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Merry Christmas! I don't have a computer where I am, so I will do the best I can to give you a rough version of the Christmas "Hudson River Sampler." This is my 40th Christmas show for WAMC going back to 1982 when the show began. Thanks for everyone's support throughout the years.

Cindy Kallet-Big Dark's Fancy (theme)


The Beers Family -- Three Little Drummers from Africa
Ruth and Max Bloomquist- Only a Child
Robin and Linda Williams- Nothing but a Child
Danny Quinn- Mary's Boychild
Mara Levine - Straw Against the Chill

Set #2:

Paul Kelly's Christmas Train-Three Drovers
Nowell Sing We Clear- Carol of the Creatures
Jubilant Bridge- Every Star Shall Sing a Carol
Mary Chapin Carpenter- Candlelight Carol
Boreal- Carol of the Bells


John McCutcheon- Christmas in the Trenches
The Beers Family- Seasons of Peace
Cathy Barton and Dave Para (with Sandy and Caroline Paton and others)- The Peace Round
Ken Whiteley- Lillies of the Field Amen

Set #4:

Christopher Shaw and Bridget Ball- Ten-Dollar Christmas
Neal and Leandra- It Happened
Tish Hinojosa- Arbolito
Noel Paul Stooley- Somethin' Special
Neal and Leandra- Toyland

Set #5:

Craig Werth- Beside the Tree
The Sherpas- One Heart
Noel Paul Stookey- Holiday Recollection
Finest Kind- Homeless Wassail
Zoe Mulford- Answer the Knock at the Door

Set #6:

Mick Moloney and Eugene O'Donnell- Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake
Kerry Patrick Clark- Fruitcake Round

Cindy Kallet- Big Dark's Fancy (theme)

I realize I usually include more information about what I play, but I am entering this in on my phone. I don't have access to my station email, either. Merry Christmas!


Hello everyone, and happy holidays! One more week until Christmas, and the winter solstice is on Tuesday, December 21st! We couldn't see last night's gigantic moon because of the rain, but it was highly visible at 3:45 AM when my dog was whining to go outside!

Here's my playlist from last night:

Cindy Kallet/Big Dark's Fancy (theme/ -Working on Wings to Fly

Set #1:
Magpie/Solstice Carol/Last Month of the Year: A Celebration of the Solstice

Peter Mayer/The Longest Night/Midwinter

Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra/Song of Solstice/Song of Solstice

Joe Jencks/Longest Night of the Year/Poets, Philosophers, Workers & Wanderers

Heidi Muller and Bob Webb/Solstice Carol/Light the Winter's Dark

Set #2:
Racquette River Rounders/River of the Mountains/R3

Christopher Shaw & Bridget Ball/Hauling in the Wood/Mountain Snow and Mistletoe

Bill Staines/Redbird's Wing/The First Million Miles, Volume II

Ralph McTell/Streets of London/From Clare to Here: The Songs of Ralph McTell

Gordon Bok/Sally/Return to the Land

Set #3:
Jean Ritchie/In the Valley/Kentucky Christmas Old and New

Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum/ The Messenger/Winter's Grace

Odetta/Shout for Joy/Christmas Spirituals

Set #4:
Atwater-Donnelly/Winter Solstice (Live)/When Winter Calls

Denise Jordan Finley/Solstice Song/Solstice

Cindy Ruenes/Winter Solstice/Hudson Harding

Adler and Hearner/The Longest Night/Hudson Harding

Leah Kaufman/Longest Night Lullaby/Hudson Harding

Sharon Goldman/Solstice Sky/Hudson Harding

Set #5:
Matthew Byrne/Christmas Flight/Sing Through the Earth & Skies - EP

Craig Werth/The Lights of St. John's/Hudson Harding Holiday Sampler Volume 7

Peter Mayer/The Houses of Winter/Midwinter

Susan Kane/New York WInter/A Word Child

Mark Dvorak/On a Night Like This/Mark Dvorak (single)

Set #6:
Jubilant Bridge/A Bell A Bird A Star/A Bell A Bird A Star

Snowday/Light the Tree Lights/Snowday

Neal and Leandra/I'll Be Home for Christmas/Listen to the Angels

Next week's show, which will air on Christmas night, will be pre-recorded. Enjoy your week!



