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Total Traffic Network Total Traffic Network is a data company that specializes in traffic data, both incident and flow, for use across multiple media: Broadcast, Navigation, Web & Wireless communication.

Total Traffic Network delivers real-time traffic data to over 3000 radio and 200 television affiliates, as well as its internet and mobile partnerships, reaching more than 200 million consumers each week. TTN services over 100 markets in the United States, Canada and Mexico. TTN operates the largest broadcast traffic navigation network in North America, providing RDS-TMC, enhanced HD-TMC and TPEG services. TTN has expanded its infotainment offerings to include news, weather and sports content. TTN acquired Sigalert in 2011, Sigalert offers traffic information via web ( on the iPhone. Download the iPhone application at –

Mission: Total Traffic Network strives to provide a best-in-class, real-time traffic data service for broadcast, web, wireless, and navigation consumers, with an emphasis on providing accurate, relative, and timely information to help motorists navigate their routes more intelligently. Through a method of planning and implementing resources, analyzing results, and acting to fuse multiple traffic resources, TTN aims to meet these goals for a positive customer experience.

New facilities, ready to go January 2013

New facilities, ready to go January 2013

New facilities, ready to go January 2013

TTN Staff and Stories

TTN Staff and Stories

Brand new facilities, open on 1/29/2013

Brand new facilities, open on 1/29/2013

Brand new facilities, open on 1/29/2013

Total Traffic Network is back at #2013CES this year! We have seemingly endless meetings & events on tap, and we would lo...
2013 International CES, January 8 - 11 - Home

Total Traffic Network is back at #2013CES this year! We have seemingly endless meetings & events on tap, and we would love to see you, too! If you will be attending #CTS and/or #CES this week, and would like to schedule a meeting, please e-mail [email protected] to reach Kevin Dorsey, Mort Greenberg, Len Konecny, Kevin Loftus, Bill Martin, Amy Austin, or Chris Berry. Also, stop by the iBiquity HD Radio booth Center Hall, #9033.

Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), recently participated in a Google+ Hangout video chat with TWICE magazine. Gary spoke with Steve Smith, editor-in-chief, about the 2013 CES, as well as what Gary expects to see at CES in future years. Gary also shared ins...


Total Traffic on Twitter, follow your city today!

City Name TTN Twitter Name
Albany, NY TotalTrafficALB
Albuquerque, NM TotalTrafficABQ
Allentown, PA TotalTrafficABE
Atlanta, GA TotalTrafficATL
Austin, TX TotalTrafficAUS
Bakersfield, CA TotalTrafficBFL
Baltimore, MD TotalTrafficBWI
Baton Rouge LA TotalTrafficBTR
Birmingham, AL TotalTrafficBHM
Boston, MA TotalTrafficBOS
Buffalo, NY TotalTrafficBUF
Charleston, SC TotalTrafficCHS
Charlotte, NC TotalTrafficCLT
Chattanooga, TN TotalTrafficCHA
Chicago, IL TotalTrafficCHI
Cincinnati, OH TotalTrafficCIN
Cleveland, OH TotalTrafficCLE
Colorado Springs TotalTrafficCOS
Columbus OH TotalTrafficCMH
Dallas, TX TotalTrafficDFW
Denver, CO TotalTrafficDEN
Des Moines, IA TotalTrafficDSM
Detroit, MI TotalTrafficDET
El Paso, TX TotalTrafficELP
Grand Rapids, MI TotalTrafficGRR
Greenville, SC TotalTrafficGSP
Harrisburg, PA TotalTrafficMDT
Hartford, CT TotalTrafficBDL
Honolulu, HI TotalTrafficHNL
Houston, TX TotalTrafficHOU
Indianapolis, IN TotalTrafficIND
Jacksonville, FL TotalTrafficJAX
Kansas City, MO TotalTrafficKC
Las Vegas, NV TotalTrafficLV
Little Rock, AR TotalTrafficLIT
Los Angeles, CA TotalTrafficLA
Louisville, KY TotalTrafficSDF
Madison, WI TotalTrafficMSN
Manchester, NH TotalTrafficMHT
Memphis, TN TotalTrafficMEM
Mexico City TotalTrafficMEX
Miami, FL TotalTrafficMIA
Milwaukee, WI TotalTrafficMKE
Minneapolis, MN TotalTrafficMSP
Nashville, TN TotalTrafficBNA
New Orleans, LA TotalTrafficNO
New York, NY TotalTrafficNYC
Norfolk, VA TotalTrafficORF
Oklahoma City, OK TotalTrafficOKC
Omaha, NB TotalTrafficOMA
Orlando, FL TotalTrafficMCO
Philadelphia, PA TotalTrafficPHL
Phoenix, AZ TotalTrafficPHX
Pittsburgh, PA TotalTrafficPIT
Portland, OR TotalTrafficPOR
Providence, RI TotalTrafficPVD
Raleigh, NC TotalTrafficRDU
Richmond, VA TotalTrafficRIC
Rochester, NY TotalTrafficROC
Sacramento, CA TotalTrafficSMF
Salt Lake City, UT TotalTrafficSLC
San Antonio, TX TotalTrafficSAT
San Diego, CA TotalTrafficSD
San Francisco, CA TotalTrafficSF
Seattle, WA TotalTrafficSEA
Spokane, WA TotalTrafficSPO
Springfield, MA TotalTrafficCEF
St. Louis, MO TotalTrafficSTL
Stockton/Modesto TotalTrafficMOD
Syracuse, NY TotalTrafficSYR
Tampa, FL TotalTrafficTPA
TTN Corporate TotalTraffic
Tucson, AZ TotalTrafficTUC
Tulsa, OK TotalTrafficTUL
Washington, DC TotalTrafficDC
Worchester, MA TotalTrafficWOR

