WREKage Listen to WREKage on 91.1 FM in the metro Atlanta area every Saturday morning from midnight ET to when we get tired (or 6am, whichever comes first) or via our live and archived streams: http://www.wrekage.org or www.wrek.org.

WREKage is Atlanta's longest running true metal radio show. The show airs every Friday evening on WREK Atlanta 91.1 FM from midnight until around 6 a.m. It streams live on the web and a one-week streaming & downloadable archive is always available at www.wrekage.org/streamingWREKage.php. WREKage has been serving Atlanta's metal community since 1984 (known as "Night Reign" until the name changed to WREKage in 1985) on WREK. WREK-FM is the "student owned and operated voice of Georgia Tech," the Institute's radio station, and at 40,000 watts it's one of the most powerful college radio stations in the US. Not surprisingly, considering the school's technical credentials, it was the first radio station in the world to stream live audio over the Internet using software written by Tech alumnus and then WREKage host, John Selbie. The software was first used in October 1994 during a WREKage broadcast, making WREKage the first radio show to stream over the Internet. The show has gone from being a one-hour show to up to 10 hours (10pm until 8am ... Creative Loafing even wrote about how cool it was to be able to pass out listening to metal on Friday night and still wake up to it the next morning). During its heyday in the late 80s and early 90s, the show actually drew more listeners during its weekly time-slot than Atlanta's then #1 commercial rock station 96Rock. According to the Birch surveys, WREKage drew about 8,000 listeners at its' peak. The music programming of WREKage has had a varied past but usually rides on the cutting edge of the metal genre. WREKage's current programming is probably the most diverse that it's ever been.

Operating as usual


After our long hiatus, WREK is returning "live" to the airwaves. Per the campus' draconian COVID-related restrictions, only hosts currently affiliated with Georgia Tech -- i.e., students and faculty -- can be in the studio, so only Matt/DJ-Kraken will be able to host the show for now. If all goes well, our first "live" broadcast since March will take place this coming Friday.

Here are some metal Youtube playlists, carefully curated by your humble WREKage deejays, to tide us all over until we ca...
WREKage: Atlanta's Metal Radio

Here are some metal Youtube playlists, carefully curated by your humble WREKage deejays, to tide us all over until we can do our show live in the studio again. Everything from power- and death-metal to traditional heavy metal and a BIG collection of metal covers. Enjoy!

WREKage - Atlanta's metal radio on WREK 91.1, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA USA.


Sad news:
Due to the COVID-19 virus and the lockdown of the Georgia Tech campus, ALL staffed shows at WREK -- including WREKage -- have been suspended indefinitely and the studio is off-limits.
EDIT: if possible, we will try to rebroadcast some old shows each week to at least have SOME metal on the radio......


We will have tickets to give away for ProgPower USA tonight on WREKage. These will be for Days 3 and 4; both days are sold out.


We at WREKage would like to wish our listeners a happy holiday season...and of course, solicit any song requests you might have for our upcoming Xmas show. (Yes, ov corpse we'll play King Diamond!)
Anything particularly evil, blasphemous or even -- dare I say it -- Christmas-y y'all want to hear? :)


VERY pleased to report that the WREKage website is back online at www.wrekage.org.
The concert calendar under "Events" has been heavily updated. If your show is not listed, let us know.
If you'd like to promote your upcoming show live on-air, let us know by the Wednesday before that week's broadcast.

Thanks to former WREKage host Melkor for taking over the web-hosting duties, and thanks to the legendary Bob Vincent for hosting it for the last 16 years!

This image of Fenriz (from Darkthrone) and his cat stayed on the air-studio console computer unmolested for several glor...

This image of Fenriz (from Darkthrone) and his cat stayed on the air-studio console computer unmolested for several glorious weeks. \m/

This is the same photo that Fenriz tried to use to NOT get elected to a council seat in Norway.
It didn't work, because everyone loves kitties, and now he's an elected official in Norway. :D


If you'd like to attend the Arch Enemy/Trivium show this Saturday at the Masquerade, comment "Sure" below. Two winners selected randomly will win a pair of tickets to the show.
Cutoff for entries will be Thursday at midnight EDT.