Hello Everyone--Last night I did a tribute to the legendary Bill Staines and the incredible writer/singer/songwriter and raconteur Scott Alarik. Here's the playlist:

Cindy Kallet/Big Dark's Fancy (theme)/Working on Wings to Fly

Set #1 (people performing in the area):
Tony Trishka/Sleigh Ride/Glory Shone Around: A Christmas Collection

Donna Hebert/
Little Birds/In Full Bloom

George Wilson/
Quebecois Reels/The Royal Circus

Gretchen Koehler & Daniel Kelly/King of the Fairies/The Waxwing

Brooksie Wells/I'm a Believer/Stops Time (note: Brooksie's not playing in the area, but I played this in memory of Michael Nesmith--even though Neil Diamond wrote the song, it's associated with the Monkees)

Set #2 (Bill Staines):

Bill Staines/Blue-Eyed Mountain Maid/Somebody Blue (Bill's first LP)

Bill Staines/ My Sweet Wyoming Home/Just Play One Tune More

Nanci Griffith/Roseville Fair/One Fair Summer Evening (Live)

Bill Staines/The Boats They Come and the Boats They Go/Just Play One Tune More

Bill Staines/So Sang the River/The Second Million Miles

Set #3:
Jerry Jeff Walker/ The Quiet Faith of Man/Live At Gruene Hall

Bill Staines/If I Come to Need an Angel/Beneath Some Lucky Star

Bill Staines/ So Sang the River/The Second Million Miles

Set #4:
Scott Alarik/Minnesota's Got to Me/Stories (Scott's 1979 LP)

Scott Alarik/ Tradition/reading from his website about his novel/

Scott Alarik/Spanish is a Loving Tongue/-30-

Scott Alarik/Fair and Tender Ladies/All That is True

Scott Alarik/If I Needed You/-30-

Scott Alarik/The True Story of Pete Seeger in Barcelona/reading from his website/

Set #5:
Bill Staines/ That's My Song/Old Dogs

Bill Staines /When I Hear the Music Play/The Second Million Miles

Priscilla Herdman/Music To Me/Forever & Always

Bill Staines/A Place in the Choir/The Happy Wanderer

Mara Levine/Child of Mine/Facets of Folk

Set #6:
Scott Alarik/Road Be Kind/Stories

Bill Staines/I Can Feel the Sweet Wind Blowing (Bless My Soul)/The Happy Wanderer

Cindy Kallet/Big Dark's Fancy (theme)/Working on Wings to Fly


Hello Everyone--Here's my playlist for the December 4, 2021 show:

Cindy Kallet/Big Dark's Fancy (theme)/Working on Wings to Fly

Set #1 (end of Hanukkah):
Emily Kurn/Light the Lamp/Hudson Harding Happy Holidays, Volume Two

Shelley Posen/My Mother's Latkes/Manna

Winterbloom/The Riddle (Tumbalalaika)/Winterbloom: Traditions Rearranged

The Alexandria Kleztet/Hanukkah Waltzing with You/Hudson Harding Sampler: Happy Holidays, Volume 2

Shelley Posen/Put the Latkes on to Fry/Manna

The Burns Sisters /Shaloo Shalom Y'Rushalayim/Tradition: Holiday Songs Old & New

Set #2:
Judy Collins & Jonas Fjeld/The Blizzard/Winter Stories (feat. Chatham County Line)

Cherish the Ladies/ All the Valley Down/Christmas in Ireland

Claudia Schmidt/Forgotten Snow/Hark the Dark

Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra/The Turning Year: A New Year's Toast/The Turning Year

Set #3:
Wintergreen/Constitution Oak/A Song of Home

Michael Jerling/In Lieu of Flowers/Family Recipe

Vi Wickam/Carol of the Bells/'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Set #4:
Dan Cunningham/Mr. Bojangles/Simple Gifts

