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Auspicious Wellness Optimal Wellness Podcast
Auspicious Wellness Optimal Wellness Podcast

Auspicious Wellness Optimal Wellness Podcast

The Auspicious Wellness Optimal Wellness Podcast From Ordinary to Extraordinary is a platform for the evolution of Plant Based Wellness - Life Coaching, Health Coaching, The Adventure in CBD Molecules, Current Events & To The Journey in Life to that which is Greater. Join us Each and every Monday at...


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Good advice for people who feel unsafe about voting in person but now fear the USPS will be unable to deliver a “mail-in” ballot in a timely fashion.
There is a way around it:
1. Request a mail-in ballot.
2. Do not mail it.
3. Google your supervisor of elections to see where you can drop off your mail-in ballot. Its usually NOT THE POLLING PLACE. All states allow this!
Here is what you're accomplishing by doing this:
1. You're not relying on the USPS to get your ballot in on time, so no matter what, your ballot gets in on time.
2. You don't have to worry about standing in long lines and risking infection. You're just stopping by to drop it off.
3. You still voted! Hooray!
Also, when you drop it off find out how to track it online to make sure it is verified. California, Oregon, Washington Colorado have systems that can track your ballot just like tracking a package from Amazon.
***This is very important and I would appreciate everyone who sees this to copy it on their page. (Press and hold until the copy option pops up)***


Dear Minneapolis Medical Examiner,

It is with profound joy that I inform YOU that Black people are doctors, nurses, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. That means, that we are well versed in the pathophysiology of the human body and as such, we recognize that heart disease and hypertension are CONTRIBUTORY factors of death, meaning there is usually an event (occlusion of a carotid artery for 6 minutes) that acts as the catalyst for immediate death. In other words, stop the bullsh*t and try again with the TRUTH.


Black Medical Professionals

Copy and paste to your FB wall as I have for solidarity and support for justice to bring peace in this horrible situation.

Uncle Woo Show Live Now! Listen to some of the Greatest Music Never Heard that you will hear at the IHSAR...

Uncle Woo Show Live Now! Listen to some of the Greatest Music Never Heard that you will hear at the IHSARI Conference. IA.

Reminder to self

Reminder to self



WHEN ALLAH (swt) grants you with an inspiration to take on a specific task, and in this case on business and trade, you had better believe there will always be an enemy trailing upon your tracts with absolute intentions to trip you up;
for every
...and in the event you do get a little tripped up during the task, call on Allah (swt), get up, clean yourself up, and get back on task and reflect that Allah (swt) has chosen you for the task, that He has given that inspiration to you and that He does not place a task upon us greater than we can carry!

AND SO HE gives us a reminder in [3:138-139]
وَلَا تَهِنُوۡا وَ لَا تَحۡزَنُوۡا وَاَنۡتُمُ الۡاَعۡلَوۡنَ اِنۡ كُنۡتُمۡ مُّؤۡمِنِيۡ وَلَا تَهِنُوۡا وَ لَا تَحۡزَنُوۡا وَاَنۡتُمُ الۡاَعۡلَوۡنَ اِنۡ كُنۡتُمۡ مُّؤۡمِنِيۡنَ‏
"This (is) a declaration for the people and guidance and admonition for the God-fearing.
And (do) not weaken and (do) not grieve and you (will be) [the] superior, if you are believers."

THE POINT is, when you are aware that Allah (swt) has given you an inspiration, you must see it thru even if you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel; this is what constitutes faith.. and most importantly, never lose sight or be alarmed that your
"inspiration-killers" are going to be there lingering around your posts, your ads, your website, waiting for the opportuned time to throw dirt!

AS LONG as you are cognizant of the inspiration given to you and steadfast in your faith against the inspiration-killers, Allah (swt) will grant you mastery over the task!


Say: "He is Allah the One and Only; Allah is the Self-Sufficient (independent of all, while all are dependent on Him); He begets not, nor is He begotten (he has no child, nor is He a child of anyone); And there is none comparable to Him.
Q112: Al-Ikhlas

Invest Atlanta

Invest Atlanta

The iVillage @ MLK is now open!! It houses a mix of local entrepreneurs in innovative office space to help them launch businesses along the MLK Corridor. It’s also the first shipping container village in the City of Atlanta and a model for future innovation spaces in the city! @ Hamilton E. Holmes station


We know we're making progress when we host our conferences and conventions in hotels and buildings we own. Truly buying BLACK!


Al Buruj (The Constellations)

By the Sky (displaying the Zodiacal Signs);
By the promised Day (of Judgment). By one that witnesses, and the subject of the witness! Doomed be the makers of the ditch, who lit the fuel-fed fire and sat around it, to watch what they were doing to the believers. They tortured them for no other reason than that they believed in Allah, the All-Mighty, the Praise Worthy, the One to Whom belongs the Kingdom of the heavens and earth, and Allah is Witness to all things. Those who persecute the believing men and believing women and do not repent, shall receive the punishment of hell, wherein they shall have the punishment of conflagration (the Burning Fire).