Total Traffic Network | Map

Make a new year's resolution to avoid traffic delays! Total Traffic has live reports on Radio & TV, we send out our information to hundreds of websites, including our own site here: as well as to many personal navigation and mobile devices. We even Tweet the traffic! All of our Twitter accounts start with @TotalTraffic and then usually add a local airport code to the name, We will post a list of them all here very soon. Also, some of our local offices even have pages, with more to come in 2013. We are committed to helping you save time in the new year!

We are very fortunate to have our own camera network across the US that we can use to help us monitor the traffic, howev...

We are very fortunate to have our own camera network across the US that we can use to help us monitor the traffic, however our newest camera is something very special. We now have a High Definition camera that is live in New York City today that offers an amazing view of Times Square JUST in time for New Years Eve!

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)

We received a terrific press release from MTA in New York about a unique art exhibit. If you live or plan to visit NYC, you should check it out!

MTA Arts for Transit Brings Marilyn Monroe to 42nd Street. New Photography Exhibit, “Marilyn in New York,” Features Works by Sam Shaw.

The image of Marilyn Monroe stepping over a subway grate as a gust of wind sends her skirt twirling is the very definition of the phrase “iconic image.” The MTA is giving new life to the photo and other rarely seen photographs taken by the same photographer at a new exhibit at two locations on 42nd Street featuring the work of photographer and filmmaker Sam Shaw.

The iconic image was shot above the Lexington Avenue Subway in 1954 by Shaw, who had an early and long-time association with Monroe. In 1957, the two spent a day wandering around Manhattan, taking photos in Central Park, along Fifth Avenue, and elsewhere. These images are showcased in an MTA Arts for Transit and Urban Design Lightbox Exhibition in two locations.

Eight photographs from the day-long photo shoot can be seen in the 42 St-Bryant Park BDFM7 subway station. A supersized version of the iconic subway grate photograph is on view at 42nd Street and Broadway, just outside of the entrance to the Times Square subway complex.

Together, the installation offers New Yorkers a view of rarely seen photographs of the actress in unguarded, playful poses, captured by her friend and longtime photographer. Capped by the iconic photo at the subway, but in a print that offers a different perspective, Marilyn meets her public in the highly visible venue of Times Square, a place appropriate to her fame. The pairing of Hollywood icon with the teeming crowds at Times Square and the 42nd Street subway riders introduces Marilyn to new generations of New Yorkers and visitors from around the globe.

“The New York City Subway made Marilyn Monroe’s most iconic image possible through its serendipitous updrafts from our sidewalk ventilation grates,” said Lester Burg, MTA Arts for Transit’s manager who handles the lightbox program. “And now the image is returning home through the MTA’s program to enliven the subway with engaging photos by New York photographers. Matching the mass transit setting with a pop culture figure beloved by the masses seemed like a great fit.”

For more information, check out the MTA's page here:

The exhibit pays tribute to Marilyn Monroe on the 50th anniversary of her death and is part of the Sam Shaw centennial.

This is the official page of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) of the State of New York. This site is not monitored on a 24/7 basis. To report an emergency, please dial 911.


A note to our Affiliates:
Friday, December 14th, the LAN International office will be upgrading our phone system. As a result, our Customer Support phone lines will be closed from 6:00pm PT / 8:00pm CT / 9:00pm ET on Friday, December 14th through 7:00pm PT / 9:00pm CT / 10:00pm ET on Friday, December 14th.

If you are experiencing a Total Traffic Schedules and Affidavits website related emergency and need support assistance; please email [email protected] and a support analyst will return your call within 60 minutes.