Bill Staines/Carlton Prison/Old Wood and Winter Wine

T. Buckley/Holding My Place/Frame by Frame

Geoff Bartley/A Letter from Prison/One Kind Word

Dave Alvin/Blue Wing/ (Tom Russell Wounded Heart of America

Set #5:
Scott Alarik/Carolyna Moon/All That is True

Ian & Sylvia/Four Strong Winds/Four Strong Winds

Joe Crookston/Mending Walls/Able Baker Charlie & Dog

Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills & Cindy Mangsen/Voices of Winter/Red & Green/Voices of Winter

Set #6:
Storyhill/O Come, O Come, Emmanuel/Bethlehem

Scott Alarik/May They Be Blessed/-30-

Cindy Kallet/Big Dark's Fancy (theme)/Working on Wings to Fly


Hi everyone--Here's my playlist from last night, November 27, 2021:

Cindy Kallet/Big Dark's Fancy (theme)/Working on Wings to Fly

Arlo Guthrie/Alice's Restaurant/Alice's Restaurant

Set #1:
Jamcrackers/Going Away/Cherokee Shuffle/Get Crackin'

Lúnasa/Killarney Boys of Pleasure/The Merry Sisters of Fate

Corey Laitman/Marching Band/Seafoam

Lúnasa/The Merry Sisters of Fate/The Merry Sisters of Fate

Tom Smith/New Hampshire Wind/Journey Home

Set #2:
Judy Collins/Send In the Clowns/Forever - An Anthology

Cindy Kallet, Ellen Epstein and Michael Cicone/Angels In Daring

Set #3 (Hanukkah)
The Short Sisters/My Candles/A Planet Dancing Slow

Jay Ungar & Molly Mason/Lights of Chanukah/The Pleasures of Winter

Shelley Posen/ Light One Candle/Manna

Daniel Cainer/This Chanukiah/Hudson Harding Happy Holidays

Gathering Time/Light One Candle/Single

Set #4:
Brooksie Wells/Stops Time/Stops Time

Over The Moon/Chinook Waltz/Chinook Waltz

Bett Padgett/ Turning over Stones/When Winter Comes to Call

Joanne Shenandoah/Spirit Lingers On/Once In a Red Moon

The Kennedys/Chimes of Freedom/Half a Million Miles

Set #5:
Anne Hills & David Roth/Spring from Darkness Into Light/Rhubarb Trees

Carole Wise/Practicing Peace/The Long Way Home

Jesse Terry/Peace/Peace

Cindy Kallet/Big Dark's Fancy (theme)/Working on Wings to Fly


Hello everyone--Hope you're getting set for a great Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for all the support I receive throughout the year from all WAMC listeners!

Here's my playlist from last night:

Cindy Kallet/Big Dark's Fancy (theme)/Working on Wings to Fly

Set #1:
Annie & the Hedonists/I Cant Give You Anything but Pennies from Heaven/Tonal Indulgence

Ruth Bloomquist/Love Goes Round/One Day Ain't Enough

Mala Oreen/Breathing Hope/Awake

Marcy Marxer/Things Are Coming My Way/Things Are Coming My Way

Jim Hurst & Missy Raines/I Ain't Got the Blues/Synergy

Set #2:
Gordon Lightfoot/ The Mountains and Maryann/Songbook

Geoff Bartley/High On a Mountaintop/Mercy for the Dispossessed

Zoe & Cloyd/Chestnut/Rebuild

Rik Palieri/Hills of Old Vermont/Hobos & Heros

Larry Kaplan/Echo on the Mountain/Song for an August Moon

Anita Silvert/ Mountain Music/Midwest Girl

Set #3:
Bett Padgett/Turning over Stones/Turning over Stones

Kristi Flagg/Find Me/The Other Side

Set #4:
Annette Wasilik/Chincoteague/Love & Fire

Marc Berger/Montana/Ride

John Kirk and Trish Miller/Shenandoah/Quicksteppin'

Phyllis Sinclair/Going Home Star/Ghost Bones

Set #5:
Lou & Peter Berryman/Uncle Dave's Grace/House Concert

Guy Davis/ Thanksgiving Day/Guy Davis/Call Down the Thunder

Tim Harrison/Song of Thanksgiving/Wheatfield With Crows

Mary Chapin Carpenter/ Thanksgiving Song/Come Darkness, Come Light: Twelve Songs of Christmas

