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Laughing Cow Productions Independent feature films. An independent production company in Atlanta, Georgia, that makes feature films. Catania! is a comedy about five sisters who return to their home in Sicily to divide up the family art and furniture -- and all hell breaks loose.

Scheduled for release in 2014.

Mission: Independent feature film production.

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La nostra vaca alla caca della vaca feriale a Carmona, Espagna

La nostra vaca alla caca della vaca feriale a Carmona, Espagna

Laughing Cow Productions

Laughing Cow Productions

La nostra vaca alla caca della vaca festiva Ale a Carmona, Andalucia, Espagna

La nostra vaca alla caca della vaca festiva Ale a Carmona, Andalucia, Espagna

La nostra vaca alla caca della vaca festiva Ale a Carmona, Andalucia, Espagna

4th Annual Golden Door Film Festival - Film Festival Traveler
4th Annual Golden Door Film Festival - Film Festival Traveler

4th Annual Golden Door Film Festival - Film Festival Traveler

Running from Thursday, Sept 18th to Sunday Sept 21st, 2014, the 4th Annual Golden Door Film Festival returns to Jersey City. This year’s festival is the largest so far, with more submissions, films, venues and bigger names. With just short of 100 films being shown at eight different venues across Je…

Inheritance, Italian Style will be screening here Sep 19!
Golden Door International Film Festival of Jersey City

Inheritance, Italian Style will be screening here Sep 19!

Non-profit organization dedicated to showcasing filmmakers and their work as well as promoting autism awareness with the support of Autism Speaks. Set in the backdrop of Jersey City's local treasures, this four day film festival holds the opportunity for filmmakers, actors and crew members to network with colleagues and share your work with the public. For film enthusiasts, this festival is the perfect way to catch indie films while they are on the rise and to enjoy all that Jersey City's arts and culture scene has to offer. Additionally, we wish to bring focus to this great city's resurgence as a player in the NY metropolitan area.


"Inheritance, Italian Style" Blooper Reel

Cast and Crew of "Inheritance, Italian Style" Atlanta, GA

Cast and Crew of "Inheritance, Italian Style" Atlanta, GA

We have free tickets to this film, our trailer plays before the feature, just send us a message through the fb page for ...
10 Terrorists - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

We have free tickets to this film, our trailer plays before the feature, just send us a message through the fb page for Inheritance, Italian Style

10 Terrorists is a 2012 Australian black comedy film, directed by Dee McLachlan. Dee is best known for her direction in the award-winning 2007 film The Jammed.[2]


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Passions rise, bottled up emotions explode and monsters creep out of the closets when five sisters return to their family villa in Sicily to divide the famil...

Inheritance, Italian Style

Inheritance, Italian Style

Newspaper “La Sicilia,” Feb. 4, 2014. (2nd largest circulation newspaper in Sicily)
“Our Sicily Far From the Stereotypes: From Atlanta a film about ‘Inheritance, Italian Style’:
“The return of an emigrant to Milazzo for the division of the family art and furniture.”
By Mariella Caruso (Milan)
“The film shot in Catania (sic) ‘It’s in the catalogue for the Berlin Film Festivale and we hope to be able to bring it to Taormina [film festival].’” [text of article correctly states that some footage was shot in Catania but that the bulk of it was in the villa of the producers in Atlanta]

Photo caption: Some images from the film “Inheritance, Italian Style” (Eredità in stile Italiano), whose original title was “Catania The Movie,” the first film of Doug Bremner. A disastrous reunion for the division of the family things when the members of the Vaccarino family get together in Milazzo, including Viola, age 55, who has lived for 20 years in Atlanta, and is married to Doug Bremner.

Inheritance, Italian Style

Inheritance, Italian Style

We signed with the international film sales agent House of Film who got the film into the catalogue for the Berlin Film Market associated with the famous Berlinale Film Festival. We also changed the name of the film to "Inheritance, Italian Style." Upward and onward!

Recording of today's #indiefilm #atlanta radio show @atlbizx with me talking about @cataniathemovie & @laughingcowprod l...
ATL Film Talk

Recording of today's #indiefilm #atlanta radio show @atlbizx with me talking about @cataniathemovie & @laughingcowprod listen in!

ATL Film Talk Features Doug Bremner with Laughing Cow Productions, Chris Ethridge with Blue Dusk Productions, Dale Sizemore with FLIPSFilm, and Rob Pralgo with Afterlight Pictures.

I will be on atl film talk radio today at 11:30 am EST talking about filmmaking and our film "Catania!" -tune in! atlfil...
Business Radio Interviews

I will be on atl film talk radio today at 11:30 am EST talking about filmmaking and our film "Catania!" -tune in!