121212 Concert for Sandy Relief

The #121212Concert is ON NOW! It's being broadcast live on iHeartRadio as well as on numerous cable TV stations and Clear Channel Radio stations. Donate to @RobinHoodNYC To make a donation by phone, please call 1-855-465-4357

12-12-12 The Concert for Sandy Relief to Benefit the Robin Hood Relief Fund at Madison Square Garden, in New York City. Presented by Chase featuring Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Dave Grohl, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys, Chris Martin, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, Eddie Vedder, Roger Waters, Kanye Wes...


We are very proud of our morning staff in TTN Tampa for their assistance in an emergency situation on Thursday morning.

"TTN Producer Courtney Bright asked the chopper team to take a look in the water near the Skyway Bridge due to many units being listed on the Pinellas EMS website. Photographer Tim Harper spotted the police activity on the bridge as well as rescue boats in the water. Shortly after, Tim spotted a man's body in the water and noticed that the rescue boats were far away from the right location.

Courtney called Pinellas Fire Rescue and let the officer on the line know that the TTN chopper was over the search at the Skyway Bridge and that the photographer had spotted the body. Tim then relayed to Courtney exactly where the boats needed to travel to find the body and she passed it along to the officer on the line who was in direct contact with the rescue units in the water. The rescue teams were able to immediately find the body.

Kim from Bay News 9 called Courtney afterwards to say that she received a phone call from the Pinellas Fire Rescue chief and Joel Granada and that they wanted to personally thank the guys in our chopper for saving them tons of time this morning."

Great job Tim & Courtney!

Russian Traffic Jam Strands Drivers for 3 Days

Checking our traffic reports is important every day if you want to avoid getting stuck in unexpected traffic delays. Can you imagine sitting for three days behind over 10,000 cars stretching across 120 miles? It happened this weekend in Russia. Yikes!

A weekend standstill involving 10,000 vehicles between Moscow and St. Petersburg refocused attention on the state of Soviet-era infrastructure.

Have you ever experienced "road rage"? You are not alone. However, do you know that it can cause health issues? A new st...
Can you believe this traffic? Health consequences of a long commute -

Have you ever experienced "road rage"? You are not alone. However, do you know that it can cause health issues? A new study that is featured in an article on highlights the health impact that comes from feeling trapped in heavy traffic. Another great reason to check out our TTN Traffic Reports!

The stress of waiting in gridlock can leave you feeling frustrated and anxious. That stress can translate into deeper health hazards.

Total Traffic Network | Map

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us a TTN! We have several ways to check traffic today.

1. Check our website here: for real-time traffic updates

2. Follow and of our 65 local Twitter accounts, as noted below in all the Thanksgiving traffic tips

3. Download our Sigalert Traffic App for your iPhone here:

4. Listen to your favorite radio station--there's a very good chance we provide the traffic!

5. Check to see if your car or personal navigation device offers real-time traffic from Clear Channel/Total Traffic Network and sign up!

No matter what you do, we hope you have a terrific day!

Total Traffic Network | Boston Traffic

Thanksgiving Traffic Tips: Boston & Worcester, courtesy of Traffic Producer Emil Geither, Operations Manager Katie Hutch, and the TTN Boston Staff.

Wednesday, rush hour will begin by 1pm. Traffic will fill up quickly on the Mass Pike, especially exiting to Rt.84. Traffic has been known to back up from Boston to Sturbridge. Expect the Expressway to be a mess early, from the city to Braintree. 93 NB should be heavy from Wilmington up through the NH state line. Rt.128 is usually very heavy in both directions.

The good news is that, barring any accidents, things start winding down around 5 in the afternoon.

Thursday – Usually very quiet. Enjoy the calm. :)

Back Friday – The biggest traffic jams are usually approaching the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets (Rt.495 at Rt.1A). Also, the regular spots: Burlington Mall, Liberty Tree/North Shore Mall, South Shore Plaza.

For Worcester, the same Mass Pike stuff as above for Boston, however add Solomon Pond Mall for Black Friday.

TTN Online Traffic Resources

Total Traffic Website:

Total Traffic Boston on Twitter: @TotalTrafficBOS

Logan Airport Website:

Live Local Boston Traffic

Total Traffic Network | San Francisco Traffic

Thanksgiving Traffic Tips: San Francisco, courtesy of Operations Manager Ellen Hyatt and the TTN San Francisco Staff.

Today-Through Wednesday:

Travelers should tack on at least another ½ hour to their airport arrival times when flying out of San Jose, Oakland or San Francisco International Airports.

The commuter holiday get-away will begin on Tuesday afternoon on the roads. Leave by 1pm to avoid the back-ups and rush hour traffic. Morning Traffic will be light Tuesday and Wednesday a good time to get-away.

Avoid some of the San Francisco airport traffic back-ups by avoiding Highway 101 through San Mateo County and take 280 instead. Avoid some of the Oakland Airport traffic back-ups by staying away from driving on 880 through Oakland and take the 580 freeway instead.