Brad Yoder/At the Table/Excellent Trouble

Set #6:
Bob Franke/Thanksgiving Eve/That Other Evening in Chicago

Tom Chapin/Thanksgiving Day/Mother Earth

Anne Hills & David Roth/May the Light of Love/Rhubarb Trees

One final song to end the show:
Rebecca Loebe and David Wilcox/Count Your Blessings/A Very Blue Rock Christmas, Volume Two

Cindy Kallet/Big Dark's Fancy (theme)/Working on Wings to Fly


Thanks to the folks at the Eddies Awards for the nomination for DJ of the Year. Although I did not win, I was honored to be nominated. My good friend Chris Wienk won! I am so happy to know him and call him colleague and friend. Congratulations, Chris! Keep up the great work!


Hi everyone--Here's the playlist for the November 13, 2021 show:

Set #1:
Gordon Bok/A Tune for November/A Tune for November

Joel Mabus/Crooked November/ Rhyme Schemes

Sean Vernon/My November Guest/Acquainted with the Night

Heidi Muller/November/Giving Back

Tret Fure/Roses in November/Roses in November

Set #2:
Gordon Lightfoot/The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald/Summertime Dream

Stan Rogers/White Squall/The Very Best of Stan Rogers

Lee Murdock/The Great Lakes Song/Freshwater Highway

Set #3:
John McCutcheon/It's Not/Bucket List

Jake Blount/The Angels Done Bowed Down/Spider Tales

Darrell Scott/Candles in the Rain/A Crooked Road

Patty Larkin/St. Augustine/Red=Luck

Set #4 (a tribute to Berkshire singer/songwriter David Grover, who died November 3 in an automobile accident in Utica--he was part of Arlo Guthrie's band Shenandoah, as well as a beloved children's music performer in the area):

David Grover/River/Live at the Red Lion!!!

David Grover & the Big Bear Band/Light Up the World/There's a Light In You

David Grover/ Apologies to Leo/Live at the Red Lion!!!

David Grover & the Big Bear Band/There's a Light In You/There's a Light In You

David Grover/The Garden Song/Live at the Red Lion!!!

Set #5:
Abby Posner/Wishing Well/Kisbee Ring

Norman Blake/My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains/Day By Day

Magpie/Ev'ning in Caroline/Of Changes and Dreams

Brooksie Wells/Three Songs from Home/Stops Time

Set #6:
Bett Padgett/An Eagles View/Turning over Stones

Kim Moberg/The Raven/Up Around the Bend

One Standalone Song to end the show:
George Ensle/Be a Better Me/Be a Better Me

Cindy Kallet/Big Dark's Fancy (theme)/Working on Wings to Fly


Playlist for the November 6, 2021 (pre-recorded) show:

Cindy Kallet/Big Dark's Fancy (theme)/Working on Wings to Fly

Al Petteway/Falls/The Waters and the Wild

Set #1:

Huxtable, Christiansen and Hood/Lake George, 1922/Wallflowers (LP)

Michael Jerling/Fishtrap Lake/Music Here Tonight: Michael Jerling Live at Caffe Lena

Artie Traum, Chris Shaw and Tom Akstens/On the Esopus/Big Trout: Songs About Fishing

Artie Traum, Chris Shaw and Tom Akstens/Walter/ Big Trout: Songs About Fishing

W***y Welch/North Country Memory/Tune Casserole: A Songwriter’s Retrospective

Dan Berggren/Blow Adirondack Wind/Dan Berggren in Concert at Caffe Lena

Maggie Sansone/Maiden Lane/Celtic Fair: Traditional and Innovative Music for a Festive Gathering

Set #2:

Brian Peters/Prospect, Providence/Gritstone Serenade

Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies/Weave and Worry/Live at the Davy Lamp

Si Kahn/In the Spinning Mill/The Best of the Rest: Si Kahn at 75

Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills and Cindy Mangsen/Silken Dreams/Voices

