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If you’re going to name a ship, whether an aircraft carrier or an interstellar starship, you could do worse than to name it the Intrepid, as both the United States military and Star Trek writers have


A droplet of this, a skosh of that. Now you take that home, throw it in a beaker, and add a touch of ethyl alcohol to hold it all together—baby, you’ve got a tincture going. Tincture is a word with a


'Our landscapes are changing … they’re becoming less permeable to wildlife at the precise moment animals need to move most,' writes Ben Goldfarb in his book Crossings: How Road Ecology is Shaping the


Today’s word has been part of the English language for a very long time; its earliest uses date to before the 12th century. Smite can be traced back to the Old English smītan, meaning 'to smear (a


When avoirdupois first appeared in English in the 15th century, it referred to 'goods sold by weight,' which is also the meaning of its Middle English predecessor, avoir de pois. That term comes from


Yogi Berra, the baseball great who was noted for his head-scratching quotes, is purported to have said, 'When you come to a fork in the road, take it.' Berra's advice might not offer much help when


Before a mouse named Mickey ruled the animation scene, there was Felix—a wily black cat who is often regarded as the first cartoon star, and who became an international sensation in the early 20th


If you use detritus in speech, remember to stress the second syllable, as you do in the words arthritis and bronchitis. Once you've mastered its meaning and pronunciation, you’ll find that detritus is


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