Black Friday--The malls will be busy, and so will the roads around them. Here's a detailed list!

San Francisco
Serramonte Mall (Daly City) is very close to 280 and can back things up on SB280/Serramonte and NB 280/Hickey. Opens at Midnight. There is a Target on the other side of the freeway, close to the 280 exit. Target opens at 9pm Thanksgiving evening.

Stonestown Galleria (San Francisco) usually will not cause congestion to nearby 280, but can cause major delays on 19th Avenue which is the main roadway through the city's Sunset District. Opens at 6am.

Westfield Mall - SF Center -- Located in downtown SF. Traffic probably a little worse than normal, most people take public transit anyway. Opens at 7am.

North Bay
Santa Rosa Plaza will open at midnight. Traffic could be congested on 101 approaching the 3rd St/ Downtown Santa Rosa exits.
Northgate Mall can back up on to 101 at Freitas Parkway. They open at midnight.

Vintage Oaks (Novato) is an outdoor stripp mall. They have a target which opens at 9pm Thanksgiving evening.

Corte Madera Town Center is right next to 101. Delays on near Tamalpais Dr possible. Village at Corte Madera is located on the Northbound side of the freeway. They're open at 8am.

Hillsdale Shopping Center (San Mateo) is off of El Camino and is accessible from 92 and 101. Increase in traffic possible. Opens at 7am.

Stanford Shopping Center (Palo Alto) Between 101 and 280 off of El Camino. Far enough that it should not affect the freeway. Opens at 8am.

East Bay
Vacaville Premium Outlets off of 80 at Nut Tree opens at Midnight
Westfield Solano right next to 80 at Travis. Doors open at Midnight
Paragon Outlets (Livermore) off of 580 at El Charro. They opened in early November and backed the freeway up for miles in each direction, making 580 one large parking lot. The same is possible on Friday. Doors open 10pm Thanksgiving night.

Broadway Plaza (Walnut Creek) off of Main St, near 680. Opens at 8am, some stores open at Midnight.

Sun Valley Shopping Center (Concord) off of 680 and Willow Pass. Opens at 5am.

Southland Mall (Hayward) next to 880 at Winton ... Opens at midnight.

Somersville Towne Center (Antioch) next to an already tight squeeze in Highway 4 and Somersville ... opens at midnight.
Prime Outlets (Tracy) off of MacArthur, next to 205. Small outlet mall, opens at 5am.

Stoneridge Shopping Center (Pleasanton), next to the Dublin Interchange (580/680). Opens at midnight.

Hilltop Mall (Richmond) off of 80 at Hilltop Drive.

South Bay
The Great Mall (Milpitas) off the Great Mall Parkway accessible from 680 and 880. Opens at 10pm Thanksgiving Night.

Westfield Valley Fair (San Jose) is right next to 880, 280 and Stevens Creek opens at Midnight.

Santana Row (San Jose) is across the street from the Valley Fair mall. Opens at 9am. Traffic always an issue there anyway.
Westfield Oakridge (San Jose) off of Blossom Hill and 85. Opens at Midnight.

Walmart (Milpitas) is right off the 880 and 237 freeway. Opens at midnight.

Gilroy Premium Outlets (right next to 101 off of Leavesley Rd.. Opens at midnight.

Arden Fair Mall located off of I-80, stores opening at Midnight, Thanksgiving night.
Sunrise Mall on Sunrise and Greenback, two main thoroughfares between 50 and 80 and will be open at Midnight, Thanksgiving night.

Westfield Galleria mall off of 65 at Galleria Blvd. Typically backs up at Pleasant Grove and Galleria Blvd exits onto the freeway and onto 80 in Roseville. They will open at Midnight, Thanksgiving night.
The Folsom Premium Outlets off of highway 50 at Folsom Blvd will open Midnight, Thanksgiving night.

Fashion Fair Mall off of Shaw Ave, can back things up onto 41. They will open Midnight, Thanksgiving night.

Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis, off of Shaw Avenue. All stores open by 6am.

Walmart on Herndon in North Fresno could back up onto 41 and off of Shaw in Northwest Fresno could back up onto 99. Also Walmart off of Peach could back up onto 180 in Southeast Fresno.

The Sherwood and Webertown Malls (they're next to each other!) off of Pacific Avenue could back things up on 5 and 99. They are open at 6am.

Vintage Faire Mall, off of Beckwith Road is right next to 99 and will open at Midnight.

The Chico Mall is located off of 20th street right next to highway 99. They open at 6am.

The airport is off of Cohasset Road, relatively far inland and away from 99.

TTN Online Traffic Resources

Total Traffic Website:

Total Traffic San Francisco on Twitter: @TotalTrafficSF

SFO Airport Website:

Live Local San Francisco Traffic


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