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A Well-Fed World is proud to be a founding sponsor of the inaugural The Animal & Vegan Advocacy Summit (AVA).

We hope you can join us this October 20-23 in Washington, DC for this inspiring and empowering event dedicated to creating a world in which animals are no longer treated as commodities or exploited by our food systems.

Attendees can expect to:

Learn from 80+ diverse and expert speakers on animal advocacy and food systems change.

Expand their networks, exchange best practices, and explore new opportunities.

Enjoy high quality vegan meals and visit a wide variety of exhibitors and vendors.

Visit the AVA Summit website at for a list of their dynamic speaker line-up (including our own founder/president, Dawn Moncrief). You can also follow them on Facebook and IG for updates!

Photos from Wild Souls Wildlife Rescue and Rehab's post

Photos from Wild Souls Wildlife Rescue and Rehab's post


"Turkeys who will be killed to be eaten on Thanksgiving hatch around late July and early August 💔 Depending on the breed, they are slaughtered between 12-16 weeks of age, even though turkeys can live to be a decade or older." - The Humane League


Happy Meatless Monday 🌱
Start with one thing, then add another. Keep going 💚


Every dog bred is a shelter dog dead!


*Public Service Announcement from these adorable orphaned Barn Swallows: pesticides kill birds!*
We are so glad these now-fledgling Barn Swallows are healthy and eating well after a close call. When one of their parents was found dead near the nest and the other in distress on the ground, the Good Samaritans who’d been monitoring the nest called us for help. Sadly, the other adult died in transit to us and the babies were weak, and given the circumstances, we suspected both parents had succumbed to pesticide toxins. We treated the nestlings for pesticide poisoning, and all five have pulled through and are growing stronger each day. Please help us spread the word about the dangers of pesticides, which poison the whole food chain, including humans!


All animals deserve to be protected ❤️

The only difference is our perception


The only difference is your perception.
[Art by the fuzzy dot]


Raccoons are such cute endearing creatures. If you've ever locked eyes with a raccoon, you have seen just how thoughtfully and deeply they process the world around them. Smarter than dogs, raccoons have used their intelligence to thrive despite human encroachments in their native habitats. Their five fingered hands allow them to manipulate objects to find food where other animals might struggle.

And while many people have seen videos of just how cuddly and loving raccoons can be, it is their intelligence and nimble hands that also make raccoons a bad choice for a pet. They are skillful at getting what they want and finding ways around anything done to keep them from achieving these goals. If you do come upon a raccoon in need of help, contact a wildlife rehabber in your area. This will assure that the raccoon has the best odds of surviving.

Here at Life With Pigs, we truly believe that all animals deserve to be treated with love and kindness and given the same level of consideration for their wants, needs, and desires as we would want if our places were exchanged with theirs. We all share this planet and all have the same basic desire to be healthy and happy and safe.

Great news!

Great news!

Yes 👏 they 👏 did!

Target stopped selling cruel glue traps! With thousands of stores across the U.S., this compassionate decision will save countless rats, mice, and other small animals from suffering a slow, agonizing death.

Photos from Sanders Wildlife, Inc.'s post

Photos from Sanders Wildlife, Inc.'s post


As you enjoy the summer temps, please do right by the best friend who depends on you the most. Remember: a pet in a parked car, even with the windows open, can quickly overheat and die on a warm day.

If you see an animal in distress in someone’s car, call 911 immediately and try to find the owner. If you cannot find the owner immediately, and you are still waiting for first responders and the animal seems to be in grave condition, state law allows you to break the car window or make entry to save the pet’s life. ❤

Photos from Skywatch Bird Rescue's post

Photos from Skywatch Bird Rescue's post


Almost everyone has at least a few happy childhood memories of chasing birds. It’s impossible to go to a beach, park, or lakeside without seeing children entertaining themselves by running toward flocks of gulls and doves feeding on the ground. I admit that I used to allow my own children to chase birds, before I started working with wildlife and learned to do better!

While it may seem like innocent fun to us, this isn’t a humane or acceptable way to interact with our wild neighbors. To a bird, a human child is a huge, life-threatening predator, and being chased is a terrifying experience. Repeated exposure to this kind of stress can compromise the immune system, leading to illness and even death. Birds also have very fast metabolisms and use precious energy when abruptly flying away from a threat, and if this happens frequently, it can cause them to starve. While it’s very rare for birds to abandon their eggs or young because of a single disturbance, ground-nesting bird parents may feel they have no choice but to do so if they’re chased by children over and over again, as might happen at a park or beach. This can ultimately have a real impact on the survival of individuals and entire species.

Please be kind to birds and teach your children to respect them by watching and enjoying them without giving into the desire to rush after them. We owe it to our children, and our planet, to teach compassion.


🐢 I know I’m cute, but you can’t keep me!!

Please watch for turtles crossing the road. Help them by safely moving them to the other side in the direction they are heading, then WALK AWAY. Turtles live in a 1 mile radius for their entire lives. Don’t take them home or move them to another location. This causes the turtle extreme stress and they will spend the rest of their lives trying to find their home.

Never pick up a turtle by its tail. Tip: Snapping turtles can be moved by placing them on a car mat and pulling them to safety.

If you find a turtle that has been injured, it needs to get to a licensed rehabber asap. You can find one near you by using the app Animal Help Now or by texting us.

