gedeh, and Nimba Counties,” the NEC Boss declares; adding the political campaign runs from Friday, 15th October 2021 to 14th November 2021.

Madam Davidetta Browne Lansanah however called on all candidates and their supporters to go about their campaign activities in a peaceful manner; cautioning candidates and their supporters to avoid rancor and bitter exchanges; “Show respect for each other as you go about your campaign activities in line with the code of conduct concerning campaign activities”.

“Please note that the NEC takes seriously the submission of campaign schedules by all Political Parties, Alliances or Coalitions and Independent Candidates as per the campaign requirements issued to all aspirants during the Candidates Nomination Period. The Commission will give full priority on a first come, first served basis to all Political Parties and Independent Candidates prioritizing the submission of their Campaign schedules. Absolutely, no two parties or candidates will be allowed to launch their campaigns or close their campaigns in the same areas,” NEC Chairperson added.

The NEC’s Boss additionally calls on all candidates and their supporters to observe all public health regulations instituted by the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Health.

Monrovia, Liberia- The Alternative National Congress (ANC) has announced through it Executive Committee that the Party w...

Monrovia, Liberia- The Alternative National Congress (ANC) has announced through it Executive Committee that the Party will not attend the CPP Turning over ceremony by Sen. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence on tomorrow October 15, 2021.







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