We will have tickets for Progpower USA (Friday and Saturday nights) to give away on WREKage over the next few shows. Its sold out and tickets are around $130 each.
Thanks to Glenn Harveston for hooking us up!


Barring any weirdness, we'll be doing our All-Covers Show this coming Friday night at midnight!


It's about time for another all-covers show! Tentatively setting it for March 31 - April 1st and taking suggestions for good metal covers.


Since the Tech campus is closed today due to impending weather, there will probably be no show tonight.
Barring any further weirdness we should be back, live and on the air next Friday night at midnight.


Since we couldn't get to all the covers the first time, we have tentatively scheduled our second all-covers show on WREKage for the evening of April 22nd.
....."Tentatively" because you never know what might happen: LAST time, we couldn't get the automated system to start up at the end of our show AND we couldn't shut the transmitter off. :)


All-covers show update: As mentioned on the WREKage FB group, one of the servers at the WREK studio is down. What this means is that, until Engineering can fix it, the live-streaming will not be running, and the archiver that saves off the radio broadcast in half-hour chunks is also down...plus the online request widget on wrek.org will be unavailable too.

We've postponed this show too many times already so we WILL do it Friday night at midnight, with apologies to our more distant live-stream listeners. We're hoping someone will record it for us.


Weather and WREKage update: We will probably have to postpone tonight's all-covers show -- and maybe WREKage itself -- due to weather. We are still evaluating the situation. The Georgia Tech campus closed officially at noon. :(


Edit: this will probably have to be postponed due to weather.

As a reminder, we'll be doing an all- (or almost all) covers show this Friday night on WREKage, including as many of your suggestions on the WREKage FB group as we can obtain. Midnight on Friday until 6 am or we get tired, whichever comes first.
Also, are any WREKage listeners interested in going to Days of the Dead in Atlanta on Feb. 5-7? We may have some tickets available as call-in contest prizes. :)


For those with Sirius/XM satellite radio, I'll be on Liquid Metal tonight at 6 pm as the host of Listener Domination. You'll be able to hear why I'm NOT a paid, professional deejay, just a volunteer......but you'll also hear five really cool songs of my choosing. One of them is 10 minutes long...and another is 16. smile emoticon
The segment re-airs Thursday at 10 am, Saturday at 3 pm, Sunday at midnight and Monday at 9 pm, all times ET...and none of those conflict with WREKage!
-- Paul C.


We will have tickets to give away on WREKage for ProgPower USA -- both festival nights, Friday Sept. 11th and Saturday the 12th -- this coming Friday and the Friday afterward.
Yes, this is a sold-out show.
Dollar value of a pair of tickets is ~$280.
Thanks go to Glenn Harveston for this. He is awesomeness...personified.


Tonight's WREKage broadcast is Melkor's last as a regular show-host. He'll be doing the show himself, serving up a full six hours of metal...should be awesome. 91.1 FM in Atlanta, live online elsewhere and archived for later consumption.

Just a reminder that we finally have WREKage T-shirts available.  Just $10 each, $15 including shipping (or you can make...

Just a reminder that we finally have WREKage T-shirts available. Just $10 each, $15 including shipping (or you can make arrangements to pick 'em up during a WREKage broadcast. Email Melkor at [email protected] to reserve one. We have sizes M through XL available, and we'll probably print up more XXLs if there's a demand. http://i.imgur.com/VZLsBw3.jpg


Stay tuned tonight, as we have 2-day tickets (pairs) to give away for Hammerhead Fest IV at the Star Bar next Friday and Saturday!


We should have Opeth/In Flames/ RED FANG tickets to give away tonight on the show.


Tune in TONIGHT for your chance to win tickets to see KING DIAMOND!!!


WREK-FM has a brand-new mobile app available for iPhones and Google Android devices. It's free and was developed by legendary WREKage host John Selbie. Check out your respective app stores for details!
(And to those who don't think metalheads ever amount to much, aren't that bright, etc......take THAT!)

DESECRESY - Voracious Mass [2014]

DESECRESY - Voracious Mass [2014]

Taken from the band's 3rd album "Chasmic Transcendence" to be released by Xtreem Music in April 15th, 2014.