Business radio interviews air weekly on ATL Film Talk.

Catania! (2014)
Catania! (2014)

Catania! (2014)

Directed by Doug Bremner. With Zoe Myers, Ismail Ibn Conner, Jada Bartolozzi, Caroline Avery Granger. When five sisters return to their home in Sicily to divide up the family art and antiques, all hell breaks loose.

"Catania!" movie trailer

"Catania!" movie trailer

When five sisters return to their home in Sicily to divide the family art and furniture, all hell breaks loose! Independent feature film from Laughing Cow Productions

An Arrangement

just pledged...

A psychiatrist with intimacy issues befriends a call girl, who makes an indecent proposal when seeking his professional help.

From Neil Shulman about his film The Corporate KidRight now, as we approach the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s...

From Neil Shulman about his film The Corporate Kid

Right now, as we approach the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s march on Washington, we have a unique window of opportunity to get the attention of the world and truly follow in his footsteps to make it a better place.

“WE HAVE A DREAM!”… The Corporate Kid and Circles USA Expanding the Legacy of MLK

I have had some exciting times over the past 30 years, as co-author of the book What? Dead…Again? with Carl Hiaasen ( currently one of the New York Times HIGHEST RANKED fiction novelists) and associate producer of the 1991 Warner Brothers blockbuster movie “Doc Hollywood” based on the book, which starred Michael J. Fox). Carl Hiaasen has called me “part crusader, part comic, and 100 percent original.”

However, the single most impactful moment of my life occurred 50 years ago on that day in 1963 when I joined 200,000 folks in Washington DC, and walked down Pennsylvania Avenue with high hopes of racial and economic equality for all Americans. I remember the feeling of my world halting in its tracks when I snuck up on the Lincoln Memorial steps, sat next to Sammy Davis Jr, and heard Martin Luther King Jr. give his “I Have a Dream” speech. That day I knew I was witnessing a historic moment, and I was sure that things were never again going to be the same.

Ever since that day in Washington, I have felt a deep connection with MLK and his mission. I went on to attend George Washington University and major in Political Science, which had a significant impact in helping me strategize “humanitarian goals.” I then moved to MLK’s birthplace, Atlanta, to go to medical school at Emory University. I’ve had opportunity over the years to get to know civil rights leader Congressman John Lewis, as well as Naomi King (MLK’s sister-in-law). In my early years in Atlanta, I also worked with and became good friends with Madelyn Chennault, who went to middle school with and was a close personal friend of MLK. He called her shortly before he was assassinated and said,“I think something’s going to happen to me. I’m on the top of the mountain.”

Sadly, 50 years after the historic march that was to change the shape of America, some things have actually gotten worse instead of better. While racial equality has improved, the economic gap has widened in this country. The rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer. While we all seek economic stability, there are now fewer Americans who can achieve it. More and more Americans are enslaved by poverty, and even the middle class is having a difficult time making ends meet when it comes to affording healthcare.

As a medical doctor, I’ve witnessed far too many situations where people cannot afford health insurance, don’t qualify for government aid, and don’t get the medical treatment they need. Meeting many great people in the medical profession who work in free community health clinics or travel overseas on medical missions, I decided to launch a series of Global Health & Humanitarian Summits at Emory. The key note speaker at the 2013 summit was NBA legend Dikembe Mutombo.
See a documentary about these events at:

What I’m the most excited about these days is to pick up on MLK’s movement to bridge the divide between the “haves” and the “have nots,” by creating a stir around my most recent novel, The Corporate Kid. This is a story about a low-income ethical kid who turns around a rich greedy CEO, resulting in an unexpected and positive relationship between their families, and the CEO’s shift in perspective towards a more humanitarian way of running his business. My co-author, Susan Wrathall, is a single white mom who adopted two poor black kids when they were born and she teaches low income kids in Salt Lake City, Utah.
See a summary of the book at

Marlon Campbell, a real “Corporate Kid” himself, is producing a movie based on the book. Just as Harry Potter became a global adventure hero, the hope is that the Corporate Kid will become a global ethical hero. Marlon Campbell and his cousin Tyler Perry are African Americans who came from a typical down and out neighborhood where gangs ruled the streets with violence. Their creative and entrepreneurial skills helped them succeed in lifting themselves out of poverty. Both are passionate about helping others coming from similar backgrounds. Ironically, Martin Luther King’s sister-in-law, Naomi King, who endorsed the book wishes to act in the movie. The book has also been endorsed by Congressman Lewis.
See below, endorsements of the book by Naomi King and Congressman Lewis.