As for those who believe and do good deeds, they shall have gardens beneath which rivers flow; which will be the greatest success. Surely, the seizure of your Rabb (Lord) is very severe. Surely, He, it is Who originates the creation of everything, and He, it is Who will repeat it on the Day of Resurrection. He is the Forgiving, the Loving, the Owner of the Throne, the Glorious, the executor of His own will.

Have you not heard the story of the warriors of Fir'aun (Pharaoh) and of Thamud? Yet, the unbelievers persist in denying the truth, although Allah has encircled them from all around. Surely, this is a Glorious Qur'an (Revelation), (Inscribed) in a Tablet Preserved!



When Muslims took control of Jerusalem for the first time in 638 CE, they protected its houses of worship, guaranteed religious freedom to its inhabitants, and convinced its Christian patriarch to agree to end the Byzantine ban on Jewish presence in the city, thus allowing Jews to return to Jerusalem and worship.

For most of the next 500 years, Jews, Muslims, and Christian lived, worked, and worshipped side-by-side in Jerusalem, with each community following--and settling internal disputes according to--the rules of their respective faiths.

When European Crusaders conquered Jerusalem in 1099, they slaughtered every Muslim and Jew they could find. They also marginalized Christians who did not share their particular denomination.

On July 4th, 1187, a Muslim army led by Salahudin defeated the Crusaders at the Battle of Hattin, paving the way for the recapture of Jerusalem later that year.

From then until the 1918, Jews, Muslims, and Christians of various denominations were once again able to live side-by-side in Jerusalem, usually in peace and security. May God allow them to do so again one day.


560 Fayetteville Road SE
Atlanta, GA


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A Letter to Humans
(#2004, 10-19-20, T: 6:30 PM)
Human Values Restoration-1: Has anybody noticed that; we do not feel abnormal, when we walk up-side down on the earth? As per Fara-Hani’s “Worldology” science & technology supersede our feelings. People’s gradual developments in many fields such as Medicine, Engineering, & so on have continuously been experiencing in the designed ongoing “Human Project”. Leaders should benefit of the developments of the technologies & sciences to restore people’s human values. In contrast, long-standing mismanagements’ systems of our “Manmade Human World” have been misleading people to ignore the development of their “Human Characteristics” & consequently dismissing their great “Human Values”. Tactics of scaring people, either from superstitious religions lulu’s chastisements or manmade threats, have been the focal parts of our leaders’ mismanagements. Leaders have not been realizing that, people need to be educated, rather than being fooled. On the contrary to political, social, & religious leaders’ propagandas, people’s unhealthy behaviors should not be the center of the focus. Rather, leaders should keep developing the “Human Characteristics” education. As per Fara-Hani’s “Worldology” nobody should generate obstructions on the way of the human-progress & preservation of the human welfares at all. Self-loved & higher aspirations & ambitions are parts of our “Human Characteristics” & serve as provocations, catalyzers, & incentives to encourage people to keep developing the designed ongoing “Human Project”. All the proclaimed reasons for the existing troubles in our “Manmade Human World” such as: Powerful People-Power Corruptions-Air Pollutions-Capitalist System-Corruption Snowballs-Poverty-“Satan & God” & many others are not in compliance with our designed “Human World”, but their misrepresentations have definitely been creating ambiguities in addressing the problems. If we autopsy the “Human Characteristics” of the unhealthy people, we shall find out that their inhumane output behaviors are as results of their noncompliant input software. As per Fara-Hani’s “Worldology” leaders should update the existing noncompliant outdated “Religious Ideologies”, human doctrines & human philosophies, in order to designedly develop the “Human Characteristics”. “Saadi” (1210-1292):
Man will reach a stage where none but “GOD” can see behold how great the potentials of Man!
رسد آدمی بجایی که جز خدا نبیند بنگر تا چه حد است مقام آدمیت

"Hafiz” (1320-1389):
Let us scatter the flowers and fill our cups with wine
Shatter the existing firmament and throw a new design
بیا تا گل برافشانیم و می در ساغر اندازیم فلک را سقف بشکافیم و طرحی نو در اندازیم

Fara-Hani’s “Worldology” is a turning-point in our designed ongoing “Human Project” development in field of “Worldology”. Einstein: 1915-1916 was a turning-point in our designed ongoing “Human Project” development in the field of “General Science”, when the “Theory of Relativity” was, introduced.

End of human values Restoration-1…………………………………………..…………………………………………………………….…………………….Continued.
I will be filming a mini web series called These Muslims. I will began
production of one of the segments titled "Ayeesha".
Ayeesha is a Muslim convert who is attempting find a new life as
Muslim leaving behind her old lifestyle. After she had ended their
relationship for the sake of her newfound religion; her ex boyfriend
refused to let her go. As she attempts to devout more time in her
college and Islamic studies she is faced with the adversities of a
potential stalker.
I am looking two main actors and additional extras from time to time.
This will be filmed in and around the Metro Atlanta area. Those who are interested please email me at [email protected].

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