Si Kahn/Goodbye Monday Blues/Thanksgiving

El McMeen/Hugh O’Donnell/Dancing the Strings, Celtic to Contemporary

Maria Dunn/Malala/Gathering

Cary Morin/Little Martha/The Last Pint/When I Rise

Set #3:

Laura Smith/Horses and Plough/Everything is Moving

Archie Fisher/Ontario Dust/Windward Away

James Hill and Anne Janelle/If Wishes Were Horses/Many a Moon

Garnet Rogers/Lady of Spain/Firefly

Joel Mabus/The Dragonfly/The Banjo Monologues

Set #4:

Brooks Williams/Inland Sailor/Work My Claim

Ron Hynes/From Dublin with Love/Get Back Change

Andy M. Stewart and Manus Lunny/Dublin Lady/Dublin

Mark Rust/Michael’s Waltz/Sea of Silver Sand: Original Music for Hammered Dulcimer

Set #5:

Christopher Shaw and Bridget Ball/Red River Valley/Songs from the Big Front Porch

Anke Summerhill/From Up Here/The Roots Run Deep

Terry Tufts/I Remember You/Two Nights Solo

Cindy Kallet/Big Dark’s Fancy (theme)/Working on Wings to Fly


Hello everyone, and Happy Halloween! Here's my playlist from last night (October 30, 2021), mostly focusing on Halloween.

Cindy Kallet/Big Dark's Fancy (theme)/Working on Wings to Fly

Set #1:
Jim Kweskin & Geoff Muldaur/The Cuckoo/Penny's Farm

Kathy Mattea/Pretty Bird/Pretty Bird

Martin Swinger/My Mother's World/Living Things

Set #2:
Randall Kromm/It's Halloween (And It's Beautiful Out)/Sentimental Season

David Roth/Halloween/Think Twice

Skinner and T'witch/Halloween/The Fool's Journey

Kitty Donohoe/Must Be Halloween/The Yellow Room Gang: Happy New Day

Richard Shindell/Are You Happy Now?/13 Songs You May or May Not Have Heard Before

Set #3:
Kristen Grainger & True North/Ghost of Abuelito/Ghost Tattoo

Si Kahn/Dancing With the Johnson Boys (feat. Laurie Lewis and Friends)/Been a Long Time (feat. Laurie Lewis and Friends)

Steve Gillette/ Ghost Rider's Medley/Texas and Tennessee

Greg Trafidlo/Hills of Shiloh/A Different Story

Set #4:
Loreena McKennitt/All Souls Night/Live in Paris and Toronto

Ange Hardy/ The Ghost on the Moors/Bare Foot Folk

Cindy Mangsen/Sweet William's Ghost/Songlines

Set #5:
Jed Marum/Witch's Well/Calla's Waltz

Archie Fisher/Witch of the West-Mer-Lands/The Man with a Rhyme (feat. Wendy Grossman, Kathy Westra, Lani Hermann, Ann Mayo Muir & Lorraine Lee)

Steve Gillette, Anne Hills, Cindy Mangsen & Michael Smith/Pendle Hill/Fourtold

Cathy Winter/ - Breath On My Fire/Marie LeVeau/Breath On My Fire/Travelling Home

Set #6:
Harry Tuft/Mrs. Ravoon/Across the Blue Mountains

Steve Gillette, Anne Hills, Cindy Mangsen & Michael Smith/The Nine Little Goblins/Fourtold

Cindy Mangsen/The Haunted Hunter/Songs of Experience

Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys/La Toussaint/La Toussaint

Cindy Kallet/Big Dark's Fancy (theme)/Working on Wings to Fly


Here's the playlist for the October 23, 2021 show:


Cindy Kallet/Big Dark's Fancy (theme)/Working on Wings to Fly

Set #1:
Kathy Mattea/October Song/Pretty Bird

The House Band/October Song/October Song

Tim Grimm/Autumn Garden/Farm Songs

Charlie Maguire/Fall is Here/Harbour Lights: The Second Voyage

Aengus Finnan/Fool's Gold/Fool's Gold

Set #2: Pete Seeger/Golden River/Clearwater II

Valerie Smith/The River Whispers/Renaissance

Gordon Bok/ Gentle Easy Flowing River/Clearwater II

Wyatt Easterling/Where This River Goes/Where This River Goes

Sarah Jane Scouten /Where the Ghost River Flows/When the Bloom Falls From the Rose