My hope is that our “Corporate Kid” book and movie can raise publicity and funding for Circles USA, a multi-million dollar non-profit organization in 23 states in the USA and in South Africa. Ideally all the profit from the movie can expand Circles USA, which has a successful 30-year track record of helping families get out of poverty by connecting the HAVES with the HAVE-NOTS …implementing an effective structured program where low-income families become friends with middle class mentoring families. While economic disparity is an enormous problem to tackle, Circles has already found a strategy that works. Let’s help it grow in influence and numbers.

In 1963, MLK had a dream. Now, fifty years later, it’s time to remind everyone to keep the dream alive and to live the movement each day in our own lives in whatever way we can. We have a dream to generate the enthusiasm, energy, passion, resources, and momentum to accomplish the goal of helping all humans be productive members of a society where everybody has the essentials of food, shelter, healthcare, and peace during their dash of life between two numbers on a tombstone. We do have an advantage that MLK didn’t have….greater potential to engage people worldwide because of the availability of social media.

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy, please consider rolling up your sleeves to join this partnership of Corporate Kid and Circles USA and contribute in some way to the dream MLK began. One easy step is to share this idea with friends, the media, social media, and helping spread the word in any way, shape, or form. I hope you can join us in using modern day technology, entertainment, innovation, etc. to launch this story about a low income black kid on ethical missions, and to spread the Circles solution to bridging the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots.” Right now, at this moment, as we approach the 50th anniversary of “I have a dream,” we have a unique opportunity to get the attention of the world and make it a better place.

· Forward this email to your friends and mailing lists
· Share this info on Facebook and Twitter
· Pitch this story to the media
· Get involved with
· Encourage people to read The Corporate Kid book
Neil Shulman, MD
“The Real Doc Hollywood”
Founder of the Global Health & Humanitarian Summit
[email protected]

The Corporate Kid
Endorsement by Congressman John Lewis
We don’t live in a perfect world. And we ourselves are not perfect. Sometimes we do things that our good selves would never do: we think bad thoughts; we treat others unfairly; we don’t practice the Golden Rule. No, we’re definitely not perfect—but thank goodness we’re given chances to let the better angels of our nature shine through. Sometimes we see these opportunities clearly and immediately, and our best path is obvious. Other times, it takes a friend—or even a stranger—to nudge us in the right direction.
In The Corporate Kid we meet two ordinary people, Charles Sullivan and Bill Bradford, who are thrown together in a dramatic way. How will they react to the situations that unfold, and the relationships that develop? Charles is a young man from the inner city whose family is struggling to make ends meet; Bill is a rich and powerful businessman. As events unfold, the reader watches both Charles and Bill wrestle with fear, doubt, anger, greed, and other anxieties and emotions. Each will encounter people far different from themselves and ultimately prove that character is what a person exhibits when nobody else is watching.
The Corporate Kid is a story that invites questions and conversation, for young people and grownups alike. As a young person in today’s society, when is it right to stand up for what you believe? Who will listen? Who will do what is right, fair, and just? It engages the reader to question whether he or she would have made the same decisions that Charles and Bill make. Their motivations change as the story rolls along, demonstrating that people can change for the better despite their circumstances.
Authors Neil Shulman and Susan Wrathall have crafted a funny, adventurous, and brave tale about taking risks, exploring new worlds despite our fears, listening to each other, and listening to our own hearts. It’s about remembering where we came from, seeing where we’re headed, and envisioning what’s possible—not always easy to do. This is a story for everyone, poor or rich, powerless or influential. It’s a story for today, and it imparts lessons for tomorrow.

Charles Sullivan and Bill Bradford are both ordinary, like us. And at the same time they’re extraordinary—as we all can be.
---John Lewis
Member of Congress

The Corporate Kid
Endorsement by Naomi King
As the wife of Martin Luther King’s brother, A.D. King, I am proud of one of the major goals of the A D. King Foundation which is to empower all of our youth with a spirit of humanity. You can be poor or you can be rich…but most important you need to be caring, ethical, and passionate about giving all humans the opportunity to live a peaceful, happy, healthy and meaningful life. This is the powerful message of THE CORPORATE KID and I hope this message infects the world.
---Naomi Ruth Barber King
Sister-in-Law of Martin Luther King Jr.

LITHONIA, Ga. (AP) — A man who allegedly exchanged gunfire with police at an Atlanta-area school didn't seem to have any friends and rarely talked about his family or past during the months he lived with a couple who serve as pastors at a small church. Read More »


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