Don't miss ANTICHRIST (Swe) with Natur (NY) and Mangled, Sadistic Ritual, and Disfigurement on Oct. 9 at The Basement!
Antichrist - Torment In Hell

Don't miss ANTICHRIST (Swe) with Natur (NY) and Mangled, Sadistic Ritual, and Disfigurement on Oct. 9 at The Basement!

This track is taken from the debut Antichrist record from Sweden called (Forbidden world) This album is released by High roller records (Germany) on vinyl an...

ProgPower USA Festival XIV

WREKage is proud to co-sponsor Atlanta's own ProgPower USA festival by offering $25 single-day tickets (a bit less than half price) by using discount code ATLMETAL on Ticketmaster's website. This was created for WREKage listeners and folks local to Atlanta, but it's available to anyone with the promo code until they're gone.
$25 is not bad for about ten hours of metal each day, the camaraderie of a truly national/international audience, a roomful of CD vendors including Century Media and (finally) Atlanta's own Deathgasm Records, all at one of the best music venues in Atlanta, Center Stage.
Visit www.progpowerusa.com for all the festival details.

North America's premier progressive and power metal event will return to Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia, September 4-7 2013. ENTER THE OFFICIAL SITE


EMPEROR reunion....not bad news to wake up to on a Friday!

Reminder -- we keep a concert calendar for Atlanta metal shows.  Keep supporting live music!
WREKage Events: Atlanta Metal

Reminder -- we keep a concert calendar for Atlanta metal shows. Keep supporting live music!

WREKage - Atlanta's metal radio on WREK 91.1, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA USA.

Slayer - Hell Awaits

As I'm sure you all know by now, Jeff Hanneman of Slayer has died. It's safe to say that Slayer it the most played, most requested, etc band in WREKage history. Hell no longer awaits...

Track One from Slayer's "Hell Awaits" Enjoy!

W.A.S.P. - L.O.V.E. Machine
W.A.S.P. - L.O.V.E. Machine

W.A.S.P. - L.O.V.E. Machine

Artist::W.A.S.P. Album::W.A.S.P. Year::1984 Genre::Heavy Metal LYRICS: Lady have you known me- The perfect love machine, I'm Virgo, My Leo's rising Venus mad...


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Purgatory rocks
Getting ready for Obituary! Telling Everyone "You know your about to get killed"
Augustine. Land trust has event today I'll find a lawyer pro bono I.can.send 400 people to protest! Add. Me. I gotta sell some food but am Abel and Willful to eliminate PRISON
THE AXEMASTER ALBUM "CRAWLING CHAOS" IS AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE ON PURE STEEL RECORDS. Hope all will check out an official video from the album..... https://www.facebook.com/axemasterofficial/videos/1968338276516263/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efzKaKP2RuA "Crawling Chaos" is 10 tracks of a combination of traditional/thrash/doom metal with major label sound that shows the band's evolution while still paying respect to their metal roots from the late 80's & early 90's. Indications are that "Crawling Chaos" will be the most memorable Axemaster release to date. You can get your copy of the album at http://www.axemasterofficial.com/webstore/ https://www.puresteel-shop.com/AXEMASTER-Crawling-Chaos_1 (as well as MANY other places online including Walmart.com and FYE.com) If any member of the media (radio/zine) would like to receive the material from the album or the video file, please get in touch! WWW.AXEMASTEROFFICIAL.COM
Augustine fuxn yeah.
Gearing up to be the best show In years. Tragic rollercoaster with the excitement of Tim and then the news of Vinnie. Celebrate life, celebrate metal. Great job Paul.
worst wrekage ever fail!!!!! find a night on Tuesday programming if you are going to play that sh*t.
very Evil and impressive set
the new kids are really winning this old hardcore, black, death , thrash metal fan over with the newer music.
Tombstone will be playing @the Slaughter Que Fest next weekend..dont miss this great event. Hit us up for tickets @ our page or Tombstone Mike. ..Horns up!!!
Thank you for what you do. \m/
Buy Tickets by messaging Thousand Pound Pig or anyone of the band members.....It's be worth it....Tickets can be picked up at WILL CALL at the Venue or directly from the band....