Set #3:
Amy Speace/Me and the Ghost of Charlemagne/Me and the Ghost of Charlemagne

Anne Hills/There's a Light Beyond These Woods/Single

El McMeen/Perfidia/Dancing the Strings/Perfidia

Set #4:
Dean Friedman/Too Much Stuff/American Lullaby

Dakota Blonde/The Ballad of Mary's Car/'Til They Fade

C. Daniel Boling/Dad's Garage/These Houses

Set #5:
Happy and Artie Traum/The Heart of Saturday Night/The Test of Time

John McCutcheon/Ghost Town/Bucket List

Betty & The Baby Boomers/The Ghost of Tom Joad/This Love Will Carry

The Travelers/Ghost Dances/In High Gear

Reggie Harris/Sing Out, March On... Ain't Gonna Let Nobody/Solid Ground

Set #6:
Jonathan Edwards/50 Years/Right Where I Am

Robin and Linda Williams/Roses and Time/A Better Day a-Coming

Peter, Paul & Mary/Hurry Sundown/Album

Kathy Mattea/This Love Will Carry/Pretty Bird

Cindy Kallet/Big Dark's Fancy (theme)/Working on Wings to Fly


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Wanda Fischer’s “Hudson River Sampler” is a truly wonderful program, with its excellent taste in selections, and Wanda’s pleasant and soft-spoken on-air announcements. The Sampler is also to be commended for playing songs from regional musicians, allowing listeners to hear for the first time artists that we would otherwise never discover.
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Big thanks to the following DJ's who played tracks from my new album "Planting in a Drought" in March: Wanda Adams Fischer, Hudson River Sampler WAMC, WAMC-FM, Albany, NY and throughout New England Rich Warren, The Midnight Special - 98.7 FM Chicago, 98.7 WFMT Chicago (and syndicated nationally) Bob Weiser, The Old Songs' Home radio show, WOMR 92.1 FM Provincetown/WFMR 91.3 FM Orleans Jason Baker, Folk Talk with Rik Palieri, WBTV 99.3 FM, Burlington, VT and rebroadcast on Folk Music Notebook around the globe. Tom Funk, "Green Chile Revival and Medicine Show", KGLP 91.7 fm Radio, Gallup, NM To preview, download or purchase the CD, please visit:
I believe I heard Wanda on "Only a Game" this morning talking about her love of baseball and why she is glad she did not pursue a career in writing about sports. Am I right?
Dear Friends, As some of you know I had the great pleasure of knowing and working with the late great Pete Seeger since the time I first met him back in 1978 at the first Hudson River Revival. The Germans have a tradition honoring wise old teachers with a written collection of reflections and remembrances they call a FESTSCHRIFT as a Celebration in writing of the scholars life and work! (We know have over 500 pages of great material but are sill looking for a few more contributions. If you have not yet sent me something please do it asap since I want to submitt this by the end of January 2018 for editing with the hope it will get published in 2019 the 100th birthday of dear Pete!) As is the case with most of the books available about Pete they tend to be Scholarly in their basic approach. What I am suggesting is a popular collection of essays, poems, songs, photos, etc...from the folks whose life he profoundly touched in so may wonderful ways. So if you have a story or two, a song to share, some cool memories of what Pete meant to you, or just a fun story please send something into me at [email protected] I will put up the money to have the materials received into either a E BOOK or hard copy and see to its broad distribution. Any profits will be donated to support the Sloop Woody Guthrie owned and operated by the Beacon Sloop Club in the Hudson Valley as it continues to help keep Pete and Toshi Seeger's mission alive. Along this line it is hard to think of Pete by himself without his lifetime partner Toshi. So memories of her and the two of them together would also be most welcome and appropriate. In real sense the "Celebrity" Pete would not have been out there without her support and partnership! Hope to hear from you all soon Fair Winds Robert V Peters at [email protected]