Information Album

Information Album


To learn more about reuniting, humane solutions check out


As the weather warms and you prepare your hummingbird feeders - skip the red dye! Look For Wild Souls Alliance


Flow charts are handy 😉


Please do not gift live animals for Easter. A week later the candy will be forgotten and so will the animal. And PLEASE don’t dump them to fend for themselves when you realize how much work they are. These are domestic animals and they cannot survive on their own…not even the ducks. These cute little critters will grow up. They require food, shelter, and veterinary care just like your cat and dog. Please. If you want to give your child a bunny, go with either chocolate or stuffed. 💕🐾


No matter how thirsty a baby animal is - don't try and supplement with cows milk - seek help from a licensed wildlife rehabber! Checkout Animal Help Now for help in your area!

Don't support captive animal entertainment.

Don't support captive animal entertainment.

Don't be fooled. There are currently many dolphinariums falsely advertising as sanctuaries. There are so many that we've even put together a page on our website to help you spot the difference! Check it out at 🐬


This is a living animal and will require a lifetime commitment for many years. If you can't commit to many years of care-buy your child a chocolate or stuffed bunny instead


“I just heard a pack of coyotes kill a small dog.”

Have you seen (or made) this statement in neighborhood groups on social media? It’s one of the most common sources of panic in the suburbs. And, in almost all cases, it’s actually not true.

Coyotes live in small family groups of 2-8 individuals, usually a mated pair and their young of the year. When the whole family gets together, they tend to celebrate by howling. This helps them bond and it’s also meant to intimidate rivals (including us), and it works. When calling together, coyotes will rapidly change the pitch and direction of their calls so it sounds like a very large group.

One of the sounds that coyotes make during these social get-togethers is a high-pitched yelp that increases in pitch and frequency until the “song” ends. To untrained ears, it’s very easy to mistake this for the sound of a domestic dog in pain. Our imaginations sometimes get the best of us, and when we hear the alto of a coyote choir stop abruptly, we may think the “dog” has been killed.

Coyotes don’t howl and hip while hunting. There’s no reason for them to do so, since vocalizations scare away prey and give them time to flee. Coyotes are completely silent when stalking or cornering their meals, so we rarely (if ever) hear them hunting.

Of course, that’s not to say that coyotes never kill domestic dogs at all. If a dog is roaming freely off-leash and becomes a threat to a coyote or its pups, they will defend themselves, just like any animal. Small dogs are very easy prey and, when left unattended in coyote territory, they are at risk. Because of this, it’s very important to keep your pets properly contained at all times.

However, it’s important not to panic over the normal social songs that coyote families sing together. The sound that you hear isn’t actually a dog in pain, but a family enjoying each other’s company.


It's that time of the year again! Learning when to involve your self with helping an animal is important, not every wild animal found needs help! During fledgling season it is very common to find a baby bird all alone, in most cases its completely normal! If you are needing help with a wildlife conflict check the
For the closest help to you! .


Spring is around the corner, so while you're making your spring cleaning checklist, add cleaning and repairs for coexistence to the list! A few simple actions can wildlife-proof your home to ensure our wild neighbors – and your home – stay safe.

Remember, during your check, don't trap wildlife inside! Before sealing off any holes that might be potential entry points, you must be sure there are no animals already inside. Look everywhere: bats and mice can get through an area smaller than the size of a quarter. You will need to get on a ladder and search carefully with a flashlight (a second person helps, too).

You can test holes you suspect might be an entry point by stuffing with paper or cloth so that any animals who may be using the space inside can easily push aside. If the material has not been moved in a few days, you can safely plug the opening.

To seal up holes, use caulk or expanding foam for small gaps, staple or bolt (not nail) hardware cloth over larger holes, or make permanent repairs. Typical bug screens will not hold up to stronger animals, such as raccoons, so look for stronger steel mesh/hardware cloth or solid aluminum flashing for vents and holes. And don't forget to keep burrowing animals from under your stoops, decks, and sheds with solid barriers like plywood and steel mesh.

Read more about coexistence with wildlife:


UPDATE: Additional emails are not needed as of March 13. Another update will be posted in the next few days. Thank you!

ACTION NEEDED TODAY (March 8) on HB 1450, the GA Safe Outdoor Dog Act

Please send a POLITE email to Chairman Dickey of the House Agriculture & Consumer Affairs Committee, asking him to please put HB 1450 on the committee’s agenda. Use “HB 1450, GA Safe Outdoor Dog Act” in the subject line. (GA residents only, please)
[email protected]

“Crossover Day” in the GA General Assembly is March 15th which is the deadline for a bill to pass the House or Senate to remain active. Currently, HB 1450 is not on the committee’s agenda. This bill has broad support statewide.

For a Fact Sheet on HB 1450, go to:

If you need help call Sanders Wildlife. Snders Wildlife is a humane wildlife management company. Brandon, the owner trul...

If you need help call Sanders Wildlife. Snders Wildlife is a humane wildlife management company. Brandon, the owner truly cares about animals.


With spring quickly approaching, it is especially important to be mindful of your actions!

Have you ever tossed food out of your car window?

Your food waste can attract animals and endanger them by drawing them to roadways where they can be struck and killed by passing vehicles. Please be considerate at ALL times and keep your trash off the road!



are so awesome! They eat so many ticks!



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Don't support captive animal entertainment.
If you need help call Sanders Wildlife. Snders Wildlife is a humane wildlife management company. Brandon, the owner truly cares about animals.

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